Benedict Cumberbatch: Sophie Hunter ‘loves me back to the same degree’


This year, I’m thankful that the world has been fully and utterly ‘Batched and that so many people are now “in” on the Otter King aka Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m also thankful for Cumby’s Oscar campaign, because the past month of gossip would have been pretty dead without it. But I also hope – for his sake and for mine – that Benedict tones it down. Soon. He is this year’s Jennifer Lawrence/Anne Hathaway. He is everywhere. He is oversaturated. Take this Hello Magazine interview – I believe Benedict really spoke to Hello, but I had to check some of these quotes to make sure that they weren’t duplicates from his People Mag interview. There are some similar quotes, for sure, but I think Benedict literally has talking points that he tries to “hit” in all of the magazine interviews. Some highlights:

On his engagementIt’s an amazing thing to find somebody you love. It’s amazing to find somebody you love at all, let alone somebody who loves you back and to the same degree. And if that is amazing, well, considering how busy both Sophie and I are, it’s a minor miracle that we met each other at all in the way we did. To have Sophie in my life is something I am incredibly grateful for and very excited about. It’s a bit of a golden moment for me right now and I am loving it. I think I’ll be having a very private moment.

Does Sophie need to worry about the legendary Cumberbitches?I wish people wouldn’t call them that. My fans are incredibly smart and expressive people and Cumberbitches was a name that some of them thought to call themselves early and it just caught on. But what they really are is a bunch of self-regulating, intelligent and determined young people – or if they’re not young, they’re young in spirit. And by the way, they come from both sexes, too. I’m sure they’ll get over my being engaged – they’re smart, they’ll get used to the idea.

On his engagement announcementI would have done that even if I had not been in this strange, heightened position that I am of being a famous actor. It was really an announcement to my friends and family, because, believe me, as many people as I told after the moment, I couldn’t spend all my time on the phone – I had to get back to playing Richard III. So this was, for me, a standard English way of letting people know about the situation and a way of trying to normalise something that is deeply personal to me.

On his busy scheduleIt’s been such an embarrassment of riches coming my way that it’s been very, very hard to turn down. Which is quite something for me because I am actually incredibly lazy and I love nothing better than to kick back, see friends and family and just go on a few holidays. But it is a crazy schedule I have sometimes and right now is just the most bizarre it’s ever been. The next couple of weeks are going to be incredibly busy; to tell you the truth I’m terrified about them.

He quit smoking and is chewing gumI’ve given up smoking. Although I shouldn’t say that, because if I ever have a cigarette again it’ll be all over the place. ‘Oh, he lied.’ But, touch wood, I haven’t smoked for a month now and it’s really helping. I try to eat healthy, I try not to each late at night – although that’s hard right now with the yo-yoing all over the world – and it really helps that I have a lot of great people around me to try to check that I’m doing well.

Is he competing with Eddie RedmayneIt’s not a rivalry, it’s a friendship. I will be the first person on my feet if Eddie wins any of the prizes he will rightfully be nominated for – I will be front and centre, screaming, clapping and delighting in any accolade that is thrown his way. People can try to whip it up between us all they like – Eddie and I will just stand back and laugh at you all.

[From Hello Magazine, print edition, December 1, 2014]

I think Eddie and Bendy used to be quite friendly, with Eddie as something like a little brother. But I think Benedict was and is afraid that Eddie might be running a more effective Oscar campaign.

As for all of the engagement stuff… God, Benedict. Just… STAHP. How many times did he use the word “amazing”? Let’s unpack it – “It’s amazing to find somebody you love at all, let alone somebody who loves you back and to the same degree.” Maybe Sophie is super-private and very self-contained, but I’m not really getting a “demonstrative loved-up” feel from them. Their relationship/engagement really does feel like two cold, posh English people deciding to settle down into a marriage of convenience. But I was complaining about how he was treating Sophie (in the press) as simply an extension of himself, so at least he’s now referring to her as her own person. “And if that is amazing, well, considering how busy both Sophie and I are…” Is she working now? I’m really asking.


