Andi Dorfman, Josh Murray Spoof Bachelorette Star’s Signature Frown

The Bachelorette stars Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray are wasting no time acclimating to life in the public eye … and enjoying moments together in private.

Described as a serious woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously, Andi proved this yet again in posing with fiance Josh and his dog, Sabel:

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray Frown

“The family that frowns together stays together,” Dorfman captioned the photo of herself with her new family members, which she shared via Twitter.

Andi’s signature frown on The Bachelorette was likened to Grumpy Cat by host Chris Harrison, but given Josh’s love for Sabel, this is even better.

Even if you’re a card-carrying member of Team Nick Viall, there’s little doubt that Andi is happy with her choice on the 10th season of the ABC hit.

Dorfman, 27, and Murray, 29, have been tweeting and Instagramming about one another around the clock since their romance went public this week.

She also shared a photo of herself with the giant ring Josh gave her.

“In love with this ring but more in love with the man who gave it to me!” she wrote alongside the picture of her diamond, courtesy of Neil Lane.

Andi Dorfman Engagement Ring

Job well done, Josh/Neil. You can both relax and bask in that.

The ring is visible in some of Josh’s snapshots, too, including one of the couple en route back to Atlanta, Ga., the city that’s home to both reality stars.

“5 hours of sleep in 3 days, sooooo delirious, time for flight back home to ATL with my love @andi_dorfman,” the former baseball player wrote.

Their future plans involve a whole lot of gushing about each other. And more than likely a wedding in the spring, possibly with ABC along for the ride.

They’ve said they’re in no rush to get married but are already planning on moving in together once the media whirlwind ends and they get back to real life.

What do you think: Will Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray last?

Josh and Andi

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray on The Bachelorette. They are a great-looking duo.

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Andi Dorfman, Josh Murray Spoof Bachelorette Star’s Signature Frown


Eric Hill Death: Did The Bachelorette Handle it the Right Away?

Did The Bachelorette get too real on Monday night? Not real enough? Or did the reality show’s handling of Eric Hill’s death strike just the right note?

Eric Hill on The Bachelorette Pic

Clearly it was a tough spot for ABC, which risked trivializing Hill’s legacy by including too much of him on a show with kind of a ridiculous premise.

On the flip side, editing him out would not do justice to the standup guy he revealed himself to be, even if it didn’t work out with Andi Dorfman.

What happened last night tried to strike a delicate balance, showing how Eric Hill left the show before he died in a paragliding accident in April.

Producers chose to show the argument between Eric and Andi, who he accused of not being sincere, which led to him leaving prior to the rose ceremony.

At the end of the episode, rather than show the rose ceremony (where Tasos Hernandez was eliminated), Chris Harrison sat down with Dorfman.

The show’s beloved host and star then proceeded to discuss Eric and the way he exited, which Andi wishes she could have done differently now.

Dorfman had many kind things to say about Hill, even if they did not part on the best of terms, something she said is “a tough pill to swallow.”

Harrison said producers had been “carefully and respectfully wading through this, trying to do the right thing,” even if it made for tough decisions.

But The Bachelorette almost didn’t air Eric’s elimination, he revealed, before producers realized it would’ve been “inappropriate and insensitive” not to.

“Originally, we even had [last night’s episode] just regular with the rose ceremony cut and the cocktail party as usual,” with Eric’s exit being edited out.


Eric Hill is the The Bachelorette contestant who passed away after the season, which has been dedicated to his memory.

However, “We all sat down and watched it and it just didn’t feel right whatsoever and it seemed inappropriate and a little insensitive,” Harrison said.

“We adjusted according to just the mood in the room from all of us watching.”

“We’ve really made a lot of game time decisions with respect to how we feel and how everybody feels at the time and what we feel is right.”

As for what sent Hill packing on The Bachelorette Season 10 Episode 4?

“I feel like Eric stepped in something that every guy who’s ever dated ever has stepped in,” Chris said. “It was wrong place, wrong time and wrong sentiment.”

Why? Because Andi was “tired” and “emotionally on edge” after the show “had kind of taken its toll,” Harrison explained, which didn’t help matters.

“So when Eric came in and said what he said, which wasn’t horrible, I think any other day, in another situation, it wouldn’t have been nearly that big of a deal.”

“Right then, I think Andi was just emotionally done.”

