Kim Kardashian Teases "Secret Project" with Cara Delevigne

THIS JUST IN: Cara Delevigne and Kim Kardashian will soon be posing naked together in Playboy.

Maybe. Possibly. Probably not, to be honest.

But the former sex tape star has posted an image on Instagram of herself and Delevigne, teasing followers on that social media site with the caption “Secret project @CaraDelevigne @kegrand.”

Considering the abundance of Cara Delevigne nude and Kim Kardashian nude photos out there, what conclusion could we possibly draw aside from a naked pictorial featuring these two sirens is on the way?

Cara Delevigne and Kim Kardashian

Kim, of course, is coming off a rather difficult week in France.

She, Kanye West and daughter North West have been hanging out there for Paris Fashion Week, but the stars were booed when they attended one show and, incredibly, Kardashian was attacked TWICE by that moronic prankster Vitalii Sediuk.

Delevigne, meanwhile, is featured without any clothes on in the latest issue of Allure and is coming off a same-sex relationship with Michelle Rodriguez.

So maybe we were wrong before when speculating about a dual Playboy photo spread. Maybe a Kim Kardashian-Cara Delevigne sex tape is on the way!!!

Kim Kardashian Nude Image

Kim Kardashian is totally naked once again. This is a photo from British GQ. Stare for as long as you’d like, fellas. (And, heck, ladies, too!)

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Kim Kardashian Teases "Secret Project" with Cara Delevigne


Kim Kardashian’s leaked/hacked nude photos were posted on 4chan, Reddit


Kim Kardashian got naked in front of some cameras. SHOCKING. Apparently, posters at 4chan and Reddit managed to “hack” Kim Kardashian’s private photos (I imagine her password is “ME69”). Some naked pics were posted on both sites. The photos were taken down relatively quickly by Reddit and 4chan, but now you know… Kim Kardashian has naked photos.

Kanye West is about to get REAL PISSED … because someone leaked what appears to be nude pictures of his wife Kim Kardashian onto the internet — making her the latest victim in a string of celeb hacking incidents.

The pics were uploaded to 4chan and Reddit … and because the both companies have taken a harsh stance on hacked photos, they were quickly removed from both sites. Nude photos were also released by a hacker of what appears to be Vanessa Hudgens and Hope Solo.

It’s unclear when the pics were snapped — but K.K.’s not wearing a wedding ring in either of the photos.

We reached out to reps for Kim, Vanessa and Hope … so far, no word back.

[From TMZ]

It’s an invasion of privacy, feminism, men do not own our bodies, etc, let’s not be gross, you get the picture. But in all honesty… no one is going to get worked up about this, are they? Kim Kardashian is famous because of a sex tape. She’s posed for Playboy. We’ve seen a million scantily clad photos of her on the red carpet and in her selfies. She just posed nude for GQ UK as well. We’ve seen every single part of her. I might even know her body better than I know my own. While it’s still wrong that she got hacked, knowing Lucifier’s Homegirl, this might just be some kind of stupid attention-grabbing ploy. But probably not! I hate to say it, but I think Kim was legitimately hacked, along with Aubrey Plaza, Mary-Kate Olsen, Hayden Panettiere, Leelee Sobieski and more this time around. Ugh. Gross.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.


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Kim Kardashian’s leaked/hacked nude photos were posted on 4chan, Reddit


Kim Zolciak Defends Body Against Online Haters: It’s "Allll F–KING ME!"

Kim Zolciak is loving her new swimsuits, along with the body that goes inside of them.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star made this clear last night, when Zolciak posed for yet another bikini-based selfie and shared it with her followers on Instagram.

The mother of six admitted in her caption that she’s changed her diet around, often downing some nutritious shakes, yet she made no mention of any plastic surgery and definitely no mention of any Photoshop use.

But a handful of critics when ahead and made these mentions for her.

Kim Zolciak Swimsuit Pics

Kim Zolciak swimsuit pics are on display on Instagram. And wouldn’t you if you looked like that?

