Tiny Cottle Changes Eye Color to Gray Via Controversial Procedure: See the Photo!

Forget Kylie Jenner’s lips. VH1 reality star Tiny just underwent the wildest cosmetic procedure you’ve ever heard of, changing her eye color from brown to gray.

For good.

Tiny Cottle Eyes

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, best known as T.I.’s wife and co-star on their VH1 reality show, revealed her new eye-popping (sort of literally) new look this week.

Along with a close-up of her new ice-gray eyes, she wrote on Instagram:

“I permanently changed my eye color with Brightocular and lovin it!! Huge thanks to the incredible doctor for the amazing experience and for making my dream come true!”

Brightocular is essentially a permanent colored contact that is applied over one’s actual iris, a controversial concept that has sparked lots of debate.

Is that even safe? Not enough to have it done in the U.S., at least not yet. As for why she decided to have this done, and if its something she’ll regret?

“I had been wearing colored contacts for a couple of years and they were making my vision blurry,” said Tiny to People, looking to quiet some of the critics.

“A friend of mine mentioned that she had heard of a procedure where you could permanently change your eye color and we looked into it.”

“We researched it for a bit but I was nervous because … it’s your eyes! But two years later it came up again. I spoke to the doctors and to patients who’d had it.”

Heidi Montag Boob Job!

The queen of plastic surgery. It’s shocking how different Heidi Montag used to look and how badly this obsession turned out for her.

“I learned that there was no downtime, that it only took about 15 minutes … plus it’s reversible. When I found out that your could reverse it, I was sold.”

“The implant that they use to cover your natural eye color is a medical implant usually used on patients with eye illnesses like glaucoma,” Tiny explained.

It costs around $10,000 … not including your plane ticket to Tunisia, one of the few places you can legally have it done. The only other price she paid?

Not being able to wear makeup for weeks. It’s rough. We can only hope to see this when we watch T.I. and the Family Hustle online in the future.

As for the “haters” she faces? Tiny has a parting shot: “Do what makes you happy. As long as you’re being healthy and safe, just do what makes you feel good.”

“People are saying I must have low self-esteem, but if you really know me, I have no problems in the self esteem department!” Cottle says emphatically.

“[T.I.] always thinks I’m crazy. But when I told him I researched it he didn’t have a problem with it. He loved my eyes before and he loves them now too.”

“He just loves me.”

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Tiny Cottle Changes Eye Color to Gray Via Controversial Procedure: See the Photo!


How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 7 Teaser: The Wrath of Annalise Keating

Talk about a hot piece of Asher, huh?

That’s what viewers were treated to on How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 6, as this intriguing character was given more screen time than ever before.

More bombshells, of course, also exploded throughout the latest installment of this Shonda Rhimes drama, while Viola Davis continued to blow us away.

The only question that now remains: What could possibly come next?!?

According to the network promo for How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 7 (titled “He Deserved to Die”), the wrath of Annalise Keating has been unleashed… and you can only imagine what that will mean for those in her wake.

Elsewhere during the hour:

  • A judge will impose a gag order on the team’s latest case.
  • Michaela will be surprised by a pre-nuptial agreement.
  • Sparks will ignire between Laurel and Frank.
  • Via flash forwards, we’ll discover a lot more about Wes and Rebecca’s relationship.

Is that not juicy enough for you? Then view the trailer all the way until the end and wonder what the heck the narrator is referring to when he teases Annalise’s final move.

We can’t wait to find out!

Go ahead and quickly watch How to Get Away with Murder online to catch up on all this craziness and sound off in our Comments section below…

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 7 Teaser: The Wrath of Annalise Keating


Tori Spelling ‘True Tori 2′ Isn’t Faring Well In The Ratings

Semi-Exclusive... Tori Spelling Arrives Home After Running ErrandsHave you been watching ‘True Tori 2’? No? Well, it sounds like you’re not alone. Tori Spelling’s reality show, ‘True Tori,’ isn’t faring too well in the ratings the second time around. RELATED: Is Tori Spelling sick or having a nervous breakdown?

Last season, according to Radar Online, ‘True Tori’ debuted to 1 million viewers. The second season garnered about 766,000, with only a 0.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic. Reruns of ‘Family Guy,’ the Spike TV show ‘Ink Master,’ and the adult cartoon ‘Squidbillies’ all rated higher. OUCH.