Will the show air footage of Andi and the remaining contestants learning of Eric’s death? No Bachelorette spoilers here, because no one knows yet.

“The answer is I’m not sure yet. I’m not sure what we will see and how we will officially deal with it…we’re not 100 percent sure,” Harrison admitted.

“We’re going to feel this out as we kind of have this entire time,” the host reiterated, “and we will just try and do what we feel is right and respectful.”

How do you think they’re handling it so far?

Andi Dorfman Pic

A cute pic of the next Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman. She’s going to get the nod.

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Eric Hill Death: Did The Bachelorette Handle it the Right Away?


Chris Harrison on Juan Pablo Galavis: I Still Like the Guy, But …

Juan Pablo Galavis’ decisions this season, followed by his comments on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special baffled everyone who saw them.

Especially the man sitting across from him and forced to engage him.

“I had like a pack of Tums and Pepto Bismol. I was just downing it during the show,” Chris Harrison joked to Access Hollywood in a new interview.

“It was an interesting, bizarre ride.”

“I know I say this a lot about being dramatic and controversial and all that, but literally, in 12 years, it was the most confusing, bizarre show I’ve ever seen.”

Regarding the most awkward part, when Chris said that Juan Pablo had a surprise, only to have Galavis act like he had no clue what he was talking about?

“Juan Pablo told us in St. Lucia, that [on] ‘After the Final Rose,’ I have a big surprise for you,” Chris said. “He said it to one of our executives at ABC.”

“[We said] ‘Wow, OK,’ because we were all a little unsatisfied with the ending and the non-proposal [to Nikki] and the, ‘I like you a lot’ ending to the show.”

“But he’s like, ‘Don’t worry. After the Final Rose, I have a big surprise for you,’” Harrison recounted. “We’re like, ‘OK, great, maybe he’ll do something big.”

Even one day before the taping, he thought the surprise – most likely a proposal to Nikki Ferrell or at least some declaration of love – was still coming.

“Someone got a text, I heard, yesterday, that reiterated, ‘I’m gonna have a big surprise at the show tonight,’ so I thought [it] would at least be, ‘I love you.’”

But when Harrison asked Juan Pablo about the surprise after The Bachelor finale, the star said he didn’t have one, and appeared utterly clueless.

“I think that was the mood he was in,” Chris said. “He was in a defiant, defensive mood.” Why? Who knows. Harrison also blogged about the interview on EW:

“The interview with Juan Pablo and Nikki was just a bit odd. I know it was orchestrated by him to not say how he feels about Nikki. The only thing I can’t figure out is why?”

“It was a rough ride for Juan Pablo this season.the good news is … it worked! He found a great woman in Nikki and they are in love and happy.”

“So of all things to hide I’m not sure why they chose that. I’m not sure what the endgame or goal was in not speaking about his feelings.”

“I know it’s something Nikki was very uncomfortable with,” Harrison went on, adding “but I think she really felt like she needed to support her man.”

“I’m not sure when or where along the way Juan Pablo decided to fight this process, but he certainly did. I was very sorry to see it end like that because it didn’t have to.”

“That was a choice made entirely by Juan Pablo.”

“I will wrap this up by saying, I’m not angry at Juan Pablo nor do I dislike the guy. Am I often confused and puzzled by his behavior and his thoughts?”

“Absolutely, but that doesn’t anger me. I wish he and Nikki well. I truly hope Juan Pablo especially can find peace somewhere in his life.”

“I hope he will see that there are many people around him who love him and are trying to help him, but in the end he must make the choice to listen and let them in.”

You tell us: Was JP the worst Bachelor ever?


Will Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell last?


Continued here:
Chris Harrison on Juan Pablo Galavis: I Still Like the Guy, But …


The Bachelorette: For All The Right Reasons

Tonight on The Bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock will begin dating the men of season 9! Who will get the first solo date? Which of the guys will she take on a group date? Will there be man tears?

One thing’s for sure, there will be a rap video with Soulja Boy.

We’ll find out all of this and more now in our THG +/- recap. (Of course, if you don’t want to wait, you can always skip ahead to The Bachelorette spoilers. We won’t tell!)

Desiree Picture

The guys and their muscles move into the house and Chris Harrison explains the dating scenario. Any guy who doesn’t get a rose on a one-on-one date is going home immediately.

