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Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers: Why Aren’t They Divorced?!

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers married in late 2012, but have been apart almost the entire time since. She is pregnant with another man’s baby.

Why don’t these two just get divorced already?

Turns out they can’t, under North Carolina law, until later this month. A YEAR of legal separation is required before any divorce can be finalized.

It has been almost a year to the day since Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers got busted for possession of heroin, which marked their de facto split.

They had broken up and she had an abortion terminating the couple’s pregnancy prior to

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Parents Television Council Slams CNN, Kathy Griffin for Faux Job

Okay, Parents Television Council, you may have a point this time.

Following CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, during which Kathy Griffen feigned oral sex on Anderson Cooper, the organization has come out with harsh words for the comedian and network.

Kathy Griffin Fakes Oral Sex on Anderson Cooper

Griffin “has shown increasing contempt for the audience,” PTC President Tim Winter said in a statement, adding that “the onus is now on CNN….

“Either the network has a policy that allows its on-air talent to fondle a co-anchor’s genitals, or it has a policy that forbids such

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Alison Pill: Topless on Twitter!

Alison Pill stars as Maggie on The Newsroom.

But in a newly-released Twitter photo, the actress is making a pitch to be featured in a different show: The Nude Room!

Pill, who is engaged to actor Jay Baruchel, gave fans a look this week at what her fiance gets to see every night. Why? It’s unclear – and unimportant! Naked boobs, fellas! Of someone famous!

Follow the jump to see what we mean…

UPDATE: Yes, this really happened. Pill has since deleted the picture and admitted it’s of her, Tweeting:

 “Yep. That picture happened. Ugh. My tech issues have now reached new heights, apparently.

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Jeffrey Ross on James Holmes Roast Joke: Not Really Sorry

During the taping of Comedy Central’s roast of Roseanne Barr Sunday, Jeffrey Ross turned to Seth Greene and congratulated him on a “really big night.” Why?

“You haven’t gotten this much attention since you shot all those people in Aurora,” the comedian joked in reference to alleged killer James Holmes, adding:

“I’m kidding! You’re nothing like James Holmes. At least he’s doing something in a movie theater that people remember.”

Yeah. How did he respond to the obvious backlash?

Ross admitted that “Yes, I crossed a line” but that this is “what the roasts are all about. That’s what Roseanne

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Bristol Palin’s reality show bombs; says she’ll wait until marriage to have sex (again)

We’ve heard that Bristol Palin’s reality show is just awful and not even on par with the very low bar set by other family reality shows. The numbers are in for the show’s debut and they very much reflect that. The premiere of “Life’s a Tripp” only had about 726,000 total viewers, which is less than half the debut number for Roseanne Barr’s one-off reality show, “Roseanne’s Nuts,” according to Deadline. I’d like to point out that Kirstie Alley’s reality show, “Kirstie Alley’s Big Life” also got double those ratings with a 1.4 million premiere. So Bristol’s show is not long for this world,

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Afternoon Links With Eva Longoria

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s babies celebrate their first birthday in Paris. (Celebrity Babies – People)

Beyonce says she didn’t feel beautiful while giving birth, but who does? (Celebitchy)

I thought she was broke? Octomom spends $500 at her gym. (Fit Celeb)

Levi Johnston plans on naming his daughter after one of his guns. (Celebuzz)

Zac Efron looking rugged on the set of “The Lucky One.” (Caught on Set)

The Great Escape: Louis Bardo Bullock makes a getaway. (Bossip)

Photos via FameFlynet

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Bristol Palin Upset Over Levi Johnston’s Baby News

It looks like Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol Palin is none too pleased with her ex-boyfriend’s baby news. Her baby daddy, Levi Johnston, announced last week that he is expecting another child with his new girlfriend and according to Bristol, she doesn’t think this is a good idea.

Here’s what Bristol tells In Touch Weekly:

“I’m upset about it. He’s seen Tripp twice in the past four months. He once went an entire year without seeing him at all.”

And despite the unemployed 21-year-old’s claims that the Palin family — including Bristol’s mother, former vice presidential candidate Sarah —

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THG Week in Review: April 1-7, 2012

Welcome to THG’s Week in Review! Below, our staffers look back at the stories, stars and scandals that made the last seven days some of the craziest ALL MONTH.

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Now, a rundown of the week that was at The Hollywood Gossip:

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Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 7: Coming in May!

In a word, Khloe Kardashian? No.

This reality star has released the first promo for new episodes of her family’s E! reality show – returning at a new time this May on Sunday nights! – and included the following question on her blog, along with the video: Can you believe it’s Season 7 already?!

No. We truly cannot.

Not a whole lot is revealed in the quick teaser, as producers likely are rushing to add in footage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. But, don’t worry, folks, Khloe promises plenty of sneak peeks to come before the premiere. Thank goodness!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

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LeAnn Rimes to Pen Tell-All Book?

LeAnn Rimes, country star and wife of Eddie Cibrian, is reportedly mulling a tell-all book in which she speaks candidly about romance, marriage and divorce.

The 29-year-old has been a celebrity gossip staple since her affair with now-husband Eddie Cibrian – a tryst that broke up both of their marriages at the time.

Rimes and Cibrian first fell in love in 2009 on the set of the Lifetime’s Northern Lights. After a scrutinized courtship, LeAnn and Eddie married last April.

Rimes’ rep is “putting out feelers” to find the right person to help write her autobiography and “tell LeAnn’s side of

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