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Big Sean: Ariana Grande and I Have Great Chemistry!

Image big-sean-and-ariana-grande-on-stage.jpg

Big Sean and Ariana Grande are making beautiful music together. This is literally the case. And possibly true in other ways, as well. The couple’s relationship status has been the topic of much debate, although there’s not much to debate about Ariana Grande and Big Sean dating. They’re totally together, even if they try to…

Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks: Kissing on Instagram!

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During a live performance on MTV last week, Ariana Grande cursed up a storm. In a very sweet Instagram photo posted Monday morning, however, the only thing coming out of the young singer’s mouth was her tongue… and it headed straight into the waiting mouth of boyfriend Jai Brooks! The artist shared this smooch-filled shot with…

Solange: Provoked by Rachel Roy Prior to Jay Z Attack?

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Why did Solange Knowles violently attack Jay Z inside an elevator of The Standard Hotel on the night of May 5? We may now have a partial answer. According to a People sources, Knowles was “provoked” by designer Rachel Roy earlier that evening, with Beyonce stepping in to tell Roy “not to talk to her sister.”…