Scott Stapp Blames Financial Woes on Criticism of President Obama

As previously reported, Scott Stapp is broke.

The Creed singer opened up about his dire situation via a strange video on Facebook Wednesday, telling fans he’s been under a “vicious attack” by the IRS, which has frozen his bank accounts and left him “penniless.”

Stapp asserts that money has been stolen from him and insisted in the footage that he’s “sober,” emphasizing that “truth will prevail.”

Yesterday, meanwhile, Stapp conducted a radio interview and claimed his 2012 criticism of President Obama during a Fox News segment is why the government has made him a target.

“I believe that the IRS situation is definitely a result of me expressing my dissatisfaction with President Obama,” he said. “Absolutely. 100 percent.”

HOWEVER, Jaclyn Stapp tells another story.

According to TMZ, she filed for divorce from the artist last month and also filed legal documents that allege Scott Stapp has serious mental issues.

She says Stapp hears voices, has visions of people on fire, has threatened to kill himself and is in possession of man guns.

Jaclyn adds that her ex-husband is broke because he spends all his money on drugs such as cocaine, PCP, meth, marijuana and Special K.

She hopes that she can open up lines of communications with the troubled rocker in order to steer him in the right direction. We hope for the same.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan used to make serious bank! But she spent it all on blow and had to have her move to New York bankrolled by Oprah Winfrey.

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Scott Stapp Blames Financial Woes on Criticism of President Obama


Jana Duggar: Edited Out of 19 Kids and Counting?!

If you watch 19 Kids and Counting online, then you know that Jana Duggar plays a unique role in her family.

Sources say Jana is exhausted from a lifetime of helping to raise her many, many siblings, and it’s not hard to see why.

Jana Duggar, Baby

TLC cameras often capture Jana performing thankless tasks while her younger brothers and sisters are free to live the worry-free lives of typical children and young adults (except without any sinful behavior like hand-holding, naturally).

Of course, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are very conscious of the way they’re portrayed in the media, and they can’t be pleased by the various “free Jana” campaigns that have sprung up online.

So, perhaps it’s for that reason that Jana was carefully and completely edited out of a recent episode of 19 Kids:

In 19 Kids and Counting Season 14 Episode 16, Anna and Josh Duggar took a trip with their three children and described it as their first vacation without other family members pitching in to help with the kids.

What viewers didn’t see is that Anna and Josh were joined by Jana, who was, of course, tasked with helping to care for the her niece and nephews.

It was only after fans of the show noticed that Jana appeared in photos taken during the road trip that a source close to the series finally admitted Jana’s scenes had been cut from the episode:

“The producers wanted to showcase they way Josh and Anna interact with their kids,” the insider tells OK! magazine.

Yeesh. As though it wasn’t bad enough that she’s forced to constantly care for an ever-expanding brood, now TLC is attempting to hide Jana’s labors from viewers?

Hopefully those rumors about Jana and Tim Tebow are true. This girl needs to break out on her own and start breeding some disappointing quarterbacks.

Jana Marie Duggar

Jana Marie Duggar is so beautiful … and put upon, supposedly, by a family that relies on her to help take care of the others but never have a life of her own. If that’s true, it’s sad. Is it time for her to break free?

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Jana Duggar: Edited Out of 19 Kids and Counting?!


Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: Will They Procreate?!?

Earlier this month, Heidi Montag invited Amanda Bynes to crash at her place.

But now the former MTV reality star has offered up a possibility even scarier than the prospect of Bynes, Montag and Spencer Pratt living under the same roof: 

A Speidi spawn!

Classic Spencer and Heidi

These were the days, when Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt used to just pose for pictures and stir up trouble on The Hills. Nowadays it’s kind of gone to $h!t.

“Spencer promised me a baby by 29,” Montag, who turned 28 in September, tells the latest issue of Life & Style.

The couple has apparently disagreed on this issue for awhile, but Montag says Pratt has finally come around.

“Last year, while we filmed an E! special, he told me, ‘I don’t want to have kids,’ and I started crying,” she says in the new tabloid issue, on newsstands now. “I told him I couldn’t bear the thought of never becoming a mom. So when he saw how important it was to me, he had a change of heart!”

Montag and Pratt, of course, rose to frightening fame on The Hills.

