Khloe Kardashian Just Wants "Some Head," Rocks Hilarious Shirt on Instagram

Khloe Kardashian has been so unlucky in love the past couple years that you might start to think that she’s a demanding, high-maintenance girlfriend. Judging from her latest selfie, however, Khloe’s relationship goals are pretty simple. 

Khloe Kardashian Wants Head

Yes in the midst of all the relationship drama and questions about who Khloe’s real father is, the reality star is keeping it simple. She just wants some head in a comfortable bed. Is that too much to ask?

Obviously, this is a very different side of Khloe than the one we saw last week on Instagram. But while photos of Khloe playing with North West may have gotten more likes, we feel like this pic is a better representation of KK’s personality.

The shirt is a reference to Drake’s song “The Language,” but we get the feeling those words are also something of a personal motto for Khloe.

As is usually the case these days, she’s at the gym in this pic. We’re not sure how often she actually works out, but it seems like Khloe goes to the gym to pose for pics at least three to five times a week.

And they’re not always selfies! Sometimes Khloe has someone take pictures of her butt while she works out, which is really a service more gyms should offer, when you think about it. 

Personal trainers are great and all, but there’s no better motivation than taking a look at the view that everyone else sees from behind.

Khloe Kardashian Green Screen Pic

Khloe Kardashian chills here in front of a green screen. She is now the big 3-0!!!

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Khloe Kardashian Just Wants "Some Head," Rocks Hilarious Shirt on Instagram


Jillian Michaels on being out: ‘The gay thing has always been hard’

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels recently departed The Biggest Loser again. She previously left the show after starting a family with her partner, Heidi Rhoades. Jillian returned in 2013 but left in June after becoming “deeply concerned about the direction the show has been taking.” Many thought this had something to do with contestant Rachel Frederickson losing 60% of her body weight. So Jillian is a free agent again. She’ll continue to release DVDs, and she has a book in the works. Jillian says she was offered a reality show but doesn’t know if she should accept the gig. She believes that her family would be scrutinized if their daily lives were revealed. That’s a refreshing point of view because most reality families decide the money is worth everything. There’s something deeper at work with Jillian. She’s afraid that people will criticize her lesbian partnership:

Has Jillian become more accepting of her body with age?: “No. I’ve become more controlling with my body. As I’ve gotten older, I’m like, ‘I refuse to accept aging as a descent into decrepitude.’ And the irony is that at 40, I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been. At a younger age, I knew the shortcuts around everything and just did x, y and z to look good. Now I’m actually athletic.”

She still has “trouble” areas: “My butt. That’s the worst. I work hard on it–and I used to have a double butt–but it’s never going to be perfect. In my fantasy world, there would be some magic cure for cellulite. Nothing works. God knows that I’ve tried it all. I ironed my a– with a laser. It didn’t work at all. I had it done in a plastic surgeon’s office. They said that this laser could break up cellulite or whatever. Don’t waste the money.”

On cardio cross-training: “Forget the elliptical. It’s a waste of your time. Do incline walking instead. It’s way more effective and burns a hell of a lot more calories.”

On a reality show: “I’ve been approached about having mutual approval over everything to do a reality show. It’s interesting because we can talk about parenting, relationships, health–all the things that are important to me. But then I think, What if I open up and people attack us just because we’re a gay family? It scares the hell out of me.”

Is she comfortable talking about being gay? “I don’t know that I am now, to be honest with you. The gay thing has always been hard for me. When Heidi and I are out and somebody older asks, ‘Are you sisters?’ I say, ‘We’re friends.’ I guess it comes from thinking that they will be shocked or disturbed. Look, I wish I had some strapping football player husband. It would be such a dream to be ‘normal’ like that, but I’m just not.”

[From Health]

I get what Jillian is saying. Of course it would be easier to be like everyone else and not have to deal with discrimination. She’s saying that it’s difficult to deal with questions on a day-to-day basis from people on the street. Jillian also wants to protect her family from invasive attacks on a reality show. Her statements go together, and the context is important.

Some people have criticized Jillian for saying she’s like to be “normal” and interpreted her statements as anti-gay. Jillian spoke with People to clarify her remarks: “I am deeply disheartened and sorry to hear that members of the gay community have misunderstood. I was saying if along the way in my life that had been a choice I would have made it, but it’s not who I am. Gay is not a choice. If I was ashamed of who I am, I would be in the closet.” Jillian isn’t ashamed of being gay at all.

P.S. I don’t know what Jillian has against elliptical machines. They’re great machines for cross-training on recovery days.

Jillian Michaels

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & WENN


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Jillian Michaels on being out: ‘The gay thing has always been hard’


Shonda Rhimes Slams Critic of “Gay Scenes,” Wonders: Why Is There So Much Hate?

