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Johnny Weir to Victor Voronov: No Mutual Masturbation!

Olympic figure skater and commentator Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov have called off their divorce. But in doing so, each laid out a set of guidelines for keeping their marriage together.

Johnny Weir’s sticking point? No mutual masturbation, Victor!

It seems Victor Voronov was a fan of taking care of his own business in the company of others while they also did the same. That’s… certainly not the sort of thing you hear every day.

Weir’s 5-page post-nup came to light after TMZ learned that Voronov requested that Weir sign a document apologizing for publicly trashing his

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Kylie Jenner: Back in a Bikini, Being a Total Hypocrite

Note to Kylie Jenner: Shut up or cover up.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star pleaded for privacy this week, Tweeting that she’s only 16 and she “made [a] decision to keep as much as my life as personal as possible” while filming episodes for E!.

Then, she went out and put a bikini photo of herself posing with Hailey Baldwin online.

Kylie, of course, has been posting intimate pictures of herself on Instagram for month now.

Here is Jenner in a bikini with friends. 

Here’s a selfie of her butt.

Here’s THG telling Kylie that if she wants her private life to remain

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Johnny Weir and Husband: It’s Over!

It’s all over for Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov. 

The ice skater, who made headlines for his fashion and his commentary at this year’s Sochi Olympics, confirmed yesterday that he has split from his husband of two years.

“It is with great sadness that I announce that my husband and I are no longer together,” the Olympian wrote on Twitter Wednesday. “My heart hurts, and I wish him well.”

Following the couple’s New York civil ceremony in 2011, Weir referring to the nuptials as “the greatest moment in my life.” 

But he actually appeared in court earlier this month to face charges

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Jennette McCurdy Slams Racy Photo Culprit, Points Finger at Andre Drummond

Jennette McCurdy has taken to Twitter to do her best Shaggy impression.

Simply put, the actress says in regard to racy selfies that hit the Internet last night, it wasn’t me.

A trio of lewd Jennette McCurdy photos (below) were leaked online yesterday, with many folks believing ex-boyfriend Andre Drummond is the one to blame because McCurdy blasted him for being a bad kisser over the weekend

Open Slideshow 1. Jennette McCurdy Underwear Pic This appears to be a photo of Jennette McCurdy in her underwear. The only question: Who leaked it?

View As

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Justin Bieber Arrest Photos Released: Tons of Tats

We’ve already seen Justin Bieber in jail, trying to pass a sobriety test by walking a straight line.

We’ve also seen Bieber getting searched by police just hours after being arrested for drunk driving and drag racing.

But now the Miami Police Department has released a handful of Bieber photos snapped by authorities to keep a record of Justin’s identifying marks; i.e. his plethora of tattoos.

They’re the focus of the following gallery, as Justin is forced to slide up his sleeves and raise up his shirt (oooh yeah!!!) in order for police to officially photograph his ink.

Click through

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Amanda Bynes DUI Case: Star Pleads No Contest to Lesser Offense

Amanda Bynes has scored a victory in her DUI case from 2012.

Arrested in April 2012 in West Hollywood for driving drunk, the incident began an epic 12 months of erratic and at times dangerous behavior from the star.

Perhaps for that reason, and the intensive treatment she’s undergone for her severe mental illness, a judge allowed her to plead down the heavier charge.

Her lawyer Rich Hutton officially entered a plea of “wet reckless,” a drinking-related offense but one that does not have the same consequences of DUI.

She didn’t get off scot free by any means, but it’s not as

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The Rover Trailer: See Robert Pattinson Shirtless!

The first trailer for The Rover has been released.

And, yes, the movie looks interesting: it followers a loner who tracks the gang that stole his car from a desolate town in the Australian outback, forcing one of the wounded culprits left behind to help him in this mission.

But let’s be honest: you really wanna check out the footage because it features Robert Pattinson shirtless. Why just be upfront about it, right?

There’s no shame…

There is no release date set yet for The Rover, but here’s a consolation:

We’ve put all of the Robert Pattinson Dior ads in

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Katy Perry GQ Photos: Her (and Your) Prayers For Big Boobs Have Been Answered

The always quotable Katy Perry reveals to GQ, which features the pop superstar on its new magazine cover, that she once prayed for large breasts.

Apparently there is a higher power.

Open Slideshow 1. Katy Perry GQ Cover Katy Perry covers GQ and looks so sexy, it’s literally melting our computer screen.

View As List 1. Katy Perry GQ Cover

Katy Perry covers GQ and looks so sexy, it’s literally melting our computer screen.

2. Katy Perry GQ Photo (February 2014)

Katy Perry covers the new issue of GQ. She looks like this.

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Perez Hilton to Joy Behar: I'm an Idiot, Miley Cyrus is an "Oversexualized Creature"

I used poor judgment and probably should not have posted the photo.

That’s all Perez Hilton had to say about this week’s Miley Cyrus upskirt picture scandal, in which the blogger Tweeted an image that suggested the 17-year old singer wasn’t wearing underwear. Utter that one sentence and the controversy would go away.

But this is Perez Hilton, of course. He craves controversy and the attention it brings. Therefore, during his appearance on The Joy Behar Show last night, he spent almost nine minutes defending his actions, saying of the pic:

“It was showing Miley getting out of the car in an

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Justin Timberlake to Guest Star on Glee?!?

Kristin Chenoweth is adorable.

Neil Patrick Harris is talented.

But Justin Timberlake would put all previous Glee guest stars to shame if the following rumors becoms a reality: sources say the singer is close to signing on for the role of Will Schuester’s sibling on season two of this Fox smash.

“There is more than a little resemblance between Justin and Matthew Morrison… so the plan to bring Justin in for a cameo as his younger brother is a very popular idea. They are just trying to work it all out at the moment,” says a network insider.

As you might expect, this idea is going over very

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