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Casey Kasem Corpse: Where Is It?

Image casey-kasem-remains-unburied.jpg

Casey Kasem may be dead. But the controversy surrounding the life of this iconic DJ refuses to go away. Casey Kasem Remains Unburied Following a long battle with Parkinson’s Disease and dementia, Kasem died at the age of 82 on June 15. But a month later, TMZ insiders confirm that Kasem’s body has not yet…

Kanye West Freestyles at Age 19: Watch Now!

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Before there was Kim Kardashian… before there there was North West… before there was a racist media to rant at… there was Fat Beats. In 1996, this famous hip hop shop in New York City was moved to on 6th Avenue near West 8th Street, welcoming artists from all over to freestyle and help promote…

Tamra Barney to Bethenny Frankel: Eat Something!

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Tamra Barney has gone form bullying fans online to bullying a former Real Housewives colleague. The reality star appeared today on The Juice (which is apparently a talk show on Veria Living, which is apparently a TV network) and took aim at Bethenny Frankel. The ex-talk show host and Bravo employee raised eyebrows this week when…