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Celebrity Birthdays For February 11… Cha, Cha, Cha!

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Happy Birthday to Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Lautner! Jennifer is 45 today, while Taylor is 22. Let’s see who else is celebrating a birthday. Actress Tina Louise is 80. Actor Burt Reynolds is 78. Songwriter Gerry Goffin is 75. Musician Sergio Mendes is 73. R&B singer Otis Clay is 72. Drummer David Uosikkinen of The Hooters is…

Happy 22nd Birthday, Taylor Lautner!

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Taylor Lautner has given so much to fans over the years. Most notably, of course, he’s given us oodles upon oodles of Taylor Lautner shirtless photos. So, on the occasion of this actor’s 22nd birthday, the least we can do is send some best wishs back his way, don’t you think? Lautner, of course, shot to fame…

TAYLOR LAUTNER Sits Courtside At UCLA Game

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Taylor Lautner, who played super-duper hot Jacob in the wildly successful Twilight franchise (ya know, in case you somehow forgot), was living it up courtside last night… at what appears to be a mostly empty UCLA v. Stanford basketball game. The Twilight star was joined by some of his buddies to watch the two rivals.…

Robert Pattinson Dior Ad: Beauty in a Bathtub

Image robert-pattinson-dior-ad.jpg

Robert Pattinson may or may not be desperately missing Kristen Stewart . But he’s definitely posing in a bathtub in the following sneak peek at the actor’s Dior campaign! The A-lister signed a reported $12 million deal with the brand in March, with fans being promised ” sexually explicit ” ads featuring the Twilight Saga stud.

TAYLOR LAUTNER Flying High On The Set Of His New Movie

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Honestly, I know that in his new movie ‘Tracers’ Taylor Lautner plays a bike delivery guy who gets caught up in the world of Parkour but he seems to be really enjoying doing a lot of his own stunts! Taylor was spotted on set today in Hackensack scaling buildings! Taylor laid low for a bit after that last Twilight movie hit the theatres but it looks like he’s more than ready to get back to work.


Image FFN_Lautner_Taylor_AAR_061913_51134756-BorderMaker-520x677.jpg

Ok, I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest Taylor Lautner fan out there but OMG does he look hot in this pic here. The Hollywood actor was spotted riding a bicycle on the set of “ Tracers ” in Central Park in New York City on Tuesday afternoon.