Ariana Grande and Big Sean: Kissing on Instagram!!

Big Sean is no longer playing coy about his romance with Ariana Grande.

After keeping their relationship private for months, the rapper had no problem showing off his love for her very publicly via two sweet Instagram photos.

“Me n my Ari,” he captioned the pics below of the couple kissing …

Ariana Grande and Big Sean Kissing

The pictures were taken on Tuesday, November 18 when the couple performed on stage together at A Very Grammy Christmas Concert in Los Angeles.

“It’s gone from 0 to 60 fast,” a source said of the pair’s romance.

While they had “chemistry immediately,” both were in relationships as recently as this summer, when Ariana broke up with Australian musician Jai Brooks.

Big Sean, even more notably, was engaged to Naya Rivera.

Clearly, this worked out for the best, as Ariana Grande and Big Sean seem beyond happy together and are said to be head over heels in love with each other.

“He is one of the most amazing men in the whole world, and that includes my grandfather and my brother,” Grande said in October, and that’s saying something.

As close as she is with her family, he’s in good company.

“I think the world of him, and he’s an amazing person,” she said, echoing similar statements he’s made about her several times. “That’s kind of all there is to it.”

Ah, young love.

Big Sean, Ariana Grande

Big Sean and Ariana Grande performing live. These two make a cute couple.

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Ariana Grande and Big Sean: Kissing on Instagram!!


Kim Kardashian canceled a $800K paid appearance in India after ‘visa issues’


Here are some assorted photos off of Kim Kardashian’s Instagram from the past few days, as she travels the world, shilling her products and herself. She was in Australia for much of last week, and she arrived in Dubai last Friday, I believe. She’s said that she wants to do another version of her iOS game, but this time place the game in Dubai, like “Kim Kardashian: Dubai.” Plus, I’m sure she’s making paid appearances and whatever while she’s in the Middle East. What’s interesting to me is that Kim was supposed to have a stop-over in India in between Australia and Dubai, but she had some visa issues. Funny how visa issues didn’t keep her from Dubai?

Kim Kardashian’s upcoming India trip has been canceled because of apparent visa troubles. The 34-year-old reality TV sensation was due to make a guest appearance on the popular reality show Big Boss, the Indian version of Big Brother, which is hosted by Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

“Just touched down in Australia!!! My perfume world tour begins for my new fragrance Fleur Fatale! Next stop India then Dubai! All in 1 week!” she tweeted on Monday.

Big Boss, currently in its eighth season, has had falling ratings this year. Kardashian’s visit had been much hyped by the Indian media. She was reported to be paid more than $800,000 for the stint, in which she would don a traditional sari. Organizers confirmed to the BBC that “visa issues” were to blame for the cancellation. Reuters reports that the undisclosed issues would take a while to solve, which would conflict with Kardashian’s busy schedule.

[From Time Magazine]

$800,000 for an appearance on an Indian reality show?! I really hope she didn’t get the money upfront. Oh well… that sucks for Indian Big Brother. It also sort of sucks that Indians believe that Kim is some kind of big American celebrity. Ugh.

Meanwhile, Radar had a funny story about Kim talking about possibly getting pregnant again, and “sources” claim that she hated being pregnant so much, she’s considering a surrogacy. A source says: “There’s no way she’s having a kid anytime soon. It took so long to get her body back that she’s even told friends she might have someone else carry the baby the next time around!” But then another source says they think Kim was “probably joking.” My guess? She hated being pregnant but she’ll probably do it one more time and that’s it, she’ll be done after that (although possibly open to adoption). I also think Kim and Kanye will beat Beyonce and Jay-Z at having a second kid!



Photos courtesy of Kim’s Instagram, Fame/Flynet.


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Kim Kardashian canceled a $800K paid appearance in India after ‘visa issues’


Kendall Jenner on balancing career & family: ‘I feel like Hannah Montana’

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner was profiled in the New York Times about her rising modelling career. This isn’t the first time NYT has interviewed her. She made a cameo appearance in from a June 2013 profile where Kendall shyly muttered a few words and was described as “aggressively managed.” Things are different now. Kendall’s landing big-time contracts and walking runways at fashion weeks across the globe. Karl Lagerfeld just handed her an ad campaign, and many wonder if Chanel will be the next offer.

