Lindsay Lohan: "Prefers Dating Women," Source Says

There are very few mysteries about Lindsay Lohan’s sex life. She banged half of Hollywood, and she’s got the list to prove it.

Justin Timberlake

Lindsay Lohan claims she got it in with Justin Timberlake back in the day.

In fact there were so many famous men on Lindsay’s sex list that it’s easy to overlook that that she once dated a woman for over two years.

Yes, Lindsay and Samantha Ronson were an item and a tabloid staple from 2008-2010, but Lindsay’s been involved in roughly 11,000 scandals since then, and the relationship has been widely forgotten.

But sources day that despite her many, many dalliances with famous dudes, Lindsay still prefers to swim in the lady pond.

“Don’t expect Lindsay to get into a relationship with a man anytime soon,” an insider tells Radar Online. “Lindsay prefers women over men.”

The source adds that Ronson is far from the only famous woman that Lindsay has been with:

“She was in several relationships with high-profile women, and she prefers to be with women any day over men.”

For her part, Lindsay has claimed in interviews that she is “straight,” but she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of future relationships with women.

Of course, Lindsay also claims that she’s sober, so what does she know about herself?

Lindsay Lohan: Teeth

This is not exactly Lindsay Lohan at her best. Then again, when was the last time we saw Lindsay Lohan at her best?

Lindsay Lohan: "Prefers Dating Women," Source Says


Did Leo DiCaprio boot tantrumy drama queen Lindsay Lohan from his house?


Conspicuously absent (or perhaps blurred) from Lindsay Lohan’s list of lovers a few weeks ago was the name “Leonardo DiCaprio.” What’s this, you say? When did Leo and Lindsay ever spend time together? It was a simpler time, circa 2008-09. Lindsay was cracked-out back then, but at the time, many people still had some hope that she would eventually clean up her act. During that time, Lindsay had an on-and-off relationship with Samantha Ronson which probably involved a great deal of crack-stalking (on Lindsay’s part). But at some point, Lindsay found herself without Sam and she tried to latch onto Leonardo DiCaprio. Did Leo tap that? We’ll never know. I’ve always suspected she tried to tap that and Leo might have gone along with it… but, like, only in a club bathroom or something.

I bring up this shared Leo-Lohan history because this Star story made me think of it. Apparently, Lindsay crack-hustled her way into an event hosted by Leo, and she proceeded to act like a cracked-out drama queen so Leo just had her kicked out:

Leonardo DiCaprio banned Lindsay Lohan from a late-night party at his house on March 11, after she played in a checkers tournament he hosted at West Hollywood’s Bootsy Bellows.

“Lindsay wasn’t even invited, but she still showed up,” says a witness. “Being a nice guy, Leo allowed her in.”

But Leo soon learned that when it comes to Lindsay, no good deed goes unpunished!

“She was whining about everything, like not having a place to sit or not wanting certain people near her… if she doesn’t have all the attention, she throws tantrums. It became such an annoyance, he made a buddy kick her out 15 minutes after she arrived.”

[From Star, print edition]

I feel like Lindsay and Lady Gaga are on similar paths as far as it relates to “star power” or the power to hold an audience. We’ll probably always report on LL or Gaga’s crack shenanigans, but at some point… it’s a non-event when they show up somewhere and act like an a—hole. I’m actually sort of surprised Lindsay didn’t punch someone in the face OR throw a drink at someone OR run over a baby on her way to seduce Leonardo.



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Amanda Bynes claims she didn’t tweet Rihanna, they’ll do a music video together

Amanda Bynes is still on Twitter. You know what this reminds me of? Lindsay Lohan circa 2009-ish. When Lindsay was still on-and-off with Samantha Ronson, do you remember? Lindsay would get all high and go on these long Twitter rants at and about Sam Ronson and you could barely understand her train of thought. For what it’s worth, Amanda is WAY more comprehensible on her worst day than Lindsay was on her best day.