The second episode had a slight uptick in viewers, with 781,000 but staying at 0.3 in the 18-49 demographic. A ‘Seinfeld’ rerun, ‘Spongebob Squarepants,’ ‘Fairly Oddparents,’ and Spike TV’s show ‘Tattoo Nightmares: Miami’ all rated higher.

Now that it’s pretty clear Tori’s going to stay with Dean McDermott, I’m not sure there’s much left to know. This is the problem all reality TV stars face, I think. They simply run out of stories about their lives. The Kardashians manage to stick around because there are so many of them: you can switch to a different family member when one person is going through a “quiet spell.” Have you been watching ‘True Tori’ this season? If so, would you recommend it?

Semi-Exclusive... Tori Spelling Arrives Home After Running Errands
Semi-Exclusive... Tori Spelling Arrives Home After Running Errands
Semi-Exclusive... Tori Spelling Arrives Home After Running Errands
Semi-Exclusive... Tori Spelling Arrives Home After Running Errands
Semi-Exclusive... Tori Spelling Arrives Home After Running Errands
Semi-Exclusive... Tori Spelling Arrives Home After Running Errands
Semi-Exclusive... Tori Spelling Arrives Home After Running Errands


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Tori Spelling ‘True Tori 2′ Isn’t Faring Well In The Ratings


Prince William & Duchess Kate are on vacation again, poor sausages


Duchess Kate is feeling better these days. I would imagine she’s still a bit pukey, but overall, she seems to be feeling much better since she entered the second trimester. Thus, she finally got back to work last week, making three appearances over the course of three days. It was a stunning return to work (“work”) since she had been gone from public view since August. And now that she got some galas under her belt, it’s time for another vacation! YAY! Now we know she’s really feeling better!

Have Kate Middleton and Prince William gone away on a babymoon? According to The Sun, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have taken a vacation (with Prince George!) to Balmoral Palace this week and are relaxing before the arrival of their second child early next year.

The family of three took a flight from Heathrow Airport on Tuesday into Aberdeen, the airport closest to the Scotland estate. And while Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are currently not in town, a full staff is on hand to cater to William, Kate and little George’s every want and need.

The trip is good news for the expectant royal, who had been previously suffering from severe morning sickness. Just last week, the brunette beauty made her first public appearance since announcing that she was pregnant with baby No. 2.

[From E! News]

I love the feeling of “our long international nightmare is over, she’s finally well enough to go on vacation!” So, should we just give William and Kate this vacation? I mean, they “went without” a real vacation this summer, choosing instead to simply not work for a few months and spend time overseeing some of the many (unnecessary) renovations on Anmer Hall. That wasn’t a “real” vacation, right? So… have they earned this? HA!

Oh, and I got the chance to read the full Life & Style cover story this week – I previewed the piece yesterday. There are some other details and the whole piece is very “woe is Kate, the Queen is such a big meanie.” Which would have been a better angle if not for the vacation, you know? If she’s well enough to travel to Scotland for a vacation, she’s well enough to work. Apparently, Kate still felt very ill when she met the president of Singapore and she almost barfed on him. Kate “was terrified she would be sick in front of all of the cameras” and the royal aides were prepared to usher her out of the room at a moment’s notice in case she needed the use of The Royal Barftorium.

L&S actually wrote this perfect sentence: “Before the queen dragged her back to the palace, Kate was being taken care of at her parents’ cozy $7.4 million mansion.” A source says: “Kate would have loved to have stayed in her sickbed, but Queen Elizabeth decided the time had come for her to take her place on the world stage.” As for Kate’s Marilyn Moments, the Queen “has long bullied” Kate over her clothing choices and the Queen believes Kate should simply buy longer dresses and sew weights into the hems. Makes sense to me?

l and s


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

l and s

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Prince William & Duchess Kate are on vacation again, poor sausages


Is Amal Clooney ‘insecure’ about her body & crash-dieting to lose weight?


Have you been missing Amal Clooney and her drama? I have been missing her this week. We need a good Amal Clooney sighting. In the meantime, it turns out that Meredith Vieira and Ellen DeGeneres both dressed up as Amal for Halloween, for their shows. I think Ellen gets bonus points because she actually got a blow-up George Clooney doll to make it look extra special. As for Amal and her dramz… she’s steadily becoming a tabloid fixture. YAY!

