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Chelsea Clinton, 34, is pregnant with her first baby (and first Clinton grandchild)

Aw, this is such nice news! Chelsea Clinton is expecting her first child! Considering Chelsea is the only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton, this will be their first grandchild. Chelsea has been pretty open about how much her parents have been pressuring her to get pregnant too, so I would imagine Bubba and Hills are beyond thrilled. Chelsea married Marc Mezinsky in 2010, and although there were rumors about some marriage problems a few years ago, I haven’t heard anything bad about them in a while.

Welp, she called it! Chelsea Clinton is pregnant and expecting her first child with

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Kate Upton: ‘I wish I had smaller boobs every day of my life’

Kate Upton is famous for her figure, particularly her rack. Men love her enormous assets, and women (many of them, anyway) love that Kate is bringing a slightly fuller figure to fashion magazines. Kate hasn’t ever said much about her own rack — until now, what really needed to be said? Now she’s complaining a little about the assets that made her famous. Kate reveals that she’s always wanted smaller ones. Every day of her life, she’s wanted to wear spaghetti straps without busting out. She drops the “grass is always greener” cliché, but it’s true! Most women that I’ve talked to would prefer

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Emma Watson won’t ‘date people who are famous,’ complains about dating civilians

Emma Watson covers the April (??) issue of Elle Australia. So far, we’ve only got the cover. Which is pretty. I’d like to see the full shoot, but I guess I’ll have to wait. This Elle interview is the same one where Emma was talking about looking forward to aging. More quotes have been released and Emma sounds… well, the yoga thing is somewhat interesting. Some highlights:

Emma on her dating rules: “I don’t date people who are famous,” she said, before adding that she also hates the downsides to dating non-famous people. “I don’t think it’s fair that, all of a sudden, intimate details

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Viggo Mortensen, 55, wears jeans at the Berlin Film Festival: would you hit it?

Yay, we so rarely have new photos of Viggo Mortensen. It’s always an event when he shows up somewhere! These are photos of Viggo at the photocall for The Two Faces of January, his new film starring Kirsten Dunst and Oscar Isaac. Neither Kirsten nor Oscar were in Berlin for this though, which is weird because this doesn’t look like a film either should be ashamed of. Oscar Isaac is everywhere these days, just on the verge of becoming a big star, and Kirsten is slowly coming back to Hollywood relevance. That being said, I just watched the trailer and I’ve already figured out the weak

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Were George Clooney & Eva Longoria fooling around this whole time?

Two days ago, LaineyGossip had a really good blind item. At the time, I felt very strongly that it was about Eva Longoria and George Clooney, but as always, I second-guessed myself because I’m not very good at blind items usually. I thought maybe Eva and Clooney were too obvious. But no, at this point, I’m sure that they were the blind item, because Us Weekly is pretty much confirming that in the last months of George’s relationship with Stacy Keibler, he might have been boning Eva on the side.

Who could say no to George Clooney? Eva Longoria, apparently. A source close to the

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Jessica Simpson gave Eric Johnson a $42,000 push present after she gave birth

I’ve spent a lot of time hatin’ on Jessica Simpson’s fiancé Eric Johnson. To be fair, Eric really doesn’t DO that much. He plays golf. He takes Jessica out to eat. He keeps getting her pregnant. He tries to breathe through his mouth when she drops one of her nuclear farts. Rinse and repeat. But I have come around on Eric slightly. Jessica seems very happy with him, he seems like a hands-on father and he does seem to genuinely love Jessica (and her bank account). Perhaps it’s possible that Jessica and Eric are perfect complements to each other? Perhaps. I think it helps that

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Katy Perry spends 90 minutes on hair & makeup before leaving home: excessive?

Katy Perry has a new interview with Women’s Wear Daily to promote her latest fragrance, Killer Queen, with Coty. Katy made the shift to Coty after growing frustrated that many of her fans complained that they couldn’t access her last fragrance, Meow. Surprisingly, Katy appears fairly business savvy in this piece, and she seems self-aware enough to realize that she’s been packaged and marketed as a pop star. Yet she claims that she can get away with her excessive costuming because of raw talent. Okay, I’ll admit that she’s got a pretty good voice, but her lyrics are … juvenile and hilarious.

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Oprah will interview Lindsay Lohan post-rehab & LL’s getting her OWN reality show

Lindsay Lohan is supposed to get out of rehab in early August. I think it’s the first week of August, unless the court decides that she’s “cured” and decides to let her out early (which is a possibility because… it’s California). Immediately after Lindsay is released, she will begin promoting The Canyons, which should be a special treat for all of us. This is how I’m picturing it: Lindsay “works so hard” doing interviews and promotion and why shouldn’t she go out to a club to celebrate her new movie? And then she drunk drives over a baby. That’s my prediction. Anyway, it seems that

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Leah Remini basically confirms that she’s left Scientology & so much more

Yesterday, we discussed the news that Leah Remini has pretty much abandoned the Church of Scientology after belonging to the organization for decades. Leah wasn’t, like, a Tom Cruise-level Scientologist, but she was a noted Scientologist who was close to people like Tom, John Travolta, and Jennifer Lopez too (maybe, kind of). In yesterday’s Page Six story, sources claimed Leah had left CoS after five years of “modification” after asking an innocent question about the whereabouts of Shelly Miscavige. Leah was allegedly “blacklisted” by CoS after she openly questioned Miscavige’s methods,

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Beyonce’s glitter-bombed Flaunt Mag pictorial: crazy, awful and/or amazing?

Oh dear God. Beyonce covers the new issue of Flaunt Magazine, and this might go down as one of Beyonce’s worst photoshoots ever. It’s already being compared (unfavorably) to a terrible ANTM challenge (Bey needs to smize) and to some kind of Twihard p0rn (all of the sparkles). Is it just me or does Beyonce’s neck look really weird in several of these shots? Does she just have an epically slender, long neck or is this some Photoshop magic? I will give Bey some credit, though: her knockers look amazing. Truly.

Flaunt has a really gushy, ridiculous, “Beyonce is the QUEEN OF EVERYTHING”

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