Kris Jenner Plans "Top to Bottom" Plastic Surgery Makeover to Please Corey Gamble, Source Claims

Kris Jenner has admitted to going under the knife for cosmetic reasons in the past, but now a source claims that the 59-year-old momager is planning to have far more extensive work done to help her hold on to her much younger boyfriend.

Kris is dating Corey Gamble – a 34-year-old road manager for Justin Bieber – and though the relationship seems to be going well, Kris is reportedly paranoid that her new beau will dump her if she change her look.

  • Kris Jenner with a Stroller
  • Corey Gamble Photo

“She looks amazing for 59,” an insider tells the National Enquirer. “But there is some loose skin on her body that she wants to fix.” The source adds that Jenner has described her planned procedure as a “top-to-bottom makeover.”

“She’ll do whatever it takes to drive him wild in the makeover. She’s even looking into the possibility of a butt lift, which she knows will drive Corey wild, since he’s admitted he’s a big booty guy.”

It’s been rumored that Kris’ daughters have already benefited from that particular procedure, and a Hollywood plastic recently speculated that even 17-year-old Kylie Jenner has had a butt lift.

The source claims physical attraction between Kris and Corey is currently not an issue, and insists that “the sex between them is off the charts.”

Even so, Kris reportedly views the extensive cosmetic work she has planned as a necessary precaution:

“She’s not taking anything for granted. She says this is the hottest guy she’s met in years.”

Kris filed for divorce from Bruce Jenner in September after 13 years of marriage.

She agreed to Keeping Up with the Kardashians...

… as a way to promote her family’s clothing boutiques. She brought the idea to E! with the help of Ryan Seacrest.

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Kris Jenner Plans "Top to Bottom" Plastic Surgery Makeover to Please Corey Gamble, Source Claims


Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7 Recap: Who is Rowena?

Who is Rowena? That question was answered on Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7.

Not to get ahead of ourselves and spoil the end of a solid hour, but we can’t help it: we just met the King of Hell’s mother!

We opened this installment with a hooker on the run from a pimp named Raul. She stabbed in the eye, but he lived.

We then cut to Dean and Sam enjoying a cheap steak and us learning that Dean is on a dating app. His user name? Impala67.

Just as Sam begins to educate his brother on the definition of “catfishing,” Shaylene appears with enough cleavage to prove she really is a hooker.

She asks Dean for his soul in exchange for sex and the siblings realize this is not your average call girl.

Soon enough, they’ve trapped the demon pimp in a motel room and the “trash from the street,” as he calls the hooker, kills via via the angel blade.

Across town, we meet Raul’s Girls. This is the brother at the middle of all the action. This is also where we’re introduced to Rowena, who forces Raul to vomit himself to death. She gets a couple hookers alone and tells them she’s seeking new witches.

By the time Rowena and her hookers leave the premises, Sam and Dean have determined her identity, along with the fact that she’s over 300 years old.

But she’s hard to capture, especially after turning a hooker into an attack dog. And once the brothers maybe have Rowena in their sights, look who shows up to ruin things: Cole!

When you watch Supernatural online, you’ll see Dean giving Cole some answers about his father, who apparently was a monster of unknown origin.

Dean assures Cole that he killed his dad to save many lives. Sam also overhears Dean saying hr knows his story will end in his death and the only question that remains is this: Will it take place today?

Cole goes home to his family and Sam continues to be concerned about his brother.

Elsewhere, we met Joe, Caroline’s husband (Caroline is Hannah’s vessel), who is told by Hannah that she’s with Castiel. Then she and Cas kiss!

HOWEVER, this leads to Hannah deciding she can’t put her mission as an angel before the needs of humans. And, because those feelings belong to Caroline, Hannah leave her to return to her husband.

This leads Cas to Google Jimmy Novak, his vessel.

Oh, and then there was this: Crowley’s demons captured Rowena, which prompted the family that opened this review.

