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GINNIFER GOODWIN Opens Up About Pregnancy & Wedding

‘Once Upon a Time’ star Ginnifer Goodwin broke her silence about her pregnancy and wedding to Josh Dallas on ‘Live With Jimmy Kimmel.’ She got to marry her real-life Prince Charming! She opened up about trying to figure out a name for their baby. RELATED: ‘Once Upon a Time’ Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas go for their happily ever after.

Since the baby’s last name will be Dallas, it turns out the first name is something of a challenge. Ginnifer explained:

Naming a child, though, with the last name of Dallas is a little more complicated.” They refuse to pick a “first name that begins with

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Jodie Foster married her girlfriend of less than a year, Alexandra Hedison

Even though there are probably only a dozen well-known lesbian celebrities, I still get confused sometimes. Jodie Foster had a long-term partner for the better part of two decades. Then they split up, and it was all very hush-hush because Jodie hadn’t even confirmed anything about her sexuality. Until last year’s Golden Globes, which was the weirdest “coming out” speech I think I’ve ever heard. Anyway, Jodie Foster has a new partner, Alexandra Hedison. Alexandra was also with Ellen DeGeneres before Ellen got with Portia de Rossi. Alexandra and Jodie have apparently been together for

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The only thing more awkward than having to meet your current significant other’s ex is having to spend an extended period of time with them, but it seems that Elin Nordegren, the ex-wife of Tiger Woods, has absolutely no problem with it – to the point that she has joined Tiger and his current girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, on vacation!

When it became clear that things were getting serious between Lindsey and Tiger, Elin made the decision to meet Lindsey since she would be spending so much time with her children – Sam and Charlie. And it turns out that it was a great decision – because Lindsey

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Game of Thrones’ latest shocking scene: horrible and hard to watch? (spoilers)

Spoilers for Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones are below Everyone is talking about Game of Thrones’ latest shocking scene, which wasn’t at all shocking to me because someone emailed me the spoiler for it first thing Monday morning. I watch the episodes the next day after I’m done working, so that truly ruined the scene for me. I shouldn’t blame that one clueless person, though, there are websites which have put that spoiler in their story titles, which is just as wrong.

I saw the scene coming, but if I didn’t know what was going to happen, I would have been shocked. Jaime has been

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JULIA ROBERTS & MARK RUFFALO Hot New Trailer: ‘The Normal Heart’

Hollywood is going back in time (a little bit) to explore the start of the AIDS epidemic in the 80s. Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto earned a mantle-full of awards for their acting in the AIDS drama ‘The Dallas Buyers Club.’ Will we see Julia Roberts and Mark Ruffalo collecting awards at the Emmys this fall and then the Golden Globes, which recognizes both TV and movies? I think we might: take a look at the trailer for their new TV movie, ‘The Normal Heart.’ RELATED: Julia Roberts chic in black and white at the Golden Globes.

Julia plays a doctor treating AIDS patients in the 80s, when

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Taylor Swift: Is She Too Skinny?

Over the past few weeks, Taylor Swift has left no doubt that she’s awesome.

The singer has visited multiple cancer patients and surprised a young woman at her bridal shower.

But while there’s no debate over Swift’s charitable side, a debate has broken out over the artist’s body; namely: is she too skinny?

A couple Twitter users have called attention to Taylor’s shrinking frame over the past few days, prompting Radar Online to (hilariously) consult with a random nutritionist.

Where does Melanie McGrice come down on Swift’s frame?

She tells Radar:

“Taylor still appears to be

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There’s been some major drama on the set of Glee lately, and tons of conflicting reports to boot.

Rumors started surfacing that Naya Rivera and Lea Michele got into a huge fight on April 15 after Lea left the set, leaving the cast and crew waiting around for her to return. Eventually Naya got fed up with Lea’s departure and complained to the producers. And of course, once that got back to Lea, the word on the street is that Lea flipped out on Naya.

However, sources close to the starlets are saying that isn’t what happened at all. Lea did leave the set on April 15, but she did so with

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Porsha Williams: Charged with Assault in Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Brawl!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams will face criminal charges following her reunion show scuffle with Kenya Moore, according to reports.

There is currently a warrant out for her arrest.

The Porsha Williams-Kenya Moore fight on the set of the show’s Season 6 reunion taping became a big story long before it made it to air (see promo above).

That’s because it was bad enough that Kenya called 911 afterward. Porsha allegedly flew off the handle and beat down Kenya, who filed an official report.

Bravo has the footage –

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Brad Pitt signs on to play Gen. Stanley McChrystal in ‘The Operators’: woah?!

Over the past few weeks, there’s been a flurry of activity with Oscar-winner Brad Pitt and his future projects as a producer and actor. Allegedly, he’s circling a World War II-era romantic thriller, and he’s planning to produce a film about the hacker at the center of the Steubenville rape case. As a producer, Brad (to his credit) has always been attracted to smaller passion projects and unconventional stuff, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing how he parlays his Oscar win into more interesting producing and starring projects. And here’s the big one I was waiting for: Brad has signed

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JOHNNY WEIR & VICTOR VORONOV Preparing Postnuptial Agreements Before Reconciliation

After the very public split between former Olympic ice skater Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov, including disclosure of Johnny’s domestic violence arrest, Johnny insinuating Victor (who’s a lawyer) needed to get a job, the release of nude pics (of Johnny), fights over their dog, and plenty of accusations hurled back and forth, the two have decided to give their marriage another try. However, each is presenting the other with postnuptial agreements before moving back in together. RELATED: Johnny Weir calls off divorce.

TMZ somehow got the details on the agreements. Victor’s sounds pretty

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