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Jessica Simpson Feels Sexier As A Wife

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Marriage for the second time is suiting Jessica Simpson well, it sounds like :). She seems to enjoy being a wife to Eric Johnson. RELATED: What are Jessica Simpson’s family plans? She explained in an interview: Eric is the best. Being married, for me, it defines so much more than even having kids. We still…

Kris Jenner Files For Divorce From Bruce Jenner!

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Well, it’s over. After years of Kris and Bruce Jenner divorce rumors, the troubled couple has officially called it quits. TMZ reports that Kris Jenner filed for divorce from her husband of 23 years today. Bruce has yet to respond. Remarkably, the proceedings are said to be taking place without lawyers, which suggests that it’s…

Sharon Stone is an absurdly narcissistic diva, claims Italian producer

Confession: I’ve never thought Sharon Stone was a good actress. Yes, she’s beautiful and she’s got a brilliant plastic surgeon, but throughout her career, whenever I watch one of her performances, I’m always like “Ugh, they should have recast this.” She got an Oscar nomination for her work in Casino, but riddle me this: wouldn’t ANY actress get an Oscar nom for that role? It was a well-written, meaty part and there were a dozen better actresses who could have nailed it