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Sonja Morgan: Broke and Homeless!

The Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan, is broke. She’s also basically homeless since she’s renting her Upper East Side townhome to the tune of $25,000 a month to make ends meet.

And that $25,000 a month?

Yeah, that only covers the property taxes on the home and doesn’t even make a dent in the millions the former wife of heir to J.P. Morgan supposedly owes the government.

While scenes for RHONY are being shot in the apartment, Sonja’s “interns” seem to be the ones who actually live there.

The five-story, five-bedroom home, which contains a gym, sauna, and

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The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 1 Recap: Meet Shannon Beador!

The ladies of the OC are back on our televisions as The Real Housewives of Orange County season 9 kicked off last night. Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Barney-Judge, and Heather Dubrow are joined this season by new housewives Shannon Beador and Lizzie Rovsek.

Shannon is obsessed with all things “green” to the point that I propose a new drinking game for future episodes: take a shot every time Shannon says the word “organic.”

As for Heather and the other ladies? It’s been quite the off-season. Take a look at these photos from the premiere and keep reading for the recap.

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Chris Brown to Remain in Jail For a MONTH, Possibly Longer

Jailed after getting kicked out of a second rehab center in four months, Chris Brown will likely spend the next month behind bars, and possibly a lot longer.

Chris Brown was jailed Friday after getting thrown out of the Malibu rehab facility where he’s been living for nearly four months, per judge’s orders.

It’s still unclear why he got the boot from the rehab center, but TMZ reports it was not related to drug abuse or violence. In any case, he was told to get out.

And go directly to jail.

By virtue of getting arrested for assault in D.C. last

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Casey Anthony Lawyers Appealing Probation Ruling, Still Fighting Return to Florida

Casey Anthony’s lawyers are fighting her court-ordered return to Florida.

Judge Belvin Perry ruled last week that that Casey must serve out her probation for a check fraud conviction right now, in her native state of Florida.

Anthony’s legal team believes she effectively served it while she sat in jail during her murder trial, and appealed the judge’s order for her to return.

If they lose the appeal, Casey will have to return to Florida in 11 days.

Anthony was given a year’s probation in her 2010 check fraud case, and the judge who sentenced her said in court that the time Casey spent in

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Shawn Johnson’s heavily armed stalker enters insanity plea

[HMG] – In a disturbing case that shows the potential downside of celebrity, the man accused of stalking Olympic athlete and Dancing with the Stars alumnus Shawn Johnson pleaded insanity in court today.

36-year old Robert O’Ryan of Florida sat quietly in a Los Angeles court room as state Prosecutor, Wendy Segall told the court Robert had an obsessive plot to marry the 18-year old Olympic gymnast which lead him to drive from Florida to L.A. in March of last year just to meet her.

In his car at the time were a handgun, a shotgun, a knife and a club. Plus duct tape, plastic ties and a

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Prosesuctors Seeking Murder Charge Against Bruce Beresford-Redman But it’s Goona Take a While

Bruce and Monica Beresford-Redman (Personal Photo)

(HMG) – Bruce Beresford-Redman’s lawyer says the Mexican prosecutors dealing with the case want to bring a charge of  ‘first degree murder’ against his client. Monica’s body was found beaten and strangled April 8 in a sewer at the Moon Palace Hotel resort, where the couple and their children were vacationing. Bruce, a former “Survivor” producer, has been considered a suspect by Mexican investigators but has not been charged with a crime.  Prosecutors are expected to make their move by Monday evening, says Attorney Jaime Cancino. Under

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Lindsay Lohan, Ankle Monitor Go Bar Hopping

Just because she has a SCRAM bracelet strapped to her ankle doesn’t mean Lindsay Lohan intends to scram from bars. Hey, clubbing isn’t a probation violation!

In what appears to be the worst decision ever, the train wreck threw herself back into the thick of temptation last night, bar hopping through Hollywood until 2.

Lindsay Lohan was not seen with an alcoholic beverage, and it appears the SCRAM did not go off … unless she found a clever way to defeat the ankle bracelet.

She’s tampered with them in the past … because she’s had to wear an ankle monitor in the past, natch. Linds’ night of

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Judge to Lindsay Lohan: SCRAM, Baby!

Looks like Lindsay Lohan is going back to her ankle monitor roots!

The train wreck had good reason to be scared of court today, as she was ordered to refrain from drinking or drugs, no excuses. If she drinks or does drugs? Jail time.

Judge Marsha Revel laid down the law in Beverly Hills court, instructing Lindsay that to remain free on bail, she can’t drink alcohol and must wear a SCRAM device.

In addition to the SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) bracelet, she must submit to random drug testa and attend all alcohol education classes.

She has to actually show up once a

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Lindsay Lohan Wakes Up, Satisfies Cravings Fast

Friends say Lindsay Lohan may not be able to comply with a court order to stay away from drugs and alcohol. As in, Linds may not be physically capable.

When the train wreck shows up in court tomorrow, Judge Marsha Revel will almost certainly lay the smack down, telling her to cut out drugs and alcohol.

Period. Legally.

Judge Marsha Revel talked Thursday about the conditions of her bail – refraining from consuming alcohol, wearing a SCRAM bracelet to monitor alcohol consumption, and submitting to random drug testing at least once a week.

A friend says that’s a joke: “She can’t make it

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Lindsay Lohan Posts Bail, Avoids Arrest, Accuses Michael Lohan of Passport Theft

Lindsay Lohan has posted bail in her DUI probation violation case, plunking down a fat $10,000 and will subsequently not be arrested, according to reports.

The star’s bail had been set at $100,000, but when Lohan’s people dropped the standard 10 percent, the judge then recalled the warrant for Lohan’s arrest.

Lindsay and her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, will be in court Monday at 8:30. Judge Marsha Revel will then set a date for a probation violation hearing.

The judge believes there is probable cause to believe Lindsay violated the terms of her probation by failing to complete alcohol

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