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Benedict Cumberbatch: Sophie Hunter ‘loves me back to the same degree’


Angelina Jolie smoked a cigarette & fought with Brad Pitt on a Sydney balcony

jolie EW

First, let’s do the Entertainment Weekly stuff. We’ll get to The Leg of Doom and her cigarettes in just a moment. As you can see, Angelina covers the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, with her arm draped protectively over Jack O’Connell, the lead of Unbroken. Angelina does have a type – she likes scrappy sh-tkickers, bad boys with hearts of gold. That’s the vibe I’m getting from Jack too. In another life… they would have been extremely HOT together as a couple. Like, crazy hot. As for the EW interview – go here to read the excerpt from the cover story. It’s stuff we’ve heard before, how Angelina couldn’t believe the studio let her direct this, etc. She also talked about what she does to relieve stress: Christmas present wrapping! Because she can’t say “I chainsmoked two packs waiting to hear back from the studio.”

Now, on to the cigarettes, the fight and what I can only assume was Brad Pitt storming out of an Australian hotel room in tears. Woman’s Day, an Aussie tabloid, got exclusive shots of Brad and Angelina fighting on a hotel balcony two weekends ago, just before the big Sydney premiere of Unbroken. GO HERE to see the exclusive photos. To me (a Brangeloonie with a lifetime membership) it looks like they’re having a disagreement but not a fight. Like, those aren’t OMG I’M SO ANGRY faces. Those are “You are plucking my last nerve, you better take a bath before the premiere, Goat Boy” and “Jesus, Angie, another sack dress?” faces. As for the cigarettes… Angelina was a casual smoker in her youth, but I thought she stopped smoking cigarettes a long time ago. Maybe she did and she started up again? God knows, Brad has quit a bunch of times and gone back to Sweet Lady Nicotine every time.

If you will remember, Brad had been promoting Fury all over Asia, and Angelina had been in LA for the Hollywood Film Awards, so they ended up meeting in Australia so they could walk the carpet together. And if you remember, they weren’t tons of photos of Brad and Angelina side-by-side, holding hands or grabbing each other’s asses or anything. When they did pose together, it was mostly with the Unbroken cast. So, what do we make of the photos? Did they have a blow-out fight and they were still pissy with each other at the premiere? Did Brad agree to take a bath? Is Angelina a stress smoker? Did someone cry and storm out of the hotel?!

Damn, Brangelina. Pull it together! Unbroken needs some sensual red carpet butt-grabs. And if they don’t work it out, I hope Angelina steals Jack O’Connell away from Cara Delevingne and then Angie and Jack become the hot new couple.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN, EW.

jolie EW

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Angelina Jolie smoked a cigarette & fought with Brad Pitt on a Sydney balcony


Benedict Cumberbatch: Sophie is ‘proud of me & she loves me’


It’s no fun talking about a new Benedict Cumberbatch interview once dozens of people have threadjacked an older post to discuss it. But here we go anyway. Apparently, in this week’s print edition of People Magazine, Benedict has given an interview. He talks about Sophie Hunter, his lover and fiancée, and the engagement and all of that. The way he talks about her is… odd. I’m saying that as a Cumberbitch and as a long-time gossip-reader. Usually when a celebrity man gets engaged, they say nice things about their fiancée, like “I met the coolest, most amazing woman and I had to lock it down, you know?” Benedict doesn’t do that. He always talks about Sophie in relation to how she feels about him, or as if she’s an extension of him. It’s really weird and somewhat patronizing.

He broke the hearts of millions of fans earlier this month when he announced his engagement to his girlfriend of one year, Sophie Hunter. And in the Monday issue of People, Benedict Cumberbatch talked about why he likes his 36-year-old soon-to-be-wife so much.

‘She’s just really cool,’ the 38-year-old actor, who is promoting his new movie The Imitation Game, offered. Benedict shared that, despite developing a worldwide fandom, he wants to keep his private life as normal as possible. ‘I want to normalize this part of our lives,’ the Sherlock star shared.

However, that doesn’t mean that the meme-inspiring British star isn’t head over heels for his new fiancée who he met on the set of 2009′s Burlesque Fairytale. He explained to the magazine that she flawlessly handles the abundance of adoration from Benedict’s many adoring fans.

