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MILEY CYRUS Still In Hospital; Postpones US Bangerz Tour Dates

It looks like Miley Cyrus isn’t recovering as fast as she’d hoped. Miley posted this pic of herself in a duck-like oxygen mask. Meanwhile, on her website, it was announced that all of her US tour dates for the Bangerz tour have been postponed. RELATED: Miley Cyrus hospitalized after allergic reaction.

Miley still seems to have her sense of humor. Here’s what she posted for the caption of her Instagram photo:

This hospitals full of a bunch of QUACKS (get it??? Quacks) #punnyeveninthehospy #stayinglightlovingandpositive #imissbangerztour #tryingtonotbebitter

Poor Miley! Here’s the

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Miley Cyrus had ‘extreme’ allergic reaction: ‘Shut the f— up & let me heal’

This is Miley Cyrus’ latest sad selfie from a hospital bed. Earlier this week, I discussed Miley’s allergic reaction to antibiotics that landed her in an ambulance. This has been a rough month for Miley, who is on tour but also dealing with the death of her dog, Floyd. I’m troubled by the internet buzzings about Miley making this whole thing up. People have said that an “allergic reaction” must be the new “exhaustion.” Is society really that jaded? Not every celebrity is a Lohan.

According to the official statement issued by Miley’s team, she suffered a sinus infection and was prescribed

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Joe Biden Joins Instagram, Posts First Selfie with Barack Obama

The selfie trend shows no sign of slowing down as U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has joined Instagram and posted a selfie with President Barack Obama.

We’ll just allow a moment for you to process that statement.

Using the badass Instagram handle @VP, Biden captioned the image “Found a friend to join my first selfie on Instagram. Thanks for following and stay tuned. -VP”

The pic of VPOTUS with POTUS was taken in the back of the President’s armored limo known as “The Beast,” and has received over 23,000 likes so far.

Biden also posted the shot on Twitter, grandly entitled “The

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Miley Cyrus hospitalized after allergic reaction to antibiotics

Miley Cyrus is having a very bad month. She’s still in mourning after losing her favorite dog, and she’s had to deal with her mom’s bad decision making in the aftermath. The grieving process is not kind to the immune system. Neither is the touring lifestyle. Miley’s been discussing a lingering cold/flu situation on her Twitter page for days. She had to cancel her North Carolina date last week but pushed onward. Now she’s been admitted to the hospital after having a major allergic reaction to antibiotics:

Miley Cyrus is in the hospital … after a sudden and apparently severe allergic reaction

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Miley Cyrus: Off the Rails, On Medication Since Death of Dog

As previously reported, Miley Cyrus was hospitalized yesterday after having a major allergic reaction to antibiotics she had been taking.

Taken at face value, this is no big deal. It happens sometimes.

But insiders tell TMZ that Miley was taking the aforementioned pills as a way to cope with her late dog Floyd, who was killed by a coyote two weeks ago and whose death has shaken this singer to her core.

Cyrus has been an “emotional mess” since this pet’s passing, crying uncontrollably and being unable to sleep.

This report does not exactly come as a shock, considering Miley

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MILEY CYRUS Hospitalized After Allergic Reaction

‘Wrecking Ball’ singer Miley Cyrus had to be hospitalized after a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics. Goodness! She was forced to cancel her appearance for her Bangerz tour in Kansas City. Miley posted this selfie of herself with “Mr. Octopussy” in the hospital.

RELATED: Miley Cyrus gets inked!

She tweeted:

That’s an incredible amount of pressure for an eighteen-year-old to have to experience. Touring has to be brutal physically and mentally. Hopefully Miley’s better soon!

Photo Courtesy of Miley Cyrus

Read more from the original source: MILEY CYRUS Hospitalized After Allergic

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21 Animal Photobombs You Must See to Believe: Furry and Funny!

We all know human beings are capable of some pretty amazing photobombs.

Recent cases in point: Aaron Paul and Kellan Lutz at Coachella; Jimmy Fallon and Jonn Hamm on The Empire State Building for an amazing Tonight Show sketch.

But what about our furry friends?

Did you know that cats were were photobomb masters? And dogs? And hippos? And one seriously amazing squirrel?

The latter leads this galler of animal photobombing examples that all need to be seen to be believed. Pretty awesome stuff…

Open Slideshow 1. Squirrel Photobomb What a ham! This

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Katy Perry: Selfies Are a Disease!

Watch out! Katy Perry is ROARing about a social media phenomenon taking over the world. Oh yes, we’re talking about the selfie.

Katy Perry says selfies are a disease and refused to take one for a fan this weekend at Coachella. She relented, but only after the fan agreed to be in the photo with Perry, and not without tweeting out a message to her KatyCats.

A study recently found that selfie-taking is linked to increased narcissism and mental illness. In her mind, refusing to take the selfie and sharing a warning with her fans was probably a public service announcement, but we kind

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Miley Cyrus Gives Away New Dog: It’s Too Soon…

Last week on Twitter, not long after her dog Floyd died, Miley Cyrus wondered if she could ever love again.

And today, via that same social media network, she sort of answered her own question: not yet.

In a message to followers, the singer explained why she gave away Moonie, the pet her mom gave to her soon after Floyd passed away from a coyote attack.

“Moonie, thank you for giving me so much love, comfort, & peace. It’s just to soon for me right now ♥ #missingmoonie,” Cyrus Tweeted this afternoon.

Asked where the cute puppy went, Cyrus replied to a follower:

“my friends

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Celebrity Salaries: Who Made What in 2013?

Get ready to feel poor!

Parade magazine has unveiled its annual list of the top earners in Hollywood from 2013 and it turns out (we hope you’re sitting down for this) some of these people make a whole lot of money!

Open Slideshow 1. Miley Cyrus – $76.5 million Miley Cyrus rides her way on to a stag in Vancouver here for the very first night of her 2014 “Bangerz” tour.

View As List 1. Miley Cyrus – $76.5 million

Miley Cyrus rides her way on to a stag in Vancouver here for the very first night of her 2014 “Bangerz” tour.

2. Tyler

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