“The ‘Jurassic World’ trailer is as monstrous as you imagined” links

The full Jurassic World trailer has arrived. It is loud, splashy, and super corny but still awesome. [LaineyGossip]
Lady Gaga dressed up as an inflatable sea urchin. [Dlisted]
Australians label the United States & it’s hilarious. [Buzzfeed]
Casting decisions that inspired Ridley Scott‘s Exodus: Gods & Kings. [Pajiba]
Shia LaBeouf looks like he took a shower. [A Socialite Life]
Lisa Rinna says RHOBH has more drama than soaps. [Reality Tea]
Bai Ling is such a mess, but I like her. [Go Fug Yourself]
Sports journo Sara Carbonero looks fantastic. [Moe Jackson]
Mila Kunis makes a post-baby appearance for the paps. [Popoholic]
Ellen DeGeneres in a silly 50 Shades parody. [Wonderwall]
Karl Lagerfeld directed a Pharrell & Cara Delevingne vid. [OMG Blog]
Melissa McCarthy starts her own plus-sized clothing line. [ICYDK]
J-Woww & grumpy Roger got matching baby tattoos. [Starcasm]
Kaley Cuoco talks on her cell and drives a car. [Celebslam]

Happy Thanksgiving from Kaiser, CB, and myself! Be safe, everyone. We’ll see you on the other side of turkey, probably for some light posting on Friday.

Chris Pratt

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“The ‘Jurassic World’ trailer is as monstrous as you imagined” links


Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: What the Truck?

Things for personal for some of our favorite firefighters on Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 9.

And not necessarily in a good way.

Called to the scene of a semi-truck accident, the tension between Dawson and Casey reached a boiling point after the former disobeyed an order by the latter.

This was the first time the couple has had trouble transitioning from their home life to the office life, as the lines have now started to blur. Was Dawson right? Did she save the day ? Yes.

But Casey can’t make it look as if he’s giving her special treatment. And she must show him the respect he deserves as her boss.

At least Dawson wanted to talk about the issue, however. She gets points for that move… and Casey gets the same points deducted for becoming so closed off.

Elsewhere, watch Chicago Fire online and see how the series teased us with the possibility of Mills and Dawson rekindling their romance. Or just their friendship? For Casey fans, let’s hope it’s the latter.

On the flip relationship side, Severide and Brittany shared many tender moments this week. The former isn’t like Casey. He can easily open up and discuss his feelings. With Brittany by his side, Severide finally visited the Academy headquarters and saw Shay’s bridge.

Perhaps he can now start to heal and move on?

Severide’s honesty prompted Brittany to share her own story, as she finally revealed she was behind the wheel during the car crash that killed her sister. Not exactly a shock, but still a nice scene between the couple.

Finally, Mills has things to worry about that don’t include romance of any kind. He recognized he’s being tailed by Mr. Lullo toward the end of the hour and finally grew as frightened as he ought to be about this situation.

NOTE: Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 10 is titled “Santa Bites” and it airs on Tuesday, December 2.

What did everyone think about this installment?

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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: What the Truck?


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: Stalking 101 With Brandi Glanville

Tuesday night on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 2, Brandi Glanville’s relationship with J.R. was one of the primary focal points.

It’s a complicated relationship, to say the least, but it did make for some awesome entertainment as she dressed up in disguise to stalk him (seriously).

Kim and Brandi, an unusual pair of BFFs if ever there were one, kick off The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 2 at her new house.

Brandi Glanville says she and J.R. are still seeing each other casually, even though it sounds as though he cheated. There’s also the Adrienne situation.

With Maloof, Brandi wants to clear the air. She may have a harder time with Lisa Vanderpump, whose epic pity party is in full force over at her home.

At least she’s got some sweet $1,000 custom-tailored shirts and a pink dog, so there’s that. But come on, Lisa. Last season is over. Move on. You can do it.

Kyle Richards, it appears, has bolted Team Brandi, not wanting to cross Lisa. She also feigns a fear of flying in order to humble brag about her private jet.

