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Selena Gomez Rep: Nude Photos Are NOT HER!

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Selena Gomez is denying reports that she is the sultry woman in a series of nude photos that leaked online this week and sparked serious speculation. The shots, conveniently show a young woman from the chin down in several sexy poses. In one, she appears to have moles matching Gomez’s own. The pictures never showed…

Pamela Anderson to Divorce Rick Salomon… Again

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We’ve said it before, but apparently bears repeating: Pamela Anderson needs to stop getting married. Specifically, Pamela Anderson needs to stop getting married to Rick Salomon. These two clearly are NOT meant to be. TMZ confirms that the former Baywatch beauty has filed for divorce for the second time from Salomon, who she married in 2007… split from…

Gay Dads Welcome Son Via Surrogate, Photo Goes Viral

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A few months after photos of Kordale and Kaleb helping their kids get ready in the morning went viral, another pair of gay dads are blowing up online. BJ Barone and  Frankie Nelson recently became fathers to a son named Milo, welcoming the child into the world alongside his surrogate mother and Canadian photographer Lindsay Foster.…

Kelly Hyland: Abby Lee Miller, Dance Moms Screwed Up My Daughter!

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Kelly Hyland says her arch-nemesis, Dance Moms instructor, Abby Lee Miller terrorized her young daughter to the point where the girl needs serious therapy. Hyland, who’s suing Lifetime’s producers, made her daughter Paige so nervous during rehearsals that she began suffering panic attacks, and serious ones at that. To the point of hyperventilation, she says…