Naomi Watts Wishes She Had More Kids

Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber Out With Their Boys In NYC‘Diana’ star Naomi Watts opened up about one regret she has as far as her family goes. She has two sons: Sasha, who’s seven, and Kai, who’s five, with partner Liev Schreiber. RELATED: Naomi Watts says she’d rather be a character actress than a leading lady.

Naomi explained in an interview:

I should have had more kids, started younger.”

She said she’d actually love to relive childbirth. Seriously.

I feel like the births of my children were so huge, but I don’t remember either of them well. I wish I could have it all back but without the pain.”

Okay: the “without the pain” bit made that statement far more believable- LOL. Naomi said she and Liev balance each other out as parents.

Liev has a lot more courage than me. He’s always saying, ‘Let the kids do it. Take the training wheels off!’ My bit of fear balances him, and he balances my fear.”

It does sound like they balance each other :).

Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber Out With Their Boys In NYC
Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber Out With Their Boys In NYC
Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber Out With Their Boys In NYC
Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber Out With Their Boys In NYC
Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber Out With Their Boys In NYC
Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber Out With Their Boys In NYC
Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber Out With Their Boys In NYC
Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber Out With Their Boys In NYC
Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber Out With Their Boys In NYC
Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber Out With Their Boys In NYC


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Mila Kunis plans on having a birth ‘as all natural I possibly can’ in a hospital


Mila Kunis appeared on today’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and she finally confirmed her pregnancy and talked about in some depth. The highlights: Mila says that she’s definitely due this year (I would say she’s due in late summer/early fall, but she’s not saying), that she and Ashton know the sex but they aren’t telling anyone. She says her cravings are “stereotypical” – she wants pickles and sauerkraut all day, every day. She says Ashton has been really great about her cravings (he has, like, a secret supply of pickles?) and he’s learned Russian so they can raise a bilingual child (Mila is fluent – English is actually her second language).

I guess the most controversial (??) thing she said was that she plans to have a natural birth with no epidural:

“We watched a couple of documentaries and we looked into the like the you know midwife aspect of it and things and spoke to my OB/GYN and realized that the hospital that I’m going to be laboring in does have a midwife, you know, Doula type of thing….So I’m gonna do it as all natural as I possibly can unless there’s an emergency or something [goes] wrong.”

[Via The Mail]

You know my feelings on childbirth. I want to hork whenever I think about it. I admire women who can do the natural birth thing, but I also admire women who are like “F—k that, give me the drugs” and are honest about that choice. I don’t feel like Mila is judging or making a competitive-birthing declaration about what’s right for all women or anything. And it sounds like she’s going to give birth in a hospital, with doctors and drugs close by, but with a doula on hand too. Here’s the video:


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.


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Mila Kunis plans on having a birth ‘as all natural I possibly can’ in a hospital


Zara Phillips & Mike sold baby Mia’s first photos to Hello Mag: tacky or smart?

tindall hello

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall welcomed their first child, a little girl named Mia, on January 17th. I haven’t been paying that much attention, so I kind of missed the fact that up until this point, we hadn’t seen any photos of the baby. The royal family does tend to have rules about how and when and where certain events are photographed, and while Zara isn’t even technically royal, I’m a little bit surprised that she didn’t give away the first baby photos for free. Here are Mia’s first photos, on the cover of Hello Magazine. Apparently, it’s a multi-page spread and I’m absolutely positive that Hell paid for these photos. Is that tacky? Or is it just smart? Considering Zara doesn’t have a title, I’m erring more on the side of “smart” I guess. Make that money, girl.

They kept the birth of their first child low key, not even posing for the traditional photographs outside the hospital. But Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall have now made the surprisingly public move of selling the first pictures of their baby daughter Mia to Hello! magazine.

The Queen’s fourth great-grandchild, who is 16th in line to the throne and was born on January 17, appears on the front cover of this week’s edition Dressed in a white striped baby gro, Mia, awake and content, is pictured lying in front of her proud parents, who both looked relaxed and happy.

The baby daughter of Zara Phillips made her first public appearance at the Barbury point-to-point races in Wiltshire, where two of her mother’s horses were competing, but could not be seen inside her buggy, making the Hello! shoot the first time the latest edition to the royal family has been seen by the public.

