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Alec Baldwin Unloads on ANOTHER Photographer!

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Alec Baldwin got into a heated confrontation with another photographer this morning, berating him, grabbing his arm and ordering him to take a hike. It’s unclear what sparked the showdown, but ever since Alec Baldwin’s attack on a photographer two weeks ago, they’ve been hounding him even more. Marcus Santos , the alleged victim of the first incident, wants to see him prosecuted.

Michael Jackson Reincarnated as Dagestan Construction Worker?

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The Republic of Dagestan is a federal subject (a republic) of Russia, located in the North Caucasus region. Dagestan is rich in oil, natural gas, coal, and many other resources. Like SICK DANCE MOVES! Check out this video of a construction worker breaking it down on the job to Michael Jackson’s classic “Billie Jean.” Guy can moonwalk like a champion! Hey, it’s a recession.

Justin Bieber Urges Norweigian Fans to Chill, Listen to Police

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The title of Justin Bieber’s latest single is ” Die in Your Arms .” Now we can only hope this won’t be the singer’s fate as he tries to navigate his way through the streets of Norway. Bieber is in Oslo to perform four songs outside that city’s famous opera house – as part of Justin Bieber: All Around the World , a special that airs June 21 on NBC – but crazed followers from around Europe have created a positively chaotic scene that has led police to nearly declare a state of emergency.

Pierce Brosnan slams President Obama over whaling policy

(HMG) – Former James Bond actor, Pierce Brosnan has taped a public service announcement for the International Fund for Animal Welfare specifically confronting the Obama administration over their whaling policies which still enables Japan, Iceland and Norway to kill whales. During his presidential campaign, candidate Obama vowed to save the marine life.