Lisa Rinna meets with her agent, Nick, who busts his butt to get her work. She’s not above anything or too proud to take on any work that pays her.

She’s got some expensive taste, as evidenced by her outing with Mohamed’s fiance, Shiva, so at least she realizes she’s gotta hustle to support that.

Yolanda surprises David by cooking dinner in black lingerie, trying to recapture the sexy she feels like she hasn’t had in awhile. Well handled, Yolanda.

The reason to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online this week, though, is Brandi, who’s distraught that J.R. is seeing someone else now.

It’s not clear why, or what logic drove this idea, but Kim suggests that they dress up in disguises and stalk him so Brandi can see him with his new girl.

Because … she’ll be so disgusted she’ll get over him after that occurs? We have no idea, but it’s hilarious to see them bust him … “doing nothing with no one.”

Brandi Glanville

Brandi’s back, and boozy as ever. Spoiler alert: At some point this season, she smacks Lisa Vanderpump. You’d HAVE to be drunk to assault such a classy lady!

Brandi does seem like she’s over him afterward, so perhaps Kim was many steps ahead of us on this one. Yolanda is Team Kim this week as well.

The two go horseback riding and seem like they have a real friendship going. It’s great to see. As for Brandi and Adrienne, and their dreaded lunch?

All in all, Brandi offers a pretty sincere apology which Adrienne accepts, although she tells the cameras she wishes Brandi had left Lisa out of this.

Still, as Real Housewives apologies go, this one was pretty extraordinary in that things actually were left on better terms than when we started out.

Not a lot of Eileen Davidson to speak of this week, but Rinna’s fellow daytime diva should be back in full force stirring the pot in the 90210 soon enough.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: Stalking 101 With Brandi Glanville


Teresa Giudice Is She Trying To Delay Prison At Joe Giudice’s Expense? (Fact Or Fiction)

The Book Expo 2012 In New York‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star Teresa Giudice reportedly is still trying to make moves to avoid having to report to prison on January 5, 2015. So what’s her latest strategy? It’s one her husband, Joe Giudice, might not be too thrilled with. RELATED: Teresa Giudice says good-bye to ‘RHONJ.’

Sources told Radar Online that Teresa wants:

Joe to go to rehab first. Teresa’s lawyers would then ask the judge to delay the surrender date because there wouldn’t be a parent in the house to take care of their four daughters.”

Joe is said to be “extremely angry” with this new strategy, especially since Teresa has always said before that she doesn’t believe he has a drinking problem. Joe also supposedly feels:

going to rehab early and postponing Teresa’s prison sentence would only delay the inevitable, and he doesn’t seem the point in dragging this on anymore.”

He kinda has a point there. It’s probably better for Teresa to go ahead and get it over with rather than having this sentence continue to hang over her head. I know that’s easier said than done, but it’s the truth. Desperate people resort to desperate measures, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if this story was Fact.

The Book Expo 2012 In New York
The Book Expo 2012 In New York
2013 Bravo New York Upfront
2013 Bravo New York Upfront
2013 Bravo New York Upfront
2013 Bravo New York Upfront
2013 Bravo New York Upfront
2013 Bravo New York Upfront
The Book Expo 2012 In New York
The Book Expo 2012 In New York


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Teresa Giudice Is She Trying To Delay Prison At Joe Giudice’s Expense? (Fact Or Fiction)


NeNe Leakes Spoofs Kim Kardashian Booty Pic, Cinderella-Style

nene leakes spoofs kim kardashian picturesOMG: this is too funny. NeNe Leakes is getting ready to make her ‘Cinderella’ debut. She got inspired by Kim Kardashian’s Paper magazine pictures and attempt to #BreakTheInternet by posting this pic on Facebook. RELATED: Are ‘RHOA’ producers upset with NeNe Leakes for not “bringing it” during filming?

NeNe wrote on her website:

My Character “Madame” is bootylicious! You can sit a glass on that thang LOL! Um Is that Gregg photo bombing me chile #cinderellabroadway #fearlessnene #lifeoftheleakes #HSN Nov 25 thru Jan 3rd. Tickets on sale now!

