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Annie Lennox: Beyonce’s feminism is ‘feminist lite… it’s tokenistic to me’

Goddess, icon, advocate and all-around genius Annie Lennox gave a really great interview to PrideSource recently. You can read the full piece here – she talks a lot about where she is an artist, how the world is a dark and beautiful place, whether she feels she can write music when she’s happy and much, much more. The conversation veers around to labels and Annie’s long-standing relationship with the LGBTQ community, all of which is very interesting.

Breaking News: Snooki Welcomes A Baby Girl!

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I was about to write a post today of an interview that Snooki did earlier this week, talking about all the things she was trying to do to go into labor since she was OVER being pregnant. Well, whatever Snooki did, it worked: she welcomed her baby girl! Hopefully she’s ready for a daughter. RELATED: Snooki…

Daily Link Love With Sarah Jessica Parker

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Here’s your daily dose of celebrity news and gossip, brought to you by Sarah Jessica Parker! John Malkovich “remade” some iconic photographs. Are you a fan? (D Listed) Watch this intimate home video footage of Beyonce and Jay Z. (OK! Magazine) Kesha rocks her short-shorts. (Moe Jackson) Prince Harry charms the children. (Lainey Gossip) Meet…