“Jason Bateman is sad he wasn’t picked as Sexiest Man Alive” links

Jason Bateman will never recover from his Sexiest Man Alive snub. [I’m Not Obsessed]
Kathy Griffin will probably replace Joan Rivers on Fashion Police. [Dlisted]
Mae Whitman kills it in the first DUFF trailer. [LaineyGossip]
Ashton Kutcher wants to “dig up dirt on shady journalists.[Buzzfeed]
Don Lemon‘s rape prevention advice is rude & gross. [Pajiba]
Andrew Garfield takes Movember seriously. [A Socialite Life]
Jing Tian looks fabulous in Christian Dior. [Go Fug Yourself]
Katy Perry Instagrammed her retro bikini. [Popoholic]
Lisa Rinna joined RHOBH for the challenge. [Reality Tea]
Are Kevin James & his wife expecting another baby? [Wonderwall]
Charlize Theron cracks a smile with little Jackson. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Justin Bieber‘s old bedroom is *so* swaggy. [Evil Beet]
Joe & Teresa Guidice want you to pay for their daughter’s video. [CDAN]
Matthew McConaughey will appear in Magic Mike XXL after all? [Starcasm]

Jason Bateman

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & WENN


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“Jason Bateman is sad he wasn’t picked as Sexiest Man Alive” links


Daily Link Love With Kim Kardashian & North West

kim kardashian & north westHere’s your daily dose of celebrity news and gossip, brought to you by Kim Kardashian and Nori!

  • Jaden and Willow Smith gave an, um, interesting joint interview. (D Listed)
  • Are the Duggars of ’19 and Counting’ preparing for another wedding? (OK! Magazine)
  • Bella Thorne soaks up the sun in Miami. (Moe Jackson)
  • Benedict Cumberbatch declined to answer questions about his engagement. (Lainey Gossip)
  • Has Ellen DeGeneres already won Christmas with this Kim Kardashian spoof? (HuffPost Celebrity)
  • Here are some “princess-worthy” gifts for the Kate Middleton fan in your life! (Lainey Gossip)
  • Liv Tyler bares her baby bump. (PopSugar)
  • You can live in Justin Bieber’s childhood home… for $279K. (TMZ)
  • Is Kim Kardashian trying to buy an ISLAND THEME PARK for Nori? (IDLYITW)
  • Kendall Jenner is the new face of Estee Lauder! (Evil Beet Gossip)
  • Is Nina Dobrev dating Ian Somerhalder’s (presumably former) friend? (Celeb Dirty Laundry)
  • Mama June vs Dr. Phil. (PopCrush)
  • Uh-oh: Lisa Vanderpump is DONE with Brandi Glanville. (Reality Tea)
  • Matthew McConaughey’s chic family joins him for his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. (Celebrity Babies – People)
  • Dad Pete Wentz shared some touching words for birthday boy Bronx. (Babyrazzi)
  • Jennifer Aniston is “flattered” by the Oscar buzz. (ICYDK)
  • Nikki Reed is preparing to make her musical debut, and boyfriend Ian Somerhalder can’t get over it! (Celebuzz)
  • Tara Reid arrived in Sydney, Australia in style: via private jet. (Celebslam)
  • Did Gwyneth Paltrow call GOOP haters “sexist”? (Celebitchy)
  • More baby mama drama for Beyonce’s dad, Matthew Knowles. (Bossip)

Photo Courtesy of Kim Kardashian

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Daily Link Love With Kim Kardashian & North West


Frozen-Breaking Bad Mash-Up Asks the Question: Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab?

Disney’s animated smash Frozen has inspired scores of amazing mash-ups in the past.

We’ve already enjoyed the random hilarity of Frozen combined with Fifty Shades of Grey and the disturbing awesomeness of Queen Elsa joining the cast of Game of Thrones, but the latest pairing of snowmen and psychopaths might be the most bleakly brilliant yet.