The lucky winner of the first one-on-one date is Brooks! He looks a lot like Steve Howey so I have trouble taking him seriously. Des doesn’t though, so good for her.

She picks him up in her baby blue Bentley and instead of letting him drive, she takes the wheel. Plus 8.


To show him her life, she takes him to a bridal shop and dresses him up in a series of tuxes, the first of which is very monochrome. It ain’t easy being green, Brooks. Minus 2 (for my awful joke).

They don wedding attire and pretend to be newlyweds at a cupcake truck. Plus 2.

It’s the 90th anniversary of the Hollywood sign, so they get special snowflake status and have a date overlooking all of Los Angeles. That’s cool. And then Desiree calls it a fairy tale and I roll my eyes. Minus 4.

Brooks is willing to let his heart get broken over and over if it means finding The One at the end. He seems like a good guy. Plus 10.

First kiss goes to Brooks!! Plus 20!

On the way home, Des gets “lost” in a less than savory part of town and convinces Brooks to help her move some signs marking that the road is closed. But it’s a set-up. Their dinner is on the bridge. It’s beautiful. 

At dinner, Brooks asks her about her life and her family. She wants what her parents have and Brooks’, whose parents are divorced, has trouble articulating what he wants in marriage. 

Brooks and his dad didn’t speak for 6 years after his parents’ divorce and as he talks to Des, there are tears in his eyes. If she doesn’t give him a rose after that, well, she should just go ahead and give him a rose.

And she does. Rose to Brooks. Another kiss to Des. Plus 4.

Brooks Forester Photo


Andy Grammer and his band are set up at the far end of the bridge to give Des and Brooks a private concert. She maybe should’ve planned dance lessons for the two of them, but who am I to judge their skillz.

The spinning thing? Cheesy. CHEESE. Y. Minus 9

It’s group date day and Des has 14 men at a winery. And while at this winery, they will record a rap video with Soulja Boy. This is her attempt to be goofy and make a fool of herself. For fun. 

The guys try to spit some game for Soulja Boy and he chooses Brandon, Ben, Michael G., and James to be the performers in his video. The other 10 guys will be backup dancers.

Brandon‘s costume doesn’t include pants. Plus 12.

The lyrics to their song, “For The Right Reasons,” are all insults to bachelors from previous seasons. 

Ben‘s up first and the guys try to rattle him. Michael G. is not a rapper. But he’s not as bad as Brandon. In his defense, his derriere is on display. 

The music video bit  is totally silly, but they had fun? And fun’s what matters, right?

Desiree Hartsock and Chris Harrison

Zak W. has brought her a gift, an antique journal that has never been written in that bears an inscription from a father to his daughter. After showing up to the first cocktail party shirtless, he wanted to show her his softer side. Plus 14.

While the other guys are sitting around staring at the rose, Brandon says he wishes they didn’t care so much about who gets a rose. That they could just have fun and focus on Des.

Ben thinks that’s just silly and believes that pursuing her is the way to go. He steals her away from Mikey T.

The guys don’t trust Ben. At all. 

Des and Ben talk about his son and she asks if he has any questions about it. She says she’s open to that. Then he plays the lamest game in history and makes up a story about how he wanted to kiss her earlier during the video shoot but worried his cowboy hat would get in the way so can he kiss her now? Minus 6.

Man tears from Brandon who “didn’t expect to feel this way.” Minus 3.

Michael G. is here “for the right reasons.” He respects women. Like his mom. And his sister. And his nana. 

The guys really, really don’t trust Ben. Mikey T. seems to be the ring leader of the Un-trusters so he pulls Ben aside to talk about Ben stealing Des away from him earlier that evening. 

Mikey feels like Ben is nice when the cameras are rolling and when he has to be, but in general, calls Ben a politician. 

Ben doesn’t want tension in the house and isn’t the kind of guy to stab the other guys in the back. Then they talk about shoes, so thinks are good? I think? Minus 3.

Desiree Photo

Brandon still hasn’t talked to Des and really wants that opportunity, so he swipes her away from another guy in order to tell her that he basically has nothing. Except they both have a mom and a dad? Methinks he spent too much time hitting the sauce before having this conversation with her.

His dad left when he was 5 and his mom was a drug addict. He raised himself and his siblings from the time he was 11. What he wants now is kids of his own.

