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The Internship Reviews: Should You Apply?

Their Wedding Crashers quotes continue to make us cry with laughter… but should we line up to go see Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn today in The Internship?

Critics around the nation have chimed in on the comedy, which is now in theaters, with a resounding: HECK NO!

Scroll down for rundown of some of the more scathing review…

Everything about it feels stale: the actors, the story, the comedy, everything. And, to make matters worse, that everything goes on for an interminable two hours.  – ReelViews

[It] would be kind of charming … if this Google-recruitment film, this 119-minute

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Rihanna named Complex’s ‘#1 Hottest Woman Right Now’: decent choice?

Here are some shots from Rihanna’s February/March issue of Complex Mag. I don’t think I ever saw these when they were new – they’re nice. They look like Terry Richardson (or “School of Terry Richardson”) – too-bright lighting and everything seems kind of p0rny. But Rihanna looks good in them. Well, it seems Complex thought she looked good too, because Rihanna just topped their “100 Hottest Women Right Now” list. I am enjoying the “right now” caveat. It feels like Complex is admitting that the overwhelming majority of the women who made the list do not have “timeless hotness,” they are

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Jessica Biel in Marchesa for ‘Llewyn’ Cannes premiere: swan-fug or lovely?

Here are the photos from last night’s Cannes premiere of Inside Llewyn Davis, the Coen Brothers’ new film about folk music (sort of). I had forgotten that this film was getting a Cannes premiere, and I bet it was extremely well-received – Cannes loves the Coens. The film stars Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake, John Goodman, Garrett Hedlund and the star is Oscar Isaac (as Llewyn Davis). So, obviously, the REAL star is Justin Timberlake. And by that I mean that the real star of the red carpet is JT’s wife Jessica Biel. This is what Biel wore to her first Cannes Film Festival red carpet

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Rooney Mara in a Dior bib- dress in Cannes: annoying, aloof or exhausting?

Here are some photos of Rooney Mara in Dior at the Ain’t Them Bodies Saints premiere. I think this was a premiere just in general, not in competition for the Palme, either that or it’s in competition for Un Certain Regarde. I don’t know. Rooney’s Dior ensemble is a variation on Jennifer Lawrence’s black-and-white premiere dress, did you know that? I think J-Law wore it better. I just don’t get what Rooney is trying to achieve with her fashion. Is she trying to show us that she’s so avant-garde and special that she can wear fug clothing and pull it off? Or does she honestly think she

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Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest model girlfriend 20-year-old Cara Delevingne?

When I was covering The Great Gatsby’s Cannes premiere, I included 20-year-old model Cara Delevingne in the Carey Mulligan post. I wasn’t think too hard about it, I was just trying to cover everyone I wanted to discuss. I had a moment of “Huh, I wonder why Cara is in Cannes?” but I didn’t give it too much thought because so many models come to Cannes to represent whatever brand they’re the “face” of, plus Cannes parties are some of the best in the world, and there are tons of rich dudes who love to party with celebrity women. Perhaps now is the time to provide the link to The Hollywood

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Carey Mulligan in Dior at ‘Gatsby’ Cannes premiere: the loveliest she’s ever looked?

Here are the photos from the big opening night of the Cannes Film Festival, the premiere of The Great Gatsby. I actually had pretty low expectations for everyone at this premiere – I was preparing myself for a major let-down, but I was pleasantly surprised. Sure, there were some celebrities phoning it in (Cough Isla Fisher cough), but Carey Mulligan led the pack in this Dior gown. It is really balls-out amazing. I would have expected this pale pink (-ish) color to wash her out, but it really doesn’t. There’s a touch of Audrey Hepburn in Carey, I swear.

I’m including some other

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Nicole Kidman in Dior at the ‘Gatsby’ Cannes premiere: amazing or ridiculous?

Once again, I kind of think Nicole Kidman deserves her own post. Hopefully this will be a preview of coming attractions for Nicole’s Cannes Film Festival fashion. This is Nicole at last night’s premiere of The Great Gatsby. Her dress is Dior.

What I love: *I love that she didn’t go with a full-length gown. *I love that she’s showing off her beautiful shoulders. *I love that Nicole attempted an old-school fashion moment, and it did work – she really dominated a lot of the fashion coverage. *I love the design of the dress, even though I kind of think it belongs on someone younger (don’t

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Carey Mulligan in a Balenciaga jumpsuit at ‘Gatsby’ Cannes photocall: cute or fug?

The Cannes Film Festival has officially begun! HUZZAH! It should be a fun two weeks full of interesting photos, although if past Cannes Film Festivals are any indication, I’m due to get a cold and I’ll end up editing photos while high on antihistamines for a week until I’m completely OVER Cannes. But right now I feel fine and I’m excited to see these pics from The Great Gatsby photocall. Gatsby will premiere tonight, it’s opening the festival. Are you excited?

While I’m sure Baz Luhrmann will bring some epic drama to the premiere, I’m not so sure about the actual stars of the film.

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Inside Llewyn Davis Red Band Trailer: Watch Now!

The Inside Llewyn Davis red band trailer has dropped! Watch it below:

Oscar Isaac stars as Llewyn Davis, a folk singer navigating the 1960′s New York folk music scene.

The film, written and directed by the Coen Brothers, is loosely based on Dave Van Ronk’s memoir, The Mayor of MacDougal Street.

Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake, Garrett Hedlund, John Goodman, and F. Murray Abraham also star.

Inside Llewyn Davis will premiere at Cannes, before hitting theaters December 6.

Originally posted here: Inside Llewyn Davis Red Band Trailer: Watch More >

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Gwyneth Paltrow in pink Valentino at the Met Gala: boring & disappointing?

It’s not that I think Gwyneth Paltrow’s pink Valentino gown is the worst. It’s far from the worst. It’s just that… I expect more from her, I think. This gown seems like she was phoning it in at last night’s Met Gala. I don’t understand how a self-respecting (self-adoring, actually) Fashion Girl wears this to a punk-themed Met Gala. You know what it is? Four or five years ago, if Gwyneth had to go to a major fashion event with a punk theme, she would have gone all out and punked-out. But now that she’s a lifestyle maven trying to appeal to middle-America moms, she feels she can’t go

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