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Kendall Jenner Flaunts Major Cleavage in Low-Cut Dress

Image kylie-and-kendall-jenner-at-a-book-signing.jpg

Kendall and Kylie Jenner wrote a book. If that’s not shocking enough, you should see what the sisters wear while promoting their novel. Yes, KJ and KJ rock a runway look even while promoting a work of science fiction at a book store.  Sure, we’ve already seen Kendall Jenner topless, but her sheer, super low-cut…

Emily Ratajkowski: Nearly Nude Instagram Photo Wins Internet!

Image emily-ratajkowski-semi-nude.jpg

Emily Ratajkowski has never been shy about stripping down for the camera, and we guess Emily is technically wearing clothes in this photo and thus not violating Instagram’s anti-boobie rules, but … This is about as naked as you can get without pissing off the admins: Those are guitar picks Emily’s wearing, and because her nipples…

Courtney Stodden Web Series: Worst Thing on YouTube?

Image courtney-stodden-web-series.jpg

Courtney Stodden’s increasingly desperate bid to remain relevant continued this week as the singer/model/egomaniac launched a bizarre web series entitled “Courtney Naturally,” and naturally, it’s ridiculous. Courtney Stodden Web Series Of course, Courtney’s bigger-than-ever breast implants are the real stars of the show, but she does her best to entertain with more than her cartoonishly large…