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Total Moron Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge, Sets Self on Fire

Image ice-bucket-challenger-sets-self-on-fire.png

Just when you think you’ve seen every Ice Bucket Challenge fail possible, from folks missing their intended targets to young women bleeding from their mouths, along comes an idiot who lights himself on fire. On purpose. At least initially. Donning camouflage cargo shorts and an American flag vest while holding a giant Confederate Flag, this moron…

Sofia Vergara Was Her Emmy Skit Sexist? Sound Off!

Image sofia-vergara-2014-emmys-520x780.jpg

Did you see Sofia Vergara on the 2014 Emmys last night? The ‘Modern Family’ star was literally put on a pedestal while the President of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Bruce Rosenblum, made his presentation about the Academy, what it does, etc. While he was talking, Sofia stood on a pedestal that rotated,…