‘She’s proud of my work, she’s proud of me, and she loves me,’ he said. ‘That’s the bottom line, isn’t it? That’s one of the reasons it’s a good fit. It could be a really difficult thing, but she’s just so in command of it.’

However, while the star was open about his admiration for his future wife, he was mum on whether or not they’ll be quick to start a family, saying: ‘I’ve got to be very coy on that one. Very silent.’

It might not surprise you to learn that the star, who is famous for playing intellectuals like Sherlock Holmes and Stephen Hawking, is most happy at home with a good book.

‘I’m a homebody,’ he said. ‘I love to stay in at night, light a fire, have a whiskey and watch a movie or read a good book…People forget about books. They’re always just turning on the television, but reading a good book is the most nourishing thing you can do.’

On his off days, Benedict said that he also likes keeping busy by being active and taking a walk or a hike outside. ‘I love just taking a brisk walk in the park. And hiking, just getting away in nature,’ he said. ‘You get some perspective and see the world as it really is. Which is, we’re a species, on a planet.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“She’s proud of my work, she’s proud of me, and she loves me.” Um, but how to you feel about her? I actually think Benedict is trying to convince his fanbase that Sophie is “worthy” of him, which… pisses me off, but I also acknowledge that many of Benedict’s fans believe that she is deeply unworthy, so there you go.

Benedict also talked about his fame, saying: “I’m used to observing, and now I’m the one being observed. But the trick is to not be self-conscious and go about your normal day.” And he was thrilled to be seated next to Brad and Angelina at the Oscars, saying: “I was chatting with them and thinking, am I really sitting next to these two now? That’s amazing.”

What else… Benedict told the Marvel fanboys that the Doctor Strange thing is still just a rumor. And Benedict also told The Times that he’s finally quit smoking, saying: “I’ve given up smoking. Although I shouldn’t say that, because if I ever have a cigarette again and it’ll be all over the place, ‘Oh he lied.’ But, touch wood, I haven’t smoked for a month now and it’s really helping.” Wow, that might explain some stuff. Nicotine withdrawal is a hell of a thing. *puts Nicorette on the wedding registry*


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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Going Postal

Things went totally postal for Jake Peralta and company on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 8.

Kind of. Sort of. Maybe.

It’s become unclear just what going postal means after Ed Helms guest-starred on the Fox sitcom as Jackie Danger, a U.S. Postal Service investigator who took a great deal of pride in his job.

In Danger’s mind, working for the USPIS means you’re several steps above of “local cops” such as Peralta, considering you’re a federal employee and everything.

This caused great tension between Jake and Jackie, so much so that Jake disobeyed Rosa’s orders and went rogue (with loyal right-hand man Boyle, of course), stealing some intel from Danger’s computer and going off on his own to bring down a Giggle Pig dealer.

Rosa laid into Jake for the move because it handed the case over to USPIS. Not exactly a cool move for a friend or a colleague, was it?

Fortunately, Jake was able to successful grovel at the feet/desk of Danger, getting the case back for the precinct and helping Rosa go through with a major drug bust.

Elsewhere, Santiago tried to give up smoking. But it wasn’t easy.

Not even when she dunked her head in ice water alongside Terry… or ran with Holt… or meditated with Gina. There was little Amy could do to kick this nasty habit.

Where did things leave off with it? Click on the above video and follow its prompts to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online and find out now!

As for the winning Brooklyn Nine-Nine quotes of the week? The honors go to Amy and Boyle:

  • Amy: What’s going on? Is this a dream? No, I’m not holding a label maker.
  • Boyle [trying to explain a fax machine]: Imagine a letter had unprotected sex with a phone.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Going Postal


Anjelica Huston ‘thought nothing’ of catching Roman Polanski & his victim

Anjelica Huston

Angelica Huston is promoting her new memoir, Watch Me. She’s already released some excerpts about her disastrous relationship and breakup with Jack Nicholson. Anjelica admitted to repeatedly punching Jack upon their final breakup. A lot of you commented about Anjelica’s association with Roman Polanski back in the day. Specifically, Anjelica was at Jack Nicholson’s mansion the night that Roman drugged and raped 13-year-old Samantha Geimer (nee Gailey).

