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NICK CANNON Will He Play Richard Pryor In Biopic?

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It sounds like Nick Cannon is gearing up to portray Richard Pryor in a biopic! Nick almost spilled the beans to TMZ, and his Instagram pics definitely indicate that’s the plan. Yet he may be playing coy for a reason: not everyone is enthusiastic about the idea of him portraying the late comedian on the big screen.…

Chris Brown Throws Up Gang Signs in LA Club?

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Chris Brown was released from jail in early June, and the troubled R&B star vowed he never get locked up again. His plan was simple: stay sober and eliminate gang influences from his life. Less than a month after his release, however, he’s already broken the first rule (Brown got drunk after the BET Awards…

SHIA LABEOUF Arrested In Broadway Theater!

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Although Shia LaBeouf may not consider himself famous anymore, he’s still making headlines. Last night the ‘Fury’ star was arrested in the Studio 54 theater. Law enforcement sources said “incoherent” and “very agitated.” RELATED: Shia LaBeouf declares “I’m not famous anymore.” The police told The New York Post Shia was allegedly hitting people in the head…