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Dog Runs in Sleep, Crashes Into Wall

Image dog-sleeps-walks-crashes-into-wall.jpg

Some dogs are really, really smart. Case in point, the canine who can help change a baby’s diaper. Other pets are not exactly as intelligent, however, such as ones who sleep walk (run?) and get themselves so worked up that they leap up… and sprint directly into a wall. The dog featured in the following…

7 Dogs That Totally Have Mustaches!!!

Image 7-dogs-who-have-mustaches_got-a-razor.jpg

As previously documented, some animals really want to be human. Heck, some animals think they are human. They get up on two legs, they sit at the table for dinner, they drive cars and motorcycles. And, yes, some are even in need of a shave. Or not because, let’s face it, mustaches are totally adorable…

11 Dogs Who Love to Drive: Talk About a Ruff Ride!

Image 11-dogs-who-like-to-drive_hurry-up.jpg

We already know that some dogs believe they’re human. And we’ve met a few who love to go on road trips. So, what happens when you combine these aspects of Man’s Best Friend? Easy: you get canines who relish the chance to actually drive! Not really (we hope), but the following photos at least depict…