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Lindsay Lohan ‘wants a rich Brit sugar daddy & doesn’t care how old he is’

Here are some photos of Lindsay Lohan leaving the Playhouse Theatre last night after her second preview performance of Speed-the-Plow. I’m assuming she’s still wearing some of her stage makeup because YIKES. After the terrible reviews and outright laughter from the audience, you’d think that Lindsay would realize that she needs to buckle down and actually study her lines and do some extra work so her performance isn’t a total catastrophe

Scandal Cast Through the Years: Their Paths to Stardom!

Image scandal-season-4-cast-photo.jpg

Long before Shonda Rhimes culled her cast of characters for Scandal, the actors and actresses who make up the ensemble were stars in their own right.  We have your proof right here. Check out the Scandal cast members through the years and relive their respective paths to superstardom … Scandal Cast Through the Years 1. Scandal Season…