Chet Haze: Tom Hanks’ Rapper Son Checks Into Rehab For Cocaine Addiction

Chet Haze is an aspiring hardcore rapper who also happens to be the son of beloved Hollywood icon Tom Hanks.

We’ll give you a moment to try and make sense of that.

Over the summer, we learned that Chet was “out of control” and a “huge embarrassment” to his family. We naturally assumed this had to do with his chosen career of writing odes to booties and blunts, but it turns out there was a darker side to the story.

In a Facebook status update posted earlier this week, Chet revealed that he recently completed a lengthy rehab stint.

“I’ve been struggling with substance abuse since I was 16 years old,” Haze writes. “Finally at the age of 24 I decided to get some help.”

“With 50 days of sobriety under my belt, I can honestly say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been…I’ve been blessed with the programs of AA and NA which allow me to rise above this disease…Thank you for all the love and support. GOD IS REAL!!!”

Friends say haze began to lose control of his life several months ago when he graduated from marijuana to cocaine.

“Chet developed a problem with cocaine this year,” says one source. “He always a big pot smoker, but I never thought he’d go in that direction.”

We’d like to congratulate Mr. Haze on getting sober…even if it means he’ll now be better able to focus on his rap career.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has been to a rehab six times. She completed a mandatory 90-day stint in the summer of 2013.

Chet Haze: Tom Hanks’ Rapper Son Checks Into Rehab For Cocaine Addiction


Justin Bieber: So PISSED at Selena Gomez For Exploiting Him in AMA Performance!

Sunday night’s powerful, heart-wrenching Selena Gomez American Music Awards performance made a lot of headlines and impressed many people with its raw emotion.

Justin Bieber was not one of those people, however.

Millions of viewers watched her emote so hard, with Selena Gomez crying over Justin Bieber as she crooned through “The Heart Wants What It Wants.”

The man-boy who inspired her new single was far from thrilled, believing his 20-time former girlfriend was “exploiting their relationship” with these theatrics.

“Justin thinks Selena was being so dramatic on stage and making it seem like he’s the heartbreaker in all of this,” an insider says of her AMA performance.

“At first he wanted to go to the show but then his team convinced him not to go because they said he would look like a fool,” the source goes on.

“Every time he gets too preoccupied with Selena, [he turns to religion]. He has not even reached out to Selena yet to congratulate her on her performance.”

“Instead he went to New York to listen to a popular preacher.”

Ouch. Selena has always been there for him in his darkest hours, so getting shunned by Justin after such a big event has to hurt, right? One would think.

Not that he cares, at least according to this inside source:

Selena Gomez Straddles Justing Bieber

Selena Gomez assumes the position in Justin Bieber’s new Instagram video.

“Justin’s team and Pastor Carl Lenz convinced him to skip the American Music Awards and spend time at Hillsong Church in New York City instead.”

“He’s been reminded to spread the gospel rather than dwell in the trappings of Hollywood,” the source said, apparently likening Selena Gomez to a “trapping.”

Maybe not too inaccurate. But just wait until he gets Selena Gomez pregnant one of these years. Then he’ll really know what being trapped is all about.

Until then, we expect the pop star to alternate between spreading the gospel and Selena’s legs on a monthly basis. Seems to be a recurring pattern.

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Justin Bieber: So PISSED at Selena Gomez For Exploiting Him in AMA Performance!


Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Jax Taylor NOSE How to Be a Douche

On Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 4, Jax got a nose job because he’s Jax, while Tom Schwartz found himself in a panic after an incident at the PUMP.

Meanwhile, Stassi tried to reconnect with the SUR crew at a party in Hollywood, but thanks to Scheana and Kristen, the reception was less than welcoming.

When Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 4 got underway, Schwartz lasted about 25 minutes in the job he lobbied for years to get with Lisa’s empire.

During his first shift at PUMP, Tom had a panic attack when a crush of customers swarmed in. He panicked about not knowing how to set up tabs, etc.

Dude up and left on the spot. It was pretty pathetic.

The most surprising (and warranted) scene when you watch Vanderpump Rules online this week is Katie, not Lisa, giving him the third degree after this.

Sure, Lisa was let down, but she can just fire him.

For Katie, this was incredibly disappointing, as it cast major doubt on Tom’s ability to handle anything in life. What kind of long term partner is a guy like this?