Kendall’s been talking a lot lately, which means she’s reluctantly crawling out of her shell. She talked about working hard for her career, and a lot of you called her out on it. Kendall also talked about her competitive Kardashian upbringing (which everyone seems to have won except for Rob the black sheep). All Kardashians are “workaholics, says Kendall. This NYT interview is even weirder. She talks about her “double life” in terms of Hannah Montana. Let’s do this:

On balancing modelling & KUWTK: “It’s definitely two different worlds. I feel like Hannah Montana. But it’s fun.”

Modelling is a lifelong dream: “I would literally sit at home and have my friends take pictures of me on my little Canon camera that my mom gave me for Christmas. Obviously, the show was me being in front of a camera. It’s just something that I’ve kind of always been around.”

She’s trying to rebrand: “We had to be very strategic and specific to really have people take me seriously and not mess around.”

On shaking the Kardashian reputation: “Some people are hesitant with me, and they just worry or wonder for a second. But then when the chance gets taken …”

[From NYT]

Well. At least Hannah Montana left the stage and returned to a “normal” life. Kendall leaves her modelling gigs to spend time with one of the least normal families in the world. I guess KUWTK is so familiar to Kendall that maybe she thinks they’re normal. The journo describes Kendall as having a “daffy sweetness.” The NYT also speaks with Oliver Rousteing, creative director at Balmain, who says, “Kendall’s really communicating to a lot of girls. You know, like those models in the 90s, Claudia, Naomi.” Ooooh boy.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner

Photos courtesy of WENN


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Kendall Jenner on balancing career & family: ‘I feel like Hannah Montana’


Jude Law looks lovely in Mr. Porter, talks about aging & the tabloids


Just in case you forgot, Jude Law is a very attractive man. These Mr. Porter photos are so old-school Jude! He looks so beautiful. So beautiful that I temporarily forgot that he’s expecting his fifth child by his third baby-mama, a 23-year-old singer-type named Catherine Harding. Catherine and Jude are no longer together. So, he basically got one of his hookups pregnant and he’s trying to make the best out of it. As for this Mr. Porter thing… Jude is promoting his new film, Black Sea. Jude plays “a laid-off submarine captain who goes in hunt of a sunken ship rumoured to be laden with Nazi gold.” Which might cause some people to wonder: is Jude poor? And the answer is yes. He’s paying child support to two women and he’s about to pay child support to a third. He IS poor. He will work in whatever he can get. You can read the full Mr. Porter article here. Some highlights:

His role in Black Sea: “It required a certain gravitas. It’s not something I could have done in my twenties or thirties. Having recently turned 40, I feel that I’m only just reaching the stage where I can do this sort of thing justice.”

He has looked forward to aging all his life: “I tend to think of it in terms of Shakespeare. You can’t play Prospero in your twenties. And you can’t play Lear. In your twenties, you play Romeo, you play Hamlet. And maybe you progress to Coriolanus, to Henry V. They’re like hoops you have to jump through. Keep going, and you’ll get to Prospero, you’ll get to Lear. But you can’t rush it.”

Acknowledging that women have it harder in Hollywood: “The plight of women over a certain age is a bit of a running gag in the movie industry. Not a very funny one, admittedly.”

The tabloid press: “I no longer let that stuff in. I honestly don’t know and don’t care what’s being written about me. If people want to buy into it, then they can. I just try to live a normal life now. It’s my right. Being free to go out – to a restaurant, to the theatre, or even just to a gardening centre – is my right. That’s what living is. So that’s what I do.”

[From Mr. Porter]

I agree that Jude has grown into what he always wanted to be: a brilliant character actor. People always treated him like he should just be a solid leading man, but Jude wanted different things for his career, and I respect that. I’m glad he’s not clinging to his pretty-boy vibe from two decades ago. And he’s right, the parts for him only get better as he gets older. And it’s not the same for women. As for the tabloid press stuff… I think that’s a smart decision for Jude in particular, to simply not participate in it. Don’t get mad, just ignore it. And he’ll have to do a lot of ignoring if he keeps knocking up his hookups!