First up: OK! Magazine (ugh) says that when everyone started paying attention to Amal this past spring, the media attention made her self-conscious about her weight. A source told OK: “Amal became really insecure about her body after seeing photos of herself all over the place…[so] she lost eight pounds before the wedding.” Now she’s trying to maintain the weight loss by “surviving on two tiny meals a day.” George Clooney’s rep told Gossip Cop that the story is “fabricated”… but is it? Amal was always a slender woman, but she did lose weight as soon as the engagement was announced. And yeah, most brides lose weight before the wedding. I don’t get why that’s notable. Gossip Cop also has a story that I can’t find anywhere else:

Despite fabricated rumors of a feud, Amal Clooney and Angelina Jolie have never even met, George Clooney’s rep tells Gossip Cop exclusively. A fake tipster seems to be trying to get sites and magazines to do a story claiming the two women recently had a verbal fight in London.

The tale, which almost made it into one of tabloids this week, had the two women recently arguing over dinner, with Jolie eventually storming out of the meal and reportedly forbidding Brad Pitt from talking anymore to his buddy George. Clooney’s rep tells Gossip Cop the story about a supposed heated argument in a restaurant is “100 percent fiction,” noting that the two women have “never met.”

While both women were in London in June to attend the United Nations’ Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, which brought together 1,700 delegates, they were seated in two entirely different areas of a super massive auditorium and didn’t get the opportunity to meet. Of course, the phony source who is trying to spread these stories of strife between the ladies now claims Mrs. Clooney snubbed Jolie that time. Again, none of this is true. Mostly, it’s sad that people want to create drama between two successful and strong women when there isn’t any.

[From Gossip Cop]

So the story “almost” made it into a tabloid and George’s rep did a preemptive shutdown? That’s weird, right? It’s “almost” like George and his rep want this to be a story. While I doubt The Leg of Doom stormed out and decreed that Brad shall never speak to Mr. Clooney ever again, now I kind of wonder if Amal and Angelina DID meet at some point and they didn’t get along. Huh. Amal did attend Angelina’s Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. Hm…

And finally, there was this gem, from Us Weekly:

Partying ever after! One month after their Venetian vows, George and Amal Clooney kept the celebration going at a dinner hosted by her parents in Buckinghamshire, England. Relatives of Amal are already sweet on their new family member: “A group of women were fangirling over him and one started singing, ‘Georgie Porgie, puddin’ and pie Kissed the girls and made them cry’,” says a source. Later that woman “raved about getting a peck from George.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

Ah, maybe that’s why Amal looked so “over it” in those photos last weekend – she knew her relatives were going to act like a—holes around George Clooney.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.


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Is Amal Clooney ‘insecure’ about her body & crash-dieting to lose weight?


The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: One Wrong Turn

When does some simple corn maze fun turn into an all-out disaster?

As evidenced by events on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 5… when Ivy gets loose in Mystic Falls, partially eats some guy to death, that guy stumbles in front of Tyler’s truck, and Tyler subsequently plows through the Homecoming party.

OUCH! Times, like 79.

Staked Alaric

The corn massacre left many developments in its wake. To wit:

The dude Tyler hit was pretty much a goner. That meant Tyler’s werewolf curse would be triggered.

But Liv stepped in and actually suffocated the guy to death, meaning she technically ended his life, doing Tyler a serious solid. He thanked her profusely and said he’d live up to the favor.

Liam showed off his skills, saving many lives due to some serious medical skills, turning Elena on in the process and acting like a “hero” on her eyes. She kissed him as a result.

Jo and Alaric also saved some lives, prompting the former to pour out her feelings to the latter after all was said and done and no one died. But Alaric isn’t in a place where he can date, so he compelled her to forget all she felt…

… except she kissed him anyway, seemingly oblivious to the compulsion.

Ivy, meanwhile, ended up getting apprehended by Tripp, with Caroline looking on. Uh-oh!

Finally, in 1994: Bonnie realized that Kai needed her alive because the spell that locked him on May 10 was a Bennett spell. So only a Bennett witch could do it. Bonnie killed Kai when she realized they didn’t need him…

… except he came back to life because of the curse/spell. He’s destined to relive May 10,1994 over and over and over again.

As he fought with Bonnie and Damon, Bonnie tossed Damon the Ascendent and said some magic words and sent him back to present day Mystic Falls. (Killing herself in the process?)

We ended the hour with Stefan and Damon reuniting via a tear-filled hug that left our living room very, very, very dusty.