Yesterday we discussed some of Amanda’s recent tweets, including her claims that an NYPD officer sexually assaulted her, how she doesn’t drink or do drugs, how she’s going to sue the NYPD and of course, we touched on her really offensive tweets to Rihanna. I just put a link to the Rihanna tweets because I didn’t want to get into it, Amanda’s tweets were SO offensive. And now Amanda claims that those Rihanna tweets were never sent by her. Via Amanda’s Twitter:

Everything from “Rihanna and I met and I’m sure we’ll be in a music video together one day!” to “Thankfully I’m an educated multi-millionaire who knows better than to speak to perverted unjust cops without my lawyer” is pretty… amazing. Ugh. I don’t know. What do you want me to say? Amanda also doubled-down (tripled-down) on her claim that her arrest was completely unjustified:

“Look forward to seeing me in music videos! I’m getting in shape and getting a nose job! I’m looking forward to a long and wonderful career as a singer/rapper!” Yeah. Don’t get me wrong, I think Amanda has serious mental health issues. But I also think she’s a narcissist who is trolling all of us to a certain extent. So I giggle a little when Amanda’s Twitter rants are followed by an ad for Jenny Craig.

UPDATE: People Mag got a statement from the NYPD about Amanda’s claims of sexual assault: “Police acted appropriately in arresting Amanda Bynes last Thursday, the New York Police Department said Tuesday, denying the actress’s claim that an officer had groped her.” The actual statement is: “Internal Affairs investigators have found no evidence to corroborate Ms. Bynes’ allegations. To the contrary, a credible civilian witness who was with the officers throughout told investigators that none touched Ms. Bynes inappropriately or otherwise engaged in misconduct at any time.” I’m kind of glad that the NYPD investigated and took Amanda’s claim seriously. It makes her look worse.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

bynes tweet

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Lindsay Lohan: “I still don’t think it was a bad thing that I was going out a lot”

On Wednesday, we had some excerpts from Lindsay Lohan’s epic crack-delusional Us Weekly interview. Now the new issue is out, and I just read the full interview with my mouth hanging open. This crackie!!!!! I cannot emphasize enough how ridiculous she is, how self-absorbed, how stupid, how delusional, how crazy, how crackie she is. She delivers crack lie after crack lie, crack obfuscation after crack obfuscation, crack denial after crack denial, all with a breezy crack attitude. The Cracken is living in her own little world where she’s a major movie star who just had a spot of bother with the law, but the law was unfair because nothing is ever her fault, ever. MOVIE STAR! Here are some more highlights:

How she’s feeling: “I’m happy. I just did three movies in a row and I’m not even tired. I want to do the next one. It took a while to get back to that.”

On fighting with her mom and having a phone call recorded by her father: “That night will always be my one regret because it hurt my siblings and my mom. It’s unfortunate that I can’t call my dad when I fight with my mom. That’s fine. Whatever. I’ll call my brother. He’s not going to edit the conversation and put it out in public.”

Living her life in front of the camera: “Since I was a kid, I’ve loved being on camera. Don’t misconstrue that: I didn’t strive to have flashbulbs at dinner or people who don’t know me calling TMZ. And 99% of the time, it’s not true. I feel bullied. Even when I colored my hair, tabloids said I was going crazy. I wanted a different hair color! I can’t think of any actor who has been subjected to such extreme publicity who hasn’t, like, committed suicide.”

Being in a relationship with a woman: “I was bold enough to say, ‘Yeah, I like a girl. And?’ That put her in a situation where she was being attacked every day. That’s not fair. And what am I left with? Heartbreak. That was three years ago. It was my last serious relationship.”

On Samantha Ronson: “I need to love myself first before I could be with anyone else, and I was going through a lot. Two toxic people cannot be together. End of story. We’re friends now. That’s how it started so I think that’s how it was meant to be.”