Making matters worse for Schwartz? His colleague. Katie wonders why her man can’t conduct himself more like a British dude who takes Beamer selfies.

We’re not even kidding, and she has a point.

At least when James Kennedy gets fired for being a douche, he pens a hand-written letter to the boss, then shows up more than once to beg for his job back!

Lisa did re-hire James, if only because she was in a good mood at the time and they were short bus boys. How much damage could he really do there?

Tom, meanwhile, felt he couldn’t take stand the heat, so he quit PUMP for good, surrendering his pink shirts and everything. What a sad excuse for a man.

Likeable guy, but so sad to watch in a way.

Stassi Schroeder

Sassy Stassi is the resident wit on Vanderpump Rules. She’s basically a young Lisa V. in the making.

Speaking of painful men to watch on screen and may not actually be men, Jax Taylor got a nose job, which Stassi Schroeder says makes him a woman.

Jax spent most of the episode high on painkillers and acting incredibly pathetic, which was almost endearing in that his guard was totally down at least.

The drama came late in the night, at an OK! Magazine party, where the SUR staff attended and split off into two tables, a battle royale waiting to explode.

  1. Stassi, Katie, Peter, and Tom Schwartz sat together
  2. Scheana Marie, Shay, Ariana, Tom Sandoval, Kristen and James sat the another table, where Stassi was forced to go mingle for five minutes on a dare

Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up.

Apparently Scheana thought Stassi was being sincere, which was sad, but then Kristen Doute started asking Stassi about Jax and things just got uncomfortable.

Scheana eventually caught on, everybody started beefing until Stassi got flustered and pulled a Schwartz, peacing out with her posse (which included Schwartz).

Good times with the PUMPers.

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Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Jax Taylor NOSE How to Be a Douche


Euros of Hollywood Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: Playing Diplomat

With Thanksgiving right around the corner here in the good U. S. of A., Euros of Hollywood Season 1 Episode 4 made sure we gave thanks for some crazy drama.

Or something along those lines. Just go with it.

On the latest and greatest installment of Bravo’s newest reality series, Sascha tried to actually avoid drama – or so he claimed anyway – at his birthday party.

If nothing else, he sought to diffuse the situation between Fawni and Bleona so that there were no fisticuffs at what was supposed to be a fun shindig.

An admirable if challenging goal, Sascha.

Meanwhile, Massimo’s acting career (we use the term loosely) received the boost it badly needed (so maybe we won’t use the term as loosely going forward).

Also, Jannik butted heads with his girlfriend over a photo shoot, based on some of the subject matter involved. What was the specific issue at hand?

All you have to do is follow the link to watch Euros of Hollywood online and see for yourself what went down on Euros of Hollywood Season 1 Episode 4.

Buckle up, people, and get your Euro fix!

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Euros of Hollywood Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: Playing Diplomat


The Shawshank Redemption Cast: Where Are They Now?

Earlier this week, the cast of The Shawshank Redemption reunited in Hollywood for a 20th anniversary screening of the film.

A box office flop when it was first released in 1994, Shawshank has since earned its place on the short list of true modern cinematic classics.

Tim Robbins

The most recognizable Shawshank inmate at the time of the film’s release, Robbin’s performance as the wrongly-convicted Andy Dufresne has since become his signature role. In the years that followed he directed the acclaimed film Dead Man Walking, won an Academy Award for his performance in Mystic River, and established his place as one of Hollywood’s most versatile talents.

Life-affirming but never cloying; heart-wrenching without being manipulative, Shawshank is one of those rare films whose appeal transcends generational boundaries and the demographic niches that usually determine a film’s success.

No small feat for a film that features a murder and a rape scene in its first 20 minutes.

Yes, unlike other films that have survived as sentimental favorites, Shawshank is no family-friendly romp.

A tale of brutality and injustice of the highest order, Shawshank – like its protagonist in the film’s thrilling climax – takes the hard road to an unexpectedly satisfying conclusion.

In that sense, it’s a film that proves one of the most vital truths of storytelling – a happy ending is only as moving as the struggles that preceded it.

1994 was a banner year for American movies, with Forrest Gump and Pulp Fiction also vying for Academy Awards honors.  

And yet somehow despite the boomer-years nostalgia of Gump and the violently audacious thrills of Fiction, Shawshank might be the year’s most enduringly beloved offering.

