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Gisele & Tom Brady Gisele’s Birthday Kiss For Tom

Image gisele-bundchen-tom-brady-instagram.jpg

Awww… it looks like Gisele and Tom Brady were apart on his birthday. Gisele didn’t forget, though. She posted this pic on her Instagram to mark her husband’s special day. RELATED: What do you think of Gisele’s new hairstyle? That looks like quite a smooch they were sharing, doesn’t it? I’m sure Tom appreciated the…

13 High-Five Fails: Don’t Leave Me Hanging!

Image 13-low-rated-high-fives_this-may-leave-a-mark.gif

We’ve all been there. Your favorite team just scored a touchdown. Something really cool happened in a movie. You’re surrounded by a bunch of rowdy folks in Times Square. And all you wanna do is celebrate, to bond with your fellow man in the most basic and simple of ways: a high-five. But sometimes this…