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Nebraska Students Pose for Prom Photo, Collapse Bridge


Over the weekend, a handful of high school seniors in northeast Nebraska met at Alisha White’s house prior to their prom and posed for a series of pictures on her family’s bridge.

You can guess what happened next, can’t you? They made a major splash! Literally!

Check out the above video for reaction from those involved and don’t shed too many tears for this group of friends.

This gives them a prom experience that will live on forever via the World Wide Web.

In other recent, viral prom news…

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STACY KEIBLER Is Expecting A Baby…

… girl! People reports Stacy Keibler is expecting a daughter with husband Jared Pobre. Their baby girl is due to arrive in late summer.

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It’s an exciting time for Stacy! She’s a newlywed and expecting her first baby. She wasted no time getting over her famous ex, George Clooney, did she? Stacy’s probably like, “George who?” LOL Well, I think it’s clear by now that George has no intention of settling down, which is perfectly okay. As long as they’re both happy, that’s the important thing. I’ve seen pics of Stacy’s husband: this baby girl is going to be

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George Clooney’s new girlfriend sure is taking off a lot of time from work, right?

George Clooney’s new, official girlfriend Amal Alamuddin got pap’d in NYC two days ago. This ^^ is the photo. You can see more pics here – Lainey was super-excited about Amal’s outfit, but I’m not so sure. If Clooney Inc. is trying to sell us on the idea that George finally found a smart woman who will be his equal, is this the first pap-friendly outfit we really want to see? Not for me. I wanted to see her in a great suit, or maybe something by Diane Von Furstenberg. This outfit says… “I dress like a 22-year-old hipster with a trust fund.”

Anyway, we now have more details about

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Shailene Woodley: We’re not ‘genetically made to be with 1 person forever’

Shailene Woodley covers the April issue of Marie Claire. Divergent comes out this Friday (my daugther is very excited, but she’s gonna wait and see Muppets Most Wanted with mom first). The shoot is fun, funky, and clearly aiming towards the younger crowd. The cover outfit is terrible, but the rest of the clothes aren’t bad. Shailene diverts from her usual message in this interview. I’m kind of disappointed! We’re not hearing anything about crafting weapons from nature or how Twilight is destroying evolution. Instead, Shailene is handing out theories on how teenagers are smarter than adults

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Stacy Keibler’s elopement over the weekend may have seemed a bit shocking, but most people brushed it off as a typical Hollywood romance. After all, there’s pretty much no where else in the world where it’s totally normal to date someone for less than a year and then fly out entire family out for a tropical vacation and surprise them with a wedding announcement.

However, it seems that those of us who were opting to just believe in true love may have been a bit naive, as sources are reporting that the model/fitness guru (and former girlfriend of George Clooney) is pregnant with her More >

Shailene Woodley: Twilight is so ‘toxic,’ it will never ‘help this world evolve’

I realize the wall-to-wall coverage of Shailene Woodley seems exhausting. Divergent hits theaters in ten days, so the onslaught isn’t unexpected. Summit really wants this franchise to turn in Twilight-sized numbers. I completely get why Summit needs another runaway young-adult success. Who could blame them? The awkward part of this new adaptation is that their new star is dissing Summit’s previous pet franchise. Shailene covers the April issue of Teen Vogue. The headline blares, “Hollywood rebel,” which is something to consider. What makes a rebel in today’s starlet realm? Many young

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Leonardo DiCaprio sued for portraying mountain people as ‘inbred’ hillbillies

Leonardo DiCaprio is having an awful week. People are looking him not as a four-time Oscar nominee but a four-time Oscar loser. Which is really no big deal if one is gracious like Amy Adams, who truly is overdue for a win. The problem is that Leo really thought that this would be his year. That wily Texan, Matthew McConaughey, snatched Leo’s dream away by grabbing that statue. Now the internet is abuzz with a “Poor Leo” meme.

I think this happened because Matthew not only returned to serious acting in a very convincing way, but he also killed it in a better role in a more Oscar-worthy

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Is Prince Andrew dating George Clooney’s ex, Monika ‘Croatian Sensation’ Kakisic?

George Clooney used to date a woman named Monika Jakisic. She is Croatian, and someone (someone perhaps named Monika Jakisic) nicknamed her “the Croatian Sensation.” Which is unfortunate all-around. Anyway, I always thought that Monika was one of thousands of names in Clooney’s little black book – they “dated” for a hot minute maybe six years ago, and then they were sort-of seeing each other for a few nights last year when Clooney was in London. It felt like she was the one pushing the connection, because being called “George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend” was perhaps a better title than “the

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Lupita Nyong’o had a fling with Chiwetel Ejiofor, now she’s seeing Jared Leto?

I’ve heard some rumors about Lupita Nyong’o over the past few months. Rumors that make me like her even more. Some people say that Michael Fassbender was pretty much in love with her and she shut it down. Some say that she’s more of a maneater than her gamine ingénue vibe would have us believe. Some say that Lupita’s free-love style personal life has caused some consternation at home, with her family. None of this may be true. But it’s going around and if even half the stories are true, I’m even more in love with her. So, Page Six has this completely average story about Lupita

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George Clooney has a ‘Hitlerian agenda’ for antiquities, claims Boris Johnson

If you asked me last Saturday if I thought I was going to spend this week discussing the British Museum’s possession of The Elgin Marbles/The Parthenon Marbles, I would have said you were crazy. But here we are. Quick note: these are some assorted new pics from the promotional tour for The Monuments Men. Most of these pics are from the London premiere and photocall. Anyway, back to the marbles. When doing press in Italy, George Clooney was asked – by a Greek reporter – if he thought the British Museum should return the Elgin Marbles to Greece. George said that it would probably be a

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