What did everyone else think of the episode? Are you glad Damon is back in Mystic Falls? Do you think we’ve seen the last of Bonnie? And what are your thoughts on Bonnie?

Go watch The Vampire Diaries online via TV Fanatic to relive the installment and check out the promo here for The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 6:

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: One Wrong Turn


Groom Carries Bride Into Wedding Reception, Drops Her on Face

Talk about taking the plunge!

There have been many viral wedding fails over the years, from melted sculptures that look like penises to a drunk bride ordering Taco Bell on her wedding night.

Okay, granted. That second example wasn’t a fail. It was totally awesome!

But the following video can’t exactly be classified as a success, not when it features a groom sprinting into his party while carrying his bride in his arms… and then tripping and falling… and dropping his newly-betrothed flat on her face.

It looks very painful, but it doesn’t appear as if anyone was injured in the mishap. So it’s okay to watch and laugh!

Heck, it’s okay to watch and laugh twice. That’s some funny stuff!

And of you think that footage is awkward, just check out these wedding photos!

Get a Room!

Okay, you probably have a room. Well… wait until later and continue this then!

Groom Carries Bride Into Wedding Reception, Drops Her on Face


Michigan Couple With 12 Sons Expecting Baby #13, Not Finding Out Gender!

Move over, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Jay and Kateri Schwandt of Michigan may “only” have 12 kids and counting … but all 12 of them are sons!

They aren’t finding out the sex of the 13th, either!

Jay and Kateri Schwandt, Family

Jay and Kateri are expecting lucky 13 in May, and say they wouldn’t be surprised if when that day comes, they welcome yet another boy in the delivery room.

They don’t exactly know anything else.

“If we were to have a girl, I think we would go into shock,” mom of champions Kateri, 39, said to The Grand Rapids Press. “It would probably be disbelief.”

He or she will join Tyler, 22, Zach, 18, Drew, 17, Brandon, 15, Vinny, 11, Tommy, 12, Calvin, 9, Gabe, 7, Wesley, 6, Charlie, 4, Luke, 2, and Tucker, 14 months.

While both proud parents insist they just want another healthy tyke, Jay can’t help but gush at the possibility of having a daughter at long, long last.

“I’ve experienced all the boy stuff. As long as we are having all these children, it would be really neat to experience the other side,” Jay explained.

“The stuff that goes on in this house is all-boy … roughhousing and wrestling. If there was a little girl in there, I assume it would be a little different.”

On the flip side …

“A little girl would be neat to have in the house, but a little boy kind of takes the pressure off,” Kateri said. “We know what we are doing. Why change things up?”

She says she’s certainly not continuing to have kids to “try for a girl,” a question she no doubt gets all the time. For this mom, it’s just a part of life.

“I love being pregnant,” the matriarch added of the joys of carrying and raising kids. “I’ve spent half of my life being pregnant. It’s very neat and very special.”

These folks definitely agree …

A Duggar Family Pic

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are still working on that 20th kid.

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Michigan Couple With 12 Sons Expecting Baby #13, Not Finding Out Gender!


Miley Cyrus vs. Rihanna: Battle of the Exposed Boobs!

Miley Cyrus and Rihanna both made an appearances last night in Los Angeles the 2014 amfAR Gala, a fundraiser hosted by Tom Ford and Gwyneth Paltrow that aimed to make money for AIDS research.

And make money it sure did, thanks partly to the generosity of Cyrus: she donated $500,000 to the important cause. WHOA!

She also dressed a tad… scantily.

Cyrus wasn’t alone in leaving very little to the imagination, however, as Halloween came early for Rihanna as well. Compare the X-rated outfits on both stars now and decide:


And the

Neither Miley Cyrus nor Rihanna left much to the imagination at the 2014 amfAR Gala. Compare their outfits here and vote on the most ridiculous.
View Poll »

Both Rihanna and Miley, of course, are famous for baring nearly everything on Instagram.

A day rarely goes by without some kind of Rihanna topless or Cyrus topless picture hitting the World Wide Web.

So we should probably be grateful that they’re at least covered up in the red carpet images above.

Here’s a closer look, meanwhile, at the revealing dress worn by Miley Cyrus for the occasion:

Miley Cyrus at the amfAR LA Inspiration Gala

This is what Miley Cyrus wore to the 2014 amfAR LA Inspiration Gala. Apparently, it was a bra-free event… at least as far as Miley was concerned.