I still can’t believe NeNe is going to be on BROADWAY. I think it’s safe to say that she’s made the most of the ‘Real Housewives’ platform in turns of using it as a springboard for a real acting career. Go NeNe! Break a leg :).

Photo Courtesy of NeNe Leakes

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NeNe Leakes Spoofs Kim Kardashian Booty Pic, Cinderella-Style


Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 14 Recap: Who Proposed on the Finale?! Are They Together?!

Friday night’s emotional Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 14 marked a one-hour finale of the We TV show centered around the titular star’s fragile marriage.

Would Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett split up for good? Or continue working toward a future together, picking up the pieces to find “The Missing Peace”?

The culmination of a scandal that erupted earlier this year, and formed the basis for the entire series you forgot was even still on, this was the final chapter.

We came into Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 14 unsure where things stood as she returned from Costa Rica and learned about her mom’s Facebook rant.

A few days later, Patti Wilkinson sold a story about Kendra to the tabloids, and wasn’t kind to her in that either. When one door closes, another opens, though.

This actually helped bring Kendra and Hank closer together, as they saw the story in the press (yeah, right) while waiting to meet with their therapist.

Later, she reflected on how all the pain her mom continues to inflict on her has showed her just how much Hank cares, and has always been there.

If you watch Kendra on Top online, you know there have been more than a few moments clearly scripted for the cameras. This is a prime example.

Nevertheless, she seems to have come around to his side, and reluctantly agrees when their therapists suggests she and Hank plan a date night.

Kendra and Hank left their two children with Jessica Hall, who Hank recently praised for saving their marriage, and headed out to a fancy restaurant.

There, he presented her with a yellow diamond ring. He proposed to her!

It was a not a marriage proposal, per se, since they’re still married, and we’re still not sure what exactly he was proposing, but it was sweet and went over well.

Kendra told Hank she couldn’t accept the ring unless he told her the truth about his alleged affair with Ava London, but within seconds, that was all over.

After asking to see the ring, she flipped the script and proposed to Hank, asking him to move back in with her! OMG, it’s all going to be all right after all!

Kendra and 2 Hanks

There was a time when Kendra and Hank looked to be a very happy couple. This photo was snapped in 2012.

We don’t get it either, but we’re glad things seemed to have ended well.

Where do these two go from here? It’s an uphill road, we’re told, but they’re willing to embark on the journey together. Most likely on more reality TV programs.

Was the whole Ava London thing faked, or at least exaggerated for the sake of the show? Will Hank and Kendra renew their vows on Marriage Boot Camp?

Unclear, and definitely. The latter is already a done deal.

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Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 14 Recap: Who Proposed on the Finale?! Are They Together?!


Star: Brandi Glanville’s latest Botox session ‘went too far’, she’s ‘embarrassed’


Here are some photos of Brandi Glanville a few nights ago, at the premiere of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. I’ve noticed in recent photos – like, the past two months or so – that Brandi has been looking a little extra Botoxy. It kind of comes and goes with her, depending on whether you’re looking at still photos or whether you’re watching her in motion, trying to move her face. But Star Magazine says Brandi’s most recent procedure went too far and now she’s trying to wait until her face regains some sense of mobility back:

Leave it to potty-mouthed party girl Brandi Glanville to take things too far. The RHOBH star has made no secret of her use of Botox and fillers to stave off Father Time, but in the wake of her most recent treatment, she’s not realizing you can have too much of a good thing.

“Brandi is embarrassed about how it turned out,” says an insider, revealing that Brandi nearly burst into tears when she saw a preview of her appearance on The Steve Harvey Show.

“She’s trying to find a boyfriend and wants to look young, but she knows she went too far.”

While she lets the treatments wear off, she’s using some liquid courage to face the haters. “Brandi’s girlfriends took her out to cheer her up… nothing like a drunken night out for Brandi to shake it off!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

This may sound asinine, but I think this really happens to a lot of women in Hollywood and New York. I mean, I’m sure women are Botoxing all around this great land of ours, but I do think that in NYC and LA especially, there’s a tendency to “go big or go home” when it comes to cosmetic work. Think… Nicole Kidman. Think Renee Zellweger. It’s not that women simply want to stop aging – at this point, they have no problems doing major overhauls and getting completely new faces.