An ingenious team of animators has re-imagined one of Frozen’s most memorable tunes as an ode to a different kind of ice, and naturally they cast everyone’s favorite meth kingpin in the role of Anna:

Never before have we felt so much sympathy for Heisenberg’s lonely plight. The poor guy just wants his buddy to help him churn out some primo product!

The most impressive thing about this clip (aside from the spot-on Aaron Paul impression) might be the way it finds unexpected laughs in some of Breaking Bad’s darkest scenes and most memorable deaths.

So yeah, spoiler alert if you haven’t yet experienced the adventures of Walt and Jesse in their entirety yet. (But seriously, if not, what are you waiting for?!)

Don’t be surprised if this catchy melody gets stuck in your head all over again, but be warned that belting out the lyrics could earn you a visit from the DEA.

Oh, and speaking of the combination of Frozen and inappropriately adult content, remember Queen Elsa look-alike Anna Faith Carlson? Yeah, she’s still super hot:

Anna Faith Carlson Bikini Photo

Anna Faith Carlson, the human Elsa from Frozen, could melt anything frozen.

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Frozen-Breaking Bad Mash-Up Asks the Question: Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab?


Kaley Cuoco Praises Her Pup, Gives Props to Canine Veterans

If there’s one thing you need to know about Kaley Cuoco, it’s that she’s extremely rich. For real, Kaley just signed a $90 million contract for three years of work; that Ryan Sweeting is a lucky dude.

Of course, if there’s a second thing you need to know about Kaley it’s that she’s got a heart as big as her bank account.

This girl loves every animal that crawls, swims, or flies, and she’s not shy about sharing her love for her furry friends with her millions of Instagram followers.

  • Kaley Cuoco and Dog Photo
  • Dog and Soldier Photo

On the left, we have Kaley and Norman, Mrs. Cuoco-Sweeting’s longtime companion. Kaley got positively poetic today while singing Norm’s praises online:

“I never knew a dog could change my life until I met #norman,” Kaley wrote. “He is truth love and the purest loyalty on earth.”

Kaley expresses her love for Norm on a pretty regular basis, but today – in honor of Veteran’s Day – she also took time to acknowledge the pups of the armed forces with the photo on the right.

“Thank you to all the incredible men and women who serve our country every day,” Kaley wrote. “And let’s not forget our 4 legged friends who’s loyalty also stands the test of time.”

Okay, so her sitcom might actually be poison to critics, but Kaley’s star on the Walk of Fame is well-deserved if for no reason than she might have the most likable profile on Instagram!

Kaley Cuoco Bikini Photo

The world’s hottest Kaley Cuoco bikini photo. Which is saying a lot.

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Kaley Cuoco Praises Her Pup, Gives Props to Canine Veterans


Kylie Jenner Describes Her Fashion Sense: I’m a Classy, Ghetto Punk!

In order to promote their new PacSun winter line, Kendall and Kylie Jenner have taken a break from their busy schedule of posting round-the-clock selfies in order to discuss their two favorite topics: fashion and themselves.

The KJs sat down with People magazine recently to offer thoughts on their latest designs and the fashion biz in general.

Kendall’s modeling career is taking off and she’s walked runways in Paris and Milan, so you might think she would have more to say on the matter.

For some reason, however, it’s Kylie who dominates the convo and leaves us with some truly baffling quotes about her fashion sense.

“I change my style every month,” Kylie told the mag. “I’m like punk one month, ghetto fab the next, classy the next. I’m just young and finding out who I am. I get bored, I like to change my hair and style.”

That’s interesting, because based on Kylie’s Instagram page, we were guessing she only had one style and it could best be described as, “Holy crap, she’s 17, someone put some clothes on this girl!”

The few times that Kendall was allowed to enter the conversation, she basically just talked about her sister’s fashion sense, including the infamous Kylie stripper boots that the youngest Jenner recently debuted online.

“I definitely had my eye on those lace-up thigh-high boots that are super cute,” Kendall said at one point.

