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Star Wars: Episode VII Plot Details Revealed?!

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The release date for Star Wars: Episode VII is still almost 18 months away, but already, rumors about the plot and production seem to emerge every day. We already know the cast of Episode VII and obsessive fans have already pieced together information about what roles each actor might be playing. Star Wars: Episode VII Cast…

LeAnn Rimes considers the VH1 show a ‘success’ & she thanks the ‘haters’

Here are some photos of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian “on vacation” in Miami, Florida (they were in Miami at the same time as Leonardo DiCaprio – coincidence?! Probably.) There were more graphic photos of LeAnn but I chose not to use them because A) we’ve seen her bolt-ons in a bikini many times before, B) she really wanted everybody to get a good look at her bolt-ons this weekend and her boobs were pretty much falling out and C) because gross. Besides, she wasn’t doing anything particular sexy – her phone was in her hand pretty much the whole time, where I suspect she was obsessively reading tweets and/or tweeting from an account which hasn’t been discovered yet.


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Now we have a title for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s new movie! The movie is called ‘By The Sea.’ Angelina wrote the script and will direct the movie. RELATED: Here’s the first full-length trailer for Angelina Jolie’s movie ‘Unbroken.’ Universal Studios picked up the rights to Brad and Angelina’s movie, which was described as…