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Jimmy Lee Dykes Dead; Alabama Hostage Standoff Ends

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The Alabama hostage situation , in which a man held a boy in a bunker for seven days, ended with the suspect dead and the 5-year-old safely rescued. Reports of an explosion at Jimmy Lee Dykes’ Midland City property came first on Monday afternoon, followed shortly by media reports of his death. At a hastily organized roadside press conference near the crime scene, FBI agent Steve Richardson said negotiations had deteriorated over the last 24 hours.

Chad Johnson Sex Tape: Offline!

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Chad Johnson can no longer be seen doing the deed online, thanks to an angry cease and desist letter sent to the two websites who initially shared that imagery. Two blogs posted images of a three-year-old video showing the longtime NFL star all kinds of up in some heavily-tattooed female on Christmas Day. Nice stocking stuffer

Perez Hilton Not Remorseful About Posting Miley Cyrus Photo

(HMG) – The sad thing about this situation is his latest unconscionable act is just giving him more publicity.  Perez Hilton appeared on The Joy Behar Show Thursday night to share his side of the story in releasing an upskirt photo of underage teen star Miley Cyrus on his voraciously popular blog.  Perez defended his actions and even asserted that he would post the photo again “if the photo agency let me, I would, because it’s not showing anything wrong or inappropriate.”  Funny how he as quickly scrubbed the photo from his site, when even his loyal readers were outraged. He asserts that he did not Photoshop or pixelate the photo (wonder who did then?), and says that he shared the picture simply because it shows her “getting out of the car in an unladylike fashion.  She’s been in the business for a long time and she’s aware that there are paparazzi around

Van der Sloot charged with 1st-degree murder, extortion and fraud

[HMG] – In a heartening blend of skillful police work and long-delayed karma, Joran van der Sloot has now been charged with the murder of Stephany Flores Ramirez, whose body was discovered last month in a Lima hotel room booked in van der Sloot’s name. We reported on Tuesday that van der Sloot was suspected of killing the 21-year old who disappeared last month