He didn’t expect to “fall in like” with her this soon. Plus 3.

At the end of the group date, Zak gets a “thoughtful” compliment and Brandon gets props for being nearly naked in their video.

But Ben gets the rose.

They end the group date by chanting the lyrics to their rap song and it sounds, well, odd. And not at all enthusiastic. Maybe they should’ve chanted before she passed out the rose.

Bryden gets the second one-on-one date of the week and her plan for him is a road trip. They stop to get snacks because what’s a road trip without snacks. They share a love of pre-popped popcorn. Match made in TV heaven! Plus 7

He’s never seen California before so she plans to show him.

The first stop is the beach where Des fails at flying a kite and they have fish tacos. The second stop is an orange grove where he asks if he wants Brie and he says he doesn’t know what that is. 

Their final stop is at a resort where their dinner has been set in a beautiful garden. She says they’re like little kids when they’re together.

He thinks that’s important. I’m…confused?

Bryden’s story is that he was in a really bad car accident and had to be air-lifted out. Then he shows her pictures of the work truck he wrecked. That experience is why he enjoys life so much. Plus 10.

He thinks he’s used being in the military as an excuse not to get close to people but finally feels like he’s ready to share his life with someone. Maybe even Desiree.

Sharing his story earned Bryden a rose. Plus 2.

I’m having a little deja vu here because, just like on her first one-on-one date with Sean, they go swimming.

He’s nervous. She’s looking for a kiss. He keeps talking and says “awesome” twice. It’s awkard. Minus 8.

She says “just kiss me already” and leaps at his face. Plus 8.

Des Hartsock

It’s time for another cocktail party. Brooks, Ben, and Bryden all have roses meaning they’re safe. The other 16 men aren’t so secure.

Michael G. steals her away for the first private conversation and tells her there’s “something about him she doesn’t know.” Way to lead with the scare, Michael. He has Type I Diabetes. (Is a Wilford Brimley joke appropriate here? It feels like no?)

In the middle of his story, Ben, who already has a rose, steals her away. This doesn’t sit well with Michael. Or Mikey T. Or any of the other guys either.

Brandon looks sharp in his pinstripes and paisley tie! Plus 5.

Michael, to the other guys, calls Ben “a load of BS.” Plus 4.

Ben thinks Des hasn’t kissed any of the other guys yet. Hahahahahahah, Ben. 

So much testosterone and booze in this house! Michael pulls Ben aside and asks him to talk for a second. In his interview, Ben says he didn’t mean any disrespect, but the smirk on his face says he’s playing the game. Minus 5.

Michael calls Ben out on rubbing some of the guys in the house the wrong way. They don’t believe that Ben’s really there for Des. Michael doesn’t care if Ben’s there to make friends. He said what he needed to say and he won’t stop saying what he needs to say. 

Apparently, Ben’s a bit of a shady sort off-camera. He talks about his bar and he talks about his nutrition stores. He doesn’t talk about his son so much, though. And with Des he doesn’t talk about his bar or his nutrition shops. Interesting. 

After a chat with Brian about his past relationships, it’s time for another Rose Ceremony. 

Joining Brooks, Ben, and Bryden and receving roses tonight are:

  • James
  • Kasey
  • Dan
  • Juan Pablo
  • Brad
  • Chris
  • Brian
  • Zak W.
  • Drew
  • Mikey T.
  • Zack
  • Michael G.
  • Brandon

It’s curtains for

  • Will
  • Robert
  • Nick M.

Please tell me you all stuck around to see the world premiere of “For The Right Reasons.” You did, didn’t you? Okay. As long as I didn’t suffer through that alone I’m good.


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The Bachelorette: For All The Right Reasons


Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum: Married!

The Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum married Saturday in Pasadena, Calif.

Surrounded by family, friends and Bachelor alumni including Ali Fedotowsky, Emily Maynard, and Jason and Molly Mesnick, the couple said “I do” in an outdoor ceremony.

Officiated by franchise host Chris Harrison. Seriously.

Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum Picture

“Today is all about our friends and family,” Ashley Hebert said. “It’s about standing with J.P., looking around at all the people we love in the same room there to celebrate our love.”

And the TV crew who foots the bill … hey, do what you gotta do.

The 28-year-old dentist from Madawaska, Maine, was a contestant on The Bachelor and made it to the final three in Brad Womack’s second stint on the show.