“I post a picture on my IG for MY followers that support me,” Zolciak wrote in response to accusations that she edited her image. “if you don’t like it #unfollow I think I have officially read it all after posting my bathing suit pic yesterday!”

Based on Kim’s follow-up message, it’s pretty clear what sort of criticism she’s been facing online.

“From photoshopping a thigh gap, to photoshopping my breast, to photoshopping a butt how about.. it’s me alllll F–KING ME haters ..every last bit is ME!! Zoom in real f–kin close too… I dare you… no photoshopping!!”

Zolciak also included a picture with her rant that indicated the number of “f-cks” she gives about her critics: none. None whatsoever.

“My surgeon didn’t change my size, I’m the same size 4 I have always been,” she wrote. “YES bitches I’m a size 4, he simply fixed my hernia, repaired my muscles and gave me the most incredible set of tatas EVER!”

But, wait, Zociak wasn’t finished. She was just getting started!

“Kiss my ass, be jealous, hate all you want…I have had 6 kids, 4 of which I had in less than 3 yrs and yes I look this f–kin good!”

As documented above, Zolciak does post many selfies, but it’s only because she’s proud of her body and how it’s bounced back after giving birth on so many occasions.

Concludes the fire-up star:

“I wanted women to know it’s ok to take care of you and feel good about yourself after having children and for you sorry ass people to write on my IG I’m fake etc this is for you. I [wouldn't] have a show with or without taping my surgery HOWEVER I wanted women to see 1st hand the process, the recovery etc I always wished I could watch someone go through it.”

Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa is hotter than hot on The Real Housewives of Miami.

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Kim Zolciak Defends Body Against Online Haters: It’s "Allll F–KING ME!"


Princess Charlene has been ‘depressed, isolated & sad’ during her pregnancy


I was struggling for leads and considering writing about this Newsweek profile of undercover republican Queen Letizia, but I decided on discussing Princess Charlene instead. No disrespect to Queen Letizia! The Newsweek piece is actually really interesting, it’s just too long to really parse. This Charlene story is also really long, but it’s much dirtier and gossip-heavy. As we know, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert are expecting their first child together (Albert has multiple children strewn across the world by multiple baby-mamas). I’ve seen photos of Charlene the past few months, and let me tell you… she does not look pregnant. At all. I’m not sure what’s up with that. Apparently, she’s due in December and there are reports that she’s expecting twins. We’ll see. In any case, European gossips are talking about Charlene’s misery. You can read the full Daily Beast piece here, and here are some highlights:

*People in Monaco are happy about the baby: Former playboy Albert has at last done his duty and provided at least one legitimate child (hopefully there will be a boy), following two illegitimate ones. And Charlene? Well, she may be “common as muck” as one part-time resident of Monaco scathingly describes the daughter of an IT developer and a swimming instructor from a middle class South African town (in Monaco, as in France, your provenance is everything) but “at least she has proved herself capable of reproducing.”

*She’s depressed: Sources tell the Royalist that Charlene had been becoming increasingly depressed over the last three years by her failure to provide a son and heir to Albert, and although the pregnancy has not been easy, she is relieved that an end to the ordeal of the last three years is in sight. “She does not expect to be suddenly warmly welcomed into Monaco society, but she does think that after giving birth – especially if it’s a son–she will be more free to go off and do her own thing,” says one member of the European society circuit. “She has made little secret of the fact she would rather be back in South Africa, or London, or Paris, or anywhere but Monaco.”

*Charlene hasn’t made any friends in Monaco and “She has also refused to learn French, which has gone down badly (although it should be noted that Albert’s first language is English, which he spoke with his mother, Princess Grace, and when he speaks in French, he stammers, a legacy of his domineering father to whom Albert was obliged to speak in French at all times).”

*Charlene is addicted to plastic surgery: “A lot of people are hoping she will just stop the plastic surgery now she is finally pregnant.”

