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Ireland Baldwin and Angel Haze: Dating!

Image angel-haze-and-ireland-baldwin-kissing.jpg

Back in May, Ireland Baldwin and Angel Haze posted photos of themselves making out on Twitter. Since Ireland had been dating Slater Trout not long before and Alec’s daughter basically lives to shock the Internet, most people just figured both women were just having some fun with their followers. Based on an interview that Haze…

9 Mismatched Celebrity Couples: SHE Married HIM?!?

Image marisa-miller-and-griffin-guess.jpg

Not all couples can be Brangelina or Bennifer. Heck, most couples can’t be Brangelina or Bennifer. It’s rare for two sides of a pairing to be equal in terms of hotness, but some mismatched twosomes stand out more than others. Did you know that neither James Bond nor Wolverine are married to supermodels, for example? So, in…