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Taylor Swift: Is She Too Skinny?

Over the past few weeks, Taylor Swift has left no doubt that she’s awesome.

The singer has visited multiple cancer patients and surprised a young woman at her bridal shower.

But while there’s no debate over Swift’s charitable side, a debate has broken out over the artist’s body; namely: is she too skinny?

A couple Twitter users have called attention to Taylor’s shrinking frame over the past few days, prompting Radar Online to (hilariously) consult with a random nutritionist.

Where does Melanie McGrice come down on Swift’s frame?

She tells Radar:

“Taylor still appears to be

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Chelsea Clinton, 34, is pregnant with her first baby (and first Clinton grandchild)

Aw, this is such nice news! Chelsea Clinton is expecting her first child! Considering Chelsea is the only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton, this will be their first grandchild. Chelsea has been pretty open about how much her parents have been pressuring her to get pregnant too, so I would imagine Bubba and Hills are beyond thrilled. Chelsea married Marc Mezinsky in 2010, and although there were rumors about some marriage problems a few years ago, I haven’t heard anything bad about them in a while.

Welp, she called it! Chelsea Clinton is pregnant and expecting her first child with

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Selena Gomez Adidas Fashion Line: Available Now!

We have news on Selena Gomez. And, no, it does not involve her cuddling up to Justin Bieber.

After teasing her “Summer Rebel” Adidas NEO collection back in February, the singer officially launched this new fashion line yesterday.

It includes fun floral designs and playful prints on such items as tank tops, high-waist shorts and unique, metallic leggings.

Open Slideshow 1. Selena Gomez Adidas Campaign Pic Selena Gomez smiles for the camera as part of this Adidas NEO campaign. The company has launched a summer 2014 collection in her honor.

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JESSE PARENT’S Message To Boys Who May Date His Daughter Feel Good Video

Button Poetry published Jesse Parent’s epic poem. I think many fathers feel the same way as Jesse, so the message can likely be applied universally ;). You MUST watch this video to the end: the addendum is GREAT.

RELATED: Another amazing performance: Salut Salon Quartet’s ‘Competitive Foursome.’

This video is only a little over three minutes long, and it’s some great performance poetry. Jesse is a talented performer, isn’t he? The addendum is perfect for this day and age :D. Check it out.

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“People, please stop throwing shoes at Hillary Clinton” links

Stop throwing shoes at Hillary Clinton, y’all. [Buzzfeed] More photos of Prince William & Kate on the harbor. [LaineyGossip] I used to buy this stuff for my mom every year. [Dlisted] Kim Kardashian is “political poison” apparently. [PopBytes] Rob Lowe’s Reddit AMA was kind of funny. [Pajiba] I can’t see past Padma Lakshmi’s face – what’s happening there?! [Go Fug Yourself] Olivia Wilde looks like she’s smuggling a basketball. [Celebrity Baby Scoop] Check out photos of the real Rosie the Riveters. [The Frisky] Matt Bomer = so pretty. [A Socialite Life] Here’s another redband trailer for

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SELENA GOMEZ Is There Drama After She Split With Her Parents/Managers?

I’d heard Selena Gomez was looking for new management. I thought it was because she was finally free of Disney. It turns out Selena’s managers were actually her mother, Mandy Teefey, and her stepfather, Brian Teefey. OUCH.

RELATED: Selena Gomez on the hunt for a new manager and new label. According to what an insider told E! News, however, this split was a long time coming.

While her parents weren’t happy when it first was going down, “everything is fine now,” the source said. “They’re all good. “They decided it’s better to focus on being a family than talking about business all the

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Oscar Pistorius’s 19-year-old girlfriend ‘helps support him’ through murder trial

For most of this week, Oscar Pistorius has been testifying on his own behalf in the murder trial of Reeva Steenkamp. South Africa has that weird court thing where you can’t see video of the person testifying, but you can hear a live feed of their testimony. I’ve been paying attention to the coverage sporadically, because (as you may remember) I’ve already made up my mind about this case and I get sick to my stomach whenever Pistorius turns on the waterworks or chokes up with emotion. Do I believe he’s sorry about what went down that night? Sure. But I believe he’s mostly sorry for

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AMANDA BYNES Schizophrenia Statement Might Have Been A Lie

Yesterday I reported that Amanda Bynes’ lawyers had released a statement denying that the star was ever diagnosed with schizophrenia, but now word is coming out that that may have been a lie!

It turns out that Amanda’s mother may have taken her off of all medications against doctor’s orders, because she feels that all of Amanda’s totally weird behavior was the direct result of smoking marijuana.  However, it seems that people close to Amanda are worried that she actually did have a serious diagnosis, and that taking her off medication is 100% not the right move.

TMZ has been doing some

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STACY KEIBLER Is Expecting A Baby…

… girl! People reports Stacy Keibler is expecting a daughter with husband Jared Pobre. Their baby girl is due to arrive in late summer.

RELATED: Stacy Keibler is pregnant!

It’s an exciting time for Stacy! She’s a newlywed and expecting her first baby. She wasted no time getting over her famous ex, George Clooney, did she? Stacy’s probably like, “George who?” LOL Well, I think it’s clear by now that George has no intention of settling down, which is perfectly okay. As long as they’re both happy, that’s the important thing. I’ve seen pics of Stacy’s husband: this baby girl is going to be

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Amanda Bynes is not schizophrenic, not on medication & she’s not smoking weed

Amanda Bynes is a lot better these days. After a year of escalating shenanigans (actually, it went from “shenanigans” to “Jesus, someone get this girl some help”), Amanda Bynes finally got some help after her mom was appointed conservator over Amanda’s medical, legal and financial well-being. The arrangement sounds a lot like what Jamie Spears is to Britney Spears. Amanda entered a private facility where she got treatment for more than three months. She got out last December, and she is currently enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Orange County. But don’t

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