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Cee Lo Green apparently believes it’s not really rape if a woman is unconscious

Last year, a woman accused Cee Lo Green of drugging her with ecstasy and then raping her while she was barely conscious or completely unconscious – she remembered having a drink with Green at a sushi joint and then she woke up naked in his bed. LA County investigated the claims and a short time later, they changed him with a felony – a felony drug charge for giving/slipping the woman ecstasy. TMZ’s law enforcement sources said last year that the DA did not believe there was enough evidence to bring sexual assault or rape charges against Cee Lo so that’s why those charges never happened

DANIEL RADCLIFFE Gets Creepy In ‘Horns’ (Teaser Trailer)

Image daniel-radcliffe-in-horns.jpg

I think it’s clear, Daniel Radcliffe has moved on from ‘Harry Potter‘! Here’s a teaser trailer for his new movie, ‘Horns.’ It’s based on the book by Joe Hill. RELATED: Daniel Radcliffe gets arrested on ‘Horns.’ Either Daniel’s playing a really bad guy or a very misunderstood and persecuted guy. Given that Joe Hill is…