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Happy 35th Birthday, Kourtney Kardashian!

Kourtney Kardashian will not be marrying Scott Disick any time soon.

But the reality star will be turning 35 years old… today, in fact!!!

Likely the least annoying of all Kardashian-Jenner sisters, Kourtney mostly makes valiant attempts stay out of the spotlight. She rarely posts bikini-based selfies, she’s never banged Ray J on video and she has two very cute kids.

So while we do question Kourtney’s taste in men (Scott Disick? Really?!?), we have no qualms about sending a bit of love this celebrity’s way on her big day.

Join us now in wishing Kourtney Kardashian a happy 35th

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Kelly Osbourne to Paris Hilton: Grow Up!

Kelly Osbourne has made it clear that she’s on Team Miley and on Team Bieber.

Team Paris Hilton? Not so much.

After attending the Coachella Music Festival in California this weekend, Osbourne took Twitter and lashed out at her former rival with the following message:

“@ParisHilton please grow up there is no need to act like a child you could of happily joined us! it’s not 2005 no one cares!”

It’s unclear exactly what went down at Coachella between the D-Listers, but Great Britain’s The Daily Mirror claims it’s all Hilton’s fault.” 

“Kelly was sitting with some mates, minding

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KFC Chicken Corsage for Prom Is Real! Put A Wing On It, Why Don’t You!

Nothing says “will you go to prom with me” like…an Original Recipe drumstick!!

KFC’s chicken corsage is a prom fashion trend your stomach doesn’t want you to miss this prom season! After dancing all night, your date is sure to work up an appetite and this corsage might just come in handy when that happens.

This might look and sound like a joke, but it totally isn’t. The KFC Chicken Corsage is a real thing.

For only $20 plus shipping, Louisville, KY-based florist Nanz & Kraft will send you a baby’s breath corsage and a $5 KFC gift card to

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Lily Allen: Naked on Instagram!

Singer Lily Allen usually doesn’t engage in the sort of attention-seeking behavior that we expect from pop stars, but a photo Lily posted to Instagram over the weekend is certainly getting plenty of notice.

From the looks of the photo, it seems Lily was just having some fun in the dressing room and not trying to be provocative, still the Internet and nudity are two great tastes that taste great together, and the photo has been widely circulated in the last few days.

While she appears to be wearing just underwear and a pair of heels, Lily has strategically covered anything that

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Farrah Abraham: "Blowin’" Off Royalty Payments to Adam Barta!

Farrah Abraham’s music career is “Blowin’” up … and thanks to the fact that she allegedly stiffed the guy who helped bolster it, the blowback has begun.

Writer/producer Adam Barta claims he had a deal to share credit and profits from the Farrah Abraham “Blowin’” video … only she screwed him over hard.

Not like she did James Deen, either. Figuratively.

Farrah released the song by herself out of nowhere, he claims – and the record bears him out in that regard – and is hoarding the profits from “Blowin’”.

We know … there are profits from that

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Alyssa Milano: Pregnant with Second Child!

Congratulations are in order for Alyssa Milano.

The actress and husband David Bugliari, already parents to two-year old Milo, are expecting their second child. Hooray!

Alyssa is so excited to be pregnant again!” a source tells Us Weekly. “She just recently started showing and has wanted to expand her family with David for a while.

Milano joked last month that she and Bugliari are “actively trying” and that her man is “chugging ginseng” to help the process along.

Guess it worked!

Click around here to see what other famous women are expecting in 2014:

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Dancing With the Stars Season 18 Premiere: Who Was the Best?

The Dancing with the Stars premiere is in the books.

It’s definitely a new season in 2014, with Erin Andrews in and Brooke Burke-Charvet out, along with band leader Harold Wheeler and his musicians.

A new voting system has been implemented this spring, and for the first time ever, viewers will have the chance to switch up the celebrity-pro pairings.

Tonight, though, was all about the 12 stars’ debuts.

Who was the best? The worst? The most entertaining? The least likely to make it past week two? We’re opening up all of that for discussion below!

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Leighton Meester and Adam Brody: Secretly MARRIED!

Perhaps having learned to keep secrets from her six seasons on the CW’s Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester has dropped a major one on fans today:

She’s married to Adam Brody!

Indeed, just three months after Meester and Brody confirmed their engagement, sources tell Us Weekly that the adorable couple exchanged vows this weekend.

In a hush-hush ceremony, the former OC star and the beloved Blair Waldorf’s alter ego tied the knot after a little over a year of dating.

The teen TV drama tandem had met in 2011 on the set of The Oranges and “were always close and friendly,” an insider said

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NeNe Leakes to Quit The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

NeNe Leakes has allegedly given Bravo a choice:

It’s either Kenya Moore or me!

As evidenced once again on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 15, these two cast members simply do not get along – and a new report claims Leakes has had it.

Open Slideshow 1. NeNe Leakes Red Carpet Image Love NeNe Leakes or hate her, you must admit: she brings the entertainment to Bravo!

View As List 1. NeNe Leakes Red Carpet Image

Love NeNe Leakes or hate her, you must admit: she brings the entertainment to

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Mr. Papers: I’m Lil Kim’s Baby Daddy!

We have an update to the Lil Kim pregnant news that broke earlier today.

Mr. Papers, a New York-based rapper who collaborated with the expecting mother on a track titled “Pour It Up,” says he also collaborated with Lil Kim in the bedroom. Naked! Without a birth control!

Yes, Mr. Papers claims to be Lil Kim’s baby daddy.

Hours after Kim’s pregnancy news hit the Internet – she was spotted at a fashion event last night with a major baby bump and later confirmed the status herself – Mr. Papers Tweeted:

“I heard everybody looking for me ?????????????????”

The artist has also been

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