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“Rihanna’s ‘Thug Life’ knuckle tattoo” Links

Rihanna got a “Thug Life” tattoo across her knuckles. Am I the only one hoping for her sake that it isn’t permanent? [Idolator] Is Demi Lovato in rehab again? [D-Listed] Awesome Maurice Sendak interview on the Colbert report [Pajiba] Anne Hathaway at the airport with her boyfriend [Lainey Gossip] Anne Hathaway’s black sack [Go Fug Yourself] Drew Barrymore shows off her engagement ring, says she’s “daydreaming” about her wedding (video) [Popsugar] I found this story of a techie who works for drug dealers fascinating [Gawker] Bella Cruise’s new boyfriend – they’re cute together!

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Tim Gunn blasts Kirstie Alley for “lying deceptive shell game of vanity sizing”

Last week, Kirstie Alley made her runway debut at NYFW, wearing some terrible blue ensemble. After disappearing for a little while (probably to get some kind of Xenu-audit, or whatever Scientologists do when they mysteriously disappear for weeks at a time), Kristie was BACK, with a vengeance. “Back” being some kind of code for Kristie’s continuing adventures in delusional numbers. I won’t even get into Kristie’s history of claiming nonsensical things about her size, because we’ve got a whole new interview to make fun of:

Kristie Alley has majorly slimmed down since her stint on the ABC

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Lady Gaga Performs "You and I" on The View: Watch Now!

Lady Gaga appeared on The View Monday, one of the few cases where she struggles to get a word in edgewise or command everyone’s attention.

After partaking in the spirited, daily gab-fest with Whoopi, Sherri and Elisabeth, the 25-year-old pop superstar performed a rendition of “You and I.”

The music was relatively stripped down (for her), the fashion relatively tame (for her) and her body relatively covered up, but she did great …

Lady Gaga – You and I (Live on The View)

Excerpted Lady Gaga quotes from The View today …

On the tragic death of British singer Amy Winehouse: “The lesson

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Tim Gunn thinks pantsuit-clad Hillary Clinton is “confused about her gender”

Season Nine of Project Runway premieres tonight. Are you going to watch it? I’m not. After last season’s finale, I officially and publicly quit that bitch, and I’m sticking to my promise. Gretchen was a gigantic, knit granny-pantied bitch too far. So, as I’m preparing to steel myself from watching, my biggest concern was my withdrawal from Tim Gunn, Mr. Fabulous himself. I have a long record of adoring Tim Gunn, and usually I find him to be a wonderfully bitchy truth-teller. But I may need to boycott Mr. Gunn after this mess. Gunn was on George Lopez’s show on Tuesday night, and

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