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Amanda Bynes In Trouble Since Conservatorship Ended

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If this story is true, then Amanda Bynes’s DUI arrest yesterday wasn’t just a minor slip. People are saying that she recently flunked out of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where she was studying to become a fashion designer. RELATED: Amanda Bynes was arrested under suspicion of DUI. Sources tell Radar Online: Amanda just…

Amanda Bynes Arrested For DUI (Updated)

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I’m so sorry to hear this. Amanda Bynes was arrested for DUI yesterday. Law enforcement accuses her of driving under the influence of a stimulant, but marijuana reportedly is an issue, too. RELATED: Here are questions about Amanda Bynes’s health condition. There’s an update after the break. TMZ reported a CHP officer spotted her driving erratically and…

Chris Brown: I’ve Got to Stop Messing Up!

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You may want to sit down and re-examine everything you thought you knew about life: here comes a Chris Brown story in which he actually seems rational, self-aware, and – dare we say it? – sane! Yes, apparently even Young Breezy has to grow up some time, and the world may have to get used…