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Pele Dead? CNN Tweets Soccer Legend’s Demise; Rep Shoots Down Hoax

Pele is dead. At least one were to trust CNN, which many people understandably might given its (rapidly diminishing) reputation as a real news organization.

Fortunately for Pele, and unfortunately for CNN’s future, he is alive and well.

The 74-year-old soccer legend is doing just fine despite a death hoax that gained steam on Friday and apparently duped the CNN show New Day.

And as a result, the network erroneously tweeted that Pele died (see below):

A rep for Pele quickly shot down this “breaking” story and confirmed he’s A-O-K.

A rep for CNN confirmed the network is going

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New Jersey Reporter Gets SLAMMED by Snow Plow: See the GIF!

Think the weather is making it tough on your job these days?

Consider the NBC Nightly News correspondent who got stuck in the mud on Friday, and then consider Fox29 reporter Steve Keeley, who was giving viewers a look at the snowy conditions in Woodstown, New Jersey Monday when he got totally destroyed by a plow.

This GIF speak for itself:

Fortunately, Keeley escaped unharmed and with his sense of humor intact.

“I knew I was in for bad day when saw email from fired Gov. Christie staffer ‘Time for some plow troubles for Steve Keeley,’” the journalist Tweeted soon after the

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Jim Cantore Knees College Kid in Crotch, Finishes Freezing Weather Report

Look, drunk college kids. It’s totally freezing out.

Some of us may be able to sit inside and upload Kim Kardashian pictures everyday or scour the Internet for the sexiest shots of Kate Upton nude.

But others, such as The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore, are forced to stand outside in the rain and wind and sub-zero temperatures in order to make a living.

So can you please give these hard-working weathermen a break.

For your own sake, even, considering you may end up with a knee to the crotch if you attempt a winter weather videobomb similar to the idiot below.

Watch Cantore quickly

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Jimmy Lee Dykes Dead; Alabama Hostage Standoff Ends

The Alabama hostage situation, in which a man held a boy in a bunker for seven days, ended with the suspect dead and the 5-year-old safely rescued.

Reports of an explosion at Jimmy Lee Dykes’ Midland City property came first on Monday afternoon, followed shortly by media reports of his death.

At a hastily organized roadside press conference near the crime scene, FBI agent Steve Richardson said negotiations had deteriorated over the last 24 hours.

He said they entered the bunker shortly after 3 p.m. fearing the child was “in imminent danger,” because they’d seen Dykes, 65,

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Dawn Hochsprung, Sandy Hook Principal, Mourned After School Shooting

The astonishing Connecticut school shooting Friday claimed the lives of 26 people in Newtown, Conn., will be tragically remembered for the 20 small children slain.

Six adults were also killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, however, notably Dawn Hochsprung, the principal and a committed educator beloved by students.

The principal died trying to protect the students she cared for every day.

The gunman, identified as 20-year-old Adam Lanza, started his rampage in the school’s main office, where Hochsprung had reportedly come out of a meeting.

Hochsprung was killed in the

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Sage Stallone Cause of Death Remains Unknown

The mystery behind Sage Stallone’s death will, unfortunately, remain unsolved for at least another month or so.

An autopsy has been performed on the 36-year old son of actor Sylvester Stallone, who was found dead in his home on Friday, but a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Coroner tells CNN it still requires the results of toxicology tests. This typically takes six weeks. 

Meanwhile, while initial reports claimed that Stallone passed away from some kind of drug overdose, his attorney says Sage never showed any signs of substance abuse. According to George Braunstein, Stallone didn’t

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Arizona CNN GOP Debate Highlights: Ron Paul Style!

As has become our post-debate tradition, here’s a highlight reel of last night’s Republican CNN gathering in Arizona … featuring Ron Paul and only Ron Paul.

He may be marginalized by the mainstream media, but he’s shown no signs of quitting the GOP race, and was dishing it out left and right Wednesday.

Like a boss.

In particular, Paul took it to Rick Santorum so hard over his federal spending record, some are speculating that he made an alliance with Mitt Romney.

It’s probably just that – speculation – but make no mistake, the Texas Congressman was on his game at last night’s Republican

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Miley Cyrus Takes "The Climb" for CNN Heroes

Miley Cyrus gave an inspiring performance at an inspiring event last night.

The singer took to the stage at CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute, a campaign that honors individuals who go to impressive lengths to serve others. She presented one honoree with an award and then sang a rendition of her hit, “The Climb.” Watch now:

Miley Cyrus – The Climb (Live)

Who says Miley Cyrus is not a role model? Oh, right. Miley Cyrus herself. But should she act as one? Compare her view to that or Taylor Swift and vote NOW!

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Steven Slater Completes Mental Health Treatment

Remember Steven Slater?

A little over a year after he rose to national prominence by quitting his job as a JetBlue flight attendant – via a meltdown that included screaming at a passenger and sliding down the emergency escape – this Long island resident is free from the constraints of the law.

Slater was sentence to a year of probation after the incident, which included court-mandated mental health appointments. He was also forced to pay JetBlue $10,000 in restitution for the emergency slide.

“It’s great to see that there is an alternate to hard time for cases that, in my mind, don’t

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Scarlett Johansson Speaks Out on "Unjust" Naked Photo Leak

It may be the fantasy of warm-blooded males around the globe, but for Scarlett Johansson, it’s a nightmare: naked photos of the actress have leaked online, as the FBI is actively involved in what’s become an ongoing celebrity hacking scandal.

Yesterday, in an interview with CNN, the gorgeous actress spoke on the mess and the rights she still believes she possesses, despite her fame:

“Just because you’re in the spotlight, or just because you’re an actor or making films or whatever, doesn’t mean that you’re not entitled to your own personal privacy,” Scarlett said. “I think no matter what

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