Shonda Rhimes typically saves the drama for Thursday nights on ABC.

The the executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder couldn’t help but go off on a Twitter follower yesterday after he wrote the following:

“The gay scenes in Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder are too much. There is no point and they add nothing to the plot.”

HTGAWM Gay Sex Scene

Peeved over why this user singled out those scenes and referenced them as such, Rhimes shot back in a series of Tweets.

“There are no GAY scenes. There are scenes with people in them,” she wrote.

“If you are suddenly discovering that Shondaland shows have scenes involving people who are gay, you are LATE TO THE PARTY. If u use the phrase “gay scenes”, u are not only LATE to the party but also NOT INVITED to the party. Bye Felicia. #oneLOVE.”

Rhimes then took a break, but returned later on last night to explain herself in further detail.

Ok, tweeps. Someone got me all riled up and fighting 4 my friends and their love and the equality of all—I am supposed to be WRITING. So, I know you lovelies are asking me questions but I have to go. And finish making script notes. So you have more #GreysAnatomy to watch. I love all you Tweeples. Even the ones who still need to grow.

And remember that at some point, someone discriminated against you too. I don’t know why this kind of hate is out there. Ugh. #onelove. At least in Shondaland. Have a great rest of your weekend!

Rhimes is an executive producer on How to Get Away With Murder.

The series – which airs at 10/9c on Thursday evenings and which stars Oscar nominee Viola Davis – aired a racy sex scene between Connor, one of Annalise Keating’s law students, and another man last week.

You can watch How to Get Away with Murder online to relive it now and see what all the fuss is about:

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Shonda Rhimes Slams Critic of “Gay Scenes,” Wonders: Why Is There So Much Hate?


Jeremy Calvert Gets "Faith" Tattoo: Will He Stand By Leah Messer Despite Cheating Claim?

Teen Mom 2‘s Jeremy Calvert showed off a new tattoo that may indicate a thawing of sorts following a recent bitter and icy public feud with wife Leah Messer.

  • Leah Messer Calvert and Jeremy Calvert
  • Jeremy Calvert Faith Tattoo

On Saturday, Calvert posted a photo on Twitter of his arm with “Faith” tattooed across it. Jeremy captioned the photo, “Some bare knuckles tattooing.”

Just last week, Calvert accused Leah Messer of cheating on him, adding that that he “caught” his wife red-handed, and even called out her ex Robbie Kidd.

“Go back to Mingo and have a wonderful f–king weekend with Mr Kidd,” he ranted on Twitter, referring to their native West Virginia’s Mingo County.

He later deleted that from his profile, but he clearly put it out there for a reason.

Messer, who confessed to cheating on first husband Corey Simms with Kidd one week before their October 2010 wedding, quickly denied the accusation.

“I never cheated on my husband and he knows that,” Messer wrote.

“There was a rumor and he believed it but it’s okay.”

Believed, as in past tense? One can only hope her denial of cheating on Jeremy Calvert is true, because it would be a shame if the rumor were true.

Calvert and Messer have one child together and share custody of Leah’s twins from her relationship with Simms; Messer and Calvert have not commented further.

Leah Messer and Daughter

Leah Messer and one of her three daughters share a tender moment.

Their moms, however, have been ALL over it!

Messer’s mother, Dawn Spears, and Calvert’s mother, Tammy Calvert, engaged in a war of words online over whether or not Leah cheated on Jeremy.

“She know’s she’s caught and it over. Her own mother know what she was doing and covered for her. What’s that say about there people,” Tammy wrote.

Commenting on Starcasm’s Facebook post, she added, “when your in a custody battle the last thing you need is this. But she made her choice, Now LIVE WITH IT!!!”

That was a reference to Leah Messer and Corey Simms’ custody battle, but Dawn came to her daughter’s defense, pointing the finger at Jeremy’s dad.

Insinuating that he started the (false) rumor about Leah, she wrote, “I contacted Robbie myself and he said he wasn’t even in town. So this is crazy.”

Leah’s big sister Victoria Messer also got in on the gossip, saying on a local radio show. “Just because it happened once does not mean it happened again.”

“She would never. He’s upset, you know, even though nothing happened. I talked to Jeremy last night and he told me, ‘I love Leah and I love the kids.”

“I did post stuff on Twitter but I was upset.’”

Water under the bridge now though?

Amber Portwood-Gary Shirley Fight

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley FIGHT on MTV’s Teen Mom. It’s one for the ages right here.

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Jeremy Calvert Gets "Faith" Tattoo: Will He Stand By Leah Messer Despite Cheating Claim?


