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Colbie Caillat: Makeup-Free, Inspiring in "Try" Music Video

Image colbie-caillat-music-video-try.jpg

Colbie Caillat is aiming to inspire with her new music video. The artist, who shined a spotlight on natural beauty with the lyric video for “Try,” is doing so again with the actual video itself. It features everyday women with and without makeup, along with Caillat herself slowing stripping away everything on her face that…

Juan Pablo Galavis: The Worst Bachelor Ever?!

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Is Juan Pablo Galavis the worst star of The Bachelor in 18 seasons? While The Bachelorette or The Bachelor finale typically prompts a lot of excitement regarding who the star ends up with, last night’s debacle was, well … A debacle. There’s really no better word for what transpired. The finale pitting Clare Crawley against…