That’s a lot to take in for one episode, isn’t it? Relive all the action via the video above and get your first look at Supernatural Season 10 Episode 8 below:

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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7 Recap: Who is Rowena?


Duchess Kate is finally getting Prince Harry a labrador puppy for Christmas


Prince Harry turned 30 years old back in September. The rumor going around the UK tabloids was that Harry really, really wanted a puppy for his birthday. His birthday came and went and there were no stories about Harry with a new puppy, so I guess Harry probably had a somewhat crappy birthday. But Duchess Kate is trying to ensure that Harry finally gets what he wants for Christmas. Except it will probably be later than that.

Prince Harry could soon be snuggling up with a cute new companion during the long, cold winter nights, I can reveal. But the party-loving prince is not getting back together with his on/off girlfriend Cressida Bonas over the festive period. Instead, he’s set to become the proud new owner of a pet puppy.

Word reaches me that Harry’s sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, has made enquiries about buying a yellow labrador for Harry as a Christmas present from her and Prince William. According to Royal sources, Kate has learned of a litter which is due at the end of November through Drakeshead, which has been successfully breeding and training gun dogs for the past 45 years.

A source tells me that once the puppies are born, Harry, 30, will choose his own to take back to his home at Kensington Palace. Kate is apparently keen to have another dog around the Palace so that her spaniel Lupo has a companion during walks around the area.

I’m told: ‘Kate knows how much Harry loves Lupo, and how much joy he brings him, so it makes sense he should have his own puppy. Apparently she is willing to look after the dog if Harry has to go abroad for Royal duties or with the Army.’

It has previously been reported that Harry was keen to get a puppy for his 30th birthday in September, but in the end it was decided that Christmas would be the perfect occasion for a new pet. The source added: ‘Kate and William worry that Harry gets lonely living on his own, so a pet puppy would be a great solution.’

When Harry first started dating budding actress Cressida, her family had a litter of puppies at their country house, and friends say the Prince delighted in playing with the little bundles of joy in their pen in the corner of the kitchen. The couple were together for two years before splitting up in April, although they have since been spotted enjoying a couple of low-key dates, including a trip to the cinema in September.

Now the next question on everyone’s lips is what His Royal Highness will call his new pet?

[From The Daily Mail]

Isn’t the puppy/kitten season usually in the Spring? But I guess dogs and cats are having litters all year round. Still, it seems like it should be relatively simple to find Lab puppies all over the place, especially in a dog-centric country like England. And why not a rescue? Still, I look forward to seeing Harry finally get a puppy. Lupo probably does need a doggy playmate. Or at the very least, Prince George needs a new puppy best friend.

Meanwhile, Harry made some very interesting comments when he was traveling in Abu Dhabi. He was raising money for his Sentebale charity (the money goes to children in Lesotho) and he admitted that some of the Sentebale funds did not go where they were supposed to:

He said the charity “started really, really small, a very small group of us saying we’re not going to use the funds for other people, it’s going to be all for the kids and pretending we knew what we were doing…Ten years down the line we have made a couple of mistakes and in turn learned from our mistakes. There are so many charities that are, dare I say it, built around egos. A lot of charities survive on those egos. But from my point of view and from us at the foundation, being in that position we have the opportunity to bring so many people that are doing great things together to improve things quicker, rather than waiting five years.”

[From E! News]

Apparently, in the first years of Sentebale, only 8% of the money raised was going to Lesotho, but by 2010, 65% of the money was going to Lesotho. Which still isn’t a great number. When I first read the “so many charities built around egos” quote, I’ll admit it, my first thought was that Harry threw some shade at Prince William. Maybe Harry doesn’t care for the idea of pay-for-play royalty, even if the money goes towards charity. Maybe Harry doesn’t like how William’s charities operate?



Photos courtesy of WENN.


