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Jodie Foster married her girlfriend of less than a year, Alexandra Hedison

Even though there are probably only a dozen well-known lesbian celebrities, I still get confused sometimes. Jodie Foster had a long-term partner for the better part of two decades. Then they split up, and it was all very hush-hush because Jodie hadn’t even confirmed anything about her sexuality. Until last year’s Golden Globes, which was the weirdest “coming out” speech I think I’ve ever heard. Anyway, Jodie Foster has a new partner, Alexandra Hedison. Alexandra was also with Ellen DeGeneres before Ellen got with Portia de Rossi. Alexandra and Jodie have apparently been together for

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Daniel Franzese, Former Mean Girls Star, Comes Out as Gay

Daniel Franzese has come out as gay.

The actor, best known for his role as Damian in the beloved comedy Mean Girls, made the announcement this week via a moving letter to that fictional high school student.

“You became an iconic character that people looked up to; I wished I’d had you as a role model when I was younger,” Franzese wrote via Indie Wire “I might’ve been easier to be gay growing up. You WERE beautiful in every single way and words couldn’t bring you down.”

On the 10-year anniversary of its release date, talk has circulated recently of a Mean Girls

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Kristen Bell: Naked and Afraid on Ellen

Kristen Bell and Ellen DeGeneres have a long history of making memorable television together.

Kristen’s sloth meltdown of 2012 became one of the daytime show’s most beloved moments, and today, Ellen made another dream come true for Bell, as she allowed the actress to re-create her favorite reality series, Naked and Afraid.

Okay, so the Frozen star didn’t really deliver on the “naked” part of the title (for that you’ll have to go back to Kristen’s wardrobe malfunction from last month), but a flesh-colored bodysuit is as close as you can get on daytime

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Lindsay Lohan is hanging out with Terry Richardson again, cracktastrophe awaits

Ah, this takes me back to the good old days when Lindsay Lohan was “living” in a hotel room at the Chateau Marmont, only she was broke so it was a big conspiracy as to HOW she managed to live at the Marmont. It was a mystery until we discovered that Terry Richardson keeps a room there permanently and he pretty much worked out some kind of “trade” with LL. The whole time, Terry kept taking cracked-out photos of LL looking like she was high as a kite.

Anyway, these are new Terry Richardson photos of the Cracken, courtesy of Terry’s Diary. I guess they were taken in NYC? He says that

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Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald Announce End of Marriage

The marriage between Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin is not the only one in Hollywood to come to an end this week.

Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald have announced they are separating after two years of marriage.

Said a rep for the actress via statement:

“After much consideration, Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald are ending their marriage. They have been living separately for the past six months due to work obligations.”

Reed is best known for her role in The Twilight Saga, while McDonald was a finalist on American Idol Season 10.

“They will continue to share their love of music,

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Jared Pobre and Stacy Keibler: MARRIED!

Jared Pobre and Stacy Keibler didn’t just fast forward their clocks an hour this weekend.

They fast forwarded their lives as well… by getting married!

The former WWE Diva and George Clooney play thing exchanged vows with the tech entrepreneur in a sunset ceremony on a Mexican beach last night.

“My happiness is indescribable!” Keibler tells People. “Marriage is the ultimate bond of love and friendship. It means putting all your faith and trust into a person that you can’t help but believe is your soul mate.

“Someone who has all of your best interests at heart; someone handpicked

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John Ridley & Steve McQueen: Feuding Over 12 Years a Slave Writing Credit?

12 Years a Slave was among the major 2014 Academy Awards winners Sunday, taking home Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay for John Ridley.

Cause for celebration, right? Mostly. Director Steve McQueen and Ridley are reportedly engaged in a feud regarding writing credits for the acclaimed film.

When Ridley was announced as the winner of the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for the film, Steve McQueen appeared … less than thrilled.

Then, Ridley failed to name the film’s director among the many “thank you” mentions in the speech. Coincidences and the products of nerves or bad

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Oprah Winfrey and Snoop Dogg Meet, Quash Beef at Oscar Party

Oprah Winfrey and Snoop Dogg finally met – and put their long-simmering beef to rest – at an Oscar party on Friday in L.A., where they clearly had a blast.

“Our first meeting. Say WHAAAT??!! #Oscarparty,” the mogul captioned the Instagram pic of the duo, beaming from ear to ear and flashing a peace sign.

The rapper also posted another pic of the two on his Twitter page, writing, “a boss and a queen” as he showed off the epic shot. See both of them below:

The two famously butted heads seven years ago after the TV personality spoke out about her distaste of rap music, calling out

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Jennifer Garner in silver Oscar de la Renta at the Oscars: flapper fug or fab? (update)

Last year at the Oscars, Jennifer Garner put on her game face to support her husband, Ben Affleck, who ultimately took home best picture for Argo. For her trouble, Garner got disrespected in her husband’s Oscar speech. This year, Garner was a presenter and she was in one of the nominated films, Dallas Buyer’s Club. (She was the weak link in that film, in my opinion, and I hate to say that because I genuinely like her.)

In 2013, Garner accompanied Affleck to the ceremony and sat next to him. (Update: Affleck did go to the ceremony with Garner. He was there with her when they panned to the

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ELLEN DEGENERES Broke Twitter With Celebrity Selfie #Oscars!

Ellen DeGeneres managed to BREAK twitter with her group Oscar selfie! Here it is (in case you weren’t able to get onto twitter to see a re-tweet). Ellen approached Meryl Streep under the guise that they should try to break a record since Merly’s been nominated 18 times. Meryl, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and a number of other celebs were game. Here’s the resulting twitpic! Ellen captioned it with this:

If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars

I agree: Best Photo Ever- LOL. Ellen announced later in the Oscar broadcast that twitter did,

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