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This Baby Looks Just Like John Legend!

Think this well-known Satanist looks a lot like Taylor Swift?

You, THGers, ain’t seen anything yet.

A Twitter user with the handle “@_rahellla” has posted a photo of her nephew Caden to Twitter because he looks just like John Legend. Seriously. Just like John Legend.

So much so that he could probably get Chrissy Teigen to sleep with him tomorrow if he wanted. See for yourself:

Word of this uncanny resemblance reached the 35-year old singer himself, prompting Legend to pose his own baby photo on Instagram.

Here it is:

We don’t know. We think Caden looks more like adult

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Human Barbie: No Makeup at the Gym!

Even Valeria Lukyanova has to hit the gym sometimes. Human Barbie took a break from her workout to post a bare-faced selfie from there on Facebook today:

Showcasing her tiny waist in a black sports bra and matching workout pants, the 28-year-old still rocked her signature Barbie contacts and hair extensions:

Valeria Lukyanova’s story first went viral after the web caught on to her style and insane body. She has become even more of an Internet phenomenon since.

She swears she really isn’t different from anyone who utilizes cosmetics and cosmetic procedures, though (she and Justin

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“Taylor Swift brings spring to NYC with a pretty floral dress” links

Taylor Swift wore a pretty springtime outfit to shop in NYC. [Moe Jackson] Drake lint rolled his pants at the Raptors game. LOL. [LaineyGossip] Ladies, please stop making babies with Pete Doherty. [Dlisted] Whatever happened to Alison Lohman? She vanished. [Pajiba] Ariana Grande wore this outfit to the White House egg hunt. [Go Fug Yourself] President Obama met with Washington mudslide survivors. [Buzzfeed] Sarah Jessica Parker enjoyed her leather pants. [Celebrity Baby Scoop] Rihanna celebrated 4/20 in grand style (as always). [A Socialite Life] Josh Hartnett warns fellow actors not to

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Lupita Nyong’o is People Mag’s 2014 Most Beautiful Person: good choice?

Lupita Nyong’o is our new Most Beautiful Person in the World!! People Magazine has declared her the 2014 Most Beautiful. Does this make you happy? It makes me happy… and nervous. Let’s be happy for a moment though: Lupita is the first African woman to ever be named Most Beautiful. She actually IS gorgeous and fresh and amazing. She’s having a really good year and people are really rooting for her. Now, the nervous: will this be used against her if and when there’s a backlash?

She may have won an Oscar for her role as the slave Patsey in Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave and recently

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Emma Stone gently calls out Andrew Garfield for his sexist gender stereotypes

This video is a couple of days old, but it’s worth discussing because of the way Emma Stone handles a bizarre gender-stereotyping session by her boyfriend, Andrew Garfield. Andrew, Emma and Jamie Foxx have been making the promotional rounds all over America and Europe for a few weeks, and one of those events was a Yahoo-sponsored screening and Q&A session with Jamie, Andrew and Emma. When a little boy asked Andrew a question about Spiderman’s costume and how it was made, Andrew tells the boy that Peter Parker made the costume by sewing it himself. Except Andrew went sort of off-message,

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Duchess Kate in pale pink McQueen in Adelaide: gorgeous or boring?

While I don’t believe Sarah Burton is really following in the late, great Alexander McQueen’s design footsteps, I have to give Burton some begrudging credit: the bespoke pieces Burton and her team have created for Duchess Kate lately have been “bang on” as they say. Today in Adelaide, Australia, Kate wore her third McQueen ensemble of the trip (you can see her previous McQueen ensembles: the dove grey suit for Easter and the blue coat dress last week). This ensemble might have been off the rack, only I think Burton made it especially in pale pink for Kate. Since becoming a married lady,

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Beyonce & Jay-Z won’t attend Kimye wedding, will give them £100K yacht rental

Do you ever feel sorry for Kanye West? I do. A little bit. Granted, I’ll never feel as much sympathy for Yeezington as he feels for himself, but I do think Yeezington has misjudged the reaction to his fiancee, Kim Kardashian. To Yeezus, Kim is the sun, the earth, the moon and the stars. To everyone else, she’s just some C-list reality star whose fame got propped up to B-list when she got with Kanye. This goes with Kanye’s BFFs Jay-Z and Beyonce too. Before Kim, Bey and Jay treated Yeezus like he was family. Nowadays… not so much. I get the feeling they still love Kanye, but they

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Nicki Minaj’s hairstylist insists she’s done with wigs: ‘She’s wearing her real hair’

When Nicki Minaj revealed her new, stunning makeunder at the MTV Movie Awards two weekends ago, I breezily wrote something about how she got a great wig. This wasn’t a racial comment to me, but merely an assumption on my part considering Nicki Minaj has worn wigs (often really crazy, obvious wigs) throughout her career, for nearly every public appearance. As I’ve said in the past, it’s almost like she was trying to be a cartoon, or a version of Lady Gaga (another woman who loves cheap-looking wiglets), complete with crappy makeup and outrageous costumes. Anyway, as it turns out, Nicki is

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Tom Hardy looks especially small in London: would you hit it or feed it?

Ever since I read a description of what Tom Hardy really looks like in a Wall Street Journal profile last week, I can’t stop thinking about how small he is in real life. Apparently, he’s barely 5’10” and when he’s not consciously bulking up for a role, his weight is probably around 160 lbs. But he carries himself like a bigger dude. Until you look closer. Which is what I’m doing now – these are photos of Tom in London yesterday. All of a sudden, he looks so small! He’s thinned out a lot in the past year. He’s also still doing the clean shaven thing, which isn’t bad. I still prefer

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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard visited an esoteric bookshop for her birthday

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are still in NYC. She’s filming a movie there, but he’s in town for her 28th birthday festivities. These photos might be overkill after yesterday’s weird bandana outing, but I’m still watching. Maybe they were also celebrating Amber’s inclusion on People’s Most Beautiful list. I think Amber is stunning (and knock-out gorgeous with the right styling), but seeing her on that list is surprising. I’m just saying that she’s been in movies for a decade, and she’s always been this beautiful. She should have hit the list before this year.

Johnny’s still wearing his ratty

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