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Duchess Kate is finally getting Prince Harry a labrador puppy for Christmas


FKA Twigs insists she’s ‘not thirsty’, gets pap’d in LA with Robert Pattinson


Here are some super-cute photos of Robert Pattinson out with his girlfriend of three months (?) FKA Twigs. They are adorable!!! It looks like they maybe worked out together and then got some iced coffee or smoothies or something. Sparkles is making faces in half the photos because (I think) he doesn’t like the taste of one of the drinks. Twigs definitely looks post-workout, but I might be wrong. Maybe this is just their low-key, loved-up-in-LA look. And check out Sparkles acting saucy by grabbing Twigs’ butt in full view of the paps. It honestly doesn’t look like a “I can’t wait to really grab your butt in private” kind of grab. It looks more like Sparkles touched it for a second with his fingertips and said “HONK!”

Anyway, Twigs has a new interview with Rolling Stone. She talks about Rob a little bit and their relationship and her newfound tabloid fame/Twihard infamy. You can read the full piece here. Here are my favorite parts:

The hate-tweets she got for dating Rob: “It was all this crazy, racist abuse out of nowhere. But if you’re an artist, you have to use everything to your advantage, even the pain.”

Growing up in rural Gloucestershire, England: “It was boring and it was beautiful. You’re running in fields, you’re outside, you’re imaginative – but there’s also nothing to do, and when you get to be a teenager, sometimes you kind of lose touch with nature, like I did. You become so trapped in yourself.”

Working as a background dancer in music videos: “As more time goes on, I realize how much I hated it. If I didn’t connect with it creatively, sometimes it would be a bit like, ‘Ugh, why am I doing this?’ Like a tiny cog in a wheel. But at the time I was very grateful – I’d do a music video and make £200 from it. It would have taken me a week and a half to make that doing four jobs.”

She doesn’t care about fame: “I don’t want to be in front of the camera forever,” she says, mentioning dreams of scoring films or directing videos for other artists instead. “I’m not thirsty. I’m not a pop star. I don’t want to reign over all forever.” She is firm on this point: “I don’t want to be famous!” she adds. “It makes me feel sick, the thought of being a famous person. It’s just not me. I’m the happiest when I’m in the studio, not on a beauty parade.”

She’s not a cute little girl: “I love feeling dark. The whole of my life, when people are getting to know me, they’re like, ‘You’re so cute!’ But how I look is not how I am. If you’re going to get to know me on the body that God gave me, then you’re going to get a shock at some point. I look like an anime character, but inside, I feel like a warrior. Like a female mother-earth warrior in a tribe in Africa or a rainforest that we haven’t discovered yet. I feel like I’m really quiet and really tall, six foot, and when I scream, all the leaves rustle and I can throw spears. I have all these big scars all over my face from where jungle animals have tried to fight me, but I’ve won. I’ve had loads of children, so my bones are strong, but my skin is all weathered. That’s how I feel. I was just put in a manga character by accident.”

[From Rolling Stone]

Do you believe her when she says she’s not thirsty? I don’t think she’s thirsty in, like, a Lady Gaga way. Twigs strikes me as a control-freak artist, someone who will abandon a project if she doesn’t get to do it her way. Someone more concerned about doing it her way than just being famous for whatever. But I wonder how that translates to her private life. Oh, and she mentions how she’s reading a lot of Anaïs Nin these days. Damn… Sparkles is probably enjoying that. *BUTT HONK*



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.


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FKA Twigs insists she’s ‘not thirsty’, gets pap’d in LA with Robert Pattinson


13 Biggest Duggar Family Scandals: Will They Force TLC to Cancel 19 Kids & Counting?

The Duggar family is at the center of massive controversy this week, with more than 120,000 people signing a petition to cancel 19 Kids and Counting.

It’s far from the first time they’ve faced heavy scrutiny, however.

In many ways, the family’s most recent scandal is a culmination of many. The petition was actually started months ago, only to gain traction recently.

Here’s a look back at 13 times the TLC stars faced backlash …

Jessa Gets Strapped

Jessa Duggar and her then-boyfriend Ben Seewald began courting controversy almost from the moment they started dating, posing for photos like this one – a picture that now seems tame considering what they’ve been stirring up more recently.