Yes, like Kim before her, Kylie is already dominating her meeker older sister. The diva is strong in this one.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Bikini Photo

This is ONE RACY photo of Kendall and Kylie Jenner in bikinis on Instagram. Goodness.

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Kylie Jenner Describes Her Fashion Sense: I’m a Classy, Ghetto Punk!


“Jessica Alba’s tube top was just a bit too tight at an LA event” links


Jessica Alba’s tube top is too tight. She was at the Baby2Baby event. [Popoholic]
Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson attended the Baby2Baby event. [I’m Not Obsessed]
Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs held hands, #RobstenIsBroken. [Dlisted]
Harry Belafonte won his honorary Oscar at the Governors Awards. [LaineyGossip]
Nicki Minaj was all over the place at the EMAs. [Buzzfeed]
Women are dominating pop music these days. [Pajiba]
The trailer for Season 4 of Girls. [OMG Blog]
Are you into Olly Murs and/or Nick Jonas? [A Socialite Life]
Madonna came out for the WSJ event last week. [Go Fug Yourself]
NSFW – Keira Knightley posed topless for Interview Mag. [Celebslam]
Good God, Nene Leakes has had a lot of work done. [Reality Tea]
Jordan Dunn is gorgeous, but why was she at the EMAs? [Moe Jackson]
Alessandra Ambrosio spent the day in a bikini. [The Blemish]
A lesbian couple got married in Russia. [Jezebel]


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“Jessica Alba’s tube top was just a bit too tight at an LA event” links


17 Boyfriends of Britney Spears: Who Will Charlie Ebersol Be Measured Against?

As we learned earlier this week, Britney Spears is dating again, with Charlie Ebersol.

The music icon, who turns 33 next month, confirmed the news herself during Britney Spears Day in Las Vegas Wednesday, saying, “Yes, there is a special someone.”

She didn’t offer many more details about Charlie Ebersol, saying, “It’s very new.”

Reg Jones

Yes, the man who took Britney’s v-card was a high school love named Reg Jones.

What’s not new is speculation about her personal life. Britney rose to stardom in 1998 (!) and was a Mickey Mouse Club member even before that.

In other words, she’s been a public figure for a long, long time.

The fact that Charlie Ebersol follows in the footsteps of 17 boyfriends (several of which became husbands) is a testament to Britney’s life in the limelight.

The couple, who met through friends, can’t end on a poorer note than her last long-term relationship. Spears dumped David Lucado for cheating on her.

Previously, she was engaged to her former agent Jason Trawick, a romance which fizzled out much more amicably and over a longer period of time.

As for Kevin Federline, he fathered her two kids. That was a pretty strong contribution to her life, even though we still can’t believe those two were an item.

All the others that came before and after K-Fed?

Scroll through the gallery above and see what Charlie is up against. Prepare for surprises, because you may not recall or even know about some of these.

Like Reg Jones, the (young) man who hit it first.

Takes you back to simpler times, doesn’t it? Indeed. Also, check out this bonus gallery and see why Ebersol is one of the luckier guys in America right now …

Britney Spears Bikini Wallpaper

Most people can only fantasize about Britney Spears with wallpaper like this. David Lucado could wallpaper himself with Britney’s body and he let it slip away.

See the rest here:
17 Boyfriends of Britney Spears: Who Will Charlie Ebersol Be Measured Against?


Jenelle Evans Sparks Drug Use Rumors For Hilarious Reason: See the SHOCKING Photo!

Jenelle Evans sparked more rumors of a relapse into drug use for a reason even more ridiculous than usual, which is saying a lot given her social media history.

No matter how hard the Teen Mom 2 star works to turn her troubled life around, and how conclusively she proves herself to be a better and more responsible adult?

There will always be haters accusing Jenelle Evans of child abuse after seeing an Instagram photo of her son, or assume she’s back on drugs again based on …

  • Jenelle Evans' Bong?
  • Jenelle Evans, Tongue

The “suspicious” picture surfaced on her Twitter, prompting people to think she was getting high. Because people thought this was a bong. Seriously.

