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James Franco calls NYT theater critic a ‘little bitch’ for bad review

James Franco can’t stay out of the trouble even for a moment. It’s like he’s completely forgotten that he tried to pick up a teenage girl on Instagram two weeks ago. He tried to explain that kertuffle away as “bad judgment.” He’s still a creep.

Franco tried to recapture his “artist” rep for his Broadway debut in Of Mice and Men.” He’s starring with Leighton Meester and Chris O’Dowd. Reviews have been mixed with O’Dowd gaining most of the praise for his portrayal of Lennie. I had to laugh at this part of the AP’s review: “Franco is more standoffish, creating a George who apparently longs to

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James Franco Calls New York Times Critic "Little B!tch"

Oh, James Franco. Does your ability to involve yourself in weird scandals know no bounds?

Fresh off his scandalous flirtation with teenager Lucy Clode, Franco finds himself at the center of another controversy – this one involving his personal attack of New York Times theater critic Ben Brantley. 

The Times published a review of Brantley’s that featured some extremely negative comments about Franco’s performance in the Broadway revival of the play Of Mice and Men, and the temperamental actor quickly took to Twitter to express his displeasure.


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Zoe Saldana in the ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ remake trailer: worse than expected?

Way back in January, we heard about Zoe Saldana’s new starring role in a remake of Rosemary’s Baby. The original 1968 film was adapted by Roman Polanski and based upon the book by Ira Levin. The movie (not the director) was a sweeping majesty of atmosphere and characterization. There was never a reason to remake this movie on either the big or small screens, but NBC couldn’t resist crafting a miniseries from the story. Seriously, they’re going to hammer four hours out of this mess.

From the looks of things, this remake makes several detours from Polanski’s classic adaptation. Zoe reprises

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Celebitchy Book Club: ‘Dark Places’ by Gillian Flynn

I read Dark Places by Gillian Flynn AFTER I read Flynn’s Gone Girl. I couldn’t help but compare the two books side-by-side, although Flynn wrote Dark Places three years before Gone Girl. For my money, Gone Girl is the more compelling story and the way she told that story was a great mindf—k. As for Dark Places, you can tell that she’s trying to screw with your mind, and while there are parts which are creepy as hell, it just didn’t have the overall creepiness and OMG-ness of Gone Girl.

Dark Places plays fast and loose with the narration, but the bulk of the book is narrated by Libby Day,

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KIM KARDASHIAN Put Her Plan To Marry KANYE WEST Into Motion 5 Years Ago!

In some completely unsurprising news, Kim Kardashian has been lusting after her future husband, Kanye West, for 5 years. Yes – even when she was dating Reggie Bush and married to Kris Humphries! (That last bit is unsurprising, since Kanye appeared on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians while Kim was with Kris and  the two were definitely flirting.)

Sources are reporting that Kanye was actually part of the reason that Kim and Reggie broke up a few times, since he kept catching her trying to “set up an affair” with him. Ouch!

That news – that Kim was trying to cheat on Reggie –

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Miley Cyrus’ mom, Tish, gave Miley a new puppy already: too soon?

Miley Cyrus covers the May issue of Elle. That’s a warning. She’s wearing Marc Jacobs to kick off the “women in music” issue. I look forward to dissecting the crazy things Miley says when the interview arrives.

Miley is surely still reeling from the loss of her beloved dog, Floyd, who passed away last week from unknown causes. Miley is a huge dog person (she lost a different dog in 2012), but Floyd was her favorite. Miley chose to dedicate a portion of her Brooklyn concert to Floyd on Saturday night. She serenaded a huge Floyd replica while sobbing onstage. You can see photos of that act

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Did James Franco try to pick up a 17 year old girl on Instagram?

You’re looking at a photo from The Artist formerly known as James Franco’s Instagram page. Franco has since deleted this image — perhaps because he’s realized that he could be in a heap of trouble. I don’t think there’s anything that will happen to him legally. What he’s (allegedly) done is skeevy though. He posted the image to deny a story about him perving on a 17-year-old Scottish girl (who was in NYC with her mom as a pre-18th birthday celebration). Franco is in town because he’s currently appearing in the Broadway production of Of Mice and Men.

Buzzfeed covered a series of anonymous

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16 Recap: Rick Breaks Bad; What is Terminus?!

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16 finished off the series’ fourth season in dramatic fashion Sunday, with the gang trapped in a train car inside Terminus.

Whatever that is. It sure is creepy.

While it’s still unclear what this mysterious location is, we have a pretty good idea after a number of clues were dropped on the Season 4 finale.

The Walking Dead spoilers ahead …

Watch The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16 Online

Amid flashbacks to simpler times (watch The Walking Dead online to catch up on all past seasons) Rick, Michonne and Carl were on their way to

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‘Night Moves’ boast an impressive cast. It stars Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning, and Peter Sarsgaard. This trailer makes one thing clear: this movie is CREEPY.

RELATED: Jesse Eisenberg stars in Dostoevsky’s ‘The Double’ movie adaptation.

It doesn’t give away much else. The three seem to be plotting to destroy a dam? They want to do something that requires fake IDs. And then it seems like there’s concern that someone has betrayed the rest. Uh-oh. Are you brave enough to see ‘Night Moves’?

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Kim Kardashian got $500K for one night’s work in Vienna & it was total chaos

Kim Kardashian worked as an escort yesterday. For real. You know how there’s that rich old dude named Richard Lugnar who, every year, pays some American or European famewhore six figures to be his “date” to the annual Vienna Opera Ball? In the past, Lugnar has asked/paid for Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Carmen Electra. This year, it was Kim Kardashian’s turn. Lugnar reportedly paid $500,000 for Kim (and he got Lucifer’s Homegirl for free). He’s not only paying for the Opera Ball date, he’s also paying for the lady to come to his mall in Vienna and make a personal appearance with

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