We know from Samantha’s memoirs that Roman took plenty of photos of her. One of those photos made the cover of Samantha’s book. Samantha also revealed that Roman stopped to chat with Anjelica after the incident. Now Anjelica acknowledges in her own memoir that this moment did happen. She says that she “thought nothing” of the situation because Samantha looked older than her true age. Huh. Here are more excerpts from the Sunday Times (via The Independent):

Anjelica Huston said she ‘thought nothing’ of the moment she caught director Roman Polanski with a 13-year-old girl at Jack Nicholson’s home.

The Oscar-winning actress has revealed details about walking into the house where Polanski and his under-age lover were together in 1977.

Huston said she arrived home to Nicholson’s house, who she was dating at the time, to find the director’s jacket and cameras in the kitchen.

In an extract from her memoir published in the Sunday Times Magazine, she said: “A short while later, Roman and a girl came around the corner, he introduced me to her and said they had been taking pictures.

“She was wearing platform heels and appeared to be quite tall. Roman collected his jacket and cameras, and they left together. I thought no more of it,” she said.

Huston, 63, said she did not give the encounter a second thought until plain-clothed detectives raided her home the next day.

She said: “They followed me upstairs and I showed them some grass in a drawer. At that point they went through my bag, where they found a gram of cocaine. That seemed enough evidence for them. Roman and I were bundled into the back of two separate police cars. We were under arrest.”

She added: “After that there were newspaper articles, photos, repercussions. Roman was charged with the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl at Jack’s house.”

Oscar winner Polanski has continued to make films and work with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. But he has not stepped foot on American soil since he fled in 1978 as he is still wanted by the US authorities.

[From Independent]

It’s hard to believe that Anjelica didn’t mentally question Samantha’s presence. She was wearing very high heels and looked tall, so it was okay? The whole case still gives me the heebies. Years ago in Roman’s probation report for the case, Anjelica described Samantha as “sullen” and went on to say this: “She appeared to be one of those kind of little chicks between — could be any age up to 25. She did not look like a 13-year-old scared little thing. She seemed quite tall to me. She seemed pretty well developed girl. I would have not thought she was 13.” In practically the same breath, Huston said of Polanski, “I don’t think he’s a bad man. I think he’s an unhappy man.” Anjelica is doing herself no favors with these new memoir excerpts. She’s capitalizing on a sordid and traumatizing event for Polanski’s victim, and she’s defending him yet again.

Anjelica Huston

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Chris Brown on Rihanna Bludgeoning: Get Over It! I’m Done Apologizing!

Chris Brown is done apologizing for his beatdown of Rihanna.

In a wide-ranging new interview on Hot 97’s “Ebro In The Morning” Friday, the anger-filled artist was asked about the beating of his ex-girlfriend in 2009 and replied that he’s sick of addressing it.

Yes, Brown admitted it has “remorse about it,” but if you’re waiting on the star to apologize again for what happened… you’ll be waiting for a long time.

“You can only say it but so many times, and I feel like through the years I’ve said it enough, to where it’s like, ‘Bro, if you’re still on that, I feel sorry for y’all, because it’s over with.'”

Brown added that he and Rihanna have “made amends,” which says more about the issues facing Rihanna than it does anything about Chris Brown.

The controversial performer also got into how he does some “crazy stuff” while on drugs such as sizzurp and Xanax, openly discussing his own deep-seated struggles.

“I think my demons [now] are being afraid of failure. The old issues still come up, but… it’s about life and moving forward.”

Chris Brown Smoking Weed

Chris Brown smoking weed – 3 joints at the same time no less. What a class act as always.

Brown was recently ordered to complete four days of hard labor per week as part of his probation violation punishment.

Watch excerpts from his interview above and sound off: Should people stop bringing up the Rihanna beating with Brown? Or is it the sort of incident one should always be forced to revisit and apologize for?

Chris Brown on Rihanna Bludgeoning: Get Over It! I’m Done Apologizing!