PS… I have a thing about great profiles and Jude has an amazing profile! He’s right up there were Angelina Jolie’s profile.


Photos courtesy of Tom Craig/Mr. Porter.


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Jude Law looks lovely in Mr. Porter, talks about aging & the tabloids


Taylor Swift Opens American Music Awards, Acts Like Psycho Ex-Girlfriend on Stage

As she often does at awards shows, Taylor Swift made her presence strongly felt at the American Music Awards last night. Without even taking home any trophies.

The artist danced in the crowd at various times. She teared up when best friend Selena Gomez cried on stage over Justin Bieber.

And, of course, Swift also took to the stage, opening the show with the first-ever live performance of “Blank Space.”

Swift (who did appear to lip-synch) re-created the theme of her Blank Space music video at the AMAs, acting as the psycho-ex girlfriend to a number of (hot!) men and even lighting a single rose in flames at one point.

Several of the backup singers (serving as faux suitors) donned zombie-like makeup for the performance, along with scratches on their skin to represent the aftermath of a brutal relationship with Swift.

You’ve gotta applaud the artist for poking fun at her real-life reputation in this way, don’t you?

Especially when the track is just so darn catchy!

“#BlankSpace performance tonight on the #AMAs!!!!!!! It’s gonna be crazy. No like, actually crazy,” Swift Tweeted prior to the show.

And while Taylor didn’t win any awards in the main categories, she did accept the first-ever Dick Clark Award for Excellence, in honor of her historical record-setting album sales.

Taylor Swift Twerking

Taylor Swift Twerking and grinding against Taylor Swift in an amazing GIF mashup of Taylor Swift photos.

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Taylor Swift Opens American Music Awards, Acts Like Psycho Ex-Girlfriend on Stage


Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: Did Scott Go to Rehab?

On Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons Season 1 Episode 4, the fallout from Scott’s partying continued to impact both Lord Disick and his partner.

As Scott and Kourtney continued to struggle with the ramifications of his rampant partying, we also got to see our first glimpse of Kardashian baby #3.

Meanwhile, Khloe had mixed feelings about turning 30 on Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons Season 1 Episode 4, given all of the turmoil in her life …

If you follow celebrity gossip or the family’s social media accounts, what you see when you watch Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons online is no surprise.

Scott made the decision to get help for his drinking, though he admitted he used to say this just so people would stop bothering him about going to rehab.

This may be foreshadowing in a sense, as we get the impression that rehab isn’t going to take. We’ll find out in the coming weeks how long he lasts.

Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian was at her doctor’s in L.A., confiding to Kendall Jenner during her ultrasound about everything going on with Scott.

Disick surprised everyone by checking into rehab before Kourtney returned to the Hamptons, which she told Kim Kardashian later that she was grateful for.

Saying goodbye would have been too hard, she said, and we see where she’s coming from, but again, we’re guessing he’ll be back before too long.

Khloe and Kim flew out Kourtney’s therapist to talk to her, almost like an intervention, but she was receptive and opened up about this very concern.

When He Ragged on Kim's Marriage

Lord Disick often says what we’re thinking. Especially when he’s ragging on his baby mama’s clueless sisters.

Kourtney wasn’t the only one in need of therapy.

Khloe Kardashian was wrestling with some inner demons of her own and dreading turning 30 because she thought life would be different at this point.

Her family threw her an elaborate yacht party, and French Montana surprised Khloe with another party in the Bronx, but even that didn’t cheer her up.

When Kris Jenner downplayed the fact that Khloe was turning the big 3-0 and questioned why she moved on with French Montana so fast, Khloe freaked:

“Don’t say I moved to something so quickly, because you know for how may f–king years I was dealing with something … You’re so simple minded!”

“You have no idea how I feel every day!” Khloe said. “If I had my way, I would still be married to Lamar! Even right now, today, I wish I was still married to him!”