In 2008, Zara’s brother Peter Phillips was criticised after selling photos of his wedding to Canadian bride Autumn Kelly to Hello! and reportedly receiving £500,000 in return. At the time Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb described the move ‘a serious error of judgment’ that ‘smacks rather of greed’.

Last September, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent’s son Lord Frederick Windsor and his wife Sophie Winkleman also posed for Hello! with their baby daughter Maud. Earlier this month, Hello! published paparazzi photographs of Prince George in the arms of his mother the Duchess of Cambridge as they left a British Airways plane while on a Caribbean holiday. Some commentators expressed surprised that the Cambridges had apparently not tried to stop the publication of the paparazzi images.

A spokesman for Hello! magazine said: ‘We are delighted that Zara and Mike Tindall chose to share their beautiful baby pictures with Hello!’

Buckingham Palace declined to comment on whether the Queen had been consulted over the photographs, which appear across 13 pages of the glossy magazine. Olympic medal-winning sportswoman Zara and former England rugby star Tindall revealed that their daughter was ‘pretty relaxed and happy so far’.

The couple hired a maternity nurse for the first few days to help them get to grips with parenthood.

Mia, whose name was announced by her father via Twitter, was born in the NHS at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

‘We’d never even contemplated going privately,’ the couple told the magazine.

Mia’s second cousin Prince George – a future king – was born at the private Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London. Zara also disclosed that she had an epidural. She said she was hoping to resume her equestrian career and enter the Burghley Horse Trials in September but for now they were ‘taking each day as it comes’.

Tindall, who was described by his wife as a hands on father, said: ‘I still keeping looking at Mia and thinking “Oh! We made that!”‘

[From The Daily Mail]

Oh, she had the epidural! I’m glad that she said that. I think that speaks volumes too – Zara is crazy athletic, she’s super-tough and even she was like, “F—k this, I need an epidural.” As I’ve said before, I have zero judgment for women who want painkillers during childbirth. If I ever gave birth, I would want to be unconscious. I’m not even joking.

If Peter Phillips and his wife received £500,000 for their baby photos, how much do you think Zara and Mike got? I would say… probably around that amount. Something in the £400,000 to £700,000 range.


Photos courtesy of WENN, Hello! Magazine.

tindall hello

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L&S: Kim Kardashian wants a C-section, ‘she’s petrified about giving birth’

I know today feels like Kardashian Drama Overkill, but think of it this way – it’s going to be AWFUL when the baby is born. The drama will get taken to a really ridiculous level. There will be more magazine covers and tweets and photos and back-and-forth stories about what happened behind the scenes. So think of this is a preparation for the Gossip Marathon. Life & Style has a funny cover story this week – something about Kanye West wanting Kim to give birth naturally, and Kim’s birth plan involves drugs, a C-section and a tummy tuck. Once again, part of that is just subtext.

Let the parenting battles begin! As pregnant Kim Kardashian’s July due date creeps closer, it seems strong-willed Kim and father-to-be Kanye West aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on some very big decisions.

In fact, Life & Style has learned that the two have been bickering over the biggest decision yet: trying for a natural delivery, or to schedule an elective C-section.

“Kim told friends that doctors warned her she was likely to need a C-section,” a close pal of the reality star tells the new issue of Life & Style. “She can technically still have a natural birth, but they told her the baby was large and sitting in a way that applied pressure.”

Although sources say her sights are set on surgery — “telling her girlfriends at her June 2 baby shower that she is petrified about giving birth and would do anything for it not to hurt” — insiders are telling Life & Style that’s sparked a battle with the father of her unborn child.

“While Kim’s told Kanye that a C-section is what she wants, he’d prefer she did not have one,” says the pal. “He wants an all-natural birth. But Kim feels it’s her right to choose.”

After losing his mother to complications of elective surgeries, friends of the couple say, “Because of what happened with his mom, he’s really paranoid about medical stuff and he doesn’t want any unnecessary risk. As far as he’s concerned, surgery equals more danger.”

[From Life & Style]

I’ve discussed my feelings on childbirth often enough that you should know that I fear birth more than pretty much everything else. Which means that I have no shade or judgment for Kim if she has a C-section, whether it’s because of doctor’s orders or because she’s “too posh to push”. I will judge her a little if she gets a tummy tuck, but even then… it’s her body, her choice. Some women are just terrified of the pain. As for Kanye’s wishes… well, I’m thinking that in real life, Kanye really doesn’t give a crap what she does. He’s too busy picking up ladies using his new line, “I’m just with Kim for the publicity.”