When things went out of control: “I was a teenager and everything I did was on the news. I would have been in college then. I’m not defending it because I chose to be in the public eye. But it got exhausting. I still don’t think it was a bad thing that I was going out a lot. When I got in trouble, I owned up to it.”

Nothing is her fault: “Kids go through ups and downs, try cigarettes, drugs and drinking. It’s human nature. It took a while but it’s like, What was I thinking? Why did I allow so many sycophants and bad influences to be around me? I was lonely and I didn’t realize it. That’s why I came back home to New York. I never feel lonely there. I can see my family and I have really good people in my life.”

People selling her out: “It feels like sh-t. I’m so naïve. But I had to learn the hard way. Recently, I found out one of my close friends was giving a detailed account to a newspaper of what I was doing all the time. In the past, I would probably still be hanging out with that person. Now it’s like, No, I’ve been busting my ass and I’m happy and doing well, so get the hell out of my life.”

Her punishment (jail & community service) for probation violation: “I’m not going to go there because people might take my answer in different ways. But a punishment is a punishment and I take responsibility for my actions when I’m wrong. I was raised that way by my mom. I turned myself in. A lot of that decision had to do with the public because they’re not going to stop until they see me behind bars.”

How she’s doing with “her issues” now: “I’m great. Elizabeth was drunk on sets. I’ve never been drunk on set, ever. I did my time and I respect the law.”

After she says she wants to adopt a son, she’s told “girls are harder”: “Yeah, I don’t want to deal with a mini-me!”

Her Oscar: “I’m not focused on [love] yet. I want to do a ton of movies first. After I win an Oscar, I can start thinking about love. I said to my agents recently, ‘Just keep me on set because that’s where I’m happiest.’ When I get a movie, I appreciate it like I did before all this sh-t happened.”

Being trusted again: “I’m grateful. I think there are a lot of directors and producers who know I’m a good actress. I just want them to get past the misconception that I’m not reliable, because I am. I’m going to make them believe in me again.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

Can you even believe this? Casually mentioning suicide, chalking up the past six years of crack shenanigans to just being an experimental kid, blatantly lying about how professional she is, blatantly lying about taking responsibility for everything that happened while a moment later saying none of it was her fault…? Creating straw-man arguments for why she’s being “bullied,” acting like the legal system is out to get her, acting like a crack martyr. THIS BITCH. I can’t.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

Lifetime's 'Liz & Dick' Los Angeles Premiere
Lindsay Lohan at Liz & Dick Premiere in Beverly Hills
Lindsay Lohan at Liz & Dick Premiere in Beverly Hills
Lifetime's 'Liz & Dick' Los Angeles Premiere
Lifetime's 'Liz & Dick' Los Angeles Premiere
Lindsay Lohan at Liz & Dick Premiere in Beverly Hills

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Lindsay Lohan doesn’t get why people are ‘panicking’ about ‘Hurricane Sally’

Lindsay Lohan did some lines yesterday/last night and she got on Twitter. Which is always rough, and it’s surprisingly old-school for the Cracken. This is what she used to do back in 2008-09: she would get all high/drunk/crackie and she would get on Twitter and just start GOING OFF on Samantha Ronson. Good times. Nowadays, Lindsay barely has any friends and no one really gives a sh-t, so she just decided to tweet random things like “Fame will go by and, so long, I’ve had you, fame.. If it goes by, I’ve always known it was fickle. So at least it’s something I experience, but that’s not where I live. Marilyn Monroe”. That’s a direct quote. She also tweeted “lower the blinds” which definitely seems like some kind of crackie code for something. But here’s the tweet that everyone is yelling about today.

[Via Lindsay’s Twitter]

Yeah. Look, I’m pretty freaked out about Hurricane SANDY, but I know that my town isn’t going to get the brunt of it, so I am sending out positive thoughts to all of the people in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New York and beyond, all of whom are going to be dealing with a lot of craziness throughout the next few days. As for Lindsay and her crack tweets… I mean, obviously, she doesn’t give a sh-t because it’s not all about her. She’s probably pissed off at Hurricane SALLY because that bitchy hurricane is pulling focus.