The Duggars, as we all know, are conservative individuals.

Staunch ones at that, standing out among today’s TV offerings, drawing many like-minded viewers. But their earnest, authentic way of life also has a broader appeal.

As more people watch 19 Kids and Counting online and their fame has grown due to social and traditional media, so has the criticism they face quite often.

The family’s views on dating, courting, marriage and child-rearing are noteworthy enough, but they’ve also proven polarizing on political and religions grounds.

Outspoken opponents of abortion, birth control, gay marriage and even evolution, Duggar family members have made many eyebrow-raising headlines of late.

From patriarch and matriarch Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald, her now-husband, it seems like everyone is getting in on the act.

Scroll through the gallery above to look back on some of their most notorious scandals, and tell us: Do you think TLC will cave to the public pressure?

As more and more people urge the network to pull the plug on the hit reality show, they will likely be forced to at least address the controversy in some form.

Will they cancel arguably the most powerful family on TV? That remains to be seen, and is probably a long shot for those pushing this petition so hard.

Nevertheless, it’s left the family, their beliefs and their way of life under the microscope like never before, even as they enjoy such widespread popularity.

Dates Without Chaperones

The Duggar parents often accompany their children on dates in order to maintain their “accountability” and “keep things from going in the wrong direction,” per Jim Bob. The girls are fine with this, as being alone with men puts them in grave “moral danger.” When the parents aren’t available, their older siblings will often tag along, making every date a group date and a family affair.

The rest is here:
13 Biggest Duggar Family Scandals: Will They Force TLC to Cancel 19 Kids & Counting?


“Lena Dunham, Gerard Butler, Goop & more read mean tweets” links

Celebrities read mean tweets: Gwyneth Paltrow deigned to participate! [Evil Beet]
Nick Jonas is not a virgin anymore. [A Socialite Life]
Three grandmas hit the bong, hilarity ensues. [Dlisted]
Is Julianne Moore on track for an Oscar? [LaineyGossip]
The third Hemsworth Bro is also cute (in a normal way). [Buzzfeed]
I hope Martin Freeman is good on SNL! [Pajiba]
Lindsay Lohan looked kind of crazy in London yesterday. [Go Fug Yourself]
Danica McKellar is married! Congrats. [I’m Not Obsessed]
Just a reminder: Jennifer Lopez’s body is still crazy. [Popoholic]
This photo of Teresa Giudice’s hairline is also crazy. [Reality Tea]
Sean Hayes married his longtime partner! Congrats. [Wonderwall]
Jason Sudeikis shares photos of son Otis. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Andy Cohen outed Kevin Spacey in his new book. [CDAN]
Utah wants to bring back the firing squad for capital punishment. [Starcasm]


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“Lena Dunham, Gerard Butler, Goop & more read mean tweets” links


Is Renee Zellweger planning to marry her boyfriend on New Year’s Eve?

ELLE's 21st Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration
Renee Zellweger has been dating musician Doyle Bramhall II (yes that’s his actual name) for about two years. The two first met in college and reportedly didn’t date back then but kept running into each other over the years until they finally gave in and got togerher. That’s sweet.

Renee plays her personal life pretty close to the vest so we haven’t heard that she’s engaged or anything, but The National Enquirer claims that she’s planning to marry Doyle on New Year’s Eve. The tabloids report that she’s sent out a “save the date” email to 15 close friends she wants to attend the wedding. They also claim that Doyle owes thousands in back child support to his ex wife. Sketchy.

The National Enquirer has learned exclusively that the 45 year-old Oscar winner has gushed to close pals that she plans to wed her beau of two years – rock guitarist Doyle Bramhall II – on New Year’s Eve in Austin, Texas.

The couple chose Austin because it’s where they met as students more than two decades ago, sources said.

“Renee is madly in love with Doyle and wants to close out 2014 by marrying him where they share special memories.

