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Katy Perry hooked up with DJ Diplo at Coachella, they’re ‘inseparable’

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Katy Perry has the worst taste in men. As wonderful as Russell Brand is as a person, everyone knew he’d make a terrible husband. John Mayer makes a terrible everything. Katy previously went out with Travie McCoy from Gym Class Heroes. Travie also has a reputation as a douche. Most recently, Katy had a brief dalliance with rapper Riff Raff. Who knows what that was all about, but Riff Raff did retweet our story, and his Twitter followers were … not kind.

Now Katy has found another new man, DJ Diplo, and they were all over each other at Coachella.

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The Voice Season 6 Episode 12 Recap: It’s Sisaundra Lewis’ World

Sisaundra Lewis made The Voice Season 6 Episode 12 her personal something Tuesday night. There aren’t words to describe that level of domination.

Watching her take on the formidable Biff Gore in a battle round performance of James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” was almost otherworldly.

“All we try to teach anybody on the show is what you just did,” Adam Levine said, which sums it up well. This is a performance you’ve got to see …

Sisaundra’s “sick” register made this an easy call, despite Biff

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Pharrell Williams: The Voice Coach For Season 7!

Pharrell Williams has been tapped as a coach for The Voice Season 7 on NBC, the network announced with an appropriately #happy Tweet today.

NBC posted: “Okay, we can OFFICIALLY say it! WE ARE SO #HAPPY to announce PHARRELL WILLIAMS = #NewVoiceCoach for SEASON 7.”

Pharrell added, “This is going to be so fun.” Adam Levine, who has been a coach on all six seasons thus far, replied “Welcome to the circus dude!”

NBC boss Paul Telegdy added that “he has already made a considerable impact as a mentor, drawing on an impressive track record as both a producer and performer.”

“It is a

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SHAKIRA Answers 20 Questions For MARIE CLAIRE

Singer and The Voice judge Shakira sat down with Marie Claire for the 20 Questions feature in their April 2014 issue (available on newsstands now).

If you’ve ever wondered what Shakira’s hidden talent is (as if being an amazing singer wasn’t enough!), or which of the Seven Deadly Sins she’s most guilty of, read on!

Do you have a secret talent? “I’m double-jointed. I can put my legs over my head, which freaks people out.”

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? “I’m a closet nerd. I love to study history and visit museums.”

Of the seven deadly sins, which one are you

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Shakira on boyfriend Gerard Pique: ‘We’re one of those asphyxiating couples’

These are photos of Shakira and her futbol-playing baby daddy, Gerard Pique, as they attended an event for Shakira’s self-titled album in Barcelona last week. Those boots! The She-Wolf has informed all of us that Gerard rules the roost. Shakira keeps meat on her bones because Gerard likes it that way. She won’t do videos with men because Gerard is “very territorial.” In response to this coverage, Gerard told Shakira to shut her “little mouth about him to the press.

I finally caught Shakira on The Voice this weekend (it was an E! rerun). She was utterly charming as a lone example of

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Justin Bieber Deposition: What Really Transpired…

Justin Bieber is misunderstood.

Yes, the artist came across like a complete A-Hole during his deposition in Miami last week, but that’s only because we heard an edited version of events.

Fortunately for Beliebers, Seth Meyers got his hands on an undoctored copy of the Q&A – and it all makes a lot more sense now!

Watch now and Justin’s answers will come across far less douchey…

Quick, someone show this tape to Selena Gomez’s parents!

Perhaps they won’t be so opposed to Bieber if they know the truth.

Justin and Selena, of course,

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This has got to be, officially, the most beautiful campaign in the world, right?

Fashion It-Girls Cara Delevingne (aka She Of The Most Amazing Eyebrows Ever) and Kate Moss are both featured in an upcoming Burberry fragrance campaign and seriously, I can’t imagine anything prettier.

Kate has been a part of the Burberry family since shooting her first campaign for them in 1999, whereas Cara landed her first shoot with them in 2010. This could definitely be looked at as a bit of “usher in the new guard” – although Kate is still such an icon in the fashion world that it’s More >

Justin Bieber Defends Deposition, Tells Fans: They Can’t Break Us!

Justin Bieber is trying to Tweet himself out of a very ugly situation.

The singer gave a deposition on Thursday in response to a photographer’s lawsuit that alleges Bieber orchestrated an attack against him outside a club in Miami.

Throughout four-and-half hours of testimony, Bieber comes across at various times as an entitled, arrogant, rude A-Hole. He mocks the opposing counsel. He flips out at the mention of Selena Gomez. He barely answers questions.

He even curses off a court reporter for simply doing her job.

Open Slideshow 1. Justin

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Justin Bieber acts like a whiny baby in newly released deposition tapes

I’m not surprised by this story at all. It honestly wouldn’t be a big deal if Justin Bieber hadn’t turned it into one. The swaggy one was forced to give out-of-court testimony at a Miami deposition in a civil suit involving his bodyguard beating up a photog. TMZ got ahold of the depo tapes, and this kid is as big of an a-hole as we all expected. We alreday talked about how Biebs stormed out in a huff when he was asked about Selena Gomez: “Don’t ask me about her again.” Then he ripped off his mic and left the building.

Who knows why asking Bieber about Selena is even relevant to the case?

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Bria Kelly: The Voice Contestant Sings the Blues, Steamrolls Season Premiere Competition

The Voice kicked off Season 6 with a wealth of talent last night, with Adam Levine seeking his third title and Blake Shelton his fourth on the NBC show.

Adam may have the upper hand, having snagged Christina Grimmie and Dawn & Hawkes, but Usher secured a key team member Monday as well.

Bria Kelly, 17, threw it DOWN with a growling version of James Taylor’s “Steamroller Blues” that had all four judges vying for her. See why here:

Just how awe-struck were the fab four by what they’d just witnessed?

“O-M-G,” a stunned Levine

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