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9 Easter Recipes: Something For Every Bunny

Holidays mean family and family means dinner! The traditional fare for Easter Sunday comes in two varieties: ham or standing rib roast. 

While those are tried and true staples, sometimes it’s nice to get a little adventurous. We have 9 Easter recipes to tickle your tastebuds and fancy up your fête

Open Slideshow 1. Easter Bunny Trail Mix Instead of the typical mid-morning snack, mix up a batch of Easter Bunny Trail Mix. The “carrots” are dried fruit! This is practically a health food!

View As List 1. Easter Bunny Trail Mix

Instead of the

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Rashida Jones cautions teens against ‘sultry, mouth open’ selfies

Rashida Jones did a new interview with Time magazine to promote Cuban Fury, which is a feel-good romcom (about guys and girls who just happen to dance) in limited release. Rashida’s also been in the news a lot for her outspoken manner of discussing young female celebrities. She started out by abrasively telling young starlets to “stop acting like wh-res.” Rashida has since eased up a bit and realized that she’ll convince no one by calling them names. She’s refined her message by telling girls not to invest in their looks.

Now Rashida is crusading against the sexy selfie. She lives her

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Peaches Geldof Dead; UK Socialite, Media Personality Was 25

Peaches Geldof, the UK socialite, media personality and daughter of famed singer-songwriter Bob Geldof has passed away at the age of 25.

According to news reports, Peaches’ body was found in her home outside London earlier today. The cause of death is currently unknown.

“We are beyond pain,” said her father in a statement. “She was the wildest, funniest, wittiest and most bonkers of all of us. We loved her and will cherish her forever.”

Peaches married Max Drumney in 2008. They divorced soon after and she married musician Thomas Cohen, with whom she immediately started a

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Mickey Rooney Dies; Hollywood Legend Was 93

Mickey Rooney, a Hollywood icon who earned an Oscar, two Golden Globes and an Emmy over the course of his impressive career, passed away today after a long battle with an undisclosed illness.

He was 93 years old.

Rooney became the first teenager ever nominated for an Academy Award in 1940, based on his performance in Strikes Up the Band.

He also portrayed Andy Hardy of The Hardy Boys in 20 movies and appeared opposite Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Rooney, who was married eight times, most recently appeared 2011’s The Muppets with Amy Adams and Jason Segal and

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Kris Jenner, 58, reportedly considering an offer to pose for Playboy: LOL or gross?

WARNING: do not read this post if you recently ate anything. That food will repeat on you very quickly during this post.

You know I don’t actually go looking for stories about Lucifer’s Homegirl. I try to only talk about her when she’s adjacent to someone else, like Kim, Khloe or Kanye. But Kris Jenner is determined to get all of the attention. She is the original Kardashian Girl. So, let’s talk about her. There’s a rumor going around that Kris, who is 58 in human years (she is ageless when she is in hell with her BFF Lucifer), has been asked to pose for Playboy!

The 58-year-old mum

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L’Wren Scott: $9 Million Fortune Left to Mick Jagger

When L’Wren Scott committed suicide on March 17, rumors abounded that the 49-year-old fashion designer was broke and drowning in debt.

Those rumors were put to rest today along with reports of theas the details of her will – and the giant fortune she left behind – were revealed.

At the time of her death, Scott had dated Mick Jagger for nearly 13 years and she reportedly left $9 million to the already wealthy Rolling Stones frontman in her will.

In addition to cash, Scott left Jagger an estimated $1 million in jewelry, clothes and cars.

Her family, meanwhile, receives nothing

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Holly Madison has dark red hair now: gorgeous, unflattering or no difference?

Am I the only one who still has some strange affection for Holly Madison, one of Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriends (and “Girls Next Door”)? Like, I enjoy her. She’s proof that not every reality star is destined for failure and/or will do anything to get a fraction of their fame back. Holly lives in Las Vegas full time now – she does paid appearances on behalf of whatever or whoever wants her. These are photos of Holly at some celebration for “Sprinkles Cupcakes” – a new cupcake shop inside The Linq.

As you can see, Holly has radically changed her appearance – she is no longer a Playboy

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Pam Anderson’s kids know about her sex tape: ‘They know. Stupid internet’

Here is Pamela Anderson in the April issue of Elle (the one with Emma Watson on the cover). She looks unexpectedly classy in a demure top and flirty skirt. Much has been made of her new pixie cut. I honestly couldn’t figure out why Pam would go for such a drastic haircut after having big hair for so long. Her hair was as much a part of her image as, say, Jennifer Aniston’s hair is. If I was planning on going super short, I’d probably do it in stages instead of ripping the band-aid off. Going from long to super short seems like a really brave thing. I know how silly that sounds, but hair is

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Mick Jagger Statement on L’Wren Scott: Rocker "Struggling to Understand" Tragedy

Mick Jagger says he is still “struggling to understand” why his girlfriend L’Wren Scott, a renowned fashion designer, ended her life in New York yesterday.

On his website, Jagger posted a black and white photo of the former model, simply titling it “L’Wren.” On the homepage, he wrote a brief statement:

I am still struggling to understand how my lover and best friend could end her life in this tragic way.

We spent many wonderful years together and had made a great life for ourselves.

She had great presence and her talent was much admired, not least by me.

I have been touched

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Scott Asheton Dead; Stooges Drummer Was 64

Scott Asheton, the drummer for the influential punk rock band the Stooges, has died at age 64. His rep confirmed the tragedy but no details were provided.

Asheton was part of the Stooges when they formed in 1967 in Ann Arbor, Mich. His older brother, Ron Asheton, was the group’s guitarist. He died in 2009.

Bandleader Iggy Pop posted on his Facebook page Sunday that he’s “never heard anyone play the drums with more meaning than Scott Asheton.”

“He was like my brother,” Pop said. “He and Ron have left a huge legacy to the world. The Ashetons have always been and continue to be a

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