Amal Alamuddin Makes It Official: Just Call Me Amal Clooney!

Some may call her The Luckiest Woman to Ever Walk the Planet Earth.

But Amal Alamuddin only wants to be called one thing going forward: Amal Clooney.

About two weeks after marrying George Clooney in Venice, the 36-year old has changed her name to Amal Clooney on the website of her London-based law firm, Doughty Street Chambers.

Just Married Couple

The human rights attorney exchanged vows Clooney over a weekend of festivities in late September that included separate bachelor and bachelorette dinners on Friday, September 26 and then a ceremony/reception on Saturday, Sept. 27.

The latter took place at Venice’s seven-star Aman Canal Grand Hotel and was attended by such A-Listers as Cindy Crawford, Bill Murray and Matt Damon.

Following the lavish nuptials, Amal and Clooney were officially and legally married in a civil ceremony at Venice’s Palazzo Ca’ Loredan.

Since then, the famous couple has released a handful of wedding photos, with all proceeds going to charity, while Clooney made Alamuddin stop smoking and begin arriving places on time.

They so complete each other! We’re so happy for these two!

We wish them a lifetime of utter bliss and joy. And maybe some cute kids!

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney Wedding Photo

Hello there, George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin! The couple poses here, on its wedding day, for a well known British tabloid.

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Amal Alamuddin Makes It Official: Just Call Me Amal Clooney!


Chris Brown to Haters: SUCK MY ASS If U Don’t Like What I Say!

Chris Brown is facing some pretty intense backlash for the pro-Ebola tweet he sent out yesterday, but he’s not exactly bending over backwards to apologize.

In fact, he appears to be in Defiant Breezy mode.

Chris Brown Salute

If you missed it, Chris Brown’s Ebola Tweet stated, “I don’t know … but I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control. S**t is getting crazy bruh.”

Uhh, okay bruh.

Not shockingly, since he sounds like he’s pro-something that has claimed thousands of lives, and many fear will cause a global pandemic, the backlash was swift.

Among the anti-Chris comments included gems like “you believe this based on what evidence? Oh yeah, none” and “Why morons gotta be famous?”

Or, our personal favorite, “You’re not a smart person … at all.” Chris appeared to concede that point shortly thereafter, writing “Let me shut my black ass up!”

The angry replies kept piling up, though, and he soon enough, telling people off: “I say what I want. If u don’t like it…. “SUCK MY ASS” ( little Asian girl voice).”

Wow. Just wow.

That gem, and the original Ebola population control theory, are still live on his Twitter page, making us wonder who is managing this guy right now.

It’s unclear if Chris is implying that governments are targeting poorer African countries with Ebola, or was just trying to sound smart and get all scientific.

Either way, fail. At least when Kim Kardashian fears Ebola so much that she’s stocking up on hazmat suits, she’s taking the virus’ death toll seriously.

As for the people who agree with Chris’ population control point – and there are more than a few on his Twitter – they might feel differently soon enough.

If many more people like Nina Pham start coming down with this thing in the U.S. and the CDC can’t stop it, we’ll see how long the ignorant online noise.


Chris Brown Smoking Weed

Chris Brown smoking weed – 3 joints at the same time no less. What a class act as always.

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Chris Brown to Haters: SUCK MY ASS If U Don’t Like What I Say!


Joseline Hernandez Pregnant, Stevie J "Confirms" (If You Believe Anything He Says)

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez, who you could call the alpha couple of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, are soon to become an alpha family, or something.

She’s pregnant, at least according to him.

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J Photo

Probed about the longtime couple’s fake marriage, which has been a recurring theme if you watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online, he dropped the bombshell:

“Yeah it’s all real,” he said, and oh yeah …

“We got a new addition with the family too, but I don’t want to say too much, you know? We’re extending the Jordan family if you understand what I mean.”

After V100.7′s Reggie Brown reiterated that Joseline is indeed pregnant, Stevie repeated that they were extending their family and accepted his congratulations.

The two also discussed rumors that Joseline has been unfaithfu, a claim Stevie (who also has a kid by Mimi Faust) shot down, saying, “they talked about Jesus, man.”