“She sent out ‘save the date’ emails to about 15 friends for New Year’s Eve,” an insider revealed…

Doyle was once addicted to heroin and is involved in a messy legal battle with ex-wife Susannah Melvoin.

The two divorced in 2010, but as the Enquirer has reported, he owes her thousands of dollars in back child support for their two children…

“But Renee swears he’s a stand up guy and that despite his financial problems with his ex wife, he’s never asked her for a dime.

“He told Renee that he’d be happy to sign a prenup.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, December 1, 2014]

When the Enquirer runs stories on anyone but A list celebrities they tend to be solid. That’s why I believe that Renee probably did send out an email to friends asking them to save the date. It’s very specific too. Is this why she got all that work done on her face, because she’s ready to move into another chapter in her life? (Reese Witherspoon is now clucking her tongue and calling me sexist.) Good for Renee for falling for a non-famous guy. Remember her four month marriage to Kenny Chesney in 2005? I do question Doyle Bramhall II’s inability to pay child support. That would be a big red flag to me. Maybe he just fell on hard times though. I hope for Renee’s sake that Doyle is decent guy beneath that epic hair. I also hope she gets a prenup.

Exclusive... Renee Zellweger And Her Boyfriend Go For A Stroll

New York  fashion

ELLE's 21st Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration

Renee Zellweger & Doyle Dine Out At Cecconi's Restaurant
Exclusive... Renee Zellweger And Her Boyfriend Go For A Stroll
New York  fashion
New York  fashion
ELLE's 21st Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration
ELLE's 21st Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration
ELLE's 21st Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration
ELLE's 21st Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration

photo credit: WENN and FameFlynet

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Is Renee Zellweger planning to marry her boyfriend on New Year’s Eve?


Was Amber Heard ‘mortified’ at Johnny Depp’s drunk HFAs speech?

Johnny Depp

Way back in July, I covered a story from Radar that said Johnny Depp was trying to be an upstanding guy for his fiancée, Amber Heard. His friends were certain that Johnny wasn’t completely behaving himself. He was reportedly hiding drinking binges from Amber. The story didn’t stick because there wasn’t any proof, just “friends” expressing concern.

The tale makes a lot more sense after Johnny made sweet love to a microphone at the HFAs last Friday. He was completely drunk and possibly more. The dude swayed, slurred, cursed, and may have burped (or simply cursed again) onstage. He completely stole Shep Gordon’s moment, but Mike Myers defended Johnny’s “rock ‘n’ roll” speech. What a mess. This week’s issue of Star says Amber Heard was “mortified” when she got wind of Johnny’s onstage shenanigans:

Johnny Depp’s drunken behavior at a recent awards show made Captain Jack Sparrow look like Prince Charles. Audiences at the 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards were stunned when Johnny stumbled onstage to present a documentary award for Mile Myers’ Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon, nearly knocking over the mocrophone in the process. “That’s the weirdest microphone I’ve ever seen in my life,” he muttered. “I’m not very good at this type of thing.”

While reading lines shouldn’t be too difficult a task for an actor, Johnny had considerable trouble with his speech. “Watch, I’m going to read this thing,” he burbled to the audience, who tittered uncomfortably at his slurred speech peppered with curse words. “You have to watch the film! Yeah, there you go. What does that say? It’s one of those nights.” Johnny ended his boozy tirade with a string of several more expletives before eventually getting cut off by producers.

“Johnny was extremely intoxicated,” a witness tells Star. “there were times he had to have someone help him stand. He couldn’t say a complete sentence — he made no sense.” Just last yeare Johnny insisted that he had given up drinking after learning that he and alcohol got along “maybe too well” but refused to consider himself an alcoholic. “No, it’s more my medication,” he insisted. “My self-medication over the years to calm the circus.”

But the circus is definitely in town. Johnny’s stress is mounting as he works feverishly on a staggering six movies, plus he’s planning his wedding to fiancee Amber Heard, who according to the source was reportedly mortified at her groom’s behavior. “This reflects really badly on her, and she’s not happy about it.”