…Or, you know, this whole story could be from a torn page out of LeAnn Rimes’ Burn Book. “OMG, Brandi’s face looks so frozen!! Reminder: find out which doctor did the Botox so I can copy her exact look! Single White Female 4 EVA!!!”

Also: I’m not watching RHOBH because I’ve never watched an entire RHOBH episode in my life. But if you’d like to read a funny recap of the premiere episode, go here.


Photos courtesy of WENN.


Star: Brandi Glanville’s latest Botox session ‘went too far’, she’s ‘embarrassed’


“Jason Bateman is sad he wasn’t picked as Sexiest Man Alive” links

Jason Bateman will never recover from his Sexiest Man Alive snub. [I’m Not Obsessed]
Kathy Griffin will probably replace Joan Rivers on Fashion Police. [Dlisted]
Mae Whitman kills it in the first DUFF trailer. [LaineyGossip]
Ashton Kutcher wants to “dig up dirt on shady journalists.[Buzzfeed]
Don Lemon‘s rape prevention advice is rude & gross. [Pajiba]
Andrew Garfield takes Movember seriously. [A Socialite Life]
Jing Tian looks fabulous in Christian Dior. [Go Fug Yourself]
Katy Perry Instagrammed her retro bikini. [Popoholic]
Lisa Rinna joined RHOBH for the challenge. [Reality Tea]
Are Kevin James & his wife expecting another baby? [Wonderwall]
Charlize Theron cracks a smile with little Jackson. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Justin Bieber‘s old bedroom is *so* swaggy. [Evil Beet]
Joe & Teresa Guidice want you to pay for their daughter’s video. [CDAN]
Matthew McConaughey will appear in Magic Mike XXL after all? [Starcasm]

Jason Bateman

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“Jason Bateman is sad he wasn’t picked as Sexiest Man Alive” links


Sara Sampaio, Victoria’s Secret Model, Slams Skinny-Shaming Haters

A few weeks after Victoria’s Secret got into hot water for its Perfect Body campaign, one of that brand’s models have fired back at critics who argue she has anything but the perfect body.

Sara Sampaio – who is expected to walk the catwalk at the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion show – recently posted a picture of herself in a bikini to Instagram.

And it was met with excessive insults from social media users who harassed Sampaio for being all skin and bones.

Sara Sampaio Picture

In response, Sampaio posted a defense of her figure, coming down hard on folks for trying to make a woman feel badly about her body.

“I’m proud of my body and I’m not gonna let any of you bully me just because I’m skinny!” the brunette wrote. “Every body is different, and every metabolism is different!

“I eat a lot, so next time u decide to tell me to eat a burger remember I probably eat more burgers than you, I’ve always been skinnier, and probably will always be, I workout, I’m healthy and I’m happy!”

Sampaio noted that she never criticizes anyone who is overweight and said there’s a double standard at work here:

It’s not okay to diss a fat woman, but it’s apparently acceptable to critique a skinny woman.

“The amount of hate I see thrown at me and to other model friends that I know are naturally skinny it’s ridiculous!” she wrote. “U don’t see us shaming other types of bodies so please don’t come and shame ours!

“Be happy with ur body and stop shaming others! Whether they are skinny, fat, fit, with big boobs, small boobs etc! Don’t share hate! Be happy.”

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan looks healthier these days than she used to at the height of her … whatever that phase was.

Some followers have taken Sampaio to task for being a hypocrite because she said in a recent online video that she envies the body of model Candice Swanepoel.

But Sampaio writes that she loves herself just as she is. However…

“I can also look at another woman and admire her beauty. In fact, I admire the beauty of many women from all areas of life, not only Candice’s…As women we need to stand together. We are [judged] and objectified often enough by men. Here is to your feminism.”