Kim Kardashian, 34, told Khloe later that she felt the same way about turning 30 but that things worked out for her, and to stay the course and keep the faith.

That’s a little more like it.

Eff me with a dildo!

F-ck me with a dildo if that’s what you think.

F-ck me with a dildo if that’s what you think.

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Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: Did Scott Go to Rehab?


Duchess Kate wants reporters to follow a dress code she has never adhered to


There are a bunch of new stories about Prince William, Duchess Kate and the other royals from the past few days, but this post is just for Will & Kate! I think I’ll probably do another royal post on Monday, or maybe even Tuesday. First up in this royal round-up: William and Kate finally hired a PR person. Like, a real person with real-world experience in crisis management and public relations. Considering the last guy left very quickly after he came in, and given the more frequent reports of William’s constant bitchery, I’ve got to wonder how long this new guy is going to last. Plus, the new guy is an American!! OH NOES. The Yanks are invading the royal press office! Anyway, the guy’s name is Jason Knauf and he previously worked for RBS and the New Zealand government. You can read more about him here – his CV doesn’t seem all that impressive, but it also sounds like being in charge of media relations at RBS was akin to being captain of the Titanic. I say Knauf lasts less than a year.

Knauf’s first duty seems to be preparing the colonies for the invasion of William and Kate. Last week, the monarchy’s website sent out a reminder to all journalists covering Will and Kate: reporters much adhere to a “dress code.” The dress code seems relatively simple for professional people – no jeans or sneakers, men must wear a jacket and tie and women must wear pants or a skirt suit. What’s funny (to me at least) is that kind of simple, professional dress code is something Kate has never been able to adhere to. She is constantly wearing the wrong outfits for dress-code specific events, nevermind all of her “Marilyn Moments.” And if we see her in jeggings during a public event one more time, I think the journalists should revolt. Why would Kate be allowed to wear painted-on jeggings and a member of the press can’t wear comfortable sneakers?

Also on Knauf’s to-do list: trying to make Will and Kate seem like they actually spend time together and like they have a completely normal, romantic marriage. People Magazine managed to get this little story in:

When British florist Paula Pryke received her Order of the British Empire from Prince William last week, he confessed his love for pretty blooms – and how much he enjoyed treating his wife Kate to beautiful flowers.

“He told me that he liked buying flowers for Kate and how much she loved flowers,” Pryke tells PEOPLE from her base in London’s New Covent Garden Market.

Of course, it’s not the first time William has shown his romantic side. Just seven months after Prince George was born, he whisked Kate off for a luxurious week-long stay at an exclusive resort in the Maldives. And let’s not forget that in true princely style, he carried his mom Princess Diana’s engagement ring in his backpack all the way to Africa to propose to Kate back in 2010.

Pryke, who has worked with the royal family as well as numerous celebrities during her 30-year career, says receiving her award from William on Friday was “very exciting.”

[From People]

William buys flowers for Kate? Er? Okay. I mean, no shade. I like getting flowers too and it’s a simple, lovely gesture. But it does seem like a little piece of royal propaganda. Look, they’re so normal!

Last thing – Jack Whitehall is a young British comedian and he performed at the Variety Show, the same one that Will and Kate attended. During his set, Whitehall joked about how he went to school with Kate (although Jack is several years younger than Kate) and how she was “the one who got away” and he had a “crush” on her at school. Apparently, William came up to him later and joked about how Whitehall was “flirting with my missus.” Whitehall told Graham Norton: “William came over and he was very funny, he was very nice but very passive aggressive [and said] ‘Oh, so you were flirting with my missus? Oh no that was very funny!’” LOL, describing William as passive-aggressive… amazing.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.


Duchess Kate wants reporters to follow a dress code she has never adhered to


Michelle Hurd: Law & Order Actress Accuses Bill Cosby of Sexual Abuse

Yet another woman has come forward alleging that she was sexually abused by comedy legend Bill Cosby, thus bringing the total number of accusers to 18.

Hurd made the accusation in a lengthy post on her Facebook page:

  • Bill Cosby Image
  • Michelle Hurd Photo

“I wasn’t going to say anything,” Hurd writes. “But I can’t believe some of the things I’ve been reading, so here is my personal experience.”