They extended their 15 minutes of fame for as long as possible, but have mostly flown under the celebrity gossip radar for the past couple years. They also squandered the millions of dollars they made back in the day.

However, look for Heidi and Spencer to take part in the new season of Marriage Boot Camp, which will also include Aviva Drescher, Natalie Nunn and Tyson Apostol, among others.

We can’t wait. We guess.

Farrah Abraham

Oooooh, lord. Teen Mom star Farrah Abaham wanted to be a singer, and released some absolutely horrible songs to no avail (but great amusement). She’s also a terrible actress, as evidenced by her attempts to convince us her sex tape was released by mistake. Screaming is a different story, as she proved with James Deen …

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: Will They Procreate?!?


The Flash Season 1 Episode 7 Recap: Powered Down

Things slowed way down on The Flash Season 1 Episode 7, as a new nemesis zapped Barry’s abilities; while Dr. Wells’ investment in his protege’s future became just a tad more clear.

Let’s start with the good (?) doctor.Speaking to his robotic assistant, Gideon, Wells observed how the “subject’s” penchant for heroic action is keeping him from realizing all he can real be.

Yes, he referred to Barry as the subject.

He also said “the future remains intact,” as proven by that front page of the 2024 newspaper. Barry simply needs to “kick it up a notch” if he’s to use his powers to help larger humanity at large, as opposed to random Central City citizens.

Later on, Wells saw that this future had been changed by The Flash’s incapacitation, altering the Gazette headlines to talk about a “Red Skies Threat” and a no more Wayne/Queen merger.

How far will Wells to preserve his interests? He set “Girder” free to stop the threat of Farooq inside S.T.A.R. Labs.

After Tony died as a result and Barry took exception, Wells shot back that he doesn’t have the “luxury” of sharing Barry’s “ideals.”

Robert Knepper, meanwhile reprised his role Tockman/Clock King from an earlier episode of Arrow. In this case, he fired shots at Eddie and briefly took Iris hostage.

Because Barry was without his speed and The Flash unable to save the a day, Barry visited Irish once she was safe and said hd’s “never be late again.”

Iris took note of who else often utters this phrase.

At the end of the hour, Wells told Gideon that he has to “revisit our initial thesis,” saying that Barry’s “attachment to people” is what will keep him up to speed – thereby keeping the future “intact,” as confirmed by the Gazette‘s restored headlines.

Watch Arrow online now and see Wells covertly secure a DNA sample from dead Farooq, intrigued as he is by the metahuman’s ability to stop The Flash.

Where is this all going? In the near future, to The Flash Season 1 Episode 8, which will be the first half of the epic Flash-Arrow crossover! Check out the related preview here:

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 7 Recap: Powered Down


Bill Cosby Buried Vegas Orgy Rumors By Offering Tabloid Story About His Daughter’s Drug Problems, Source Claims

The Bill Cosby sex scandal continues to worsen, with new allegations surfacing seemingly every day.

Last week, former Law & Order actress Michelle Hurd accused Cosby of sexual assault, thus becoming the 18th woman to do so.

Since then, even more allegations have surfaced, including one from a former Cosby Show staffer who claims he was tasked with offering money to women who had been victimized by Cosby’s lewd behavior.

Bill Cosby Image

The flood of allegations has led many to wonder how Cosby managed to maintain his image as America’s favorite sitcom dad for so many decades.

A report that surfaced earlier today may offer some insight into the tactics Cosby employed in order to manipulate the media:

In today’s New York Post, columnist Richard Johnson accuses Cosby of selling out his own daughter in order to protect his reputation.

Johnson claims an unidentified friend of his worked at the National Enquirer in 1989, and was preparing to run a story about Cosby’s habit of “swinging” (participating in wife-swapping and other non-traditional sex practices) with legendary entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr.

Johnson’s source says the story was pulled at the last minute in favor of a report about Cosby’s then 23-year-old daughter Erinn, and her struggles with drug and alcohol addiction.

“My editor told me that daddy Cosby was the source,” the insider days. “He ratted out his own flesh and blood.”

Aside from vaguely referencing his current troubles while performing on stage, Cosby has remained silent about the many charges against him.

Cosby denied the initial rape allegations through his lawyer, and he has turned down all recent requests for interviews.

Stare at the Sweater

Thanks a lot, Internet users. Now we’ll never be able to watch The Cosby Show the same way ever again!

