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Kaley Cuoco bares her midriff at the QVC pre-Oscar party: surprisingly cute?

Here are some photos from the 5th Annual QVC Red Carpet Style event in Beverly Hills last night. It’s weird to me that QVC puts on a big pre-Oscar event every year, but it’s even weirder that they consistently get the best turnout of nearly any other pre-Oscar party. Let’s get to the fashion! First up: Kaley Cuoco. I’m surprised she didn’t bring Ryan Sweeting! Is this the first time that they’ve ever been apart?! As for her midriffy top and the matching skirt… on anyone else, I would have flat-out hated it. But it suits her, right? I think this is a solid look for her.


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2014 Grammy Awards Fashion: Best & Worst Dressed

Lorde won many Grammy Awards last night. So did Daft Punk.

Taylor Swift sang about Jake Gyllenhaal; Pink acted like an acrobat; Katy Perry performed alongside Juicy J; and Steven Tyler debuted a mustache.

But, let’s face it, like all awards shows, this one boils down to the fashion. It’s all anyone really talks about the next day, isn’t it?

Who looked best? Who dressed worst? Whose baby bump made her red carpet debut?

Compare dresses, contrast tuxedos and wonder what the heck Paris Hilton was doing at the event now:


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56th Annual Grammy Awards- LIVE (Winners!)

INO is live on music’s biggest night for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards! We’ll be bringing you the winners LIVE as they’re announced, so if you have to take a break away from the TV (or can’t get to the TV), then keep refreshing this page so you can keep up with who’s won what. Here’s a look at some of the red carpet looks. Madonna taught her son, David Banda, how to work the red carpet. Kelly Osbourne let her purple hair pop with her black frock. Paris Hilton had fun with mesh. Alicia Keys, Giuliana Rancic, and Colbie Caillat popped in their bright gowns. And I thought Ariana

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Breaking News: JUSTIN BIEBER Arrested!

Justin Bieber’s problems continue. The ‘Believe’ singer was arrested in Miami on charges of of DUI and drag racing. The arrest occurred earlier this morning after Justin left a club driving a yellow Lamborghini. According to TMZ, Justin was stopped on suspicion of drag racing. The officer reportedly gave Justin a field sobriety test which he failed. The only other passenger in the car with Justin was a model.

The driver of a red Lamborghini was also arrested (the person who is suspected of racing with Justin). If I had to guess what’s going to happen next, it’s that Justin is

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Sofia Vergara and the ladies of Modern Family at the SAGs: same old or gorgeous?

When people who are just casual gossip consumers see Sofia Vergara on the red carpet, they link “holy crap she looks amazing,” and she does. Sofia Vergara knocks it out of the park, almost the same way, in every gown. She practically wears the same gown for every awards ceremony: sweetheart neckline, full skirt, solid color fabric or solid color sequins. It’s hard to shade Sofia Vergara for looking gorgeous, but I would just love to see her mix it up. This silver Donna Karan looks similar to her Golden Globes after party Zac Posen gown. Still, I feel petty for pointing it out when she looks

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Kelly Osbourne in all purple at the SAGs: sleek or too matchy matchy?

Kelly Osbourne looked a dreadful mess at the SAGs in Zac Posen couture. I have no idea whether Kelly intentionally decided to don a purple dress in an effort to play up her lilac hair. All I know is that this look is not working for Kelly, who is supposed to be critiquing everyone else as one of the Fashion Police.

The dress itself is actually quite nice from the waist down. The hip-hugging fit and the slight fishtail leading into a train give a nice old Hollywood feel. Whatever’s going on at the top of the dress is another story. Kelly looks like she can’t breathe because her rack is

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“Robert Downey Jr. discovered the fountain of youth, right?” links

How does Robert Downey Jr. manage to look so ageless?! He’s 48 years old, and he could easily pass for a man ten years younger. Mm. [I'm Not Obsessed] Khloe Kardashian is looking fantastic these days, you guys. [Amy Grindhouse] Review of bro-comedy The Internship. [Moe Jackson] Katherine Heigl without makeup is still not bad. [Celebslam] Samuel L. Jackson goes full-on Breaking Bad (NSFW language). [Gawker] I kind of love Selena Gomez’s new single. It’s a great workout song! [PopBytes] Taylor Swift wore a mullet dress to the CMTs. [Bitten & Bound] Lea Michele’s pillow basically confirms

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Giuliana & Bill leave town without their baby, is this part of her ‘relationship first’ plan?

Yesterday Bedhead covered the story that Giuliana Rancic had declared that she put her relationship with her husband, Bill Rancic, ahead of her baby. She said “We put our marriage first and our child second, because the best thing we can do for him is have a strong marriage.” That statement was pretty controversial of course. While some of you agreed with her and said that happy parents make happy kids, others said that it was selfish and not in the best interests of the children. I think “to each their own” basically, which is how Giuliana qualified her statement. However, I do think

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Celebrity Baby Alert: Who is (NOT) Expecting?

This jus in: Kendra Wilkinson, Khloe Kardashian and Giuliana Rancic are totally having babies.

Just, you know, not right now or any time soon or anything,

But the latest issue of OK! Weekly teases impending pregnancies for all of these famous women, claiming Hank Baskett IV wants a siblings; Khloe wants to cash in like sister Kim Kardashian and Giuliana likes the color pink.

And here is the best made-up rumor of all.

Rihanna is dying to to go from “musical queen to baby mama,” according to an imaginary source.

She is reportedly (read: not at all) attempting to get pregnant

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Brandi Glanville: ‘LeAnn needs to get help, she may be unstable & I’m concerned’

I kind of overdosed on Brandi Glanville coverage when she was promoting her book before its release last week. I’ve been happy that the Brandi news has slowed down a bit, but maybe it hasn’t really slowed down. Maybe I’ve just been ignoring her. Brandi has a new interview with Life & Style and it doesn’t really sound like anything new – she’s said some of this stuff before, but L&S claims it’s “exclusive” so here you go:

Fearing for her children, Brandi Glanville is speaking out in the new issue of Life & Style, insisting that her ex’s new wife LeAnn Rimes get help…or else!

“LeAnn needs

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