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Jimmy Lee Dykes Dead; Alabama Hostage Standoff Ends

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The Alabama hostage situation , in which a man held a boy in a bunker for seven days, ended with the suspect dead and the 5-year-old safely rescued. Reports of an explosion at Jimmy Lee Dykes’ Midland City property came first on Monday afternoon, followed shortly by media reports of his death. At a hastily organized roadside press conference near the crime scene, FBI agent Steve Richardson said negotiations had deteriorated over the last 24 hours.

Dawn Hochsprung, Sandy Hook Principal, Mourned After School Shooting

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The astonishing Connecticut school shooting Friday claimed the lives of 26 people in Newtown, Conn., will be tragically remembered for the 20 small children slain. Six adults were also killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, however, notably Dawn Hochsprung, the principal and a committed educator beloved by students. The principal died trying to protect the students she cared for every day

Sage Stallone Cause of Death Remains Unknown

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The mystery behind Sage Stallone’s death will, unfortunately, remain unsolved for at least another month or so. An autopsy has been performed on the 36-year old son of actor Sylvester Stallone, who was found dead in his home on Friday, but a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Coroner tells CNN it still requires the results of toxicology tests. This typically takes six weeks.  Meanwhile, while initial reports claimed that Stallone passed away from some kind of drug overdose, his attorney says Sage never showed any signs of substance abuse