As she casually pointed out, it’s a coaster holder, people, relax.

While we’re not sure why she would post such a pointless image in the first place, people really need to give Jenelle and Nathan Griffith the benefit of the doubt.

Think about it. Even of Evans does smoke pot anymore …

  1. Have you ever seen a bong that looks like that?
  2. Even if it were, why would she leave it out?
  3. Why would she then post it online?!

Yes, her past behavior (you don’t have to watch Teen Mom 2 online to know what a terror this girl was) means she has a lot to prove, and for good reason.

That said, you have to give credit where it’s due, too.

If there were obvious drugs or drug paraphernalia on the table, well, we would be singing a different tune for sure. But there aren’t. It’s that simple.

Haters have to stop looking for trouble where it isn’t there. We know, you miss the crazy, unstable, frequently arrested Jenelle Evans. But she’s different now.

Will she revert to her old ways? Maybe, maybe not. She seems to be trying very, very hard not to. So until she does, maybe give cut her some slack.

Just a little?

Jenelle Evans Shower Selfie

Jenelle Evans poses for a shower selfie with Nathan Griffith. Too cute or TMI?

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Jenelle Evans Sparks Drug Use Rumors For Hilarious Reason: See the SHOCKING Photo!


Kylie Jenner Goes Grey: Love It or Loathe It?

Kylie Jenner has been trying out lots of different looks on Instagram lately. 

First, Kylie’s increasingly plump lips led to rumors that she’d either had collagen injections or was suffering from some sort of serious allergic reaction.

Then, over the weekend, Kylie’s Halloween costume led some fans to speculate that she decided to celebrate the holiday with a boob job.

Now, Kylie has decided to experiment with her hair color yet again, and it’s resulted in some seriously mixed reviews from fans:

Kylie Jenner Grey Hair Photo

Kylie’s electic blue hair received mostly positive reviews back in May, but the reality star’s grey look has some fans wondering when KJ went from 17 to 70.

While Kylie captioned the pic, “a little grey never hurt nobody,” it’s worth noting that “grey” isn’t the most accurate term to describe what’s going on here.

There’s like 87 colors in there, including some vestiges of Kylie’s usual black.

So it’s safe to say some time and thought went into this look, and she’ll probably be sticking with it for a while.

First Kylie posted a weird bondage pic to Instagram, now she’s rocking 50 shades of grey…in her hair. 

You’ve gotta hand it to her – the girl’s a pro when it comes to Instagram shock value.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Bikini Photo

This is ONE RACY photo of Kendall and Kylie Jenner in bikinis on Instagram. Goodness.

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Kylie Jenner Goes Grey: Love It or Loathe It?


Rihanna Returns to Instagram: Welcome Back, @badgalriri!

New month. Old Rihanna Instagram account.

For the first time since May, the singer has posted to @badgalriri, surprising her followers yesterday with the following selfie and accompanying caption.

It simply read: Hellurrr #badgalback.

Rihanna Instagram Return Photo

Rihanna said goodbye to Instagram in May after the social media service took down topless photos of the artist it deemed to be inappropriate.

We know, right? How could anyone think Rihanna topless photos were inappropriate?!? They seem completely appropriate to us.

Along with the snapshot above, Rihanna published an animated photo of a stick figure version of herself holding hands with an Instagram icon, writing this time as a caption:

“#RIHunited #badgalback @instagRam.”

It’s not as if lacking an Instagram account has stopped Rihanna from being racy, of course.

Did you catch the outfit she donned to 2014 amfAR Gala last week? It prompted a battle of the exposed boobs with Miley Cyrus.

Let’s hope a return to Instagram doesn’t mean Rihanna will tone things down at all because, come on, that wouldn’t be any fun, would it?

Here’s a look back at just how X-rated Rihanna can be online:

Rihanna, Instagram Photos

Rihanna poses with Instagram photos. In Complex!

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Rihanna Returns to Instagram: Welcome Back, @badgalriri!