Miley Cyrus vs. Rihanna: Battle of the Exposed Boobs!


Mama June is inappropriate, laughs & jokes in first interview since news broke

E! News had the first exclusive interview with Mama June since the story broke that she’s dating the man who molested her daughter. It was actually conducted by paparazzi outside her home, so that sort-of explains why she was smiling and laughing, but I still found it incredibly inappropriate and offensive. It was a glaring example of poor crisis management. (Excuse the quality of these photos, they’re just pictures I took from my TV.)

I don’t want to recap this at all, but I should give some background. Earlier this year, the man whom Mama June used to date got out of prison for a ten year sentence for molesting her daughter, Anna, now 20. (Some reports claim that the perp, Mark McDaniel, was jailed for molesting Anna. Other outlets state that he was convicted of molesting another little girl. Court documents state that he molested Anna, who has given her permission to be named as the victim. It’s possible there were more victims.)

Around the time that McDaniel was released, June split with her husband, Sugar Bear. June’s daughter, Anna, told the press earlier this week that her mother promised her that she was not dating McDaniel, but that she was hearing from other sources that was the case. Anna stated that McDaniel sexually abused her when she was a child of just 8 and that when she told her mother about the abuse, June refused to believe her and asked her “why would you do this to me?’” Anna said “Mama, he did that to me and I can’t do anything about it. You were never there to see it you were always at work.” Anna has repeatedly said that she feels betrayed and hurt by her mother continuing to see McDaniel. That just makes my heart break for her.

We know that June bought a car for McDaniel, and has been photographed with him several times in the past few months. June has young daughters that are around this convicted pedophile, including Alana (Honey Boo Boo), 9, and Lauryn (Pumpkin), 14. In fact Pumpkin may have witnessed the abuse of her older sister, according to the disturbing documents in McDaniel’s case. So what did June say when she finally decided to comment? She laughed, joked around and repeatedly said “that will all come out.

Do you have like, an agent
[laughs] I am the agent. Whatever.

How is Honey Boo Boo
As a family, we’re handling what happened privately

Have you talked to Anna lately
I talk to all my kids

Do you want to say anything to the people who say ‘you’re crazy and how can you let your child around that man’
No, but that will all come out.

Are you sad that the show is cancelled
I mean, you’ve been around for a while. I will miss smiles of people. [To the paparazzi] I will miss you. Can’t say anything bad about the show, can’t say anything bad about TLC.

Has she talked to Mark lately
No. That will all come out. I don’t want to say anything about anything.

A lot of people who love you say you would never be so foolish as to let that man around your children
Well let me say, that is all going to come out.

We are handling this as a family matter. I love my family. The [unintelligible]… my kids are my number one priority.

[From E! News, aired 10-29-14]

E! also revealed that June is being guarded by a bodyguard hired by TLC, but that the bodyguard will only be there for a week. TLC is also offering the children tutoring and therapy, but it’s unclear if June will take them up on their offer. Throughout this all Alana’s dad, Sugar Bear, has remained quiet. It’s unknown whether he will fight for custody of Alana, his daughter with June. TMZ reports that it’s unlikely that Sugar Bear will try for custody as he doesn’t have his own place and is not “equipped to take custody of the 9-year-old.” A source tells E! that Sugar Bear “hasn’t decided yet if he is going to try for full custody of Alana, but he is weighing his options.” E! read a statement from a source close to Sugar Bear stating that he is “torn apart by this. He is very concerned for Alana and the girls and he has no idea what the hell June is thinking right now.”

A source also tells E! News that “Mama June’s daughter Pumpkin looks to Mark as a father because he raised her from a few months old to five. Alana only likes Mark because Pumpkin likes him, but her older sister Chubs is not a fan.”

Given how many times June said “it will all come out,” it’s possible she’s planning a tell all interview soon. I doubt she’ll come clean about dating that excuse for a human being who so horribly violated her child. I also doubt she’ll lose custody of Alana, sadly. As we’ve heard, McDaniel is allowed to be around kids now. It’s up to family and friends to protect children against predators, and we’ve seen what a piss poor job June has done. I just hope Sugar Bear steps up. He was seen out with June and Alana yesterday so it’s likely he’s trying to keep an eye on her.



Celebrities at ABC Studios

'Honey Boo Boo' Visits "Good Morning America"
Celebrities at ABC Studios
Celebrities at ABC Studios

photo credit: E! WENN.com and FameFlynet

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