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Kate Upton: ‘I wish I had smaller boobs every day of my life’

Kate Upton is famous for her figure, particularly her rack. Men love her enormous assets, and women (many of them, anyway) love that Kate is bringing a slightly fuller figure to fashion magazines. Kate hasn’t ever said much about her own rack — until now, what really needed to be said? Now she’s complaining a little about the assets that made her famous. Kate reveals that she’s always wanted smaller ones. Every day of her life, she’s wanted to wear spaghetti straps without busting out. She drops the “grass is always greener” cliché, but it’s true! Most women that I’ve talked to would prefer

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Katy Perry spends 90 minutes on hair & makeup before leaving home: excessive?

Katy Perry has a new interview with Women’s Wear Daily to promote her latest fragrance, Killer Queen, with Coty. Katy made the shift to Coty after growing frustrated that many of her fans complained that they couldn’t access her last fragrance, Meow. Surprisingly, Katy appears fairly business savvy in this piece, and she seems self-aware enough to realize that she’s been packaged and marketed as a pop star. Yet she claims that she can get away with her excessive costuming because of raw talent. Okay, I’ll admit that she’s got a pretty good voice, but her lyrics are … juvenile and hilarious.

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Kanye West freaks out on a TMZ paparazzo at LAX: justifiable or ridiculous?

I’m sorry, but I still kind of love Kanye West. I know these days I’m supposed to be all “He’s awful, he’s an egomaniac, he’s crazy, he’s full of himself, he impregnated a famewhore!” And while all of that is true to varying degrees, I still like Kanye. I still find him funny, I still think he’s an interesting person, and I still enjoy reading and writing about him.

Anyway, with that caveat in place, you should really watch this video of Kanye’s freak-out on a paparazzo at LAX:

I’m sorry, but that made me laugh. I guess we’re supposed to be like “Oh, Kanye is so high and mighty, he More >

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‘Glee’ star Cory Monteith has died at the age of 31

Some very sad news. Glee’s Cory Monteith was found dead in Vancouver on Saturday. Cory was raised in Victoria, British Columbia, which may explain why he was in the area. He was seen at his hotel room with guests on Friday, but police claim that when he returned to his room on Saturday morning he was alone. Hotel staff found him deceased on Saturday afternoon. He was just 31 years old. Cory quietly attended rehab three months ago and completed 30 days of treatment. The cause of death has not yet been determined. Here’s some of The Hollywood Reporter’s coverage of this tragic story:


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Oprah will interview Lindsay Lohan post-rehab & LL’s getting her OWN reality show

Lindsay Lohan is supposed to get out of rehab in early August. I think it’s the first week of August, unless the court decides that she’s “cured” and decides to let her out early (which is a possibility because… it’s California). Immediately after Lindsay is released, she will begin promoting The Canyons, which should be a special treat for all of us. This is how I’m picturing it: Lindsay “works so hard” doing interviews and promotion and why shouldn’t she go out to a club to celebrate her new movie? And then she drunk drives over a baby. That’s my prediction. Anyway, it seems that

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Beyonce posts more pics of Blue Ivy on vacation, is Bey scrapping her new album?

Here are some photos of Beyonce and Blue Ivy from Bey’s Tumblr. These are Beyonce-approved photos of Beyonce, provided by Beyonce and that’s just fine with me. I always find it interesting – and perhaps more revealing than she ever intends – to see which photos of herself Beyonce chooses to show the world. Beyonce doesn’t want to be a meme. She doesn’t want you to see her looking anything other than beautiful. But she has no problems posting photos of herself without any makeup, with her hair a mess and looking low-key. I guess Beyonce is confident that she’s still really pretty

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Henry Cavill & Kaley Cuoco have already broken up, it’s super-sad

Oh, this is so delicious it MUST be fattening. It seems that our new favorite couple is already OVER. Can you believe that? Just as I was looking forward to a summer romance stretching into a fall engagement with lots and lots of awkward, dorky, coffee-heavy photo-ops, all hopes are dashed. Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco are OVER!! It’s legit too, both E! News and People Magazine are reporting this mess:

Cue the big breakup theories. Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill have split up, a source confirms exclusively to E! News.

The attractive pair had only been outed as a couple barely two weeks

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Brandi Glanville got fall-down, sloppy, messy drunk with her gay friends last night

Good God. YEEZUS!!! Brandi Glanville was absolutely blitzed last night and these are some of the many, many photos from her liquor-soaked catastrophe. I’ll admit it, I’m judgy about people past a certain age getting this drunk. If you’re 21 years old, sure, you can be falling-down drunk and it’s just an average night. But when you’re a 40-year-old mother of two? No. You need to stop getting so blitzed in public. And private too, although mainly I think getting this drunk in public is particularly and notably awful.

According to Fame/Flynet, Brandi ARRIVED at the London Hotel this

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Kaley Cuoco always remembers to pick up an extra coffee for Henry Cavill

Clearly, this is what was missing from Henry Cavill’s love life. Henry needs to be with a girl who loves horses. Henry needs to be with a girl who always remembers to pick up coffee for him. These are some assorted photos of Kaley Cuoco from the long holiday weekend. Kaley was spotted picking up TWO coffees several times, and she was photographed at an LA riding club again as well. All of this comes after Kaley and Henry’s big, splashy public debut as a couple last week – first they were spotted “on a hike” (exclusive photos), then they were photographed looking dorky and obvious at a

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Twihards think Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart could be back together

Sparkles and I buy the same brand of paper towels. Yay! That means we belong together, obviously. These are some photos of Rob in LA, picking up some groceries with a dude friend. They needed paper towels! And detergent too, I think. I hope this means Rob washed all of his clothes. Especially the clothes that still have Kristen Stewart’s stank on them.

Speaking of her stank, there are some Twihards who believe that Kristen and Rob are back together. Um. Sure. I would make fun of those people, but seriously, you never know. I thought Rob was going to dump Kristen for good last

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