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The Simpsons Killed Off WHO?!? Fans React in Anger

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The Simpsons producers promised a major death to kick off Season 26 of this iconic animated sitcom and they delivered on Sunday night, as (SPOILER ALERT!) we said farewell to Krusty’s father, Rabbi Hyman Krustofski. Some would say they delivered, that is. Others on Twitter, such as @joshgnosis, would say “much like the last few seasons,” this…

Tyler Perry Expecting His First Child With His Girlfriend!

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Things are going well for actor-writer-director-producer and studio-owner Tyler Perry! The ‘Madea’ creator, who’s also dipping his toe into “mainstream” movies with his role in ‘Gone Girl,’ is preparing for an exciting personal development: he’s expecting his first child with girlfriend Gelila Bekele. RELATED: Watch Tyler Perry in this ‘Gone Girl’ trailer. Tyler and Gelila…