*Albert’s sister Caroline has hated Charlene from day one: Part of the problem, some say, has been Albert’s older sister, Caroline Casiraghi, who it is widely thought would like to see her eldest son, Andrea, as the next occupant of the Monaco throne. She has done little to help Charlene settle in, but there were some encouraging signs this year that Albert was beginning to fight back against his domineering older sibling.

*She’s isolated: Says one person with close knowledge of the principality, “She is isolated and sad. She has no friends. She will crack in the end.”

[From The Daily Beast]

Wow. I find it interesting that most sources aren’t saying that Albert mistreats Charlene, but that everybody else does. Apparently, all of the rich bitches of Monaco hate Charlene because she’s terribly middle class, plus the French thing. And I totally believe that Caroline has never made Charlene feel welcome – Caroline always wanted the throne to go to her oldest son Andrea. Andrea, who has a son of his own now. Poor Charlene.

Photos of Charlene and Albert from August 1:

Photos courtesy of Getty, WENN.


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Princess Charlene has been ‘depressed, isolated & sad’ during her pregnancy


Jimmy Fallon on Nude Photo Hacker: He Should Work For Kim Kardashian!

Earlier today, British GQ released some naked photos of Kim Kardashian for their annual Woman of the Year issue. Yes, Kim Kardashian is their woman of the year. This is the world we live in.

Anyway, Kim was probably not happy about being overshadowed by The Fappening. (Or the nude photo hacking scandal of 2014, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.)

It’s hard for any news to compete with nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, and especially hard to steal that spotlight if you’re Kim.

After all, we’ve seen her naked many, many times already. First, there was the Kim Kardashian sex tape. Then there was her Playboy spread. Then there were the countless occasions in which Kim left the house wearing see-through clothing.

You get the point. But in case you don’t, here’s Jimmy Fallon to hammer it home:

Sadly, the idea of a naked Kim flip book isn’t so ridiculous. Especially when you consider her wedding present to Kanye West.

Of course, it’s been rumored that Kim will be the next celeb to be exposed by the hacker, and obviously we hope that doesn’t happen.

Not because it would be a gross invasion of her privacy, but because she would love every minute of it!

A chance to have the world see you naked while at the same time throwing yourself a pity party? It would be like she died and went to Kardashian Heaven!

Kim Kardashian Nude Image

Kim Kardashian is totally naked once again. This is a photo from British GQ. Stare for as long as you’d like, fellas. (And, heck, ladies, too!)

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Jimmy Fallon on Nude Photo Hacker: He Should Work For Kim Kardashian!


Joanna Krupa on Nude Photo Hacking Scandal: Keep the Selfies Coming, Celebs!

Plenty of people are incensed and outraged at the privacy violation that occurred when nude celebrity photos were hacked last weekend and posted to 4Chan and Reddit.

Joanna Krupa is not one of those people.

To hear The Real Housewives of Miami star and gorgeous model tell it, she’s not mad about the possibility of her personal pictures hitting the web.

In fact, she recommends that celebrities keep snapping whatever kinds of photos they want, and has a generally positive view of the whole thing.

We’ll let you watch the TMZ interview above for further explanation, although she was buying an external hard drive so she can ditch the iCloud.

Apple denies the iCloud was breached, but Krupa – whose name appears on the alleged “master list” of star victims – is not taking any more chances.

Krupa feels bad about the Kaley Cuoco, Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence nude photo leak, to name a few, but since she’s been in Playboy already?

What is there to see that we haven’t already? See below …

Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa is hotter than hot on The Real Housewives of Miami.

Enough said. Good luck with the investigation, FBI.

Speaking of which, Georgia man Bryan Hamade has been outed as a possible source of the leak, though not by any official law enforcement agency.

He denies any responsibility and claims he was simply trying to cash in on the 4Chan leak by masquerading as the hacker to score some free Bitcoins.

