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Beyonce & Jay-Z took Blue Ivy to see the Beverly Hills Easter bunny: adorable?

You know what I just realized? The majority of the stories I’ve written about Beyonce in the past year have originated with her Tumblr, and Beyonce posting new photos on her Tumblr. Beyonce has achieved what so many celebrities can only dream of: she’s pap’d rarely, she maintains her stardom meticulously, she keeps a 24-7 archive of all things Beyonce and, most importantly, she almost always controls the story. I wouldn’t be covering this if Beyonce didn’t WANT me to cover it. Slow clap for Beysus.

Anyway, Beyonce posted these adorable photos of Blue Ivy and the Carter family’s Easter

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Image owner-creates-dog-bucket-list-for-dying-pet.jpg

Owner Creates Bucket List for Cancer-Stricken Dog: See the Cute Pics!

Prepare to smile and to cry, dog lovers.

Earlier this year, Riina Cooke received the news that her nine-year old Boxer, Romeo, had been diagnosed with inoperable bone cancer.

In response, she took an unusual step that has caused the sad story to go viral:

Cooke comprised a bucket list for Romeo, treating him to such doggy delights as a pedicure… a cheeseburger… a ride in a police car and many other treats.

Romeo passed away on March 16, but Cooke told CBC News that she’s trying to focus on the positives of their concluding weeks

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Dancing With the Stars: Rigged to Get Sean Avery Off the Show?!

Dancing With the Stars’ emotional performances are real, honest, and near impossible to fake. The results and voting process, however? Another story.

After being ousted on last Monday’s shocking double elimination, Sean Avery implied that the format was tweaked just to get him off the ABC reality hit.

“I think we knew as of probably Monday last week that our fate was sealed,” the former NHL star said in an interview on Good Morning America.

“I had a conversation with Conrad [Green], one of the producers, and I was upset at the package that they had brought in the week

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Image gwyneth-paltrow-and-cameron-diaz-photo.jpg

Cameron Diaz: "Proud" of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin!

As you’ve likely heard by now, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are divorcing, but prefer to use terms like “conscious uncoupling,” because, well, they’re obnoxious.

While the rest of us may find Chris and Gwyneth’s pretentiousness completely nauseating, they have at least one celeb defending their actions.

Cameron Diaz told Extra recently that she’s “proud” of her bestie’s breakup, adding that she loves the douchey terminology that Gwyneth’s been using to describe the split.

“People go separate ways in other aspects of their life and I think it’s really brave of them to phrase

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Naomi Campbell Reacts to Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Vogue Cover

The Kim Kardashian-Kanye West Vogue cover continues to be a topic of discussion worldwide. People really cannot wrap their head around the fact that a reality star would ever be featured on so esteemed a fashion magazine. (Nevermind the fact that Kim and Kanye both have fashion lines…)

The latest to sound off? Naomi Campbell.

But she’s a little more diplomatic and reserved in her response than Sarah Michelle Gellar was on Twitter when she threatened to cancel her subscription to the magazine.

When asked about the

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Michigan Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down By Judge; State Now 18th to Allow Same-Sex Weddings

A federal judge Friday struck down Michigan’s ban on gay marriage.

As such, the state becomes the 18th in the nation to allow gays and lesbians to join in legal matrimony just like their heterosexual counterparts.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette immediately filed for an emergency request for a stay of the ruling in the late afternoon Friday.

Schuette said that “Michigan voters enshrined that decision in our state constitution, and their will should stand and be respected.”

“In 2004 the citizens of Michigan recognized that diversity in parenting is best for kids and

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Jimmy Fallon, Jon Hamm Photobomb NYC Passersby on Tonight Show: Watch!

Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm photobombing unsuspecting people in NYC?

If you think that sounds like comedic brilliance, you’re spot on. The two teamed up last night for a segment that delighted viewers and passersby alike.

Fallon and his crew set up a camera on top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

“We asked people if they wanted to get their photo taken, and we told them it was for the NBC Top of the Rock website. We were lying,” Fallon explained.

They did give the participants pictures, but with an added bonus: In addition to the views of the Big

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Scandal Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: Too Many Secrets

Scandal Season 3 Episode 11 was the show’s first episode of the new year, following its midseason/Kerry Washington pregnant hiatus. But it was worth the wait.

One month has passed since we last left the addictive ABC drama, with Sally’s murder of Daniel Douglas and Jake taking over leadership of B613.

This week, we learned perhaps above all else that Eli Pope will not go quietly into the night. The Prez may have met his most unpredictable and formidable enemy.

Invariably, someone leaks details about Daniel Douglas’ death to the media, causing Cyrus and Leo, Sally’s campaign

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Miranda Barbour Admits Killing Man Who Hired Her For Sex on Craigslist … and 22 OTHERS

Miranda Barbour, a 19-year-old Pennsylvania girl, admits to not only killing a guy who hired her for sex on Craigslist, but a bunch of other people as well.

A BUNCH of other people. “When I hit 22, I stopped counting,” she says.

Barbour is currently in a Pennsylvania jail awaiting trial for the murder of Troy LaFerrara, who she allegedly stabbed 20 times during a Craigslist encounter.

The reason? She tested him and said she was only 16, and he responded that he’d still have sex with her. A molestation victim, Barbour lost

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Celebrities Read More Mean Tweets About Themselves: LOL Alert!

This just in: People apparently hate George Clooney. And Tom Hanks. And even Matt Damon.

Indeed, some of the biggest stars on the planet were featured on the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.

It’s a grand television tradition and it’s one the the explains thusly:

“We like to shine a light on those who post cruel and horrible comments on Twitter. People can be vicious, and it hurts. To raise awareness and to maybe make people think twice before they post something awful, once again we’ve assembled a group of famous faces…”

Are these hate-filled

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