“I did stand-in work on The Cosby Show back in the day and YES, Bill Cosby was VERY inappropriate with me.”

Hurd goes on to describe how Cosby touched her inappropriately, invited her into his dressing room, and asked her to shower at his house.

“I dodged the ultimate bullet with him when he asked me to come to his house, take a shower so we could blow dry my hair and see what it looked like straightened,” Hurd writes.

“At that point my own red flags went off and I told him, ‘No, I’ll just come to work tomorrow with my hair straightened.'”

She adds that he instructed her, “‘NEVER tell anyone what we do together.'”

Hurd claims that another actress on the show was drugged while visiting Cosby’s house.

Hurd’s story comes on the heels of similar accusations made by Carla Ferrigno and Terese Serignese on Friday.

Cosby has denied the allegations through his attorney.

Stare at the Sweater

Thanks a lot, Internet users. Now we’ll never be able to watch The Cosby Show the same way ever again!

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Michelle Hurd: Law & Order Actress Accuses Bill Cosby of Sexual Abuse


Kendall Jenner Compares Herself to Hannah Montana: Find Out Why!

Kendall Jenner is featured in a national publication this week.

Unlike half-sister Kim Kardashian, however, she is fully clothed and balancing nary a single champagne bottle on her rear end.

Instead, the impressive 19-year old is profiled by The New York Times, which spoke to members of her team and executives at Estée Lauder about what has helped Kendall succeed in the competitive world of professional modeling.

Sheer Kendall Jenner

“I think what’s so exciting about her is that she has this social media influence along with a fashion credibility in a distinct way that speaks to millennials,” says Jane Hertzmark Hudis, the global brand president of Estée Lauder.

Kendall, of course, recently signed on as the Estée Lauder spokesperson.

Added Jenner upon earning this new gig:

“I just want to be the best me I can be. So having the power that social media does, I think just seeing how many people care about you and seeing how many people want to watch what you’re doing, it just makes you really want to do the best you can do.”

Kendall also talked to The New York Times about how she balances life as a reality star on a ridiculous E! program and how she walks the runway for established fashion companies.

“It’s definitely two different worlds,” she says. “I feel like Hannah Montana. But it’s fun.”

We wonder how Miley Cyrus feels about that comparison.

Kendall Jenner: Naked and Smoking

Kendall Jenner is smoking in this picture. In more ways than one! She was 18 years old at the time it was taken.

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Kendall Jenner Compares Herself to Hannah Montana: Find Out Why!


Jennifer Aniston on Kim Kardashian Butt Cover: I Bared Mine First!

With the universe still abuzz over the controversial Kim Kardashian nude photos that grace the latest issue of Paper Magazine, Jennifer Aniston would like to butt in for a moment.

Speaking to Extra at the Hollywood premiere of Horrible Bosses 2, the actress had a message to send to the reality star:

I bared my butt first!

Call Me!

Don’t worry, Jennifer Aniston. Following this spread in GQ, you’ll be receiving non-stop calls from men around the world.

Indeed, few will ever forget Aniston’s iconic Rolling Stone cover in 1996, which hit newsstands nearly 20 years before Kim bared all as some kind of gift to herself.

“I was an original,” Jennifer Aniston told Extra, comparing her picture to that of Kim’s and adding:

“[Mine] was just innocent, there’s nothing aggressive about that… Sorry, Kim.”

For those who have forgotten, here’s your scorching hot look at the Jennifer Aniston nude photo in question:

Jennifer Aniston Rolling Stone Cover

Aniston, meanwhile, can relate to Kim Kardashian in another way aside from just taking her clothes off on the front of a national magazine.

While we’ve counted about 59 crazy Kardashian tabloid stories over the years, Aniston, her love life and her womb aren’t that far behind in the outlandish reporting department.

See what we mean here:

Jennifer Aniston: A Baby at LAST!

Jennifer Aniston is having a baby at last! OMG! It’s finally happening!!!!

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Jennifer Aniston on Kim Kardashian Butt Cover: I Bared Mine First!