Seriously. What a world.

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Joanna Krupa on Nude Photo Hacking Scandal: Keep the Selfies Coming, Celebs!


Mariah Carey Sent Spies to Try and Catch Nick Cannon Cheating, Source Claims

There have been many rumored causes of the Mariah Carey-Nick Cannon split, but throughout it all, reps for both parties have denied there was any infidelity involved.

Mariah and Nick Photo

That may be the case, but a new report suggests that Mariah certainly suspected Nick of sleeping around.

It’s already been rumored that Mariah hired a security team to prevent Nick from flirting with other women, and now it seems her suspicions and insecurities only got worse as her marriage began to fall apart. 

“She would send her assistants to spy on him during tapings of America’s Got Talent in New York City,” a source close to the couple tells Radar Online.

The insider adds that the spying continued even after the couple had separated, and Carey frequently harassed Cannon by phone:

“She would send her assistants to spy on him during tapings of America’s Got Talent in New York City…It was just sad to see because Nick used to brag about how amazing his wife was to everyone on set.”

Cannon was apparently one of the last to realize that Mariah’s suspicions had gotten out of control.

Sources say Cannon’s family begged him to leave Carey for years before he finally decided that they should live separately for the sake of their children.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Red Carpet Photo

Nick and Mariah posing for the paps. The couple is believed to have one of Hollywood’s most stable marriages.

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Mariah Carey Sent Spies to Try and Catch Nick Cannon Cheating, Source Claims


Dan Bilzerian Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge, Forever Wins the Internet!

We’re sure you’ve heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by now, but you might not be familiar with a man by the name of Dan Bilzerian.

If that’s the case, you’ve been deprived of experiencing one of the most awesome web personalities of all time, and we’d like to take this opportunity to fill you on this great man’s deeds.

Basically, all you need to know is that Dan Bilzerian calls himself Instagram’s biggest playboy, and he earns the title with videos like the ones below:

In case you’re wondering – Bilzerian doesn’t just surround himself with half-naked women and post photos of them online when there’s a charity involved. 

No, this brave soul does it every day. For no other reason than because he so loves the world. God bless you, Dan Bilzerian.

Of course, the 24/7 party that is Bilzerian’s life sometimes goes awry – like the time he threw a porn star off his roof and ended up getting sued – but it’s a small price to pay for moments like the video above, which involves goats, bikinis, a $10,000 donation to ALS, and more bikinis.

We’re not sure how the goats got involved, but it’s good to see Bilzerian has retained his title as the king of hot Instagram girls. And, of course, the 10 G’s for a worthy cause is pretty damn cool, too. 

Mara Teigen

Mara is a California-based model (of course). She’s not related to Chrissy Teigen, so it would be totally kosher for them to make out.

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Dan Bilzerian Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge, Forever Wins the Internet!


Kim Kardashian, Kanye West & Justin Bieber Party In Ibiza

kim kardashian kanye west justin bieberWell, at least some celebs are #Team Bieber. Ever since Orlando Bloom’s and Justin Bieber’s run-in, Hollywood seems to have been lining up pretty solidly on Orlando’s side. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, however, look like they were happy to party with the Biebs at Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci’s birthday party in Ibiza. RELATED: Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber came to blows in Ibiza over Miranda Kerr.

Who knew Justin was so popular on the fashion scene? I can see where that wouldn’t really be Orlando’s thing, anyway. Justin was photographed making out with a Playboy Playmate Alyssa Arce Thursday night on a yacht in Ibiza, so he obviously hasn’t let the whole thing get him down. He’s also been having fun mugging on Instagram. People close to Justin explained why to TMZ.

Apparently, Justin thinks the public feels he “won” the fight with Orlando. I don’t know why people think that since it’s pretty clear from the video that his bodyguards had to jump in to deflect the punch and then hustled him out of there while Orlando stayed and partied on. Anyway, Justin thinks he’s seen as having “won” the fight and posting pics of Miranda Kerr and a “weepy” Orlando make him look tough and hard. TMZ reports:

One source said Justin is “irrational” in the glee he’s taking over the scuffle.