War Machine Suicide Note Blames Christy Mack Infidelity, Betrayal

War Machine’s suicide note, discovered after the MMA fighter tried to take his own life last week, appears to lay the blame at the feet of his ex Christy Mack.

  • War Machine Mug Shot
  • Christy Mack Recovered

The former Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, War Machine attempted suicide inside a Las Vegas jail cell last week, but a corrections officer foiled his plan.

In a letter to a friend sent the day before his suicide bid, the shockingly delusional Koppenhaver talks about how he and Mack broke up and got back together.

“Something seemed different about you,” he recalls saying of his porn star ex, with no mention of the fact that he beat Christy Mack within an inch of her life.

He tries to justify the beating, saying he was stunned to discover her infidelity and betrayal. He writes of how crushed he felt after this alleged revelation:

“Finding what I found that night was devastating, more than you will ever know … not just the unfaithfulness, but the way u cared for him and protected him.”

War Machine says in the note that if he had it to do over again, he’d let Christy’s new boyfriend Corey Thomas beat him up (he pounded him senseless too).

He believes that she would have stopped him and kicked him out instead.

Whatever, man. He then ends his note on an incredibly self-pitying one:

“I still don’t understand how I got into this mess. I don’t know why this had to happen. My life was going so well … I forgive you, please forgive me.”

Oh yes, he forgives her. A pretty audacious claim, considering that War Machine faces 32 charges, including attempted murder, for what he did to her …

War Machine: A Wanted Man

War Machine was arrested for a brutal assault on Christy Mack. Read the entire sickening police report here.

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War Machine Suicide Note Blames Christy Mack Infidelity, Betrayal


Candice Accola Marries Joe King, Celebrates "Best Night Ever"


The Vampire Diaries star Candice Accola exchanged vows last night in New Orleans with The Fray guitarist Joe King, as the couple shared a few intimate photos from the romantic occasion on Instagram.

“Officially Mr. and Mrs. King! Best night ever!” Accola wrote as a caption to the following, especially adorable picture:

Joe King Kisses Candice Accola

The couple – who met at the DirecTV’s Celebrity BeachBowl in 2012 – were surrounded by family and friends as they partied underneath a rustic tree setting and chandeliers in The Big Easy.

Those in attendance included creator Julie Plec and The Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Kat Graham, Michael Trevino, Claire Holt and Kayla Ewell, who served as a bridesmaid.

Ian Somerhalder could not attend but he sent a sweet message to the bride and groom via Instagram in his absence.

Throughout the weekend, Accola’s colleagues shared their experience with followers online.

“What’s up New Orleans!?!?!? My first time in your city. Let’s play,” Trevino Tweeted yesterday. “I’m out here walking these streets eating gator on a stick with @KatGraham. #NewOrleans.”

Plec, meanwhile,, appeared to describe Accola’s special day in ideal fashion, writing very simply on Twitter late last night: “Vampire Wedding. Spectacular.”

Ian Somerhalder Promo Pic

Yes, Damon sort of died to end The Vampire Diaries Season 5. But Ian Somerhalder will still a key role going forward on The CW drama.

We send our very best to the newlyweds and we encourage readers to get more of Accola when they watch The Vampire Diaries online.

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Candice Accola Marries Joe King, Celebrates "Best Night Ever"


13 Celebrities Who Look Just Like Cartoon Characters (#9 is Scary!)

It’s not unusual for celebrities to voice famous cartoon characters.

We’ve already provided a list of 21 stars who you may not realize are behind such animated creations as Rapunzel, Donnie Thornberry and Brother Bear on The Berenstain Bears.

But celebrities who look like cartoon characters?

That may be a little less common. 

Rihanna/Sideshow Bob

Granted, Rihanna changes her hair on a near daily basis. But she also has a penchant for stepping on rakes, we hear.

But there are plenty of examples out there, from a beloved pop singer who resembles a beloved mass murderer to the mother of a reality star who looks a lot like a really mean octopus.

Seriously. A LOT.

Click around the above photo gallery to be taken surprise by some of these lookalikes and then follow the proceeding link for a similarly-themed slideshow.

You want 9 Celebrity Disney Princess Doppelgangers? We’ve got 9 Celebrity Disney Princess Doppelgangers!

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13 Celebrities Who Look Just Like Cartoon Characters (#9 is Scary!)


Misty Upham Feared for Her Life, Juliette Lewis Tweets: Was the Actress Murdered?

Yesterday afternoon, the body of Misty Upham was found in a ravine in Seattle, Washington.

The actress, best known for roles in Frozen River and Modern Family, had been missing since October 5 and, tragically, her family’s worst fears have now been realized.

Along with many other celebrities, Juliette Lewis (who appeared opposite Upham in August: Osage County), mourned the loss of her friend on Instagram.

