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Michael Keaton Intrigues as ‘Birdman’

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Now this movie, ‘Birdman,’ looks interesting. Michael Keaton stars in it as a washed-up actor who was once famous for playing a comic character called Birdman. He seems to be trying to give his flagging career one last shot with a stage production that he wrote, directed, and will star in. RELATED: First look at…

GEORGE CLOONEY Says He’s “Marrying Up”

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Awww… George Clooney sounds like he’s completely smitten. Of course, he’d have to be to give up bachelorhood for marriage! George sounds like he was all but gushing over fiancee Amal Alamuddin. RELATED: George Clooney rejects the Daily Mail’s apology. While most ladies would consider George quite the catch, it’s clear he feels that way…

GEORGE CLOONEY Rejects Daily Mail’s Apology

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Sometimes an apology isn’t good enough. After George Clooney blasted London’s Daily Mail over a story that claimed Amal Alamuddin’s mother was opposed to their marriage on religious grounds, calling it “fiction,” the London paper pulled the story. Then the Daily Mail issued an apology, but George isn’t hearing it. RELATED: George Clooney hits back at…