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Victoria Beckham What Did She Ban From Her Store?

Image victoria-beckham-13-520x742.jpg

Here’s Victoria Beckham running some errands in New York City. Yet some big things are going on for her back home in London. Her store opened last Thursday! While you’ll see the clothes you expect, there’s one thing you won’t see. RELATED: Victoria Beckham is back to the daily grind after NYFW. Victoria banned cash…

Emma Watson’s feminist speech brought out the worst trolls, ‘men’s rights activists’

Over the weekend, Emma Watson launched the new United Nations program HeForShe. The program is about feminism and bringing men into the fold of equality. Emma gave a powerful speech at the UN and the video of the speech has gone viral: The crux of Emma’s speech is barely controversial: that every woman should consider herself a feminist, that feminism is about equality, and that men can and should find feminism beneficial.