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JENNIFER LOPEZ Photobombed By Her Favorite Boy

Image jennifer-lopez-photobombed-520x523.jpg

Is this an adorable selfie or what? Jennifer Lopez snapped the pic but ended up getting photobombed by her son, Max. It looks like Jennifer is without makeup in this selfie. RELATED: What do you think of Jennifer Lopez’s “grouser”? Can you believe how amazing she looks? Some people really do get better with age!…

7 Celebrities Who Mistakenly Think They Can Sing

Image paris-hilton-come-alive.jpg

Earlier this week, Paris Hilton released a new single. Even more disturbing? This is not the former sex tape star’s first single. In fact, she’s in the process of compiling tracks for her second studio album, which is just… it’s amazing, really. But Paris isn’t the only celebrity who mistakenly thinks she can sing. Far…

MEGAN FOX Goes Au Naturel For First Instagram Selfie

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Slowly, Megan Fox is joining the world of social media. She joined twitter last year. This year, the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ star joined Instagram! RELATED: Megan Fox said “better late than never” and joined twitter. Megan posted this first selfie. As you can see, she’s makeup-free. Of course, it doesn’t matter: Megan still looks…