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Miley Cyrus and Sky Ferreira: Girl-on-Girl Love on Tour!

Okay, so maybe it’s girl-on-girl love of the platonic variety, but based on recent photos of the two, Miley Cyrus and Sky Ferreira are seriously crushin’ on each other.

Miley hand-picked Sky to open for her current Bangerz tour and when Sky opened up about life with Miley in a recent interview with Buzzfeed, the world braced itself for tales of hard partying and raging egos.

As it turns out, though, Sky has nothing but kind  - and kinda boring – things to say about her twerk-happy headliner.

“We just clicked right away,” Sky says about Miley. “Our personalities get along really

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Kathryn Dennis Gives Birth to Baby Girl; Thomas Ravenel the Father!

Kathryn Dennis, the 21-year-old star of Southern Charm, gave birth to a healthy baby girl two weeks ago by her 50-year-old co-star Thomas Ravenel.

The reason we’re talking about this? Not the age gap, but the fact that she was seen having a pregnancy scare on the show … and it came up negative.

Reality TV at its finest, ladies and gentlemen!

In fact, the very day the pregnancy-scare episode aired on Bravo, Dennis gave birth, which will surely make for an interesting episode next season.

The hookup between Dennis and Ravenel was one of the big storylines on the reality show, yet

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SELENA GOMEZ Might Have Found Her New Manager – KRIS JENNER

Not to brag or anything, but I saw this coming from a mile away. It appears that after ditching her mother and step-father as her managers, Selena Gomez has found new representation in none-other than momager extraordinaire, Kris Jenner.

Selena reportedly told her parents that she wanted to take her career to the next level with a manager that’s familiar with working with A-listers. Sources are saying that Selena also wanted to work with someone who was already working with some of her friends… and Kris Jenner fits at least one of those bills.

While the Kardashian/Jenner ladies might not be

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Emma Stone wears Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana in Rome: awful or cute?

Here are some photos of Emma Stone and the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in Rome yesterday. This is part of their grand European tour to promote the film, of course. It’s funny how – in the past four years or so – the way films are promoted has completely changed. It used to be that the European tour came after the American press blitz. Not so much with all of the big movies nowadays.

Anyway, let’s talk fashion. For the Rome premiere, Emma wore this gauzy, long-sleeved, patterned Valentino which is, in a word, AWFUL. The runway look did not have the oversized bow, which is a

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MICHAEL STRAHAN Officially Joins ‘GMA’

Good Morning, Michael Strahan! He’ll be rising and shining EARLY in the morning from here on out! This morning he appeared on ‘Good Morning America’ to announce that he’s joining the show. George Stephanopolous’ welcoming gift was probably the most appropriate: an alarm clock. RELATED: Will Michael Strahan join ‘GMA’?

He will be on ‘GMA’ a “couple of times a week,” according to Robin Roberts, and will do shows that interest him. Michael said:

It’s a pleasure to get up early.”

As soon as he’s done at ‘GMA,’ he’s going to have to hustle over to ‘Live with Kelly & Michael’ to host that

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Game of Thrones: were you surprised by Sunday’s episode? (spoilers)

Warning: this post contains spoilers for the last Game of Thrones episode, which aired Sunday. I’m a big Game of Thrones fan, but I haven’t read the books. I’ve tried, but I wasn’t able to get into the writing. So when Sunday’s big death happened, even though I watched it later yesterday (On Sunday I had to watch The MTV Movie Awards) it was a complete surprise to me, and a very pleasant one.

Spoiler spoiler spoiler… sneering King Joffrey died, he was poisoned at his wedding to Margaery, and it was the most satisfying and spectacular death the series has delivered to date. Unlike the

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Aaron Paul, Kellan Lutz Photobomb Coachella Couple!

Coachella celebrity sightings are part of the fun of the weekend-long music fest, but its not every day that a pair of celebs get excited to spot a couple civilians.

Yet it seems that’s just what happened to a couple of random concertgoers who didn’t notice they’d been photobombed by actors Aaron Paul and Kellan Lutz until they started posting their pics online.

At first the unidentified couple only noticed a very enthusiastic Jesse Pinkman in the background of their selfie and they captioned the photo:

“We got photobombed by Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman from breaking bad) at

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JOHNNY WEIR Calls Off Vicious Divorce

Just when it seemed that the divorce battle between figure skater Johnny Weir and his husband Victor Voronov couldn’t possibly get any uglier there’s been a huge twist – it’s been called off!

However when things get as ugly as they did between Johnny and Victor, it can’t just be swept under the rug with no repercussions. Over the weekend Johnny and Victor reconciled, and Johnny will be moving back into the couple’s home this week – but first he’s got to sign a document agreeing to publicly apologize for all of the nasty things he said about his husband. And to top it off – Johnny also has

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Mila Kunis: Baby Bump Photos From MTV Movie Awards!

Mila Kunis may be pregnant, but that’s not stopping her hitting the town and struggling to conceal her growing baby bump at events like last night’s MTV Movie Awards.

Open Slideshow 1. Mila Kunis: MTV Movie Awards Mila at the MTV Movie Awards. The actress took home the award for Best Villain.

View As List 1. Mila Kunis: MTV Movie Awards

Mila at the MTV Movie Awards. The actress took home the award for Best Villain.

2. Mila Kunis MTV Movie Awards Pic

Mila at the MTV Movie Awards. She’s pregnant, but you can’t really

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Salut Salon Quartet’s “Competitive Foursome” Feel Good Video Of The Day

This video seemed especially appropriate following the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. Although MTV is now about FAR more than just music, its roots are in music videos: rock music videos, specifically. Salut Salon’s Quartet proves it’s not just today’s pop, rock, and hip hop stars who can give an amazing performance. This piece is called the ‘Competitive Foursome.’ You HAVE to watch this video: you’ll be blown away! RELATED: Singing nun wows the judges on ‘The Voice’ Italy.

Although these four ladies dubbed their performance a competition, it’s obvious they’re working together. And they’re showing

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