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Oscar Pistorius’s 19-year-old girlfriend ‘helps support him’ through murder trial

For most of this week, Oscar Pistorius has been testifying on his own behalf in the murder trial of Reeva Steenkamp. South Africa has that weird court thing where you can’t see video of the person testifying, but you can hear a live feed of their testimony. I’ve been paying attention to the coverage sporadically, because (as you may remember) I’ve already made up my mind about this case and I get sick to my stomach whenever Pistorius turns on the waterworks or chokes up with emotion. Do I believe he’s sorry about what went down that night? Sure. But I believe he’s mostly sorry for

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Rob Lowe on Justin Bieber: "No One Cares About His Music!"

Rob Lowe sat down with Oprah recently, and for some reason the topic of Justin Bieber came up. Rob remarked that even Justin’s fans don’t “give a sh!t about his music,” which may sound like an awesome instance of Bieber-bashing, but it turns out Lowe was actually defending the bratty pop star.

“I have tremendous empathy,” said the actor and former teen idol when asked about Justin. “He makes really good music, but he knows the dark secret is 80% of his audience doesn’t give a sh!t about his music. And he knows it. It bums him out.”

He makes really good music?! Clearly, the real

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s LA neighbors think she’s rude, annoying & talentless

I was trying to find the first mention of this in our archives, but all I could find was the story about how Gwyneth Paltrow’s London neighbors hate her and think she’s a gauche, tacky American. But I do remember reading – months ago? – that Goop’s LA neighbors hate her too. I guess I just never wrote about it. The main complaint from Goop’s LA neighbors is that she and Chris Martin erected a huge black gate on their property which violated many of the community standards and/or zoning laws. The neighbors asked Gwyneth and Chris to take the gate down, but they did not. And now the

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James Middleton: ‘For Mum and Dad, work & home is family, we grew up with that’

The last time we checked in with James Middleton – the youngest Middleton sibling – he was going Full Rob Kardashian and launching a company that screenprints your Instagrams on marshmallows (which is better: Middleton marshmallows or Kardashian socks?). James Middleton’s career right now is printing stuff on marshmallows. For real. He calls the company Boomf, and it looks like they’re already a success! Boomf has raked in £100,000 in just three months. WTF?! And James isn’t as reticent about talking to the press as his big sisters. Not that I actually think that Pippa and Kate don’t

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Prince William, Philip & the Queen unveil a pair of sculpted horses in Windsor

I hope Prince William was properly shamed by this photo-op/event. Yesterday, William went to Windsor, England with the Queen and Prince Philip, his aged grandparents. The Queen is 87 years old! Prince Philip is 92. And both Elizabeth and Philip have more of a public schedule that their grandson. Do you think there were words? Do you think the Queen gave William a withering look while Philip said something rude and unpleasant about William’s schedule?

William, Philip and the Queen were attending the unveiling of the “Windsor Grey statue.” The statue is of two lovely horses – the

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Cameron Diaz: ‘All women have been sexually attracted to another woman’

Cameron Diaz covers the May issue of Glamour UK to promote The Other Woman. The movie is all about sisterhood and rallying against lying, cheating men. Cameron has made some huge statements about women over the past few months. She’s tired of society’s chauvinism and misogyny towards single women. Cameron’s a living example of her perspective. She’s not out chasing a ring. The men have chased her, but whenever she’s gone through a breakup, the media has covered it in terms of what she did wrong. As in, “Poor Cami can’t keep a man…” That’s so wrong.

I don’t agree with everything Cameron says

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Piers Morgan Signs Off from CNN, Makes Final Gun Control Plea

Piers Morgan concluded his final broadcast of Piers Morgan Live on Friday by addressing a topic that has become synonymous with this British TV personality:

Gun control.

The anchor famously went off on a pro-gun panel after a Naval Yard shooting in September.

And, even more famously following the tragedy in Newtown in December 2012, asked “how many more kids have to die?” before America adopts similar gun laws to those of other first world nations.

Here’s a look at what Morgan had to say to wrap up his show last night:

And for those who are

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Corrie Anne Long, Texas Teacher, Arrested For Performing Oral Sex on Eighth Grader

Corrie Anne Long, a Texas middle school teacher, faces criminal charges after a student told police that she had performed oral sex on him in the classroom.

Authorities say the student in question is in eighth grade.

Long, 43, is charged with sexual assault on a minor under 17 and improper relationship with a student at Hopper M.S. in Harris County, northwest of Houston.

Administrators contacted police after one of the alleged victim’s classmates told a teacher he saw Long and the student engaged in “suspicious

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Lindsay Lohan Told to "Cut the Bull$h!t" by Oprah in Reality Show Grilling

Oprah Winfrey may have reached a new low by trying to use Lindsay Lohan for ratings, but at least she straight up OWNs her when she starts acting out.

Yes, OWNs. See what we did there?!

During last night’s installment of Lindsay, viewers saw Lohan refusing to let the production crew into her apartment to film, which Oprah didn’t take kindly to.

When she learns that the recovering actress is causing drama, the talk show queen goes to New York to confront her about this recurring behavior:

Open Slideshow 1. Oprah to Lindsay Lohan: Cut

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Angelina Jolie confirms there’s ‘still another surgery to have, which I haven’t yet’

Entertainment Weekly published the full Angelina Jolie cover story/Q&A online a few days ago, and I would recommend it to every Brangeloonie who loves to obsess over every little Jolie detail. It’s actually a really nice Q&A and you can tell that the interviewer (Anthony Breznican) was fan-girling like crazy over Angelina (who wouldn’t?). Angelina and Anthony actually do a fist-bump at one point. Fist-bump and an explosion. Angelina fist-bumps. This is news to me! You can read the full Q&A here (it’s lengthy), and here are some more highlights:

Malficent’s darkness: “She has a

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