Children of Michael Jackson: Happy!

Michael Jackson must be smiling from above.

Two years after his death, his once-veiled children Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket, 9, are facing the world and adjusting to their new life with flying colors.

“They are really happy kids now,” a source says.

MJ Kids

Paris, Blanket, Prince and some other person we don’t know.

Monday, they made a public appearance with their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and aunt, Latoya Jackson, at a ceremony to donate some of MJ’s artwork.

They were also spotted at Six Flags Magic Mountain last week with their cousins, Jermajesty and Jaafar, plus Prince Michael Jackson’s girlfriend Niki (sp?).

As summer winds down, the Jacksons – like any kids – will focus on school.

“Prince and Paris are going back to [private school] this year. They love the social aspect of it,” says the source of the long home-schooled kids.

Blanket, on the other hand, will stay home to receive his education, at least for now: “He’s still very, very shy. He’s still home-schooled.”

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Children of Michael Jackson: Happy!


Jamie Jungers Arrested For DUI

Jamie Jungers, one of the 18 holes Tiger Woods scored so well on in the years leading up to Thanksgiving 2009, was busted early Friday for DUI.

Law enforcement sources say Jungers was involved in a car accident in Las Vegas, on the corner of Tropicana and Lindell, not too far off the strip.

Police arrested Jamie Jungers for driving on a suspended registration, having no proof of insurance, and driving under the influence. Bad combo.

The Lovely Jamie JungersJungers in Action

Always a class act.

The DUI was for alcohol, though it is unclear what her BAC was. She was taken into custody but has since posted bond and been released.

Jungers is also known for triumphing in Howard Stern’s Mistress Beauty Pageant back in March 2010. That’s a nice resume-builder for sure.

All of this begs the age-old question …

Which of Tiger’s mistresses do you think is the hottest?

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Jamie Jungers Arrested For DUI


"Forever Michael" Jackson Tribute Not Really Official

The anniversary of Michael Jackson’s tragic death is right around the corner, and for $150 a ticket, you can pay tribute to him at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Just one problem: The event is not sanctioned by his estate.

Forever Michael” is being thrown, allegedly, by The Jackson Family Foundation and Sounds official, right? Especially with Joe and Katherine Jackson in attendance, along with MJ’s children Paris, Prince and Blanket? How awesome.

Except for the fact that Katherine and Jackson’s kids won’t even be in town on the day of the event, let alone on hand. So … what the heck is going on here?

MJ Goes to Court

Michael Jackson passed away last June 25.

According to the VoicePlate site, “A portion of the proceeds for this event will be presented to some of Michael Jackson’s favorite charities at the event.”

As for what portion goes to charity and where the rest goes … founder Joseph Fahmy wouldn’t say, although he did say he just hopes to break even.

It’s all news to the Michael Jackson estate. Howard Weitzman, its lawyer, says “No one contacted the Estate to see whether or not they would approve, participate in, or allow the use of Michael’s name, likeness, image or intellectual property.”

That doesn’t sound good. Sounds like someone’s trying to take advantage of the icon. MJ fans may have a new target instead of Jason Pfeiffer.

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"Forever Michael" Jackson Tribute Not Really Official