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

kardash ls

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L&S: Kim Kardashian wants a C-section, ‘she’s petrified about giving birth’


Jay-Z denies Beyonce’s pregnancy, says ‘The news is worse than blogs’

Here are some new photos that Beyonce just added to her Tumblr. She’s reorganized her Tumblr so you can now see photos and videos from her Mrs. Carter Tour too. Some of the pics that she’s put in the “My Life” area are from her trip to Cuba with Jay-Z last month, the same trip that caused all of that controversy. I like the photos of Beyonce and Jay-Z posing together, just because we rarely get to see those coupled-up, tourist-y photos.

As for Beyonce and her Bump of Secrets, yesterday we discussed whether or not Beyonce was trying to shut down speculation about her womb in the wake of two major media outlets (E! News and Page Six) claiming that she is definitely maybe pregnant. Now comes word that Jay-Z is trying to shut it down:

Babyoncé confusion reigns! On Friday, E! News reported that Beyoncé and Jay-Z were expecting their second child citing multiple trustworthy sources. The report appeared to confirm rumors that had been building in the less-confirmation-dependent zone of the Internet ever since Queen B wore a dress cinched high above her waist at a New York gala earlier this month. The speculation accelerated when Mrs. Knowles-Carter canceled a May 14 show in Belgium citing dehydration and exhaustion.

The only problem: According to Hot 97, Jay-Z has denied reports that he and Beyoncé are expecting a second child. The New York radio station reported this morning that Jay, responding to a congratulatory e-mail, wrote back: “It’s not true. The news is worse than blogs.” Blue Ivy’s sibling might not be on the way just yet, after all.

Still due to be born soon, though, as far as we know, is Beyoncé’s forthcoming album. She has performed new song “Grown Woman” live and offered peek after peek. But her reps have gone to bizarre lengths to control photographs of the singer, a situation that prompted Garbage’s Shirley Manson to launch some on-the-money criticisms.

Look, Beyoncé has only tweeted four times and she has more than 8 million followers — almost as many as MTV, CNN, and The New York Times. She and Jay-Z are entitled to their privacy, of course. But they’re bigger than “the news,” and it’s disingenuous for them to pretend otherwise.

[From Spin]

I agree with Spin. And here’s what I don’t understand about Beyonce’s locked-down, compulsive, 24-hour-archivist shenanigans – why not just issue a straight denial? It wouldn’t even have to come from Beyonce’s mouth, although Spin is right, Beyonce could just tweet three simple words: “I’m not pregnant.” But why not get her rep to issue a specific denial to People Magazine? That’s what I don’t understand. Beyonce lost her ability to claim “privacy” for these questions a while back, when she gave interview after interview about her pregnancy and what childbirth was like and all of that.

Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s Tumblr.


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Jay-Z denies Beyonce’s pregnancy, says ‘The news is worse than blogs’




Kim Kardashian will take over an entire hospital floor for her birth. The 32-year-old reality star is expecting her first child with boyfriend Kanye West in July and she wants her baby’s first moments to be “idyllic”, so she has booked a whole floor to herself at her chosen facility for when she goes into labor.

An insider told the Daily Star newspaper: “Kim’s taking the preparations for childbirth very seriously. She wants everything to be perfect and, luckily for her, money is no object. Kim’s been reading about how monumental the first few moments of a baby’s life are and wants her child’s entry to the world to be idyllic. They’ve booked an entire floor at their chosen hospital and her room will be totally sound-proofed before the delivery.”

The raven-haired beauty will also create a relaxing ambience with blue, green and purple lighting, in addition to calming music, to help keep her calm.

The source added: “She wants all outside influences and noise of traffic muted. Kim’s read that mood lighting and atmosphere are important, so she plans to reflect the sounds of nature with a trickling water and soothing  wind CD.”

Kim is not the first star to want complete privacy when they give birth. Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z – who is friends with Kanye – rented an entire floor at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital when the singer delivered their daughter Blue Ivy last January to keep away prying eyes.

So, what do you think? Is this piece fact…. or fiction?