“Misty Upham survived many things that many don’t early on in life. She fought for the voiceless fiercely,” Lewis wrote. “She understood suffering and the deepest pain. She had a presence everyone saw and felt. It is this presence that will continue. Out of the dark space in which her light got dimmed.

“I will remember her as tuff. Wise. Funny. Spiritual. And hopeful. This is another great reminder to call and check on someone when you think to. Not when its too late. RIPMistyUpham.”

The cause of Upham’s death is yet to be determined, but filmmaker Tracy Rector – a close friend of the family – says relatives “do not feel Misty Upham committed suicide.”

Her body was found “at the bottom of a 150 [ft.] embankment near the White River,” according to local authorities.

Lewis then Tweeted about the unusual circumstances surrounding her late friend’s death, claiming Upham told her she “felt she could be murdered… because she was vocal,” further explaining:

“Misty spoke out alot against injustices within Native community. And had known enemies. Police must do an investigation.”

Lewis ended her message with the hashtag #ThisIsNOTaSUICIDE.”

Paul Walker

Paul Walker died in a car accident on November 30, 2013. He left behind a daughter and a burgeoning film career.

Rector, meanwhile, also told The Hollywood Reporter that police were not helpful in finding the missing Native American star.

“First and foremost, the family wants everyone to know that the Auburn police did not help with this situation at all,” he says. “They refused to help.

“When she disappeared on Oct. 5, the family knew something was seriously wrong – it was out of character for her to be gone so long without being in touch – and they repeatedly went to the police, who insisted there was no cause for concern.”

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Misty Upham Feared for Her Life, Juliette Lewis Tweets: Was the Actress Murdered?


Duck Dynasty Season 7 Premiere Date: Revealed!

A&E has announced the return date for Duck Dynasty.

The wildly popular reality series will premiere Season 7 with a one-hour episode on Wednesday, November 19 at 9/8c.

Jase Robertson: No Beard!

Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty with no beard. That was a long time ago. With Jase is his wife Missy.

According to a network press release, upcoming story lines will include:

  • Willie become an assistance football coach on Lil’ Will’s football team.
  • The family taking over a local TV show for a holiday special.
  • Mark Ballas, of Dancing With the Stars fame, visiting Monroe and trying to teach Willie and Kay some moves.

On the opener itself, Willie will take a business trip to Scotland in order to expand the duck call business, bringing his loved ones along with him.

To many, of course, it may feel as if Duck Dynasty never even went off the air.

Sadie Robertson can currently be seen every week on Dancing with the Stars, while Phil Robertson continues to generate headlines via such controversial statements as AIDS being God’s penalty for sexual misconduct.

Elsewhere, John Luke Robertson recently got engaged to Mary Kate McEacharn; while Liam Payne visited the Robertsons, getting into some trouble with his fans for holding a gun in a viral Instagram photo.

What else has this family gotten into over the past several months?

Visit TV Fanatic to watch Duck Dynasty online and find out for yourself!

Duck Dynasty Season 7 Premiere Date: Revealed!


Rosie O’Donnell Wonders: Might John Grisham Be Into Child Porn?

John Grisham chose a somewhat odd cause to get behind this week.

In an interview with The Telegraph, the best-selling author brought up the topic of child pornography purveyors and said the following:

“We have prisons now filled with guys my age… who’ve never harmed anybody, would never touch a child, but they got online one night, started surfing around, probably had too much to drink or whatever, pushed the wrong buttons, went too far, and got into child porn.”

Amidst an understandable uproar once the remarks went viral, Grisham then issued an apology and an explanation.

“Anyone who harms a child for profit or pleasure, or who in any way participates in child pornography – online or otherwise – should be punished to the fullest extent of the law,” Grisham said.

He continued:

“My comments made two days ago during an interview with the British newspaper The Telegraph were in no way intended to show sympathy for those convicted of sex crimes, especially the sexual molestation of children. I can think of nothing more despicable. I regret having made these comments, and apologize to all.”

But Rosie O’Donnell wasn’t satisfied with this mea culpa during the opening segment of The View today.

“I accept your apology but I don’t believe in your [expletive] bull crap thing that you said before,” O’Donnell said. “Nobody accidentally stumbles onto child pornography.”

O’Donnell then alleged that Grisham must only know what he’s talking about from experience.

“If I were the police, I’d look at John Grisham‘s hard drive right now,” she said.

And, at that, co-panelist Whoopi Goldberg took the show to a commercial break.

What do you think of Grisham’s original comments and O’Donnell’s response? Did she cross a line in practically calling John Grisham a child porn lover?

Or did Grisham deserve it for having defended these purveyors in the first place?

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Rosie O’Donnell Wonders: Might John Grisham Be Into Child Porn?