Meanwhile, entertainers in New York are already making contingency plans for Sandy – as of right now, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman are all planning on doing their shows as scheduled. But Louis CK – that magnificent bastard – has canceled his New York show tonight and he posted a wonderful open letter about it too.

Photos courtesy of WENN. These photos will make it all better.


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Kristen Stewart buys house close to Sparkles: is she real estate-stalking him?

If you want to see the much-discussed first post-Mini-Coopering photos of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, go here. Kristen’s armpits are front and center. And Rob looks… I don’t even know? He’s not staring at her adoringly, but I feel pretty strongly that he agreed to this “friendly” photo-op. Close your eyes and wait it out, Rob. Do not get hypnotized by the Armpits of Lust and Doom. So, there are several new stories. Do you want the Happy Twihard story first or the Haha Twihard story? Hm… I’ll decide. Haha, Twihards:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have separate hotel rooms for their upcoming worldwide promotional media blitz for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2, is exclusively reporting.

“Despite getting back together, Rob and Kristen will have separate hotel rooms booked for them on the upcoming promotional tour for Breaking Dawn-Part 2. Summit Entertainment isn’t taking any chances that the couple will have problems again and be forced to scramble at the last minute to book one of them a posh hotel suite,” a source close to the situation tells Radar.

“In fact, in several cities, rooms have been booked for Kristen at a separate hotel from the rest of the A-list cast. Rob and Kristen are always professional, but the fact is she cheated on him, and this media tour needs to go off without a hitch. Summit wants the final installment of the Twilight franchise to go off without a hitch, in order to prime the movie to break box office records,” the insider adds.

As previously reported, R-Pattz and K-Stew are legally required to promote the final installment of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2, together, and if their “reconciliation” doesn’t last the actors will be stuck with each other on the international press junket.

“Rob and Kristen are legally required to promote Breaking Dawn-Part 2 together along with the rest of the cast. Their individual contracts have very specific language about what is legally required of Rob and Kristen to do on the publicity tour. The studio execs at Summit weren’t happy when Rob and Kristen broke up, but this is why there are clauses about what is required of the stars to do. The promotional tours of the past Twilight movies are very much anticipated by the fans and almost becomes bigger than the movie,” an insider previously told us.

[From Radar]

Logic says that regardless of the state of Rob and Kristen’s relationship, before or after the Mini-Coopering, they probably always got separate rooms. You know? Separate rooms are just part of their contract, their riders or whatever. They get separate rooms automatically and then they just spent the night together in one of their rooms, no biggie. Even though I want to laugh at the “Robsten is Unbroken” crowd, this isn’t the smoking gun.

As for the Happy, Happy Twihard news, there’s another twist in these ridiculously detailed real estate stories. A few weeks ago, sources claimed that Rob was no longer going to sell his Los Feliz mansion, meaning that he had forgiven Kristen and ROBSTEN IS UNBROKEN of course. And now Kristen is reportedly buying a home that’s just one-and-a-half miles away from Rob’s home. But… but… I thought Rob’s home was HER home?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are back on – and now she has reportedly purchased a home in the same L.A. neighborhood where he owns a house. Stewart bought a $2.1 million home just a mile and a half from Pattinson’s Los Feliz house, according to real estate site

Meanwhile, the newly reunited couple have been spending lots of time together privately and publicly.

“They seem attached to the hip again,” one observer tells PEOPLE. “They spent all weekend together. They are back to hanging out with their old group of friends. Everything seems back to normal again.”

On Saturday, Stewart, 22, and Pattinson, 26, arrived hand-in-hand for a late night dinner date at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. On Sunday, they spent a fun-filled night out with friends at the Ye Rustic Inn, near Pattinson’s Los Feliz home.