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Bill Cosby Buried Vegas Orgy Rumors By Offering Tabloid Story About His Daughter’s Drug Problems, Source Claims


The Hunger Games Meets One Direction in "Kill My Girl" Parody Video

One is the hottest movie in the country.

The other may be the hottest boy band of all-time.

So, what happens when The Hunger Games meets One Direction? The following parody video, which has been released by Twenty First Records and which mashes up Mockingjay – Part 1 with the track “Steal My Girl.”

The result? “Kill My Girl.”

In case you aren’t up to date on all things Hunger Games, lyrics such as “Katnip my queen, Since we were pre-teens, We hunt the same woods, We fish the same streams…” ought to help.

The band behind this video is clearly very familiar with the fictional world of Panem, as it has also poked fun at Miley Cyrus‘ “Wrecking Ball” with a new version called, “Reaping Ball.”

And you thought you were a big fan of The Hunger Games franchise, huh?

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 finished first at the box office last week, while One Direction has been making the media rounds of late, posing for the Cutest Selfie Ever with Jimmy Kimmel and promoting their new album.

Katniss Everdeen Wallpaper

Jennifer Lawrence strikes a menacing pose here as Katniss Everdeen. She’s the Girl on Fire!

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The Hunger Games Meets One Direction in "Kill My Girl" Parody Video


Kendall Jenner Covers Dazed, Is "Changing the Face of Fashion"

Anything Kim Kardashian can do, Kendall Jenner now thinks she can do better.

Earlier today, we reported that Kim is featured on three new covers of ELLE UK. And now – wouldn’t you know it?!? – Kendall is also featured on three new covers of Dazed.

Kendall Jenner Dazed Cover

Kendall Jenner covers this issue of Dazed. Yes, apparently Dazed is an actual magazine.

Each edition of this magazine dubs Kendall as “Changing the Face of High Fashion,” an apt description for a teenager who has walked the runways of major fashion houses and who was just named the new Estee Lauder spokesperson.

Flip through the pages of this publication and you’ll read quotes from Kendall that debunk chatter about her being bullied by fellow models. 

“That has never happened, ever,”Jenner says. “I would see rumors of girls bullying me backstage and putting cigarettes out in my drink, and none of that has happened. Everyone’s been really cool to me. I’ve never had one girl be mean… so far.”

There’s also been talk of Kendall clashing with Kim and/or other members of her family.

Again, she says this is not true.

“Every show, no matter how many shows I’ve done, I get a text message from every single one of them,” Jenner reveals of her relatives. “I love it. I couldn’t ask for a better reaction… The other day Kanye hugged me and was like, ‘Yo, I’m really proud of you.’ And I was like, ‘REALLY?!’ It’s so sweet to hear that.”

The winter issue of Dazed hits newsstands on Thursday, November 27.

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Kendall Jenner Covers Dazed, Is "Changing the Face of Fashion"


Kim Kardashian Exudes Konfidence, Eats Kupcake on ELLE UK Kover

Kim Kardashian covers the latest issue of ELLE UK.

This fact, in and of itself, isn’t exactly surprising, of course. But consider: she does so while fully clothed!!!

Indeed, fresh off the Kim Kardashian nude Paper Magazine spread that still has the Internet aflutter, Kanye West’s better half graces three different covers for the Confidence Issue of this British tabloid.

Kim Kardashian on Elle UK

In the first, posted above, Kim pretends to be eating a cupcake, seductively staring at her icing-covered fingers. 

Will she put them in her mouth, thereby simulating oral sex and arousing millions of men around the world? We’ll likely never know.

Turn the pages of this ELLE UK issue and you’ll read about how Kim makes $3,000 an hour; earns 20 new social media followers a minute; and how she has “redefined our perception of body beautiful through her unerring self-belief.”

Ummm… okay. Sure. Whatever you say, ELLE UK editors.

The two other cover shots of Kardashian feature her wearing a black waist belt and also her donning a leather jacket over a top that shows off Kim’s massive breasts.

  • Kim Kardashian Elle UK Cover
  • Kim Kardashian and Her Large Breasts

Speaking to Australia’s 2DAY FM shortly after the Kim Kardashian Paper pictorial went viral, Kim explained how she’s “very confident” about her body these days, making her the perfect cover gal for an issue about self-confidence.

