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Michael Fassbender thinks Macbeth has PTSD: ‘I don’t think Macbeth is evil’

During the awards season, Michael Fassbender grew out his ginger beard, which was a bold choice for an actor going through his first Oscar campaign. As it turned out, it didn’t matter because Fassy barely campaigned, and he grew his beard to play Macbeth in the latest film adaptation. Originally, the film was supposed to star Natalie Portman as Lady Macbeth, but Natalie thankfully dropped out. But then Marion Cotillard stepped into the role and I’m not really sure if that was better.

Anyway, they released the first two production stills and Michael did an interview with the Daily Mail

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Prince Harry took Cressida Bonas on a skiing holiday at a Kazakhstan chalet

Well well well. Looks like Prince William and Duchess Kate aren’t the only ones who like to jet off for romantic holidays for no real reason. Prince Harry has scooped up his official girlfriend Cressida Bonas and taken her away from the trauma of a 9-to-5 job so that they could have a nice little ski holiday in… Kazakhstan? Seriously.

Prince Harry took girlfriend Cressida Bonas on a skiing trip in Kazakhstan. Our favourite royal was after treating his gal to a romantic break, but instead of opting for tropical Aruba or sightseeing in Paris, he took her to the home of Borat AKA

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Benedict Cumberbatch loves & adores Matt Damon: ‘He’s a huge hero of mine’

I cannot even begin to tell you the flurry of sighs, squeals and starter slash-fiction this Benedict Cumberbatch interview just provided amongst me, CB and Bedhead. Cumby gave a phone interview to Vulture about his Emmy nomination for Parade’s End. You can really feel his excitement about the nomination, and really, he’s just the most adorable chatterbox in general. But then he just goes full-on fan-boy about Matt Damon (they’re up against each other in the same Emmy category), and even CB approves. Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUMBY. He turns 37 years old today. Here are some lovely

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Jessica Simpson gave Eric Johnson a $42,000 push present after she gave birth

I’ve spent a lot of time hatin’ on Jessica Simpson’s fiancé Eric Johnson. To be fair, Eric really doesn’t DO that much. He plays golf. He takes Jessica out to eat. He keeps getting her pregnant. He tries to breathe through his mouth when she drops one of her nuclear farts. Rinse and repeat. But I have come around on Eric slightly. Jessica seems very happy with him, he seems like a hands-on father and he does seem to genuinely love Jessica (and her bank account). Perhaps it’s possible that Jessica and Eric are perfect complements to each other? Perhaps. I think it helps that

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Kanye West freaks out on a TMZ paparazzo at LAX: justifiable or ridiculous?

I’m sorry, but I still kind of love Kanye West. I know these days I’m supposed to be all “He’s awful, he’s an egomaniac, he’s crazy, he’s full of himself, he impregnated a famewhore!” And while all of that is true to varying degrees, I still like Kanye. I still find him funny, I still think he’s an interesting person, and I still enjoy reading and writing about him.

Anyway, with that caveat in place, you should really watch this video of Kanye’s freak-out on a paparazzo at LAX:

I’m sorry, but that made me laugh. I guess we’re supposed to be like “Oh, Kanye is so high and mighty, he More >

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‘Glee’ star Cory Monteith has died at the age of 31

Some very sad news. Glee’s Cory Monteith was found dead in Vancouver on Saturday. Cory was raised in Victoria, British Columbia, which may explain why he was in the area. He was seen at his hotel room with guests on Friday, but police claim that when he returned to his room on Saturday morning he was alone. Hotel staff found him deceased on Saturday afternoon. He was just 31 years old. Cory quietly attended rehab three months ago and completed 30 days of treatment. The cause of death has not yet been determined. Here’s some of The Hollywood Reporter’s coverage of this tragic story:


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Oprah will interview Lindsay Lohan post-rehab & LL’s getting her OWN reality show

Lindsay Lohan is supposed to get out of rehab in early August. I think it’s the first week of August, unless the court decides that she’s “cured” and decides to let her out early (which is a possibility because… it’s California). Immediately after Lindsay is released, she will begin promoting The Canyons, which should be a special treat for all of us. This is how I’m picturing it: Lindsay “works so hard” doing interviews and promotion and why shouldn’t she go out to a club to celebrate her new movie? And then she drunk drives over a baby. That’s my prediction. Anyway, it seems that

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Kristen Stewart was extra-grumpy after a Twihard wrote ‘I love Rob’ on her truck

Here are some new photos of Kristen Stewart out and about with an androgynous friend yesterday in LA. Is that a girl? I think it’s a girl. Kristen’s closest circle of friends seems to be filled exclusively with tomboy-looking ladies. Kristen wore a variation on what she always wears when she’s out running errands in LA: gross-looking skinny jeans (she needs to wash them or throw them out completely), Chucks, a ripped-up, thin tank and an exposed black bra. Gah! Don’t you remember when it was, like, the coolest fashion statement ever to wear an exposed bra like that? I remember that.

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Prince William schedules a polo match this weekend, 100 miles away from Kate

Prince William made a bad decision. Sort of. For a week now, everybody has been waiting patiently (or not so much) for Duchess Kate to give birth. I have no idea where she is right now, but I suspect she’s either in Wales with William or in Berkshire with her parents, with a helicopter at the ready to fly her to London when she goes into labor. This is the final stretch, and Kate has had to go on “maternity leave” (cough) and “cancel her schedule” (cough cough) to wait out this final month of pregnancy. Royal gossips claim her due date is still on or around the 11th-13th, so Thursday

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Kaley Cuoco always remembers to pick up an extra coffee for Henry Cavill

Clearly, this is what was missing from Henry Cavill’s love life. Henry needs to be with a girl who loves horses. Henry needs to be with a girl who always remembers to pick up coffee for him. These are some assorted photos of Kaley Cuoco from the long holiday weekend. Kaley was spotted picking up TWO coffees several times, and she was photographed at an LA riding club again as well. All of this comes after Kaley and Henry’s big, splashy public debut as a couple last week – first they were spotted “on a hike” (exclusive photos), then they were photographed looking dorky and obvious at a

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