Bottom line — we’re told he’s loving this … having a great time in Ibiza. And he thinks it’s cool that people think he banged Orlando’s then-wife and still won the war.

Celebs really do live in their own little bubble, don’t they?

kim kardashian instagram
kim kardashian kris jenner kendall jenner riccardo tisci
kim kardashian kanye west justin bieber

Photos Courtesy of Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West & Justin Bieber Party In Ibiza


Selena Gomez is ‘going off the rails,’ walks around with her cheeks out

Selena Gomez

I was on the fence on whether to cover a bunch of stuff about Selena Gomez. Then I noticed that her new movie, Behaving Badly, has scored a whopping 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. Not a single critic has liked this movie, which is supposed to be a raunchy comedy. The poster alone looks awful (I’ve included it at the bottom of this post). Then I noticed these photos of Selena stepping out for a “meeting” yesterday in LA. From the front, she looks casual and appropriate for a (casual) event. From the back, she had about three inches of cheek hanging out.

Selena Gomez

You can see the unblurred photos here. These pictures are shocking. Selena almost always keeps up a wholesome appearance in public even though we’ve heard so many tales about her partying and wild behavior. Visible cheeks seem like a cry for help. Even moreso than social media meltdowns, possible boob job, and a rehab stint. Ugh, and those shorts look really uncomfortable.

This week’s issue of InTouch is all over the meltdown theme. Some of this is based upon Selena’s recent yacht partying with Cara Delevigne:

* Selena’s 22nd birthday week in St. Tropez was an extended party binge with Cara Delevigne. They regularly partied in nightclubs until 6 a.m. “Selena had a lot to drink,” says an eyewitness. “She went totally wild.” A friend says, “Selena parties until she passes out. It’s sad because she can’t even go to someplace like Disneyland and have a good time without partying. She actually has gone to Disneyland high on magic mushrooms.

* Demi Lovato is still sick of Selena’s bullsh-t in general.

* Selena loves smoking pot and also does ecstasy and cocaine. Says a pal, “She was at a party in Beverly Hills [last year] and kept going to the bathroom and leaving the door open as she partied with two other girls. She wasn’t discreet at all. At another party, she was taking swigs of vodka, and as people were rolling and smoing joints, she poured a gray powder into hers,” says the friend. “I said, ‘Selena, what are you doing. You’re going to ruin everything!’ She smoked it anyway.”

* We already knew that Selena fired her parents as managers in April, but she also put the $3.5 million house she’d bought them in 2011 for sale. A source says that “Selena hasn’t spoken to them in weeks.”

* Her family feels that time is running out, especially with so many new bad influences. “Cara is a well-known aprtier and hte last person Selena needs to be around right now. But Selena just wants to be around people who want to party and have fun and not take life seriously, which is what Cara does.”

* Selena is “smitten” with Italian playboy Tommaso Chiabra, who owns a luxury travel concierge company (he’s also a Lohan conquest). But she is “hooking up with a lot of different guys right now.”

* To summarize: “She’s completely gone off the rails.”

[From In Touch, print edition, August 11, 2014]

How much of this is true? I believe a lot of it. Selena is a mess. This week’s issue of Star adds drama with an anecdote from the “I dated an A-lister” feature. A guy says that he took Selena to dinner: “Once we sat down, she started bawling. Everyone was staring and pointing, but she didn’t care.” Through a napkin full of snot (gross!) and mascara, Selena told the guy she couldn’t stop thinking about her ex-boyfriend. Swaggy strikes again.

One more thing: In the wake of Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom’s boyfight in Ibiza, Selena wants everyone to know that she and Orly never hooked up. They simply smoked a cigarette together.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & WENN


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Selena Gomez is ‘going off the rails,’ walks around with her cheeks out