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Jared Leto on living in the South: ‘We escaped early on… it’s very oppressive’

Jared Leto and his brother Shannon cover the new issue of FourTwoNine Magazine, which I have never seen nor heard of, but here you are. I’m really not into either brother, but I do prefer Jared to Shannon. Shannon has the eyes of a creepster. I was going to ignore this, but I read some quotes from the interview and Jared’s post-Oscar holiday from criticism is short-lived.

Jared Leto is once again proving how friggin’ cool he is. In the new issue of FourTwoNine magazine, the Dallas Buyers Club Oscar winner says he doesn’t mind if you called him “queer.”

When the mag’s editor-in-chief

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Emma Watson won’t ‘date people who are famous,’ complains about dating civilians

Emma Watson covers the April (??) issue of Elle Australia. So far, we’ve only got the cover. Which is pretty. I’d like to see the full shoot, but I guess I’ll have to wait. This Elle interview is the same one where Emma was talking about looking forward to aging. More quotes have been released and Emma sounds… well, the yoga thing is somewhat interesting. Some highlights:

Emma on her dating rules: “I don’t date people who are famous,” she said, before adding that she also hates the downsides to dating non-famous people. “I don’t think it’s fair that, all of a sudden, intimate details

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Prince Harry took Cressida Bonas on a skiing holiday at a Kazakhstan chalet

Well well well. Looks like Prince William and Duchess Kate aren’t the only ones who like to jet off for romantic holidays for no real reason. Prince Harry has scooped up his official girlfriend Cressida Bonas and taken her away from the trauma of a 9-to-5 job so that they could have a nice little ski holiday in… Kazakhstan? Seriously.

Prince Harry took girlfriend Cressida Bonas on a skiing trip in Kazakhstan. Our favourite royal was after treating his gal to a romantic break, but instead of opting for tropical Aruba or sightseeing in Paris, he took her to the home of Borat AKA

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2014 Grammys recap: Beyonce’s surfboard, gold sippy cups & more

This is just a general Grammys post, we’ll be talking about some of the bigger names and notable performances in individual posts, including a lot of fashion stuff. You can see the list of this year’s Grammy winners here – there weren’t that many awards handed out during the telecast, so you might have missed some of the major wins. Daft Punk, Lorde & Macklemore were the biggest winners of the night. Some highlights from the actual Grammys telecast (I’ll add some videos where possible, but some of these videos might be pulled):

*Beyonce & Jay-Z were all over the Grammys. The Grammys

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Taylor Swift in Zuhair Murad at the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party: best-dressed?

Here are some photos from last night’s annual Clive Davis pre-Grammy party. This year, Clive got a decent blend of old-school talents and the younger crowd. The Grammys feel a bit weird this year… almost like they’re actively trying to tone down the more controversial people and like they’re trying to award the more original talents? Maybe that’s just a pipe dream though. Anyway, let’s talk about fashion. Taylor Swift was one of the biggest names at Clive’s party – she wore this Zuhair Murad which I’m almost positive we’ve seen in gown-form on Jennifer Lopez in the past. Murad is an

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Benedict Cumberbatch loves & adores Matt Damon: ‘He’s a huge hero of mine’

I cannot even begin to tell you the flurry of sighs, squeals and starter slash-fiction this Benedict Cumberbatch interview just provided amongst me, CB and Bedhead. Cumby gave a phone interview to Vulture about his Emmy nomination for Parade’s End. You can really feel his excitement about the nomination, and really, he’s just the most adorable chatterbox in general. But then he just goes full-on fan-boy about Matt Damon (they’re up against each other in the same Emmy category), and even CB approves. Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUMBY. He turns 37 years old today. Here are some lovely

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Jessica Simpson gave Eric Johnson a $42,000 push present after she gave birth

I’ve spent a lot of time hatin’ on Jessica Simpson’s fiancé Eric Johnson. To be fair, Eric really doesn’t DO that much. He plays golf. He takes Jessica out to eat. He keeps getting her pregnant. He tries to breathe through his mouth when she drops one of her nuclear farts. Rinse and repeat. But I have come around on Eric slightly. Jessica seems very happy with him, he seems like a hands-on father and he does seem to genuinely love Jessica (and her bank account). Perhaps it’s possible that Jessica and Eric are perfect complements to each other? Perhaps. I think it helps that

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Halle Berry shows off her new wedding ring at LAX: pretty or not cute at all?

Well, we can all have a collective sigh of relief. Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez did not keep Nahla in France for very long, because these are photos of Halle and Olivier arriving back in LA with Nahla. Which is good news. Gabriel Aubry must have given Halle permission to take Nahla out of the country for the wedding and that’s it. Also good news? The paparazzi didn’t swarm Halle, Olivier and Nahla as much as they usually do, so there wasn’t some huge catastrophe when they arrived at LAX.

Meanwhile, Halle is still carrying beautifully, and she is “glowing”. I think that’s a cheap

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Beyonce posts more pics of Blue Ivy on vacation, is Bey scrapping her new album?

Here are some photos of Beyonce and Blue Ivy from Bey’s Tumblr. These are Beyonce-approved photos of Beyonce, provided by Beyonce and that’s just fine with me. I always find it interesting – and perhaps more revealing than she ever intends – to see which photos of herself Beyonce chooses to show the world. Beyonce doesn’t want to be a meme. She doesn’t want you to see her looking anything other than beautiful. But she has no problems posting photos of herself without any makeup, with her hair a mess and looking low-key. I guess Beyonce is confident that she’s still really pretty

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Henry Cavill & Kaley Cuoco have already broken up, it’s super-sad

Oh, this is so delicious it MUST be fattening. It seems that our new favorite couple is already OVER. Can you believe that? Just as I was looking forward to a summer romance stretching into a fall engagement with lots and lots of awkward, dorky, coffee-heavy photo-ops, all hopes are dashed. Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco are OVER!! It’s legit too, both E! News and People Magazine are reporting this mess:

Cue the big breakup theories. Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill have split up, a source confirms exclusively to E! News.

The attractive pair had only been outed as a couple barely two weeks

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