“Rob and Kristen sat next to each other all night,” a witness at the Ye Rustic Inn tells PEOPLE. “They were both in a great mood. They kept smiling at each other and were laughing with their friends. They looked happy and everything seemed great. They were flirty and held hands, but didn’t kiss.”

On Monday, the couple also had lunch out together in Hollywood. The couple will make their first official appearance together later this month to promote The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

[From People]

Once again, this isn’t firm evidence (to me) that Rob and Kristen are totally back together and/or they’ll never break up ever again. Kristen is a wealthy woman, and this real estate purchase isn’t really some powerful “signal” that she’s back on with Rob. Game it out – if they break up in two months and Kristen doesn’t want to be so close to Rob’s house, she’ll simply put this property back on the market. Or Rob will sell his house, which is what he was planning to do in August anyway. You know what I would take as a definite “sign” that all was well in Robsten-ville? If Rob put Kristen’s name on the title of his house. Then it would “their” home. Instead, Kristen has moved out of his place and now she’s buying a house close to him. Possibly because she’s real-estate-stalking him, like Lindsay Lohan used to do with Samantha Ronson.

Photos courtesy the 2008 Vanity Fair photo shoot, my favorite.


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Lindsay Lohan is already falling out of her dress while filming ‘Liz & Dick’. Of course.

Some of you dismissed my earlier Lindsay Lohan post – you seemed to think that my “offensive” label was somehow too hysterical for what amounted to Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor in a movie-of-the-week. It’s true – this is for Lifetime, and it’s extremely budget. But even in the world of budget MOTWs, surely they could have found someone else to play Elizabeth Taylor? Someone less crackie, someone with some acting skills, someone who wasn’t going to flash her crack nips the first chance she got. Yes, these are even more photos of Lindsay filming Liz & Dick on that same boat in LA. And yes, Lindsay’s boobs fell out of her dress during filming. Repeatedly. Almost as if she knew the paparazzi were there, chronicling her every move? CB pixilated some of the nip-shots so you don’t have to worry about seeing anything that we haven’t seen a million times before.

Also, some of you were fighting me about the fact that she’s wearing a really busted wig. Apparently, TMZ got the “tip” that Lindsay had “reluctantly” cut and dyed her hair to look more like Elizabeth. Um… then why is Lindsay’s “hair” different lengths in different photos? She might have dyed her hair – in fact, she probably did – but she’s still wearing wigs and hairpieces. And they are really, really cheap.

In other Cracken news, Radar is reporting that Lindsay went to a party last week with her ex-girlfriend Courtenay Semel. LL and Semel dated back in 2006-07, before LL got with Samantha Ronson. Semel is a total sketchball, of course, and she tried to get famous from her association with LL, and she used to date Tila Tequila too. And now LL has let Semel back into her life. Because why not?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News.


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Lindsay Lohan is already falling out of her dress while filming ‘Liz & Dick’. Of course.


Lindsay Lohan wants us to know that she’s “sworn off dating” right now

Lindsay Lohan

Ugh, I don’t even know with this crackhead. I was actually going to do some research for this post, just because I couldn’t remember – off the top of my head – who Lindsay Lohan last dated in an official way. I’m not talking about “dated” – as in, some random hotel dude who paid Lohan for her services in access and blow. Who was the last dude (or lady) that Lohan dated? There was a rumor about the Cracken and Dennis Hopper’s 21-year-old son, but LL threatened to sue over those stories. And of course, there was the Terry Richardson stuff. What does it say about you if your last “boyfriend” was Terry Richardson? Dear God. Anyway, now that the Cracken is tasting the sweet, powdery goodness of freedom, she’s thinking about her career comeback, of course. And this role as Elizabeth Taylor is just too, too important to LL for her to screw it up by “dating” anyone.

Lindsay Lohan is focused on her career now that she’s off probation and to make sure nothing gets in the way of her upcoming roles, she has sworn off dating for the time being … TMZ has learned.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ she wants to avoid any relationships or emotional attachments as she gets ready to shoot her Liz Taylor movie for Lifetime. Our sources say Lindsay wants to devote all her spare time to reading the script and getting Liz’s persona down pat … rather than focus on a new relationship.

