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Is Pippa Middleton being phased out of her duchess sister’s royal life?

Are the Wisteria Sisters no longer tight? That’s what Star Mag is alleging in their new issue. Allegedly, Pippa Middleton and Duchess Kate are on the outs because A) Kate wants to spend all her time with her new BFF Cressida Bonas and B) because the royal family hates Pippa and they’re actively encouraging Kate to separate herself from her uptradey little sister. Here’s the story and we’ll do analysis after:

Duchess Kate is not only juggling a husband, a new baby and her royal duties, but she’s also feuding with her sister Pippa! Palace insiders say that Pippa is seething with jealousy

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Princess Eugenie still lives & works in NYC: is she still loving her undercover life?

Here are some new photos of Princess Eugenie of York, now of New York. Eugenie has been living and working in NYC for about seven months. She got a gig working at the auction house Paddle8, where she seems to work full-time. Sources claimed last year that Eugenie was determined to make her own way in the world, and be a full-time working woman in NYC. She walks to work every day, and she goes to lunch with work friends and she seems to be loving her more undercover New York lifestyle.

Anyway, I don’t have much to say about Eugenie. I’m proud of her for going out on her own and

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Pippa Middleton ‘hurt’ by accusations she exploited her royal connections for profit

Pippa Middleton has been relatively quiet for a few months. Which is always suspicious! What is Pippa hiding?! Well, as it turns out, Pippa has been hiding some bad news. Do you remember how her big literary debut, Celebrate, was a total bomb? Pippa got a mid-six-figure advance and then the book only sold 18,000 copies. Disaster. Well, now Pippa’s publisher has dropped her completely. According to the UK’s Sunday Times, Viking Press has “let Pippa go” citing Pippa’s unwillingness to lift a finger to promote Celebrate. Apparently, the publisher didn’t appreciate #PippaTips as well.

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PIPPA MIDDLETON Is A Military-Fitness Junkie

Get Fit Obsessed

Pippa Middleton, known the world over for that bum, and being the sister of The Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton), is also a columnist for a number of UK publications, as well as US Vogue. In her most recent column for Waitrose magazine, Pippa described herself as a “military-fitness obsessive,” which in conjunction with her devotion to pilates, has surely helped shape the world’s most famous bottom.

According to Yahoo! Lifestyle UK, military-fitness classes are a form of group exercise where ”each class is divided into ability groups and lasts for More >

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27 Celebrities Without Makeup: All-Natural Photos Show What Stars Really Look Like!

All natural is all right. That’s the main takeaway from THG’s gallery below, featuring famous, fabulous faces without the makeup you typically see them in.

Sometimes, they flaunt this to make a point. Other times, they’re spotted running errands or at the airport before a flight without the usual beauty regimen.

Either way, the true beauty is often in the natural facades Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato and many others have shared with us in recent years.

Who needs a heavy stick of mascara, eyeliner or even concealer? Some stars might prefer it depending on circumstances, but few

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17 Vintage Kate Middleton Photos: Before She Was Royalty …

Unlike her husband Prince William, who was born into royalty, Kate Middleton was not always one of the planet’s most recognizable human beings.

It’s hard to imagine now, since she has become not just globally famous, but a style icon of modern times, but Kate grew up a very regular young woman.

Growing up in England, Middleton was always a natural beauty, albeit a little less polished than the refined 32-year-old who we are familiar with today.

We mean that as a compliment, as the People’s Princess retains a down-to-earth charm that’s made her infinitely relatable and immensely

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Us Weekly: Pippa Middleton & Nico Jackson are engaged, he proposed in India

Engagement rumors have been swirling for months now and now it looks like it’s finally happened. Pretty much as soon as Pippa Middleton and Nico Jackson hit the three-month mark in their relationship, the UK tabloids have been trying to marry them off. I think in reality… Nico and Pippa have been together for about ten months, although Us Weekly claims that they’ve been together 15 months. No… that’s not right. Nico Jackson is some kind of “banker” with a job in London, and personally, I’ve always thought he was probably more like Pippa than people were willing to acknowledge. Nico

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AFTERNOON LINKS With Katherine Webb

Gail Simmons is expecting her first child! (Celebrity Babies – People)

The cutest Curious George finds on Etsy. (Babyrazzi)

The Queen won’t be canceling her vacation for the arrival of the royal baby. (Celebitchy)

Tamar Braxton says it wasn’t love at first sight with her baby… (Bossip)

It looks like there is going to be another Sharknado! (Celebuzz)

Brody Jenner’s new girlfriend, in case you’re interesting in seeing her. (CelebSlam)

Is Pippa Middleton the “British” Kardashian? (Bohomoth)

Visit the Gallery (13 Images)

Photos via FameFlynet

Read this article: AFTERNOON LINKS

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Kate Middleton, Prince William to Take Royal Baby on 2014 Tour

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s new bundle of joy is set to hit the road with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on a spring 2014 royal baby tour.

“The trip is planned for Australia and New Zealand,” an insider said.

Kate Middleton, 31, is due to give birth to her first child with her husband July 11, but as she herself noted in April, “babies have their own agenda.”

In any case, news of the birth will be revealed via a framed announcement placed on a wood and gold easel behind the gates of Buckingham Palace.

“While it is a deeply personal and private event, the Duke and

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There are definitely some perks to being the sister of a Princess!  Pippa Middleton was spotted arriving at the All England lawn tennis club in Wimbledon to watch the tennis championship today looking lovely in a Temperley London dress.

Pippa sat at centre court with her boyfriend Nico Jackson and enjoyed the men’s singles semi finals.  Pippa’s sister Princess Kate Middleton is due any day with her first so Pippa should enjoy these days out now – once the baby comes I have a feeling the paparazzi will be all over Pippa trying to get any information they can!

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