Photos via FameFlynet

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LeAnn Rimes sued her dentist for allegedly shoddy work over the course of 3 years

Over the years, LeAnn has used “dental drama” as an excuse to get out of lots of things. When she was on Twitter 24 hours a day, she would often complain of toothaches and dentist appointments, and she used those excuses to get out of concerts, appearances and just for plain sympathy. I always thought she was playing up the drama because… you know, she’s a drama queen. Like, she would cancel an appearance and complain of the flu or a toothache or something and then hours later she would be tweeting photos from the beach. Well, as it turns out… she might have actually been having genuine dental drama! LeAnn just sued her dentist.

LeAnn Rimes is suing her dentist, claiming he botched up her mouth so bad … it’s messing up her career.

In the lawsuit … obtained by TMZ … Rimes claims she went to Dr. Duane C. McKay for various dental work over 3 years. Some of the work included upper front veneers and crowns that the dentist promised would address her TMJ-related pain as well as improve her appearance.

Rimes claims rather than helping, the dentist messed her mouth up bad, causing tremendous pain and bleeding. Back in October, she tweeted, “I feel like I got hit in my right side of my face with a baseball bat.”

Rimes says she’s had to undergo 9 root canals and bone grafting. She’s also had a temporary bridge and needed physical therapy as well.

Rimes says in the suit she will have a “permanent cosmetic deficiency.”

Rimes says the dental work is so bad it has been screwing with her career … impeding her ability to perform.

In her malpractice lawsuit, LeAnn is seeking unspecified damages for physical, emotional and psychiatric injuries. She also wants money for loss of past and future earnings.

[From TMZ]

I don’t really understand how front veneers could lead to 9 root canals, etc, but please don’t even describe it to me dental-know-it-alls. I have a gag reflex about certain things, and dental drama is one of them (one of my other gag reflexes: stories about childbirth). I need to get my wisdom teeth taken out but every year I put it off because the just the thought of it makes me want to vom. As for LeAnn… I actually do have sympathy for this. But you would think that after just SOME of that drama, she would have tried a different dentist, right? But she loves to sue people. I’m surprised that she didn’t serve her dentist with a cease & desist too.

Photos courtesy of WENN, LeAnn’s Twitter.


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LeAnn Rimes sued her dentist for allegedly shoddy work over the course of 3 years


Karolina Kurkova Steps Out In The Big Apple


If there is one lady who lis looking very pretty in blue today, that would be Karolina Kurkova. The supermodel was spotted running a few errands while she was out and about in New York City on Thursday afternoon.

I love everything about her outfit here: the blue jacket, the scarf, and of course those shoes! Not everyone can pull off wearing ankle boots (including me), but it looks like Karolina is doing it with ease. She is a supermodel after all! Take a look at our photo gallery below and tell us, what do you think of Karolina’s out and about style? Is it a hit or a miss for you?


Photos via FameFlynet

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Karolina Kurkova Steps Out In The Big Apple


Karolína Kurková on her natural water birth: ‘I think your body adjusts to it’

This is one of my peeves, but I understand how I have no right to claim this as one of my big celebrity issues like, say, bangs. I can’t speak about the subject of childbirth, I suppose, because I’ve never given birth and I probably never will (it’s not my priority, no judgment). But I get irritated by the Giseles of the world who can’t tell their own birth stories without giving me (and other women) waves of condescension and judgment. Like, I understand that Karolina Kurkova is probably just saying that natural childbirth was HER choice and it made sense for HER and everybody should do what they feel is right with their own bodies… but it doesn’t come across that way.

For Karolína Kurková, there was no place like home to welcome her first child. Setting up a birthing suite in the comforts of her Tribeca apartment, the model mama admits her motivation behind her decision to deliver naturally was simple: childbirth is nothing new.

“Of course we had the midwife, we had the doula, but that’s something we really did a lot of research on and we wanted to do,” Kurková, 28, tells Access Hollywood Live.

“We’ve been doing this for so many years… for centuries women have been giving birth naturally and I think your body adjusts to it and you get into a zone.”

Her active labor lasted 2½ hours — a process she calls “quite quick” — and, by keeping her concentration on seeing her son, little time was left to think of the pain.

“It’s not like, ‘Oh my God, it’s a pain. I’m dying, I’m dying,’” the supermodel coach of The Face says. “It was so gradual you just kind of deal with it. You get in a zone, you really focus.”