And for a film that was widely dismissed by audiences twenty years ago, there can surely be no greater redemption.

Check out our update on Shawshank’s principal players in the gallery above.

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The Shawshank Redemption Cast: Where Are They Now?


Gia Giudice on Parents’ Impending Prison Sentence: We’ll Be Fine!

Gia Giudice has a message for anyone who wants to send a message of sympathy to her and her infamous family:

Thanks, but no thanks!

The 13-year old daughter of Teresa Giudice – who folks often see when they watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online – spoke to Access Hollywood about her parents’ impending prison sentences this week and sang a positive tune.

Two Giudices

“Obviously any news that is hurtful or horrible to hear is so upsetting,” Gia said. “But my family is probably one of the strongest families I know, so we’ll get through this. It’s gonna be fine. And when it’s over, we’re gonna be better than ever.”

It begins early next month when Teresa Giudice begins serving a 15-month jail term for multiple counts of financial fraud.

After she is set free, husband Joe Giudice will serve 41 months behind bars.

For now, Gia is focusing on her band 3KT, which she formed with friends Alexa Maetta, and Christianna Cardinale.

The threesome recently released their first music video back in October: a cover of Britney Spears’ “Circus” that included many skimpy outfits and risque choreography.

Did we mention that Gia Giudice is 13 years old?

“My parents think it’s fun,” Gia says of her music career. “My mom was there every step of the way. And when my dad saw it, he was like, ‘Nice, Gia.’ I just want to make them proud. That’s all that matters.”

If only Gia’s parents felt the same way in return. They are terrible human beings.

Table Flipping Fiend

Teresa Giudice is not gonna take any crap. Her table-flipping reputation will precede her in prison, thanks to The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 1.

Gia Giudice on Parents’ Impending Prison Sentence: We’ll Be Fine!


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 10 Recap: Who’s Gossip Girl?! Who’s PREGNANT?!

Monday night on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 10, romance took a back seat to gossip as the drama heated up between several couples.

The new episode found Nia dropping a bombshell that could impact her relationship with Soulja Boy forever, while Teairra exposed secrets about Ray J.

Ray J and Princess Love Photo

On Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 10, it wasn’t just romantic relationships that were in the spotlight. Think mommy issues on steroids.

Apryl, Omarion and Leslie, for the 10th time in as many episodes, discuss one of their moms. Apryl claims that her mother was never there for her.

Later, she meets with her mother and asks a variety of questions about her childhood, how she was raised, and where things stand between them.

Her mom … basically doesn’t say anything. So there’s that.

Meanwhile, aside from that filler, Masika Tucker and Yung Berg were in the studio laying down a new track when he asks her to be his date to the white party.

Masika accepts, and they go as a couple, which would be sweet if we didn’t know he allegedly assaults her after the reunion show and gets fired.

Anyway, Hazel is also in attendance at the party. Uh oh.

After Masika debuts her song, Hazel confronts Yung Berg over the fact that he gave the song to Masika, but he’s not fazed by the altercation. On the contrary.

Later, Masika and Berg agree to a “real” relationship.

Also at the white party, Ray J finally, after all this time, apologizes to Teairra for the hurt he’s caused her and doing and saying things to her out of spite.

The detente is short-lived, however, once Teairra reveals private info about Ray J and Princess Love, which he assumes Morgan Hardman blabbed about.

Ray J confronts Morgan, and it’s gonna get ugly.

Lastly, when you watch Love and Hip Hop Hollywood online this week, prepare for a pregnancy bombshell, as Nia finds out she’s expecting a baby.

OMG. Now all she has to do is tell Soulja Boy.

Unfortunately, he is surrounded by his peeps and unwilling to give her a moment in private to discuss this life altering revelation … and then, the unthinkable:

She has a miscarriage while he’s on the road.

Yung Berg

Yung Berg is a recurring player on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Emphasis on player?

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 10 Recap: Who’s Gossip Girl?! Who’s PREGNANT?!


13 Selfies That Should Never Be Taken Again: Like, EVER!

Remember what Khloe Kardashian once said about selfies?

“You have to have the camera up above you [because] down below gives you too many double chins.”

That is advice well worth taking.