She then met New York construction manager Rosenbaum, 35, on Season 7 of The Bachelorette in 2011. The couple got engaged on the season finale.

Hebert and Rosenbaum are just the second couple in the franchise’s 24 seasons to make it from the final rose to the altar, following Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter in 2003.

Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney also met on the show, though he initially chose Melissa Rycroft before changing his mind and asking out runner-up Molly.

The Mesnicks are married and expecting their first child together.

Like Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza, who also got married yesterday, Ashley and J.P.’s nuptials will be shown December 16 in a two-hour special on ABC.

Congratulations to the married lovebirds!


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Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum: Married!


Chris Harrison Previews The Bachelorette, Six Dudes to Watch

The news of Chris Harrison separating from his wife of 18 years took many by surprise yesterday, but the venerable TV personality will still be back in his familiar role as The Bachelorette host and pimp on May 14.

In a recent article for EW, he previewed six guys to watch this season.

Will any of these fellas end up in the final four, or beyond? See The Bachelorette spoilers we’ve compiled so far for more on that. Then read the primer on a half dozen fellas who undoubtedly will be major players this summer …

Kalon McMahon Photo

Kalon McMahon, 27: This “luxury-brand consultant” is, Harrison says, “cocky, brash, and arrogant” and arrives on the first night in a rented helicopter.

“He makes a huge first impression, but the big story is, will it fade quickly?” Sounds that way … considering his equipment wasn’t that remarkable.

“I don’t know where that helicopter came from, but it was pretty unimpressive,” Harrison says. “It would be like showing up in a Prius instead of a limo.”

Jef Holm Picture

Jef Holm, 27: “He’s not your typical 6’4″ ripped bachelor. He’s an average-looking guy who will stun Emily with his personality and charm,” says Harrison.

“Women are more apt to give a guy with humor and charisma a chance than a guy will.”

Harrison says he was also impressed that Holm ditched the limo for a skateboard on the first night. “It was like Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future!”

Doug Clerget Photo

Doug Clerget, 33: Single mom Emily, meet single dad Doug!

“They get along fantastically and share this bond from the moment they started talking about kids,” says Harrison. “And he’s great-looking. Muscles on top of muscles. He’s someone America will fall in love with.”

So what’s the catch? “It’s a sweet relationship, but can they get beyond that? Is there more to him than his 11-year-old son?” Obviously.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. Picture

Arie Luyendyk Jr., 30: He’s a race car driver, and the son of a world-renowned race car driver. Seems a bit much given Emily Maynard‘s past, no?

“It’s not like after [her fiance Ricky Hendrick] died she never went to the track. The racing world is still a big part of her life,” Harrison weighs in.

“And Arie is an IndyCar driver, not NASCAR.” That’s totally fine then.

Alessandro Goulart Photo

Alessandro Goulart, 30: The first words out of this Brazilian hunk’s mouth are “Nice to meet you, gorgeous” … in Portuguese! Cue the swooning.

“He’s this Latin heartthrob who very easily works his charms on Emily,” says Harrison of Alessandro. As for what he does for work down in Brazil?

“He’s a grain merchant,” says Chris. “I guess that means he merchants the grain.”

Ryan Bowers Photo

Ryan Bowers, 31: This season’s sensitive former pro athlete owns a gym but also mentors young children in Augusta, Ga. His romantic (and cheesy) side scores points with Emily yet makes him a target among the guys.

“The first night he gave Emily a note saying ‘You are beautiful’ on the back, so while he was reading it to her she could see that,” says Chris. “He’s that guy.”

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Chris Harrison Previews The Bachelorette, Six Dudes to Watch


Chris Harrison to Intervene, Clean House on The Bachelor Tomorrow

The venerable host-pimp of ABC’s guilty pleasure reality franchise says he deeply regrets what unfolded on Ashley Hebert’s season of The Bachelorette.

Chris Harrison learned a key lesson from the Bentley Williams debacle and that’s why he’s intervening in a big way on The Bachelor tomorrow night.

Bentley’s deceit about his intentions, not to mention his being a complete d!ck, eventually led to heartbreak for Ash. Chris takes part of the blame.

“I didn’t go far enough in talking to [Ashley Hebert] about Bentley,” he says. “I warned her and I took some steps. But I don’t think I went far enough.”