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Sara Sampaio, Victoria’s Secret Model, Slams Skinny-Shaming Haters


Kim Richards sent her pitt bull to live with a trainer after his 5th violent attack

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.49.18 AM
This story has been out for a short while, so please bear with me if you’ve heard about it. There are some new-ish developments for Kim Richards, the former child star and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member who allegedly got sober a couple of years ago after her third stint in rehab. Kim has a pitt bull, Kingsley, who has attacked humans in at least five separate incidents. (Only three incidents are detailed here, but reports claim there are five.)

In Kingsley’s latest attack, he injured Kim’s niece so badly that she needed two surgeries on her hand. Kim has half-blamed her niece, Kyle Richards’ daughter Alexia, for the attack, saying that “I already told [my nieces] my room was off limits.” Kim also downplayed the extent of Alexia’s injuries, stating that the first hospital visit was merely to clean the puncture wound on Alexia’s finger.

Back in March, the dog viciously bit one of Kim’s overnight guests, an 80 year-old friend named Kay Rozario. Rozario told Radar online that the attack was unprovoked, that Kim didn’t even tell her she had a dog, and that Kingsley “ripped my hand open down to the tendon..” Disturbingly, Rozario claims that Kim begged her not to report the attack, and quotes Kim as saying “Please don’t say anything. I might lose my show.TMZ details yet another attack by Kingsley over the summer, but states that animal control cannot get involved until a family member or victim contacts them. As of yet, none of the dog’s victims has called animal control.

After a lot of public and family pressure, Kim is finally doing something about the dog. She’s sent Kingsley to live with a trainer.

“He’s in a good place,” Richards told TMZ on Saturday. “He’s safe and with a trainer.”

But the decision to send her dog away didn’t come easy, despite a total of five reported incidents where Kingsley attacked humans.

“At this point I am looking into options to what the next step is for Kingsley,” Richards, 50, said in a statement received by the New York Post after Kim’s sister, Kyle (who also appears on the show), confirmed that her daughter had been bitten.

“Regarding Alexia: She was attacked by a dog and has to have surgery. As always, she is trying to make the best out of a bad situation. Thank you for your thoughts & well wishes,” Richards posted on Facebook Nov. 4.

Despite the animal’s aggressive behavior, it doesn’t appear that the mom of four – who got the dog to be her companion once her children moved out of the house – has any plans to put him down.

“As many of you can relate, he is my best friend,” says Richards. “This is a very difficult decision and time for all of us, but the safety of my family always comes first.”

[From People]

I disagree that Kim considers the safety of her family first. If this was the case, she would have sent Kingsley away the first time he bit anyone, not just after the first time he bit a family member. If this was the case she would crate the dog whenever she has guests, or at the least put him on a leash. She has continually coddled and protected that dog without standing up to him, which is how he ended up this way in the first place. I’m not saying it’s all Kim’s fault, I understand that some dogs have that kind of temperament, but she should have addressed it immediately instead of letting it get to this point. I have watched a few episodes of Dog Whisperer (which doesn’t make me an expert, and I understand that Cesar Millan’s methods are controversial) and if you watch the video below, you can see how Kim doesn’t lead that dog or take control of the situation. I get why she doesn’t want to put him down, she loves that dog and he’s protecting her, but Kingsley is her responsibility and he’s gravely injuring people.

Here’s the video from RHOBH in which a trainer visits Kim’s dog. Kim claims the dog has destroyed thousands of dollars of shoes and personal items, but he’s likely attacked people by that pointand she’s not admitting it. Kingsley tries to attack the trainer, who challenges him, leading Kingsley to back down. It’s unclear if this is the same trainer who is housing Kingsley now.

Kim’s Instagram is FULL of photos of Kingsley on her bed, sitting on top of her, getting into her purse, and laying on the furniture. In one video, Kingsley refuses to let her make the bed. She needs to show that dog who is boss.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.48.49 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.50.19 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.50.12 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.50.45 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.51.49 AM
Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.50.54 AM
Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.50.45 AM
Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.50.39 AM
Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.50.19 AM
Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.50.12 AM
Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.49.18 AM
Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.48.49 AM

The rest is here:
Kim Richards sent her pitt bull to live with a trainer after his 5th violent attack