Then again, it’s a lot easier to be self-confident about your body when you have a personal chef, personal trainer and no full-time job to keep you occupied hours per day.

Kim Kardashian Krying

Kim gets her ugly cry on. It’s definitely not her best look.

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Kim Kardashian Exudes Konfidence, Eats Kupcake on ELLE UK Kover


State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: I Spy

Viewers were treated to a mostly generic plot on State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 2.

It centered on a national security crisis, as a Russian ship was disguising itself at sea as an oil rig while hiding a submarine under the water.

With divers trying to retrieve information from a CIA fiber optics line, the tether is cut by a storm and the submarine plummets to a depth it’s not built to reach.

In D.C., Charlie, POTUS and the First Gentleman are having a meal in honor of Aaron’s birthday.

Charlie wishes to never lose the feeling that Aaron is watching, while POTUS wishes for justice to bell all who took her son away. But what about Fatah? The asset Charlie is yet to tell her boss about? Charlie remains mum.

Later on, Charlie receives a text message that reads “Remember Me?” It contains a photo of her and Nick escorting Fatah.

We also later learn that a CIA asset named Anatoli is working to solve the Russian submarine problem and has contacted Langley for help.

The main problem afoot? The data in the fiber optics cables is comprised not only weapons specs, but also the identities of all of their assets worldwide. What to do, what to do…

Charlie ends up manipulating Anatoli to sacrifice himself for the sake of national security, using intel about him joining th CIA for a sense of self-worth against him.


  • Nestor Carbonell is introduced as the new Director of the CIA.
  • Charlie laments the fate of Anatoli in a bar with Maureen, with Nick staring at them creepily from a car to conclude the episode.

So, are you hooked? Will you keep tuning in for State of Affairs?

Remember that you can watch State of Affairs online via TV Fanatic at any time in order to remain current on all happenings and developments.

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State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: I Spy


Ryan Reynolds: ‘I’m good with diapers and diarrhea and all that kind of stuff’


Back in the day, when Ryan Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johansson, I always thought that he was the one in that relationship looking to really settle down, nest and have babies. It was just his bad luck (or something) that he married ScarJo when she was too young to really want that stuff, but she put in some effort for a few years. Then Ryan found Blake and everything seems to make sense – Blake is all about baking, decorating, nesting, being a homemaker, being craft-oriented, and all of that Preserve stuff. Ryan seems so much happier with Blake. And I think he’s beyond thrilled that they’re expecting their first baby. My take has always been that he’s been baby-crazy for a while. Anyway, Ryan spoke to People Mag about Blake’s pregnancy and what he’s looking forward to with fatherhood:

Ryan Reynolds has no fears about becoming a first-time dad with wife Blake Lively, who’s expecting the A-list couple’s first baby in early 2015 — especially when it comes to the messier side of parenting.

“I don’t have a weak stomach,” the actor, 38, told PEOPLE on Saturday at The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research Benefit in New York. “I’m good with diapers and diarrhea and all that kind of stuff because I have lots of nieces and nephews, so I’ve done it all before.”

So what part of fatherhood is he looking forward to most?

“I’m just excited about having a buddy,” he said. “We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet, but whatever it is, you have this tether to reality that never goes away.”

His enthusiasm should come as no surprise to Lively, 27, who recently told PEOPLE that her hunky hubby “takes pretty good care of me.”

And though the picture-perfect parents-t0-be have been anything but shy about their shared desire to have a big brood in the future, for now, Reynolds is just trying to take on this newest role one step at a time.

“For a lot of new dads, you tend to dwell on the mistakes you don’t want to make,” he said. “I’m at that stage still where I’m focused primarily on being open and understanding and leaving a lot of room for error.”

[From People]

Ryan has three brothers, so he grew up around a pretty rough-and-tumble boys-only environment. He probably thinks they’re going to have a boy. But I doubt he would be disappointed with a girl. We don’t really know when Blake is due, but I would assume it’s probably going to be January or February of next year, right?

Meanwhile, Blake’s new film, The Age of Adeline, has a trailer. The voiceover is… not good. This just looks like a film about costume p0rn.



Photos courtesy of WENN.


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Ryan Reynolds: ‘I’m good with diapers and diarrhea and all that kind of stuff’