Chris Harrison Batting

Sometimes a pimp’s gotta step up to the plate and reprimand his employees.

Tomorrow night, Harrison takes firmer steps to prevent a repeat with current Bachelor star Ben Flajnik, as teased in a preview of this week’s episode (below).

Harrison arrives in Panama City, Panama, where Ben is wooing the remaining women, to drop a bomb that evidently leaves Casey Shteamer bawling.

“There’s something that happens with Ben in Panama, where I got to kind of, you know, rectify that situation and do the right thing,” Harrison said.

“In that speech to him and the girl that’s involved, I actually said, you know what, I made a mistake [last] season, so I’m not going to do it here.”

The Bachelor spoilers we’ve read have hinted at this for weeks now, but it looks like the show is full-on admitting it early. Its Facebook page teases:

“Soon it will be revealed that one bachelorette still has a boyfriend … Who do you think it is?” We’re gonna guess Casey S. Just a thought …

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Chris Harrison to Intervene, Clean House on The Bachelor Tomorrow


The Bachelorette: Faking Justin Rego's Injury?

Maybe they call Justin Rego Rated R for Re-shot and Re-edited.

On the June 7 episode of The Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky suitor Justin Rego famously limped, supposedly, to her mansion wearing a cast on his left foot.

Or was it his right foot? That depends on what clip you watch!

Hobbled wrestler Justin “Rated R” Rego was trekking up a hill one moment, then emerges in Ali’s talking-head moments later with it on the other foot.

Hey, at least they didn’t show the cab dropping him off.

Pressed on this by Ryan Seacrest after some viewers noticed after the episode in question, host-pimp Chris Harrison admitted that it was staged … sort of.

The editing was Harrison insists, but not the injury.

“Our editing department


The Bachelorette Recap: Kasey Gets Kreepy

What might have been a tame episode of The Bachelorette soon became surprisingly memorable as Kasey made a complete fool of himself – many times over.

He certainly didn’t take any of the conventional routes – drunkenness, jackassery, climbing mountains Rated R style – either. No, Kasey was a unique kalamity.

How did Ali Fedotowsky respond to his increasingly odd overtures? Who received roses at the end of the night and which two guys’ dreams were krushed forever?

THG breaks down all the action below in its plus-minus index …

Chris Harrison informs the guys they are headed around the world, starting in New York City. The Bachelorette’s budget must really be increasing lately. Plus 4.

Ali Fedotowsky gets an InStyle makeover. Minus only 1, because while complete cross-promotional filler, this did provide us gorgeous shots of Ali Fedotowsky.

Kasey gets a one-on-one date and talks to the cameras about how Ali is a beautiful butterfly, “ready and open for love.” It only gets weirder from there. Minus 2.

Kasey Kiss

KRAZY TRAIN: Kasey puts the unintentionally hilarious moves on Ali.


Melissa Rycroft to Co-Host Bachelor Pad

A little over a year after being dumped by Jason Mesnick on the “After the Final Rose” special, Melissa Rycroft is heading back to The Bachelor mansion.

Not to find love this time – she’s happily married to Tye Strickland, in fact – but to co-host Bachelor Pad, ABC’s new spin-off featuring past contestants.

We kid not, this is a real show.

Joining Melissa Rycroft for co-MC’ing duties will be a man who needs no introduction, venerable Bachelor and Bachelorette host-pimp Chris Harrison.

“I’m excited.” Rycroft says. “It’s fun. It’s a brand new experience for me. I’ve never been on that side but I’m anxious. I’m excited and ready to start.”

Suck It, Jason!

The gorgeous Melissa Rycroft made the finals of Dancing with the Stars and has been a correspondent for Good Morning America since her Bachelor appearance.

The show, which has already started filming, will feature an all-star reunion of “some of the most unforgettable contestants and suitors,” says ABC.

Two words, ABC: Wes. Hayden. Make it happen.

The gang will live together in the mansion as they compete in a series of challenges and dates for a chance at winning $250,000 and perhaps more.

Could another shot at love await any of these hotties? ABC couldn’t care less, as long as it has a Bachelor franchise installment for every season now.

Works for us! We heart Melissa! On a related note, check out THG’s recap of The Bachelorette for a humorous take on Monday night’s debauchery.

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Melissa Rycroft to Co-Host Bachelor Pad