With her husband Archie Drury preparing “green juice and coconut water” to keep his wife hydrated, it wasn’t long before Kurková’s midwife let her know baby boy was on his way.

“I really wanted to do it in the water because it’s better for the baby to be born in the water — from water to water — and it’s less painful for the mom,” she explains of her decision to deliver in a birthing pool.

“When he’s born in the water, there’s still that umbilical cord so until you clip it they can still breathe through it. He was born in the water [then] we put him on my chest.”

Recalling the big day as an “incredible experience” Kurková will “absolutely” do it all over again — eventually. Until then, 3-year-old Tobin Jack has all his mama’s attention.

“I want to enjoy [Tobin] first and learn everything and really spend time with him,” she explains.

[From People]

Granted, that wasn’t full-on Gisele, and I’m sure a lot of moms agree with her and want to do and have done childbirth the same way. But I find the whole “women have been giving birth naturally and I think your body adjusts to it and you get into a zone” to be patronizing. Like, that was HER experience and every birth experience is different, and not every women wants to give birth in a tub in their own home and why is that a thing? Why do mothers judge other mothers about this?

Photos courtesy of WENN.


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Karolína Kurková on her natural water birth: ‘I think your body adjusts to it’


Kristen Bell on if she’s having a natural childbirth: “I’ve got nothing to prove”

Pregnant Kristen Bell was on The Ellen Degeneres show today, and the Ellen people sent us some clips. Bell, 32, is pregnant with her first child, with fiance Dax Shephard. I love those two as a couple and hope for the best for them and their baby.

Kristen revealed to Ellen that they knows the sex of the baby but arechoosing to keep it a secret. She said she’s due sometime in late Spring, which I would guess to be around May. Ellen wouldn’t take no for an answer on the baby’s sex and she seemed to get some clues from Kristen suggesting that it’s a boy. My favorite part of the interview is when Ellen asked Kristen if she’s considering a natural birth and she’s all “hell no.” This was really funny:

On if she’s going to have a natural childbirth
I’ve got nothing to prove. I feel like when I arrive at the hospital. I want a glass of whiskey, I want the epidural in my back. And, I want to get hit in the face with a baseball bat and wake me up when it’s over because I’ve seen the videos and it looks terrifying.

On how she has dopamine-induced high self esteem
I look in the mirror and I think it’s the reverse body dysmorphia because I can understand what my shape is but I see Brooke Shields. And, it doesn’t make a lick of sense but it’s something that the baby’s giving me hormonally makes me feel really giggly and happy.

On if Dax Shepard is excited
He is, yeah. In different ways then I am. He’s just thinking about all the off-roading he’ll have in this tiny partner.

Ellen says “So, it’s a boy?”
Maybe? Do you have to be a boy off road? Absolutely not.

[From The Ellen show, received via email.]

Kristen also shared this adorable picture of Dax practicing for their baby by putting one of their dogs in the Baby Bjorn. She claims the dog got in there willingly.

And she also dressed her dogs up for Halloween like Downton Abbey staffmembers Mrs. O’Brien and Thomas Barrow. I sh*t you not.

Do you remember the last time that Kristen Bell was on Ellen and she started crying when Ellen told her there was a sloth backstage? (Video is here.) That was just a year ago, and Ellen was punking Kristen, there was no sloth, and kind of exploiting her strange obsession with sloths. Last year Kristen told Ellen how Dax hired a sloth to come to her 31st birthday party. She was so freaked out about it, even recounting the story, and explained that she’s one of those people who cries easily.

Anyway Ellen brought a real sloth on stage with Kristen this time! The sloth’s name was Lola, and Kristen said that she’d actually heard that there was a sloth named Lola in LA. She has all the LA sloths’ names memorized apparently. Kristen really kept it together this time, I was surprised. I cry easily too although I can hold it in if I focus. I could see Kristen struggling not to cry. (My kid has a school project to do on Helen Keller and those YouTube newsreel videos really do me in.) Kristen was working hard to seem calm about the sloth but she was probably dying inside.

Here’s the video of Kristen seeing the sloth. She’s also gifted a baby sloth outfit from Ellen and she loves it. This girl is such a trip.

And here’s the rest of Kristen’s interview:

Header photo credit: FameFlynet

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