Now, here is what The Hollywood Gossip has to say about selfies:

Do not take them while on vacation. Do not take them while sipping on coffee. Do not take them while trying to show the world that you’re a mess… when you’re really showing the world how you’re a natural beauty.

The "Don’t Look At Me Because I’m a Mess But I’m Actually Very Pretty" Selfie

You’re good looking. Accept it. Don’t rub in the face of others how you can still attract guys, even when your face is literally blue.

Indeed, having given readers a look at 11 selfies that went horribly wrong and also having explained why men should never take selfies, we’re now here to offer up a few more worse of self portrait wisdom.

Simply put: retire the above selfies from your repertoire. Do it now. Before you lose all friends and/or standing on social media.

You’ll thank us later.

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13 Selfies That Should Never Be Taken Again: Like, EVER!


Lindsay Lohan Chats Up Fans After ‘Speed-The-Plow’ Show

Lindsay Lohan Leaving The Playhouse Theatre
Here’ s Lindsay Lohan greeting fans outside of the West End Theatre after an evening performance for ‘Speed-the-Plow.’ She’s looking pretty upbeat, isn’t she? And she’s having some fun with fashion with the deep red leopard-print coat. RELATED: Lindsay Lohan had a rough debut for ‘Speed-the-Plow.’

Lindsay got off to a rough start with ‘Speed-the-Plow,’ and it doesn’t sound like things are getting much better. It doesn’t look like the play is doing well. Tickets are now discounted at nearly 50%, according to the NY Daily News. OUCH.

In early October, ‘Speed-the-Plow’ was described as “the hottest ticket in town.” What a difference a few weeks makes. The reviews reportedly aren’t very good and “bad behavior” off-stage isn’t helping matters. Lindsay is said to have arrived two-and-a-half hours late for a photo shoot and then made everyone wait another two hours while she got ready. Then she supposedly only gave the photographer ten minutes to shoot pics. Assuming this story is true, behavior like that is NOT helping.

Something tells me Lindsay just needs to take a few years away from Hollywood. The question, of course, is what would she do?

Lindsay Lohan Leaving The Playhouse Theatre
Lindsay Lohan Leaving The Playhouse Theatre
Lindsay Lohan Leaving The Playhouse Theatre
Lindsay Lohan Leaving The Playhouse Theatre
Lindsay Lohan Leaving The Playhouse Theatre
Lindsay Lohan Leaving The Playhouse Theatre
Lindsay Lohan Leaving The Playhouse Theatre
Lindsay Lohan Leaving The Playhouse Theatre
Lindsay Lohan Leaving The Playhouse Theatre
Lindsay Lohan Leaving The Playhouse Theatre


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Lindsay Lohan Chats Up Fans After ‘Speed-The-Plow’ Show


13 Celebrities Who Became Utterly Unrecognizable From How We Think of Them

There’s changing one’s look or appearance, and then there are these 13 celebrities, who became completely unrecognizable from how we once knew them.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan compared to what she looked like as a fresh-faced teenager, not even 10 full years ago? Pretty astounding and not in a good way.

Either for a period in their lives, or for good (Renee Zellweger’s face likely isn’t going back to its Bridget Jones version), this is stuff you couldn’t make up.

Not even if you used all the makeup in the world. We can’t believe these dramatic transformations, especially among some stars who are still so young.

Some celebs’ looks naturally change, of course, as they age from child teen stars to adults, so it’s unfair to say that doesn’t play at least some role here.

This is part of why Renee Zellweger then and now photos shocked the Internet so much this week, though. Renee is 45, and the change was recent.

Relatively speaking, the Zellweger we envision when we hear her name still looked more or less the same just a few years ago (see gallery below).

The pressures of Hollywood are immense, though, whether it’s a problem with addiction or a question of trying to remain forever youthful looking.

Either battle is a losing one, and some of the above side by side photo comparisons should serve as a cautionary tale regarding the dark side of fame.

Some are just funny, though. Can you imagine Zooey Deschanel without her signature bangs? Louis C.K. with hair on his head but not on his face?

A clean cut Zach Galifianakis?

We didn’t think so. But the above gallery has all of them and more! Check it out, and for a look at what everyone’s talking about re: Renee, see below …

Renee Zellweger Then and Now

Renee Zellweger in 2004 and 2014. Yes, that is actually the same person.

The rest is here:
13 Celebrities Who Became Utterly Unrecognizable From How We Think of Them