We’re told Lindsay has had her fair share of intense relationships (ya think!?!?) and she doesn’t want anything to derail her comeback.

Sorry, boys.

[From TMZ]

Well, you know Samantha Ronson just broke up with her girlfriend. Methinks this is the Cracken’s opening salvo to SamRo, hoping to reel in her ex-girlfriend for one more go-around. That makes me feel sorry for Samantha, honestly. LL has crack-stalked her for years, and while the crack-stalking is really funny (because LL thinks she’s being clever), it’s also really scary. If Lindsay and Samantha weren’t both women, Lindsay’s stalker behavior would be seen as a lot scarier and more threatening. Hopefully, LL is over it. Hopefully, LL is leaving Samantha alone. Hopefully, this report is just about Lohan’s romantic life, and not her career as a cracked-out call girl.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan wants us to know that she’s “sworn off dating” right now


Elle Macpherson, Nicole Richie And More Celebrate ‘Fashion Star’ At Macy’s

After a busy day of promoting Fashion Star all around NYC, it was time for the show’s stars to celebrate their sure-to-be smash series! From host Elle Macpherson to judges Nicole Richie and John Varvatos, the trio put their signature styles on display at Macy’s Herald Square last night.

While Elle donned a strapless black mini, Nicole opted to rock a bright yellow frock! Though Elle and Nicole were definitely dressed to impress, John and Nicole’s pal Samantha Ronson sported more casual ensembles instead.

With so many different looks to pick from, which celeb’s outfit do YOU like the best?


Photos by Mr. Blue/WENN

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Elle Macpherson, Nicole Richie And More Celebrate ‘Fashion Star’ At Macy’s


Us Weekly: Nicole Richie got implants over the summer


At the same time that Jessica Simpson was in Cabo San Lucas, wearing a series of muumuus and ponchos to cover her alleged baby bump, Samantha Ronson, Nicole Richie and a group of friends were also having a Cabo holiday. Some of the exclusive photo agencies got photos of Samantha and Nicole in various bikinis – which you can see here, at Pop Sugar. A few days ago, I glanced through some of the photos and noticed that Nicole was looking boobier than usual, but I honestly didn’t think that much about it. But! Us Weekly now claims that Nicole got herself a boob job – and they have the comparison photos here.

While nursing Harlow, now 3, in 2008, Nicole Richie said, “I really don’t like [having big boobs].” Times sure have changed!

An insider tells the new issue of Us Weekly — out now! — that the Fashion Star mentor got implants this summer.

“In the past, she said she wanted a lift, though we never thought she was serious,” another source says of Richie.

Still, “she’s been open about it to friends,” notes the first insider.

Richie flaunted her fuller physique while vacationing with pals in Mexico September 24 — a stark contrast to the flat-chested bikini body she showed off just one year earlier.

The second source adds that the House of Harlow 1960 designer wanted to improve her bustline for hubby Joel Madden, 32. “The pregnancies took a toll. She said breast-feeding killed what boobs she did have!”

[From Us Weekly]

Well, Gwyneth Paltrow would approve – recently, Goop said that plastic surgery and Botox are gimmicks for peasants, but Goop does approve of boob jobs after breast feeding. So… looking at the comparison photos, it looks like Nicole probably went up to a B-cup (or maybe even a C?). They look slightly big for her petite frame, but maybe I’m just being fooled by a really flattering bikini top. In any case, I don’t really have a problem with Nicole (or any lady) getting a boob job. Just as long as they don’t lie about it – “Oh, these old things? I’ve been a perky D-cup forever!” Bulls–t.

Note: these are some of the most recent photos of Nicole that we have access to, and they’re all from this month, September, so they are presumably post-boob job, according to Us Weekly’s report.




Photos courtesy of Fame & Pacific Coast News.

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