Now those in Johnny’s inner circle are wondering if it should be last call for his self-destructive behavior. “There’s a chatter in Johnny’s camp about rehab,” the insider divulges. “At this point, he’s driving everyone — including Amber — away.”

[From Star, print edition, December 2, 2014]

I lean towards believing this story. Johnny’s never been a bastion of sobriety, but he’s been keeping it together (in public) for a few years. Getting drunk and making a fool of oneself isn’t nearly as bad as how Johnny used to behave. Remember how he would throw cocaine tantrums and toss furniture out of hotel rooms when he was dating Kate Moss? Then he started seeing Vanessa Paradis and grew up. Now he’s regressing, and I can believe Amber would worry about it reflecting badly upon her. Not that it’s her fault — it isn’t. This is all on Johnny. He wasn’t “maintaining” last weekend. He was flat-out, sloppy drunk, and I think he needs to find help.

Johnny Depp

Amber Heard

Photos courtesy of WENN


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Was Amber Heard ‘mortified’ at Johnny Depp’s drunk HFAs speech?


Michelle Duggar Shares Parenting Advice Online: Make Sure You Have Date Nights!

With 19 kids (and counting!), it’s safe to say Michelle Duggar knows a thing or two about motherhood.

While her methods may sometimes be controversial (the Duggars don’t even allow their kids to hug before marriage), when it comes to things like maintaining your sanity and sleep schedule while raising a small army, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone more knowledgeable than Michelle.

Michelle Duggar Image

Fortunately, as you know if you watch 19 Kids and Counting online, Michelle is more than happy to share her pro tips with the world.

The Duggar matriarch took to her blog recently to dole out words of wisdom to some new moms who had sent her questions. 

Considering we rarely hear Michelle talk about anything that’s not related to her church or her family, it’s refreshing to hear her stressing the importance of “me time” for new mothers:

“Take naps at the same time the baby does,” Michelle writes. “Even if it’s just for an hour. Afterwards, you’ll feel so much better and be ready to tackle the world.”

Michelle adds that parents should be sure to “have a date night every week:”

“[Dates] are key to building and strengthening the marriage relationship, because that gives your children stability in their lives. It reminds them that their parents love each other and their relationship is a top priority in the family.”

Of course, in Michelle’s book the best way a husband and wife can show that they love each other is popping out a litter of young ones. Last we heard, Michelle Duggar is still hoping for baby number 20!

Watch 19 Kids and Counting online for more marriage and family tips from Michelle and Jim Bob. 

A Duggar Family Pic

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are still working on that 20th kid.

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Michelle Duggar Shares Parenting Advice Online: Make Sure You Have Date Nights!


Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian: Double Wedding on Tap?!?

According to the latest issue of Life & Style, wedding bells will soon be ringing…

… for both Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian!

Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian Wedding Cover

The cover story claims Kris Jenner has struck a television deal for both her daughters to get married at the same time, with Kourtney supposedly exchanging vows with Scott Disick and Khloe with French Montana.

Why did Kourtney finally say yes to Scott after eight years of dating? What happened the night Montana proposed to Khloe?

The tabloid says it will reveal all to anyone who opens its pages. Via a series of anonymous, totally real sources, we have no doubt.

“Kris pitched the idea to Ryan Seacrest and E!,” Life & Style writes of the dual wedding. “Of course they were over the moon with the idea. “This will be bigger than [Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s] wedding.”

This blockbuster news is especially surprising because Life & Style only just reported two weeks ago that Disick is in love with Khloe. That should make for an awkward wedding day, don’t you think?!?

The only thing more ridiculous than the notion of Kourtney and Khloe getting hitched simultaneously is pretty much EVERYthing that happens when we watch Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons online.

Also of note from this issue of Life & Style, as teased above: There’s a holiday style for every occasion?!? No way!


Cher has Tweeted that the Kardashians are “bitches” who should be “drop kicked down the freeway.” She made a point of saying she is NOT kidding.

Continued here:
Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian: Double Wedding on Tap?!?