“So who are we,” he added. “At the end of the say, when they see a real powerful, strong element in our black culture, they always try to break you down.”

“But one thing’s for certain: the Jordans are here to stay.”

We have no idea what he’s talking about, at all.

Sounds awesome, though, you guys.

That kid, if he or she exists, is gonna have a great time watching mom in that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion fight for the ages every year at Christmas.

If you believe the rumors, Joseline was on crack during that epic melee, a charge Stevie denies, but segues nicely with this new wrinkle to the pregnancy reveal:

According to Media Take Out (we know, we know, LOL), she was smoking weed and drinking, which would not be noteworthy if it weren’t for the alleged baby.

One MTO source even claims to have smoked up with her.

“I hit the blunt after Joseline,” this Deep Throat says. “I felt kind of bad doing it because she’s supposedly pregnant . . but I said f–k it the weed was smelling too good. LOL.”


Joseline Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta GIF

Joseline Hernandez of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fame.

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Joseline Hernandez Pregnant, Stevie J "Confirms" (If You Believe Anything He Says)


Natalie Dormer on her ‘smirk’: ‘I’ve a lopsided mouth. I can’t help it’

Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer has a new interview with The Sunday Times to promote her role in next month’s Mockingjay: Part I release. (I can’t wait for this movie.) Natalie always delivers, and she looks super fierce with her half-shaved head for this role. She says taking on the part of Cressida is a welcome change to playing queens and random, smoking hot blondes.

Natalie rails a little bit in this interview. She talks about how drama school doesn’t teach actors to deal with interest in their private lives. That’s a common complaint. I think most actors are thrilled with initial fame before reality sets in. What I find more worthy of discussion is Natalie’s sensitivity about her looks. This is completely understandable because actors are under such a microscope. Natalie was always taunted for her “lopsided mouth,” and it remains an issue in her career. Her publicist even told her to stop “doing that smile.” Really? That’s awful. Natalie’s wry smirk-smile is one of the coolest things I’ve seen on a red carpet. She’s a natural badass, but she’s not immune to criticism:

Criticism of her smile: “It really bugs me the way people criticize how actors look. We’re not models. Models exist. I get accused of having a haughty smugness. I have a lopsided mouth. I can’t help it. I was born with it. It looks as if I am smirking. I have had my publicist tell me, ‘Don’t do that smile on the red carpet.’ I’m, like, ‘That’s my smile.’”

Life as an actress is terrifying: “It’s not luck. You have a lot of heartache. The public has a misconstrued idea of how easy it is for an actor to get a job, especially if it is outside their casting remit. I danced until I was 16, so I hold my shoulders back and I’m reasonably articulate. Suddenly people think I can only play strong women. I’d love to play a really weak, pathetic, vulnerable woman, You’d be surprised how much of the industry would then turn and say, ‘Oh, Natalie Dormer can’t play that kind of role. She only plays queens and strong women.’ I’m meant to be a chameleon. This is why I was so happy to get The Hunger Games and run around with a shaved head and a semi-automatic rifle in a dystopian future.”

On interest in celebs’ private lives: “There is this sense of entitlement, of ownership, that you should know everything about everybody. They don’t sit you down at drama school and say, ‘OK, you wanna be an actor? You wanna hold the mirror up to nature? And, oh, by the way, the press and 50m people on Twitter will think they have the right to know the details of your private life.’”

Why GoT is popular:Sopranos in Middle-earth. It deals with all these human truths and absolutes at a safe distance of fantasy.”

[From The Sunday Times]

Natalie keeps her private life under wraps, mostly. She’s been engaged to Irish actor Anthony Byrne since 2011. They’ve been too busy to plan a wedding, so we’ll see what happens.

It’s terrible that Natalie has had to deal with so many rude attitudes about her infamous smile. She says one of her sisters has the same smile, and they’ve both been bullied for it since childhood. I think Natalie’s smirk is awesome! It sets her apart from the mile-wide grins that run throughout Hollywood. Or even worse, the open-mouthed Kris Jenners of the world. Keep on smirking, Nat.

Natalie Dormer

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & WENN


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